Lenovo Chromebook C340-11 81TA000AAU $464.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Just Bought this. As I use a Acer Predator G9 as a daily driver but Battery not lasting its awesome 1 hr batt life as it did in the past, Just want something simle for outside. Was surprised it handled Pixlr with some large Image files without bugging. Touch Screen and 360 degree screen looks interesting. Im on day one so not tested for me yet.
I got 30 days to return if it ends up being a POS. anyway here is details and price

Also had a Asus Chromebook C223NA-GJ0032 but looked and felt 2nd rate. $389.99

Here is the Lenovo C340-11 81TA000AAU Spec for $464.99

Streamline your study and media experience with this Lenovo Chromebook, which is housed in a 2-in-1 chassis allowing you to use it as a handy notebook or tablet. It runs on fast, Chrome OS that allows you to easily access apps like Google Docs for writing, Google Drive for cloud storage and plenty more. It has a battery life of up to 10 hours, making it an ideal companion for both work, school and home days.

It has a 11.6" LCD screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768.
The Intel Celeron processor is perfect for everyday tasks and activities such as viewing media, watching movies, browsing the internet or chatting with friends.
This Chromebook features 4 GB of RAM for running basic applications.
It includes 64 GB of storage, perfect for anyone who primarily streams their media or keeps their files in the cloud.
The Intel graphics processor is great for editing photos, playing videos and for enjoying clear and stunning visuals.
It supports connections via WiFi, USB 3.1, USB-C and 3.5 mm.
It includes a 12 month warranty.
Its battery can run for up to 10 hours.
It comes pre-loaded with Chrome OS.
The integrated webcam will allow you to make video calls.
It comes in a sleek, platinum grey colour.

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  • Isn't the acer spin similar at tgg / Officeworks, got it for $345 win 10

    • IMO the general specs of sub $400 devices is going to be weak at best.

      At least with a Chromebook, it "feels" somewhat snappy and does much better than you'd expect from the spec sheet. Windows on low specced devices in comparison is a grating experience.

  • It’s cheap sure, but you will hate that screen to so much, 2005 wants their high resolution back

    • Cheap and nasty, good luck.

    • it's only 11" though

      • Unlike other 11" screens with similar resolution (eg my old Macbook Air), the C340-11 also doubles as a 2 in 1, and as a result, you sometimes end up holding it closer to your eyes such as when looking at photos and you really can see the pixels. That being said, at the right price, this Chromebook is still awesome - but probably not in the $450+ range.

  • At least with Costco you can take it back

  • I own one of these from a previous deal (two in my household actually) and I got it for about $330.00. For the price I got it, it has been amazing. Yeah the screen res isn't the best, but it makes up for it by being solid, fast and lasts longer than any laptop I've owned before.


    I would not call this a bargain at $464 though.

  • That's RRP. It's $250-279 for refurbished on Grays online, which is where I got mine.

    • Dam. I was going to buy 2 more. And they sold out. Can't find another cheapies
      I'll get for the kids. But think I need something a but better

  • better get surface go

  • Is it in the same price range? Where at?

  • How this has gone from RRP $399 (Jan/Feb ) to $469 to now $604 on the Lenovo web site is beyond me.

    Many of us picked this up earlier 2020 for between $220 and $299.

    Last "best" price was $339 from Amazon recently.

    A good device if it suits your needs, but the price increase makes it less of a value proposition.

    • Yup, I bought this from Amazon for $337 and $100 was cashback , so effectively $237 I paid for this in late January this year. This isn't a deal.

  • Whilst I think this is a great little Chromebook and has opened my eyes to what they are, at $400+, this does not feel like a bargain especially compared to all the recent deals on OzBargain: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/lenovo-chromebook-c340

    To put things in perspective, at <$300, I would say it's a bargain since it does a lot for the money and is a great second computer with passive cooling and I find I use mine a lot because it's much lighter than my Razer Blade 15, better battery life, and for just surfing the net/Discord/Youtube/etc, it's perfect. But the mushy keyboard and poor screen brightness/resolution, and sometimes a little lethargic in performance, I don't think this is a $400-$500 machine… and if you were going to spend that much, you may as well look at newer devices such as the Chromebook Duet which admittedly is not Intel based, and is a tablet with a keyboard.

  • When considering Chromebook deals I always compare deals to the two I consider the gold standard for cheap and mid range:

    The cheap but extremely usable HP 14 AMD for effectively $139.20


    The mid range convertible Asus c434 for effectively $459

    Both chromebooks have great FHD 1080P screens, run completely silent, have great keyboards, USBC charge both sides, and good battery life.

    • Purchased the c434 and returned it. Hated the silver keyboard and not so lightweight.

      Have the lenovo c340 -11 and tbh is better even thought it has 4gb ram. If only 8gb was available…

      Price for this deal not good but the HN gift card deal didn't make it a similar price since you have to spend it.

  • I read many reviews saying this particular laptop has huge problems with wi fi connection to the internet. Can someone confirm this? I want it for my kids but that issue stopped me since internet is vital for Chromebooks.

    • This was a bug in one of the chrome OS updates a few months back but seems to have been fixed at least in my experience.

    • Never had an issue with wifi. Linux apps are a bit slow starting up and some android apps aren't compatible but it's still the best value chromebook if you get it for under $400.

  • Approx 1 week in. and Yeah. Its OK at best. But Screen is a true POS. Whats the next best Go To for under $500 (Maybe $600)
    Most complex thing I do is Pixlr.
    It more about manageing the restaurants on Uber, Menulog, Door Dash. Need more than a single app as I need access to multi Virtial Restaurants.

    Free Lunch Pizza for your trouble if your local!!!

  • Cheaper,
    Better Res
    No Touch Screen
    Bigger Screen 14"
    Rest is same

    FREE Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant


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