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LG V50 Thinq 128GB 5G Black LG Dual Screen $659 @ Green Gadgets via eBay


** For those who missed out on the last JB Hifi deal

Work and Play with the LG V50 ThinQ Dual Screen

Insert your LG V50 ThinQ smartphone into the Dual Screen accessory to improve your multi tasking, with two screens to enjoy different content on. Imagine watching YouTube or live sport on one screen whilst doing your work emails or video chats on the other screen. So many options, you choose!

See More, Hold Less
Design that draws you in. Get immersed in perfect blacks with the large 6.4" OLED FullVision display, precisely engineered from metal and glass in a form that feels truly natural to hold.

Triple Preview
Get a live preview of all three rear cameras – telephoto zoom, standard and super wide – to compare and select the best lens for your scene.

Triple Shot
Easily capture three photos – standard, telephoto zoom, and super wide-angle – with just one click.

Story Shot
Put yourself in the thick of the action… Shoot the background you want, get ready for your selfie, then watch yourself be added to the shot

Cine Shot
Animate and control what moves. Select and animate the parts of your photo that have movement to bring still images to life.

Studio Light Effect
Choose from 5 studio-like lighting effects to brighten, contour, or add drama to your portraits. Includes Natural, Softbox, Contour, Stage, and Stage Mono.

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  • +5

    the last jb deal is $599… wonder when it will down below $599…

    • +1

      But wasn't that a price error or am I mistaken?

      • +4

        it wasn't a price error at JB, but it got sold out pretty quick

      • definitely not price error… few mates got it just on time.

      • Definitely not price error. I got one in store and paid with discounted GC :)

        • how does it perform??? any drama???

          android version???

          • +1

            @thomalfa: I love my one. LG are a bit hopeless at updating software FYI, but they did manage to release android 10 a little while back. I personally didn't find much use for the dual screen, it kinda just made the phone bulky and unwieldy.

          • @thomalfa: I got one. It works well. The few niggles I have with it are mostly around the software (not as customisable as I'd like without rooting and finding third party tools for some things). Camera is not as good as my wife's S10+, but still much better than my previous cheap Chinese phones. Dual screen is handy sometimes but also bulky - I only put it on sometimes. You can't put a case on it when the dual screen is attached - but the dual screen attachment doesn't fully protect the phone. I cracked the corner of mine when it fell onto tiles while the dual screen was on.

    • Never

    • Lg pulled their flagships out of Australia. There's no plan for the v60 and g8x to come, and v50 is no longer sold in stores.

      So yeah, aside from eBay, might never happen.

      • Whaaaaaat!

        It's so hard to even find non-Samsung or non-Chinese phones these days.

        Grey imports it is I guess…

  • I hope the dual SIM slot isn't disabled as it isn't a Telstra kit.

    • +3

      There is no dual SIM variant for the V50. While the device is capable, but none was enabled for any market.

      • Really? GSM Arena specifies there's a dual sim variant though?

        • Yup. If you look for ROM downloads, you'll find there's no dual SIM variants available.

          It's likely due to that while the device is capable of implementing/enabling dual SIM, but no telco wants to carry such a variant, and looks like LG has not released an independent variant that's not telco branded.

          • @zrmx: thanks for that, I took it for granted it would be dual sim after the V30 was dual sim at Telstra. That actually puts me out of the race.

          • @zrmx: Even the SIM tray is a hybrid though. Rather lame that it's disabled :/

  • doesn't specify but probably a telstra branded. Probably bought them during the sale and on sold it for 60 bucks profit

    • +1

      but with ebay fees, you cant profit from that

      • really whats the fixed rate or percentage

        • For most things it's about $3.85 list fee + 10.9% final auction price.

      • And PayPal fees

  • whats the reputation of this seller

    • 99.9% positive feedback.

  • +4

    Android 10 update came out like a month ago. Have been very happy with the phone (don't really use the dual screen attachment though)

    • Curious why you don't use the dual-screen attachment?

      • +4

        Because it will make you carry a brick

      • from the review i would find charging using the attachment to be great, its magnetic and reversible

      • +1

        Tbh feels like a bit more of a gimmick than an actual ongoing thing I would use. Prior to the Android 10 update it reduced battery life greatly and wasnt worth the trade off in my eyes. Apparently the new update optimises the dual screen a little more (battery/usage wise), but I haven't really had a desire to try it.

        • +1

          Have you played a DS/3DS emulator on it though?

          • +2

            @flipsticks: I have, it works hilariously well and separates between two screens properly.

      • I read from the review… many complain that not much of usefulness on the 2nd screen.

        Mainly for show/style only… "YAY!!! DUAL Screen" bugger off… is that true???

      • +1

        It adds a lot of bulk to the phone and can get in the way a lot of the time like when you want to answer a call, or when the 2nd screen is flipped around to the back so the fingerprint scanner and camera are blocked. There seems to be a few niche uses for it, otherwise it's pretty gimmicky.

        • It's really useful if you're trying to get productive stuff done on it (can have a combination of email, browser, password manager, etc open at once without having to switch between apps). For general use it's not very useful.

  • Anyone have this and a G7 who can comment how much better it is?

  • +4

    Some information for Audiophiles.

    • That's a very good article.

      To fully use the DAC you need to either use LGs music app or USB Audio Player Pro.

      The latter app is great and I recommend it as it supports Tidal and GPM.

  • +16

    So I bought V50 in the last JB deal. Here is my experience so far (comparing it to S8 and P10 plus as a reference):
    - Screen is subpar (POLED) . It is unevenly lit and very noticeable when at low brightness. Right side of screen has a greenish tint and left has brown tint when looking at dark grey colours like in Chrome dark mode. Not had that bad screen in S8 (Amoled) or P10 plus (LCD). Similar to v30 issues noted [here] (https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/09/lg-v30-hands-on-lgs-...).
    - Speakers are not loud and does not have much bass.
    - Main cameras are okay and comparable to 2017/18 systems. Nothing special. Selfie cameras are poor & lack autofocus.
    - Dual screen is next to useless and would not fold if screen protector is on the main screen. Second screen is not the same size as the main and is quite poor quality.
    - It is fast and I have never had connectivity, heating or speed issues.
    - Has excellent battery life and power saving modes are incredibly useful when you have forgotten to charge it.
    - Android 10 updates make it similar to Samsung and also works with my dexpad for desktop experience.
    - 6gb of ram leaves a bit more desired.

    Lastly, I wish I had waited for Mate 20 pro for $599 rather than getting this and now understand what almost every reviewer says (i.e. LG is almost there but not there yet!). They haven't nailed all the basics to make it a desirable product and I keep reaching for my S8 for phone and P10 plus for crisp photos.

  • Battery life seemed to get much better once 5G is disabled (even though I'm not on a 5G plan)

  • Never heard of this phone till now and there's a V60 model that is out now? What are the differences between the two? Does it still come equipped with a Sabre Quad DAC?

    The dual screen attachment looks to be useful and does it come packaged with the phone?

    • +1

      The Australian LM-V500EM TEL model that was sold at JBHiFi had the Dual Screen accessory included - the handset and dual screen are in separate boxes, with a combined cardboard wrap that holds the two packages together.
      The v50 has the ESS Sabre DAC - the same excellent one as the v30+ but with "Meridian Tuning", not the same one as the v60 which is a newer DAC.
      In many ways the v60 was a cost down model though in the series - areas of cost reduction are the removal of the QHD screen as well as the next-gen mm wave wireless connection to the second screen, replaced with a much more clunky and bulky USB connection.

      • Thanks for the reply guys. Really tempted in getting this but wirhe the new Note to be unveiled soon, mmm.

    • Somegadgetguy, (Jain bagnell) on YouTube has a V50 vs V60 comparison but he is a huge fan of LG so keep that in mind with constant praise and think what it is you want.

      Though seems the V60 won't come to Australia so not really an option. Especially at this price

  • After my experience with the v30, even at the price, I wouldn't recommend LG no more. Sometimes it's better to spend a bit more.

    • What was wrong with your V30?

      • Where do I begin? The screen exhibits black shaded artifacts when hot (the hotter it is, the worse it gets), when cooled, it completely disappears and the USB-C port is faulty, doesn't register on the computer anymore and stopped charging on me a couple of times (never dropped the phone, always handled it with care). Updates stopped within a year of owning it.

        Tried to get it fixed under warranty, $20 to send in and if they don't find a problem, I pay return shipping. So, not willing to do that.

        • am having similar issue too with my 1 year old V30+. Not charging at all until I hard restart the phone. After the first charge, when i leave it idle it will freeze and I need to hard restart again.

          • +1

            @onomatopoeia: Damn, that's bad. If you like, I wrote a small guide that helped me re not charging. I didn't have to hard restart and has been charging ever since, no luck with USB to computer working though: whrl.pl/RfZpFo

            • @RocketSwitch: Thanks, I noticed you have the moisture warning too. In case you don't know, you can disable it by entering #546368#930# in the default LG phone dialer, then a special menu will pop up, from there choose the svc menu and look for the moisture detection, you can disable the moisture detection there.

    • How much did you pay for the V30?
      a lot of ppls compare V30 to a flagship phone double/ triple the price.

      • $399 when the hype was on OzBargin.

        If I paid what was on the box, $1,199 I would have been furious.

  • I love my v30+ but I feel like it's time for an upgrade.
    Does anyone know how warranties would work with a seller like this on eBay? If price wasn't a concern (I know I'm on OzBargain, so suspend your disbelief), would you buy from this seller or from Kogan (https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/aualg-lg-v40-thinq-128gb-5g-bla...). I realise it's the same seller, but just wondering if I'd have more luck with a warranty claim at one place vs the other.

    Appreciate any input! :)

    • +1

      Kogan is selling v40, while this is a v50, which has a few small tricks, including Android 10 and dual screen case.

      Apparently, they have a warranty package you can buy for 150 bucks, but I'm not sure that's worth it.

      • Hmm, the link I posted shows it as a v50.
        Regardless, I pushed the button on OP's deal. Fingers crossed no issues!

  • This would be nice to play with and great price.. but got too many phones already. lol. :(

  • Bought it as I was curious about dual display. It seemed a decent price even without it?

    • what? read the above review.
      not even decent

  • Can anyone recommend a dual SIM adaptor for this phone? Simore seems to be highly regarded, just wondering if there are cheaper options and maybe an Aussie seller.

  • How to I upgrade to Android 10 ?

    I purchased LV50 during the JB HiFi deal and its still on Android 9.

    When I checked for software updates it is only showing me the Android Security Update from October / November 2019

  • Wow.. just a thumbs up for GreenGadgets… my order is coming today and they included a $30 Optus Starter Pack with Bonus Data Sim kit…

    • Yeah, mine is also getting delivered today.
      My only concern with Green Gadgets is that the phone number on Google isn't connected and I couldn't find a way to contact them outside of email/online forms. Hopefully won't need to, but I'm just worried about any warranty or defect issues.

      • received my one just now.. and a free $30 SIM kit from Optus..

        • Yep same here. Looks nice!

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