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Garmin Fenix 6 $599, 6S Pro $849 and other Garmin watch deals @ JB Hi-Fi


Have been on the lookout for Garmin watch deals throughout this lockdown. Now looks like a good time to buy.

$300 off the Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Black for $849 (RRP$1149). Out of stock
$350 off the Garmin Fenix 6 Silver/Black for $599 plus shipping (RRP$949). Back-order
$400 off the Garmin Fenix 5S Rose Gold/White for $549 plus shipping (RRP$949).

Other related/pricematched Garmin watch deals from Rebel/Amazon etc:
* Garmin Forerunner 735XT Black/Grey @ Rebel for $299 (RRP$599) Ends 04/08/20
* Garmin Forerunner 735XT Black/Grey @ Amazon for $299 (RRP$599) Back-order
* Garmin Forerunner 735XT Midnight/Frost Blue @ Amazon for $299 (RRP$599)
* Garmin Fenix 6 Silver/Black @ Rebel for $599 (RRP$999) Ends 04/08/20
* Garmin Fenix 6 Silver/Black @ Amazon for $599 (RRP$999) Back-order
* Garmin Fenix 6s Pro Black @ Amazon for $849 $1035 (RRP$1149) Back-order
* Garmin Fenix 6s Pro Black @ Ryda for $849 plus shipping (RRP$1149) Out of stock
* Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Black @ Highly Tuned for $999 (RRP$1149)
* Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Black @ Amazon for $1050.85 (RRP$1149)
* Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Black @ Highly Tuned for $1089 (RRP$1249)

UPDATE: If you use the 5% off coupon code 92RFLE0M94J67B from brandogs' post then it will bring the price of the Fenix 6S Pro down to $806.55 (also works on the Garmin Fenix 6 for $569.05 and Garmin Fenix 5S for $521.55). Note this coupon is only valid until 11th July 2020 after which the coupon will expire.

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  • Don’t forget to use the coupon code for the extra 5% off 92RFLE0M94J67B which brings it down to $806.55

  • So the only difference between fenix 6s and 6pro is the 32 gigs storage, size and advanced call control?

    • +3 votes

      The difference between the 6S Pro and 6 Pro is the screen size and battery life.

      The difference between the non-Pro vs Pro versions is that Pro has support for maps & music.

    • Side by side comparison of the different models… main differences between 6S Pro and 6 Pro are the size, weight and battery life…

  • Only if it was sapphire at this price, would've been a steal but still a fair price

    • i wouldn't call any of these pro lines as a steal as you would still be losing a kidney… the only time it was a steal was here but that was actually a price error and unfortunately i missed out…

  • Do any other newer garmin watches allow music to be stored and played via Bluetooth? Or is it exclusively the "music" line?

    • The fenix pro watches will, and the ones with music in their name

    • Garmin watches with built-in music storage:
      - Forerunner 245 Music
      - Forerunner 645 Music
      - Forerunner 945
      - Vivoactive 4/4S
      - Venu
      - Fenix 5 series
      - Fenix 6 Pro

      • Fenix 5/5S Plus has music.

      • Also fenix 6 Sapphire and vivoactive 3 music have music.
        I'm being too pedantic but thought to add for anyone seeking 'fancier' or 'cheaper' options.

      • Thanks for that - my other 2 requirements is very good gps for accurate splits and distances when running, and also paywave which the 645 Music has.

        Does any of the above achieve these 2 other goals for anywhere near the 645 music price of ~$500?

        • if your must haves are music and paywave around the $500 pricepoint then we can safely cross the 245,945 and Fenix series off that list…

          when doing a comparison between the 645 vs Vivoactive vs Venu, the differences are negligible however if you're after more running features and metrics then the 645 music would be the one go to for (the others are more general purpose)… unfortunately no sales/deals at this present time…

          • @Pho King: Thanks for your help with this - been meaning on buying a suitable watch for these purposes for a while, but literally clued on to the 645 a day or so after the last Amazon sale earlier this year..

            I think it’s the most suitable watch for my requirements, everything else is either a compromise, or significantly more expensive.

            Amazon still have it for roughly $470, thinking I might jump on that and hope a sale happens later down the track to claim the 28 degree price protection. But with it seemingly discontinued at most places, I’ve probably missed that boat. (Unless someone happened to screenshot the last amazon sale?)

      • Of that list which ones support Garmin Pay?

  • Wow, is this the most expensive smartwatch you can buy, I used to think Apple watch was expensive when they were first released.

    • I wouldn’t be comparing this watch to Apple. This watch is suited for more serious athletes, particularly those who do more than just running (I.e great for triathletes)

      • Or for the people who want a rugged, feature packed watch which packs a lot of technology, and lasts for a long time on a single charge. Don't get me wrong, it is a powerful fitness watch, but I have used my Garmin Instinct for basic smart features like - calendar & notifications, sunset time, step counter, sleep tracking, compass, heart rate monitor, timer/stopwatch functions, walking trail maps, etc. It's amazing how much tech is packed into these watches.

        Apple can most likely do it all, but not for days and days on a single charge. I love the ruggedness of the watch. Mine still looks brand new, even after full year of wearing it full time, and lasts for around 3 weeks on a single charge. It has rarely left my wrist.

        You do miss out on things like replying to message, or taking phone calls. I guess, for me, those are not priority features.

    • this is more a fitness device than a smart watch.

    • The comparison is like apple to oranges. Apple is a smart watch first with fitness/health functions (ideal for casual runners/athletes). Garmin is a fitness/GPS watch first with few smart watch features (for more serious or active runners/athletes).

    • The main advantage is the ABC measurements (Altitude, Barometer, Cardio, and VO2max now), more accurate GPS (still bad according to dcrainmaker), way better battery life, and the software is crazy detailed and dedicated.

      You can add custom gpx overlays, set trail warnings incase you are drifting, altitude/barometer/weather warnings…

      But, you really need to be doing lots of outdoors stuff. Running around your neighbourhood or swimming in a pool this is a total waste and Garmin has specific lines that'll be cheaper and do what you need.

      The Fenix line is really about outdoors. The rest is tacked on.

      • I can vouch for the GPS being terribly inaccurate. I have gone on a few 5km runs in Brisbane city along the river. It's a simple return track and it's never really been accurate. Every single time it's got me on the running track, then in the river 50m away, then back on the running track then back in the river and so forth. I know there is going to be interference due to the buildings though my expectation is:
        (a) I've run and compared this with the Apple Watch and iPhone (and these devices don't seem to suffer the same interference issue)
        (b) Software should be able to correct for this. If anything is on a certain 'path' and has shown a constant speed, you can't seriously expect this to be somehow 100m away in two seconds, then back the same 100m two seconds later.

        Garmin stuff is generally pretty good for more hardcore activities but their software leaves a lot to be desired - not to mention their "Garmin Pay". I think I counted something like 18 button presses before I could get to paying by card/watch.

        • I'll take Garmin software over the shitshow that Xiaomi/Amazfit have.

          And even my old Vivoactive 3 was more accurate than my last 2 Amazfit devices.

          It makes me mad because I literally buy these things for trail running and outdoors and aside from battery life they continue to fail my expectations.

          One of my recent tracks was literally a crystal clear day, almost all above the tree-line (1000m+) and it was off by 3-4kms!!

          At this point the only solution is to export GPX data and manually edit points (doubt I can even do this with Amazfit).

          It's ridiculous

  • I love these watches but my Fenix 3HR Sapphire is still rocking it for running every day and only cost $500 at the time. Not sure how they cranked the price up to these levels as there hasnt been a huge amount of additional features. Still awesome watches though and will upgrade when this one eventually runs off into the sunset.

    • my first garmin watch coming from an apple watch so good to hear that they're built to last…

  • Double check they have stock before you order. Tried to get a regular Fenix 6 in the deal 3 months ago and they never shipped it, so I canned the order. Hopefully you can just go and pick this one up

    • that's a good point… if you choose click and collect you can see where it's available for pick-up… so you can either pay online or go in-store and show them the coupon today…

  • Kudos to Garmin for inventing the disposable fitness watch.
    IMO the price for these wearables has become poor value for money.
    e.g. The newly released Garmin fēnix 6S Pro Solar is $1500.

    • value is subjective…and at certain points in life you do get tired of buying eneloops, dual boilers, dysons and high yield BMWs…

    • Yup, but they do pack a crazy amount of tech into a tiny space.

      The problem in the watch space is competition. And there's only really 2-3 brands, most of which don't really compete with Garmin that well (Polar, Suunto).

      It was bad enough when we had yearly/bi-yearly updates for the tech. Now we seem to be on almost biannual updates.

      And the incremental improvements are so minimal, but stupidly the GPS tech hasn't changed at all.

      If anything it's gotten less accurate, and until the military finishes GPS3 rollouts it won't change because even though most watches support multiple location satellites they can't do both simultaneously!


  • Not sure if this is a deal.

  • I have been wearing my Fenix 6s Sapphire for almost a year now. I have lost 9.2KG and drop my body fat by 7.2%. The motivation, advacned measurement and sometime training guidance it provides is well worth the price tag for me. BTW I bought it 20% off using BUPA member discount.

    • great to hear that it's helped you towards your health and fitness goals… every little bit of motivation counts… yes the BUPA discount is great (especially that 30% off one recently) but not so easily accessible for non-members so it's good that these public sales open up accessibility and reduced prices for everyone…

  • Cashed in my ANZ platinum QFF points for $450 in Rebel gift cards and will grab the Fenix 6.
    Does anyone know how long Qantas takes to send out digital gift cards?
    FYI, I checked the watch out at Rebel today and the young chap told me the sale runs until Early August (4th or 6th. I can’t remember).

  • Thanks OP. Just picked a Fenix 6. I have been waiting for this. I have been wearing a Garmin Instinct since last year and have absolutely loved it. Just can't wait for the delivery.

    • just got mine a few days ago… thankful i bought this one… it's so light and perfect size for my wrist… enjoy your fenix 6 too!

  • Anyone got some input on the Fenix 6 standard? Ive watched countless reviews on the standard, phoenix etc. They all seem to fit my needs minus music as I never use it. Live maps would be handy but not crucial and is the screen difference worth waiting for a deal on the phoenix?

    Cheers Joe

    • apart from the main differences being built-in music and maps, the fenix 6 (standard) is almost identical to the fenix 6 pro… so at $599 it's a bargain if this fits your needs (music and maps also drains your battery in any case)… below is the comparison between the two…


      • Ah thanks maps would be cool.. but geez for an extra fee hundred dollars 🤔🤔

        • I grabbed the Fenix 6 as I think it’s a great deal at this price.
          For me I don’t need the music as I have a set of earbuds with storage built in and I also tend to carry my phone in most cases as I have live tracking setup.
          Carrying my phone also eliminates the need for maps on my fenix as well.

          • @dan76n: Yeah I grabbed one today. Very nice watch- I was worried about maps but always look ahead

            • @JoeJoog: How's your compass accuracy?
              Mine is out about 90°. It says west when it's North.
              I've calibrated and reset but still the same.
              I contacted Garmin who got me to do a hard reset again but it was still out so they got me to take it back and switch it for a new one. Did that today and it's the same issue. Surely it can't be the same problem on two watches.

              • @dan76n: I've never really used the compass, in saying that after looking at it is out 30 degrees. Might play with it over the weekend

          • @dan76n: I've been on the fence about buying a sports watch for a while.
            I keep telling myself "if you have to carry your phone for back-up/emergency (also running strava) and I play my music through the BT headphones…why do I need a sports watch"… and yet everyone froths over them.
            I understand if it has 4G, pay, music, maps capabilities (hence the phone can stay at home), but why would you buy anything less than something that can do ALL of these things?

            • @hoondaboy: I hear you on this.
              When I first started running I used my iPhone 4 with one of those arm straps and headphones plugged into it and the runkeeper app.
              I then added a Wahoo HRM chest strap which had a little dongle I plugged into the bottom of the phone to record heart rate into the app.
              I think the reason I decided to buy a GPS watch was its ability to also be a smart watch as well. Truth be Garmin’s smart watch functions are not at the level of a true smart watch but they do enough for me. The bigger bonus is the battery life over an android smart watch.
              I’ve only just purchased the fenix 6 as an upgrade to my FR235 which was 3-4 years old.
              I had been holding off as I have a Huawei W1 smart watch which has served me well and I like the look of so I only wore the 235 for exercise.
              I like the look of the fenix so I wear it 24/7 and it’s tracking my every breath (literally).
              I’m a data geek as well when it comes to this so Garmin’s are perfect for that.
              Honestly if the phone does the job and meets your needs then I’d save the money as you don’t need a sports watch. It’s like most things where you need to way up the outlay for the return you will get from it.
              For me I don’t need the maps, or music.
              It would be a very unlikely scenario for me to need the maps and for me not worth the extra money. In this case it’s $500+ extra as the fenix 6 base is on sale for $600.
              For music I have Bluetooth earbuds and another set of earbuds with their own storage so music adds nothing to me either.
              And lastly I like the colour and size of the fenix 6 over the models with the extra features. The Fenix X models are just too big for me.
              The only Garmin that I’d go for over the base fenix 6 is the Quatix 6 base which looks like the fenix 6 but has a blue band.
              It’s the same RRP as the fenix 6 but has the music and maps.
              Had it also been on sale for $600 I would of chosen that for sure.
              Hope that helps.

  • FYI. I picked up the Fenix 6 base model at Rebel Sports this morning. Online price has changed to $749 (still on sale) but price still scanned as $599 as sale at this price ends tomorrow.

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