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100GB + Unlimited Standard Talk & Text ($28 a Month) (12 Month Plan) @ Circles.life


was shopping for a new plan as Im coming to the end of my plan. Found this online. Uses the Optus Network, has good reviews. Gonna take the leap myself.

Comparing Prices
Optus 100gb+talk+text - $59
Telstra 80gb+talk+text -$65
Easily a good deal

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  • Not worth it unless you have a proven Optus signal

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    I have heard that they are bad at charging customers which have ported out for months and taking months for a refund.

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      I can concur,

      Activated international calls $5 per month feature and they charged me by the minute, had to provide proof of screenshots of activation. They argued it was the system. Said would reimburse the charges but didn't happen in the next bill, emailed them again and finally got it deducted off my bill. Discount codes didn't work for 2 months and had to be updated in the next bill. Signal is sub par..if you like chatting and emailing for telco issues you'll be fine but I'll be opting out from circles..

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        Open fraud as per standard operating procedure for AU telcos.

        Brainwashed dullards claim this is more efficient and better customer service than the Government supplying it.

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      Vaya did this to me.

      Was my first personal burn from a phone company.

  • Good price.

  • Using a referral code instead gives you the same price and also gives a random ozbargainer $10 off

    I've been with circles for about 6 months now and couldn't be happier

    • Not sure if its a one time $10 thouh

  • Optus 100gb+talk+text - $59

    Still with Optus 100GB + 4GB Roaming for $45

    • Me too, it was and still is a great deal, especially with unlimited international calls in zone 1 countries

    • By chance did you get the Optus/eBay promo which I'm on umm just over a year ago it included a $150 eBay voucher, another $12.50 p/m off over 12 months deal contract ðŸĪŠðŸ˜€ðŸ‘

      I think they stuffed up on mine, well I'm paying $50 but also is included is another separate (I use on a 4g modem at home/pc/fetch box etc) $15 5gb data SIM plan which is shared data to my main SIM plan, well it worked out the same as there is a discount of 20% off your second postpaid account, well it works out better for me then 20% discount that's were they stuffed up and I'm still getting that 20gb covid bonus
      100gb + 5gb + 20gb
      = 125gb for total $50 p/m over 2 Sims (1x mobile/data & 1x data plan) and all the other goodies, free calls/from roaming etc in 35 countries, data free Netflix etc

      Dare I say I've been trying to avoid mentioning this here but I have to let the bag out, anyone also get TBs of mobile data during the Optus Covid thingy, was it during April, I managed I think almost 3 cough cough ðŸĪŠ

      Great circles deal for $28 for 100gb data,.. though I never let any telco company automatically take money out of my credit/debit accounts, wouldn't that solve a lot of issues here of overcharging by circles?

      • Gee you won the lottery with that deal!! Lucky you, I thought I did well as there was a glitch in the system last September when the EOFY deal popped up in the early m morning hours, how many others were as lucky as you? Optus did have some good deals on eBay but seem to have been discontinued

        • +1

          Wasn't per say on eBay's actual web site as a sale, basically eBay's was offering the gift voucher with the Optus deal and of course they got advertising on Optus website and mentioned everywhere, the glitch for me was the discount as this was added as a second plan too an original Optus postpaid plan I had which was paying out my Note 9 which the discount worked out to be 30% from $50 plan to $35 per month, then I decided to cancel my Note 9 contract plan early, paid the Note 9 repayments out as that plan I think was over $90 per month (so canceling early saved me a lot even though was a fair amount too pay my Note 9 out) but before doing so added an Optus $15 a month 5gb postpaid data plan so I wouldn't loose the 30% discount (should be 20% second plan) on the Optus/eBay plan otherwise it would've jumped back to $45 I.e only 10% eBay discount so basically got another postpaid 5gb data sim for only $5 a month well its shared data and I need data for my home devices like Fetch TV box so I can remotely set recordings but also used for the pc or whatever as in a $35 4G modem, 4G speeds are fine and works as great as if was the NBN

          (Reading above I'm also confused wonder why Optus staff stuffed up lol)

          Also found Telstra data sim in my 4G modem capped at 1.5Mbps fine for streaming foxtel now, the fetch box, general browsing, pc use etc actually ok that I got with the Telstra frenzy deal for $5 a month for 12 months (usually $15 p/m) mentioned here on ozbargain so thats my unlimited plan so I don't use up my Optus 125gb early and keep it for speed and torrenting lolz

          (I haven't tried Netflix, Stan Disney+ etc, as Foxtel now is partly owned by Telstra and i guess runs off there servers so maybe why streaming is OK with Foxtel now, YouTube also works fine well YouTube will change resolution on low internet speeds anyway, but also streaming FTA catchup TV works fine so I'm eager too try Netflix etc, I'm sure it will work ok)

          PS: Thought you were asking about the covid glitch 👍

          • +1

            @Italkdigital: What a headache 😀

            • @corky: Another Optus deal, double data on all data plans includes i think existing customers 150gb biggest plan

              • @Italkdigital: Yes they're good data deals , wish they weren't just that and 3 year contract? Is off putting

                • @corky: You sure these double data deals are 3 years contract? Looks like month too month, usually contracts with Optus is the mobile device not the plan itself

          • @Italkdigital: Mate, reading your description of the process is as convoluted as my bowel. No wonder Optus couldn't figure things out! Great deal

  • Do I assume that you need to port out of Circles to another provider and then apply for this as a 'new' customer?

    How long do you need to be a customer of another provider before you can do this?

    • Nope, seems like a deal for everyone

  • +1

    Don't do it.. They keep charging you and ignore emails. Happened to my mum and I and had to arrange charge back thru credit card. Shonky as hell

  • +2

    Been with Circles since the November 2019 deal which was identical to this one.

    Happy with the service, port in from an Optus contract was painless. Signal is good but I expect nothing less being in heart of Sydney. 100GB/M serves my purposes well as I stream Mubi/Netflix on my commutes 3+ hrs a day.

    Got a really nice Christmas basket with wine and snacks and honestly just really wholesome service overall.

    As for issues porting out: I'll let you know when I switch :P

    • Wait what they sent you a Christmas basket for being a loyal customer? Wow that is pretty cool.

    • Excuse me, where is my christmas basket!?

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    I would not recommend at the moment.
    Yeah they're on the Optus network but it seemed that counted for nothing. Having full reception and no data was a regular occurrence, as if the network was saturated.

    Then went to close the account and it was a nightmare. Took multiple emails and phonecalls to get rectified. They tried to give good service but the process to get there was too long.

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    Even though they use the Optus network I found it to be a bit sluggish compared to Optus through Catch Connect. Why this is so.. ?? Others seem to have found the same.
    Their account and problem handling is a real pain often requiring multiple contacts to address the simplest of problems caused by them.

  • Anyone know like Optus is there a $10 per 1gb going over the circles allocated 100gb of data?

    EDIT: They have a 3gb bill shock protection how ever that works?????

    Got to ask since Circles is Optus anyone live near Melton Victoria? As I managed down load speeds of 358Mbps with my Note 9 on Optus 4G network, right in front off Chemist Warehouse Carpark, if your with Circles or Optus feel like a drive during this Melbourne Covid lock down, Macas next door 😀ðŸĪŠðŸ‘

  • Emailed them 5 days ago regarding my first bill still no response. Trying to avoid calling them but looks like I've no choice.

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    DONT DO IT PEOPLE. YOU WILL BE SORRY LATER ON. Not worth it. They overcharged me double the bill twice. good luck getting your hardworking money back.

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    I would not recommend this company EVER. Stay away.

    Received this email from a debt collector despite requesting account closure many times.

    It's completely unethical to refer this matter to a debt collector when we have requested account closure before any billing became overdue.

    Dear xx

    We act on behalf of CIRCLES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD in relation to this account.

    This account is now overdue and has therefore been referred to Australian Recoveries & Mercantile Agents for immediate action.

    We ask that you please make payment of $35.29 utilising one of the below payment methods.

    Please find below payment options:

    When making a payment please use PAYMENT REFERENCE: xxxx
    (Please use the above Payment Reference number in conjunction with the below payment details only)

    We understand we are in unprecedented circumstances, if your income has been affected by the COVID-19 Virus we ask that you please contact our office on 1300 363 394 to discuss your options with one of our customer service team.

    Further information on how to manage your account can be found at www.armagroup.com.au.


    Recoveries Team
    Australian Recoveries & Mercantile Agents
    Locked Bag 5044 Alexandria NSW 2015
    T: 1300 363 394 F: 02 8244 1998
    E: [email protected]

    • +1

      It would have cost them more to have a collection agency involved? What happened to common sense?!

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