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Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 (2020) AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650U - $1,329.30 Delivered @ Lenovo


Hi all,

I have been waiting for a good deal to come up on the new Thinkpad T models with the Ryzen 3000 series chips. Seems like a good opportunity at the moment with 30% off

AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650U - normal $1,899.00, now $1,329.30 with code (INTRO) (30% off)

AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U - normal $2,199.00, now $1,539.30 with code (INTRO) (30% off)

+Bonus 5% discount when spending over $2200 at final checkout with configuration extras and warranty.

Website states "ships with 6-9 business days" and then roughly 2-3 weeks to Australia.

IMHO - 16GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200, Low Power IPS 400nits Anti-glare screen and as much warranty as you can afford :)

Happy shopping for all those Thinkpad fans old and new alike..

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  • +5

    Ryzen 5 - 8GB Soldered - probably not a good idea to fork out $1330 for that :)

    • +10

      sodimm slot at least, so you can get it up to 16gb yourself

      • +2

        yeah? sorry in that case its OK :)

    • +5

      Indeed, however upgrading the RAM to 16GB for $95 is well worth it given the model.

      • +3

        Well, its not even 95 due to the coupon. Just adds 66$.

    • +8

      You can spec is upto 32GB by upgrading soldered slot to 16GB and there is a spare SODIMM slot where you can add 16 more.

      • Yeah. 16 GB is more than enough for now but in the future just for a minor upgrade, additional 16 GB is gonna make a lot of difference. Totally worth going with 16 GB now.

      • That'll run the memory in single channel though, which will drop the performance quite a bit. Does allow for upgrades down the line if you can see yourself using more than 16GB

    • The Ryzen 5 in this is a monster and faster than a 4700U at times

  • +1

    Is this worth the extra $460 over the "Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 14", AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 8GB DDR4 3200, 256GB SSD" from the education deal ? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549085

    • +3

      Price of the E14 is killer! and is targeted towards entry level Thinkpad users, rather the T models are more for business/enterprise roles. (not exclusively)

      The processor from the deal you linked is very similar to the 4650U (although 4650U has 6 more threads, totaling 12 overall) The E14 only has the option of a 250nits screen (could be an issue for outdoor use)

      Depends on what your needs are, if you are student (which the deal implies) then i think the E14 is a great option given the price.

      • I chose the upgrade in this edu deal : Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 14", AMD Ryzen 7 4700U, 16GB DDR4 3200, 512GB SSD"
        The price is ~1300$

        If its not for for gaming but just for some sort of ADVANCED computing University course(considering installing all sorts of softwares the course demands like VirtualBox - with 2+ VMs and 3rd party Softwares etc) Shouldn't this configuration be GOOD enough ?

        • Don't pick the cheapest E14 Gen2 if you wanna upgrade the CPU. It is an extra 200 bucks but there is another model for 100 bucks more with the 4700U. You can get the same config for $1194 if you do that.

          • @BongRippa: Which one is it please, can you post the link please ?

            • @nsavi: This one https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/education/laptops/thinkpad/thin...?
              989 if you look at the list of E14 laptops.

              • @BongRippa: Thanks mate. Is this allowed. Does it cause any issues. I always thought you need to have an equal capacity on dual channels. 8+8 0r 16+16 so on…

                Total Memory
                8GB Soldered DDR4-3200 + 16GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200

                Would have been nice if they had HDD option for the second drive. The 1TB SSD upgrade is + $624

                • @nsavi: Honestly I have no idea, it is probably best to contact them. The most important thing is both sticks run at 3200 with that config. It also allows coupons but I am unsure how it stacks with education store.

      • +2

        Don't be fooled thinking that 2x the threads means 2x the performance, it's only a 30-40% increase. That said, anything 4000 series ryzen is overkill for the everyday student/youtube/facebook browser/MS Office Jockey, and will continue to be fine for at least 5+ years

    • +2

      The T-series has a better build quality. I think worth it.

    • +7

      T series are Lenovo's flagships and built like tanks. Spill resistant keyboards, magnesium chassis, great keyboards. Sturdier hinge design than the E14. Genuinely good build quality. As in built nicely and built to last, not like Dell XPS crap which feels nice but uses shit components that come already broken, or break if you look at it funny.

      The 4650U is a monster in multicore workloads and has twice the threads of the 4500U.

      You also get options for a low power 400nit 100%sRGB IGZO, or a 300nit touch panel vs the 250nit 45% NTSC panel in the E14.

      • -8

        Lenovo XXXXXX (Mod: Removed accusation). XPS quality are top-notch, as stated by many reviewers. IBM Lenovo was top notch, when it got sold to Chinese company, quality has gone downhill, things starting to fall apart when your warranty ran out. It's like they have built-in timer.

        • +1

          Certainly the build quality of Thinkpad T series have dropped very significantly after IBM sold it to Lenovo.

          I got used to the Thinkpad keyboard so I buy them when they are 35% off so that I am not paying too much of a premium for the T series.

        • The thing to keep in mind in term of warranty Lenovo standard warranty is bad compare to Dell:
          Levono - Depot Support :
          -Repairs done with shipment to Lenovo Depot at Lenovo expense, after phone support

          - In-Home Hardware Service, after phone support

          So the turn around time for Levono will take weeks and weeks to repair, as you have to send in your laptop, wait for it to get repaired, and then they send it back to you.

          Dell will arrange a technician to meet you anywhere to have it fix remotely.

          • +1

            @kml22: That's a silly comparison. You can buy next day on site warranty for Lenovo too.

            • @Ark94: Why silly? I'm just pointing out the standard warranty between the two, Like you said you can buy Lenovo next day onsite warranty, YES you have to buy, cost more money.

              • +2

                @kml22: The new XPS 13 starts at what, $2000? That's with a significantly slower i5 intel chip. You couldn't even get this kind of performance from Dell if you wanted to. The 5 year onsite warranty costs like $500, even with that the T14 is still cheaper than the XPS with 1 year on site warranty.

                What do you get from Dell with $1300? It's not even comparable, a bargain bin Inspiron

                And you have to have your head in the sand to think Dell hasn't had quality control issues. Especially with the XPS lineup. Not even beginning to talk about the overheating and thermal throttling issues they've had. They've been selling 3k+ XPS 15's which they brand as 'premium', yet dell a few bucks for VRM heatsinks on anything but the i9 version so their laptops wouldn't massively thermal throttle.

          • @kml22: if you opt in for Onsite with Lenovo… highly likely in melb at least you will be assigned a UNISYS tech. Just who Dell uses also and others.

            The issue for both cases are Parts availability. Especially now with new releases along with super annoying all soldered on components, there will be shortage of parts.

            Waste of extra money opting for NBD onsite with Lenovo as when there are shortage of parts it will need to be shipped from China to here. Same goes with Dell wherever they'll try and source parts (malaysia, singaprore, etc).

      • Don't be fooled thinking that 2x the threads means 2x the performance, it's only a 30-40% increase. That said, anything 4000 series ryzen is overkill for the everyday student/youtube/facebook browser/MS Office Jockey, and will continue to be fine for at least 5+ years

      • T vs X which is better?

        I am considering buying this 4 but not sure how different are the T and X Series with same config.

        • +1

          I'm guessing you mean the X13 and not the Xbox 360 that's in the link lol.


          It's preference mostly, 13 inch vs 14 inch.

          Also if you're only going with 8gb RAM on either machine it'll be single channel and you'd get a performance hit in some places. The T14 you can add more memory too to fix that though, the X1 you can't

  • Is the 256GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe Opal2 a reasonable drive that they supply ?

  • +8

    Note, if you chose the 400nits screen option, it has a very slow response time and is prone to ghosting(moving images appearing blurry).

    If you also chose the cheaper option and upgrade the:

    1.CPU to the 4750u
    2.Soldered RAM to 16GB
    3.300nits multi-touch screen
    4.Backlit keyboard

    It comes out slightly cheaper than choosing the $1539 option and upgrading.

    • Testing this very same configuration I ended up with a final price of $1549
      INTRO discount ($706) + Cart Promotion ($99).

      Is it also eligible for the 5% cashback for the Lenovo T series?

      • +1

        How did you manage the $99 cart promotion? I get half the amount.

        • No Idea, just a pop-up that came out at checkout.
          Should have bought, isn't it?

          • @Rasics82: I think you were lucky at that time. It doesn't work following the same upgrade path. I end up $1564 with a cart discount of $49.

            • @nsavi: how did you end up with $1564? Mine came up to $1598 with the same configuration

              • @eneme: No idea it was 1AM last night :); May be I didn't wanted a backlit keyboard.

                But I recommend this - Just after you build your cart and ready to go, Chat with w Support guy; I was offered $50 less, meaning it would have been $1510 as I told them I didnt want an OS(I had a Win10 licence already)

    • +3

      Thanks, just purchased this exact build at your suggestion for a total of $1598 woo

      For some reason it says the difference to upgrade to 400nit screen for only +$40 (with the 300nit being selected), but when you would select it, the total jumped up to +$160 which was confusing… but you would apparently get the IR camera and mobile internet which isn't included (nor even an option) when the 300nit screen is selected, so that could be it?.. oh well happy with the build you suggested anyways

      I really did just buy a laptop at 2.30am omg I’m so wild

        • Actually I rescind my comment and IronPlus is 100% right.

          When you upgraded to the 300nit touch along with IR-CAM, Then decide on downgrading to the normal-CAM, the cost removes the broadband option and takes into
          account the price decrease. Reselecting IR-CAM adds back the broadband along with $136.5 increase.

      • Some extra options get selected by default when you select the 400 nits screen (the camera gets upgraded to +IR for example). But you can deselect them.

        • absolutely. But the broadband is a permanently included feature isn't it?

          • @id: Oh sorry you're right, it looks like you can't remove it on the 400 nits version.

            If you downgrade you can deselect it (it doesn't downgrade those options).

            Edit: apparently not the broadband device, that looks to be fixed when you select 400 nits.

            Sorry haven't had my coffee yet, still waiting on a coffee machine to arrive :(

    • Is slow response and ghosting a concern if I am not going to be playing anything on it other than some city builder games and just watching videos? I dont know how much of a difference does slow response and ghosting would make for me (a casual user).

  • 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 13 (1 x always-on)
    2 x USB 3.2 Type-C Gen 2 (power delivery and DisplayPort)
    1 x HDMI 2.0

    I need these ports. I'm looking at replacing a desktop that is connected to home theatre receiver and a 32 inch display, any maybe to a tv in the future.

  • How is he 300nits multi-touch screen compared to the 250nits of the E14?

    • +3

      The 300nits screen has a much better colour gammut of 72% NTSC vs 45% NTSC of the 250nits screen on the E14.

      • where can you find out about the screen specs? I wish they would clarify it in the store

      • looking at data sheet its 45% on the touch , where u get 72%
        nvm. u ref to e14

      • I just chatted with a Lenovo rep. They said 300nits panel is 45% NTSC. :

        14.0"FHD (1920x1080) IPSAnti-glareMulti-touch300 nits 16:9 700:1 45% 170°
        Aspect Ratio 16:9
        Contrast Ratio 700:1
        Color Gamut 45%
        Viewing Angle 170°

        I am not keen on a 45% NTSC panel but the 400 nits panel jacks up the price too much! I end up at $1,889.30 with the Ryzen 4750, 1x 16gb, 512gb, 400 nits + keyboard back lighting.

        • +1

          no need to chat. sometimes the reps are misinformed and are there to sell.
          as stated below check the specs and release for .au https://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad/ThinkPad_T14_Gen_1...

          it will tell you the facts

          • @id: Hi, thank you for the link im.

            Though, this product spec PDF which I found from your link shows 45%. :(


            • @Must Buy More: Unfortunately I had a Lenovo sales rep tell me the opposite regarding the screen. A friend of mine was placed in a similar situation with the IdeaPad when the sale rep told them that it was 72% NTSC and 300nits, when in fact it was 45% NTSC.

              • @shellshocked: I am considering the X13 instead as it is 72% NTSC on both screens (cheaper - non touch version has higher contrast ratio, so maybe that is the one to go for). Also, looks like contrary to what the Lenovo sales rep told be about X13, it seems to be running in dual channel.

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question but do these have touch screen capability? Thanks.

    • They do, but you need to upgrade to the touch screen in the options.

  • +1

    If you aren't fussed about the camera, you can change to the non IR variant for $35 less (seems you have to choose either the 250nits or 300nits Multi-touch screen to be able to do so).

    Edit: ah nevermind, it gets selected by default when you select the 400nits screen and doesn't default back when you downgrade. Make sure this doesn't get you.

    You also get a 3.00% discount for spending over $1600.00.

  • +2

    Omg, perfect timing. I literally was going to pull a trigger on a t490 today and this is the next model up at a cheaper price. Thank you!!!!

  • Woudl the Ryzen 7 Pro be good for fortnite and mine craft??

    • +1

      Can do some fortnite although at medium to low quality resolution, minecraft not sure…. Never played it

    • +3

      This is a business laptop with built in GPU, for around $1200~1400 mark you should be able to buy a gaming laptop that has a discrete graphics card, e.g the ASUS FX505 TUF series.

      But in a pinch.. it'll run Minecraft no issues and possibly FN at the lowest settings.

      • Well you can but they are usually the heaviest thing you can get, and for minecraft and fortnite i doubt you need the greatest set up… Unless you're a pro which would mean you'll need the highest screen refresh rate, but oc would've been a better choice for that

        • How come we don't see many deals for gaming laptops like the ASUS FX505 TUF? Will the ASUS FX505 TUF feature the fast Ryzen processor in the future? Looks like Intel at the moment. I notice most laptop deals on here are on everyday use laptops. Mainly Lenovo and Dell. Does this gaming laptop have better screen quality and is it upgradeable?

          • @davelarz: Because the FX505 is last year and end of life model, has been replaced by the fa506 ( Tuf A15) model released few months ago.
            The A15 also has the newer ryzen 4000 series CPU chips like in this post, not the old underperforming 3000 series in the fx505.

            • @kevlam3: Thanks. Are they available in Australia?

              • @davelarz: Yes it's available in AU. Google Asus Tuf A15 and you'll get local sellers.
                Some deals were posted here on OZB.

                Note the screen has lower colour gamut spec(45% NTSC, or 62% srgb coverage), which is typical of entry level gaming laptop. Even Lenovo's latest Legion 5 (intel or AMD version) laptop comes with similar screen specs, but least you have the option to upgrade to a higher spec.
                The Asus Tuf A15 currently only offers that screen spec as far as I know.

              • @davelarz: But they have the Panda display which is not good at all.

    • I use to play dota 2 on a i7 t490 laptop (the previous model) which ran seamlessly on the lowest setting if that helps

  • +1

    Pointing Device - None / Touch Style, Match-on-Chip

    Can anyone explain what this option is for?

    • +2

      This is likely the fingerprint reader/sensor.

      • It comes with none as standard, and "Touch Style, Match-on-Chip" is free, just a heads up.

    • -1

      It’s just those little red things in the middle of your keyboard that moves the cursor… usually it comes standard anyways so not sure what that’s about

  • it is great that these start popping up, but I will wait for corporate pricing

  • What's better the T14 or the X13 (AMD)? Starting at $1,259.30

    • Different sizes (14" vs 13") and the X13 doesn't have a SO-DIMM slot for future upgrades. Build quality is going to be about the same (I've got an X250 and it's been through a lot).

  • -2

    It is over-priced for sure…..

    even after all the BS discount

  • it was possible to get e485 for 700ish. So what do we pay extra 600 for?

    • +3

      T series vs E series. Better build quality. Better components, better screen options, better wifi, etc etc

      The E495 also is a last gen part with Ryzen 3000, the 4650U on this laptop is probably ~50-60% faster than the 3500U on the E495, and the 4750U is close to twice the speed of the 3700U.

      The T14 also has far better battery life than the E485

    • +2

      The selling points of the ThinkPad t series are quality build (keyboard etc) and durability. It's a business laptop whereas the HP is geared toward the everyday consumer market.

    • +1

      CPU in that is a particularly large generation behind this.

  • Hi there, i dont know much about these things but would this comfortably run a pair of 27 inch screens? What is graphics capabilities like?

    Thanks, from a dummy

    • +1

      The Ryzen CPU wouldn't have a problem driving a pair of 27" for work related tasks.

    • +1

      Hard to tell exactly from the specs listed but it sounds like both USB-C ports do DisplayPort alt modes so you will want two adaptors or USB-C to DP cables for your monitors.

  • Isn't is better to buy a laptop for $800 and replace every 2 years rather than future proofing laptops by buying high specs models given the build quality has dropped overall?

    • depending on which laptop you buy. I bought a Dell xps 15 about 3 years ago, it's probably good for another 2 years.

  • What irritates me with Lenovo's and (a few others) are the screen bezel size remain so thick and such a waste of potential screen real estate. The bezel size just doesn't justify the circuitry hidden under it.

  • Damn if this was available in the nz store aswell

  • +1

    AMD versions of the t14, t14s and X13 all get worse screen options than the Intel variants. I suppose they have to force people to buy the Intel version for some reason. It certainly isn't to save money or get better performance.

  • AMD model numbers confuse me. Was this APU released this year? Is it 7nm? Why is it Ryzen 5 not 7?

    • +3

      AMD's laptop processors, or APU as AMD would prefer to call it, is one 'generation' behind the desktop CPU's in terms of architecture.

      meaning that a mobile Ryzen 4000 series (codename Renoir) is based on Ryzen 3000 desktop chip

      Ryzen 3,5,7,9 naming scheme is used to denote the performance band the CPU falls into.

      I believe all of the Ryzen 7 SKU's are 8-core parts, while the Ryzen 5's are all 6 core parts.

      you will notice that this business laptop has a pro version of the CPU. Performance wise they are the same as a non-pro chip but they just have hardened security.

  • What's the best sub 14" laptop or ultrabook for under $2k?

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