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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 30000mAh Power Bank $35.20 AU & More + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Romoss Amazon AU


Back again with more Romoss power banks with 3 featuring 18W fast charge and 1 with standard charging.

The Sense 8+, LT20PS+ and Sense 4PS+ feature multiple fast charging technologies including 18W USB-PD via USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 via the blue USB port and 5V/2.1A via the white USB port. For recharging they have USB-PD via USB-C, QC 3.0 via Micro USB and and 5V/2.1A via Lightning. Other fast charging technologies supported include Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC (excl. some S9/S10), QC2.0 and Apple 2.4A, as well as pass-through charging.

The Sense 4PS has standard charging (5V/2.1A) and do not feature 18W fast charging. Please see each individual listing to see the differences (battery level screen, dimensions, capacity etc) between them.

AU stock, AU warranty and free shipping with Prime (or orders over $39).


Is the 30000mAh allowed to be taken on planes since it's over 100Wh?

Yes with airline permission as it's under 160Wh:

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  • 18W USB-PD not quite enough for Mac book , etc.

  • Any possible sales on the models that have wireless charging output?

  • Anyone know if passthrough charging is available through these? Looking to buy one for modem and router battery backup as I have frequent power outages


      The 18W fast charging models definitely support it.

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      how do you get usb to DC/AC?

      • USB is DC. If you want to convert DC output to AC you would need an inverter. I assume you have been negged as it's not seen as a sensible question (you wouldn't try to do it with this sort of battery)

  • I bought one of these. It’s a brick but works well

  • ah dammit, genuinely just had the sense 8 30000mah delivered today. Oh well.

  • damn that sure is a good price for that much power

  • What is the basis for airline approval? How do they decide why one person can carry but another cant?

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      If you have airline approval then you don't need to worry about airport security checking your power bank when going through security. Only place in the world I've been stopped every single time is Sydney Domestic where they check the printed Wh. It's more about other kind of batteries though that need to be covered a certain way.

      I don't frequently travel with my 30000mAh as the 20000mAh is fine undeclared.

      • When this deal rolls around the next time, I feel I’ll be posting this picture as it seems to be a common question. In fact, clear, I’m happy for you to use it In the future.

        I bought the Sense 8+ (30,000mAh), and flew to Hawaii.
        Below is a copy of my dangerous goods application to [email protected] and their approval.


        Like you, at no point when leaving Australia on Jetstar, or leaving the US on Hawaiian Airlines, did anyone even raise an eyebrow when going through check-in/security. It wasn’t an issue.


          Pretty good they give you a whole year of cover. I heard that Chinese airports such as Shenzhen will check the battery capacities.

      • Do the airlines ever decline your request? Surely a 30000mAh is the same as another 30000mAh, if they approve for one person, how can they not approve for another? So why don't they allow it without approval in the first place? Seems like overhead to me.

  • Hope fast charging works for the QC2.0 fast charge for a Note 9 by chance anyone test with there Note 9 or S9 🤪👍

  • Those Samsung models that "dont work", will they still slow charge? 5v

  • Which one is most suitable for a Galaxy S10? Thank you

    • Any of the 18W ones will be good since the S10 supports 15W fast charging (at least on the Snapdragon variant, not sure about the Exynos that is sold here).

      As for size, the 10000mAh should be good for an extra full charge or two. Depends on how long you think you'll be away from a socket.

      Also make sure you're using a good quality cable that actually supports charging at the stated power.

  • Can OP do a deal on SW20?

  • Bought one now I have a 10, 20 30,000 Amh batteries to my collection👍

  • She's a big battery the 30000Amh but lovely pure white of energy 👍😀💥