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[Pre Order] Xiaomi 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $636 Shipped @ Allphones eBay


Crazy good price from the team at Allphones, and a whole lot cheaper than this deal - plus local stock & warranty for the sweetener. Apply code P15LIGHT at checkout for the discount. Please note the following:

  • Official AU stock direct from distributor.
  • 2 year replacement warranty.
  • Will dispatch as soon as they receive stock (ETA 31-July). Possibly sooner (ignore eBay estimation).
  • Allphones will provide a full refund or credit before dispatch if a lower price for the same stock is found elsewhere.

Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Original P15LIGHT eBay post here.

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  • +7

    These numbers are ticking all the boxes - god I would love to see one in person. Does anyone have an opinion on these specs:

    Aspect Ratio: 21:9
    Contrast: 3000:1
    Definition 3440 x 1440
    Panel 34" VA
    Highest Refresh Rate 144Hz
    Curvature (lower of this value provide larger perceived images ) 1500R
    Color Spectrum 121% RGB

    Also, I'm very much in the market for a high end PC but need some advice on the feasibility of runnings games at 2560x1440 @ 144hz. Would something like a 3700x/2080s absolutely piss it in, or is this almost at the lowest end of what would be seen as suitable? FWIW I'm looking at jumping on the Ryzen 4000/3080 range when they're finally out.

    • +2

      Depending on what game and what settings you play. There are games that you will struggle to get 60 and games that you run 200 fps maxed. But 1) you can tweak settings and 2) Variable Refresh Rate, it's not going to be an issue to use the monitor.

      • Luckily my primary motivation is to just be able to play Overwatch at 144hz which should be a walk in the park, but I also want the ability to have something like Cyberpunk absolutely shine as well. It sounds like there are plenty of ways to make it work nowadays - lots has changed since I put together this 3550k system hahahha

        • No support for ultrawide with Overwatch unfortunately as I would've jumped onboard as well.. I have had an XB271HU for a few years now and rate it very highly.

          • @jamesm5961: I'm playing overwatch on ultrawide 21:9

            • +3

              @spriggy: It has support for 21:9 resolution but the FOV is setup badly for this aspect ratio.

              • @Diji1: It just does the thing where it cuts off some of the top of the screen.

        • +1

          Playing overwatch on an ultrawide just reduces your vertical FOV in a game that's already quite FOV limited.

          I went for a 16:9 monitor just because of this, I ended up getting a viewsonic vx2758-2kp-mhd and I'm incredibly happy with it.

          • +2

            @BenR31415: Excellent monitor, recommend the viewsonic also

        • -3

          Do not pull the trigger on any PC hardware until September/October as the next iteration from both AMD and nvidia are going to be very competitive from both parties.

          144hz @ 1440p on a 2080 super will piss it in easy.

          Definitely wait for ryzen 4000/rtx 3080.

          • @hotpants: That might be true but by the time you are going to increase much more of your budget tho, and soon after that will be the next "next gen".

            • -1

              @davidl820: What are you talking about man?
              Why do you have to increase your budget?

              When the new lineup comes out there may be a video card that's priced the same as a 2080 but more powerful or the 2080 drops in price.

              • -1

                @hotpants: Same price? Laughs in inflation and AUD exchange rate…

                • -1

                  @MrBear: Do you even know what inflation means?
                  Just be quiet lol

                  1. In a recession, wages decrease they do not increase
                  2. If you have looked into anything, AMD are looking competitive vs nvidia especially in the mid-tier market so it's very likely there may be something at 2080 performance levels at a lower price point
                  3. If there isn't, AMD are going after the mid-high tier which nvidia will most likely drop the price of the 2080 to compete

                  Thanks for your input that adds nothing to the discussion.

                  • -1

                    @hotpants: Remind me in 5 months when the price comes out and it is exactly the same please.

                    Thanks for your input that adds nothing to the discussion.

                    What, it got you ranting, so there is that…

                    • @MrBear: @mrbear

                      Don't you feel silly now?

                      The 3070 is more powerful than a 2080Ti and costs LESS than a 2080. I told you this was going to happen.

        • -1

          i play overwatch on my widescreen, but it puts black bars on the side, so its basically a normal aspect ratio. or you can opt to stretch this out to fill the entire monitor, but it looks horrible and stretched. when you get games that actually support widescreen they look epic.

    • -9

      At this DPI you'd most likely use the upscaling/sharpening filters like DLSS2 (Nvidia) and RIS (AMD). Barely noticeable difference in image quality, but the FPS and smoothness gains is insane.

      • +4

        DLSS is not a filter it’s a machine learning upscaling algorithm

    • +8

      I use this resolution on a 980 ti, just don't use ultra settings

      • -16

        Lol i doubt you even get over 70fps on a 980ti

        • +8

          play most newer stuff at high and get around 80 fps

    • +1

      Fantastic specs and a good price. The only thing I can pick at is they have no response time listed. So being a VA panel there may be possibly be some ghosting.

    • +3

      people say 1080p is not suitable for 27" monitor…due to the text being less sharp and you can see the jaggies so..

      is WQHD resolution not suitable for a 34"?
      like does there need to be any scaling (more than 100%) in windows?

      would 4k be more suitable for a monitor this size?

      • +1

        Nah. It's ultrawide WQHD. The height of the monitor is about the same as a 27 16:9 so the pixel density is about the same as a 27 inch 1440p panel

      • +1

        It's basically the same DPI due to the aspect ratio.
        34'' 21:9 is the same size as 27'' 16:9, only its wider. 3440x1440 vs 2560x1440

        See link for a visual representation

        • oic

          so you would you say this aspect ratio is more better for gaming than

          all round usage
          ie gaming, TV/Movies/youtube, web browsing, office work..
          which 16:9 may be better for?

          • +1

            @pinkybrain: For gaming I would say its more immersive, unless its a game which doesn't support that aspect ratio. For pro or competitive gaming I think a smaller 16:9 (24 - 25'') might be better as more of the screen in within your eyes focus area, rather than in your peripheral vision.

            For movies I think 21:9, due to most movies using a wider aspect ratio but for TV shows, 16:9 is more common. If you use subtitles 16:9 does get one possible advantage in movies. In that you can have the subs in the black space, rather than covering up some of the picture.

            Personally I like TN for gaming, IPS for general desktop use and VA for movies. No panel type is best for every category. Maybe OLED or MicroLED when we get there for desktop use.

          • +2

            @pinkybrain: It can be game dependant. Car games are awesome for the immersion, so are games that are graphically pretty. However a lot of games don't support it out of the box and you need to dig out a patch/ini file edit to make it work. Some shooters it's seen as a "cheat" to get a wider FOV.

            Web browsing think of OzBargain 35% wider, it's not going to look any better. However you can "split" the display to basically you've got two square(ish) windows, like side by side screens. You'll find you don't maximise windows as taking up the full screen because it looks odd, but you might find for comparing things it's quite good (like two spreadsheets side by side).

            TV/Youtube you're going to see no benefit over a 16:9, you're going to get big black bars on the side of the video because it's not filmed in 21:9 (some stuff on youtube might be, depends what you watch).

            The standard cinematic widescreen is roughly 21:9 so you don't get black bars at the top/bottom of your screen, which is great. Big, curved pretty screens will suck you right in watching movies. So this is definitely a win on this front. Main problem is resolution at this point, you want something that handles the upscaling to 1440p well.

            tl;dr version, all round is different, gaming is great (mostly), TV/youtube no benefit, movies great, web browsing weird, office work has its perks.

            • @freefall101: good thorough assessment of the 16:9 and 21:9 ratio..

              so in your opinion based on that assessment
              if you were using it for all round monitor
              would you get this type of 21:9 monitor
              or get the 16:9 monitor?

              Do you think VA is good or get an IPS one?
              also worth getting a 4k monitor for better future proofing?

              • -3

                @pinkybrain: There's no such thing as an all round monitor, especially not for $600. Do you game for an hour a week or 3 hours a day? Is it your primary work machine through covid? Do you have a TV for most movies/TV or is this your sole device?

                I have 2x24" IPS in my office and a TV for movies/gaming. The 2x24" are much, much better and cheaper than a single widescreen 34" for productivity. And the TV is much, much better for movies/gaming because I can chill on the couch with other people around. If you're in your bedroom, spending all day gaming and playing movies and doing your taxes once a year with a $600 budget, this is a pretty good option. If money is no problem, go buy a 32:9, 4K, IPS 49" monitor and just glory in it's awesomeness, I can't afford that.

                • @freefall101: yep, i have 28” 4k for my “office work” the text is so sharp and it’s great, but i don’t game much, 3 hours per week, have 56” tv and a voda tv box if i watch movies …..
                  had a 32” for office but found desk wasn’t deep enough to move monitor back to take in whole screen without having to move my head and eyes a lot ……ergonomics and your desk depth are an influence on monitor size for office work ….

              • +1

                @pinkybrain: his "thorough assessment" is very subjective, to be the best…

                I have been using Dell U3415W in the last few years. I dont play that much game on pc, as i have xbox 1 and ps4 pro. but basically for anything else, such as "TV/youtube, movies, web browsing, office work" etc. a 34" WQHD is great! Keep in mind, you can ""split" the display"!!! You can open two chromes side by side. Web browsing weird? Nah, unless you are stupid. You can open one chrome and one word/excel/youtube/whatever you want side by side.

                However, I have my own gripe. "the text being less sharp" compared to a [email protected]"! If i can do it again, I will probably grab another 4k monitor, not just for sharper text. more for the stuff like photoshop… But in your case, this 34" seems a good option.

              • +1

                @pinkybrain: Hello mate,
                Unfortunately everything is a tradeoff.
                Not all games support 21:9.
                VA gives you more pop and contrast but IPS gives you more accurate colour.
                VA has more overshoot/ghosting whereas IPS displays are faster.
                The problem is that now there are VA panels that are really good in the ghosting department but you pay for it. Conversely there are cheaper IPS that aren't great.

                It all depends on your budget too so unfortunately there's nothing that can suit 100% of every use case.

                To start off with, I'd get a 16:9 panel unless you are doing lots of spreadsheet/work from home type stuff.
                You need to decide whether you want it primarily for gaming or not.
                I would also lean toward 16:9 if you don't have a beefy computer because it's easier to drive (usually).

                Do not get anything lower than 27" and do not get 4k @ 27". I think the sweet spot in terms of being able to drive graphics at a high refresh rate 1440p.
                If you want 4k/60hz I personally think 32" is the way to go.

                Again, there are so many options and you need to decide how much you're willing to spend and if you have the budget to actually push the amount of frames to get near the refresh rate you choose.

      • WQHD on a 34" 21:9 is equivalent to a 27" 16:9 monitor at 2560x1440.

    • +1

      Anyone know what brand of panel (e.g Samsung, LG) does xiaomi use for this monitor?

      • samsung

    • +1

      This is still way less pixels than 4k. A 2080s would be good

    • +1

      I essentially already have this monitor, as it's very similar to my MSI MAG341CQ which I am using right now. Here is a side by side: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/comparison/050de02c...

      I bought mine in July 2019 for $670 using an eBay code through Computer Alliance, and then MSI shipped me out a gaming chair about 3 months later that I then sold to someone for $150-$200 I think.

      So this is an OK deal but nothing special.

      • +3

        that's 100hz vs 144hz for this one, decent difference

        • -4

          Not really, MSI overclocks to 115hz stable

      • I got the MSI and the chair so worked out cheaper

    • I got this monitor on the Bang Good deal in OP.. it’s a great monitor but I’m prob not pushing it as only have r9 380.. having said that, on HDMI it’s only 50 hz.. on DisplayPort it goes up to 144 hz .. but I am having some boot issues connected to DisplayPort, have to boot to hdmi and then change over to DisplayPort which is somewhat annoying..

  • +1

    Damn good Price with local warranty

  • +2

    good price, va panel though

    • what is wrong with VA panel?

        • +6

          isn't there pros and cons of all the types of panels?
          ie TN, VA, IPS..

          It is hard to pick since they all got some good and bad points..

          Isn't VA suppose to have higher contrast ratio than IPS?

          From what I read, VA is like the middle child of the panel type..

          also 3DS as in nintendo 3DS?

      • +4

        Very bad response relative to IPS/TN.

        The high contrast ratio is what makes it smear, because the dark-shade transitions are often 10-20-30ms.

        • oic

          is HDR tends to only be on VA panels (due to the higher contrast)?

          I don't see much IPS HDR panels.

          • @pinkybrain: The premium 2-3-4000$ 4k IPS have HDR.

            The problem is, that most HDR is a lie. A gimmick thrown onto monitors en-masse and there just happens to be more VA Monitors out there. You need 1000 nits brightness minimum to get good HDR, like 2 monitors have that currently and they are over 1.5k.

  • +3

    Man would jump on this if it wasn't VA…just waiting for a good deal on a 34" IPS

    • +8

      One isn't inherently better than the other, just depends on your usage

      • what would be best for xbox x? dont want to use the tv just need a monitor

        • what would be best for xbox x?

          Just wondering can Xbox X do ultra wide?

        • +8

          You definitely wouldn't want one of these for an Xbox, they don't support ultrawide so you'd have black bars on either side.

        • +2

          A tv would be a better fit for this purpose and offer better value for your money.

      • +3

        VA has more ghosting which is not suitable for a gaming monitor

        • +11

          As a general trend yes, but it's up to the user whether they prefer more ghosting on a VA, or blacks that look grey on an IPS.
          Also keep in mind that the best VA panels have very little ghosting, where even the best IPS screens have bad contrast.

        • This entirely depends on the monitor and settings but as a generic statement its not true anymore. One of my monitors is a VA, the LG 32gk650f-b, and there is no visible ghosting. I play FPS games. If you hunted for it in specific lighting/texture conditions maybe you might find something if you really tried. It's easily a better monitor for gaming than a few (not all) of my past IPS screens.

        • +1

          I have an MSI VA monitor which uses a Samsung panel and haven’t seen any ghosting .

          • @piston3461: press x to doubt, have you tried blurbusters test

            • @abctoz: I don't notice it in games which is good enough for me so not going to bother. it must be not very strong

    • +1

      I have ACER xb271hu & Samsung LC27JG54QQEXXY
      IPS vs VA

      I honestly believe i prefer the VA panel.

      Although @ 34" IPS may well indeed perform better due to better viewing angle, but maybe the the curve is enough of an offset to make it negligible.

      *My opinion

  • +1

    From experience with monitors, there are some compromises for cost that you'll regret.

    Spend more for IPS, functionality (e.g. design, stand, VESA 100 compatibility), well reviewed performance from reputable monitor brand.

  • Oof, i preordered the AOC 34", how does this compare?

  • what's make this better than the Kogan one beside the color gamut, been as low as $639 this month, to me at least the Kogan one has Samsung panel


    • I recollect they use the same panel.

      • KOgan uses the same Samsung panel as the AOC, however they jacked up their prices crazily. Unsure if this Xiaomi is the same panel?

    • +2

      Because it's kogan. Expect no support and warranty from day one.

  • +2

    i hate dead pixels - whats the pixel policy on these? anyone know please?

    • +22

      Hi petry,

      In the first 30 days, if 1 dead pixel is found, a replacement or refund is accepted. After 30 days, 3+ dead-pixels will be covered under warranty. Thanks

      • Eh, 3 dead pixels is a bit crap. 1 and it's unseeable once you see it!

        • So…. Test it when it arrives?

          • @lyle88: What happens after a year and you have a single dead pixel?
            Would it be repairable under ACL like the more premium panels?

  • is this good for netflix, prime, tvplus? not sure it it has hdr.

    • +1

      I personally don't think 21:9 is good for films
      Not sure if this is hdcp 2.2 either.

      Go 4K HDR if you can.

      • yeah already have lg c9 but want another one.

      • 21:9 not good for films? Black bars then?

        • I think they mean TV, movies will use the whole screen

    • +2

      at this price

      just pay for a 4k HDR UHD TV if you are into watching tv/film

  • +1

    was going to go for it but no usb-c PD …bummer

    • can't expect USB C for this price….

      • ok thanks, i wonder what the extra manufacturing costs would be to add this.

    • +9

      I've had good results with USB-PD passthrough displayport cables like these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001085594250.html?spm=a2g0s...

      With that and a USB-PD charger, it's most of the way to coverting any displayport monitor to USB-C. One cable for charging and display, but no USB devices for full dock-like functionality.

      • +4

        you legend! never knew these things existed

        • Yeah, they're great. I'm way too cheap to buy a USB-C or thunderbolt dock for home, but this gets me the single cable in the home office.

      • So that means I dont need to buy a USB-C monitor for connecting my pixelbook chromebook to a monitor and have sound, charge, display all coming through that?

        I'm not a gamer, just need large display for excel work.

        • Yep, as long as the laptop does charging and displayport over it's type-C connection, the cable will pass both through. Audio comes out of my monitor, the only function missing is USB device support, like a USB hub built into some USB-C monitors.

        • I don't think that one supplies power - i.e. no usb-c female on the DP end to supply power.

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