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LG V50 ThinQ 128GB (Telstra Variant) - $599 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Found this in the catalog at https://catalogue.jbhifi.com.au/2020/04/16-apr-digi/index.ht.... Similar to the G8S deal from last week, but better screen, bigger battery and the DAC the V-series is famous for. Very good deal on a very good phone. Pretty sure its an all-time low price, maybe clearing stock for the V60 which has just been released.

Mod Note: Refer to the catalogue for pricing, as the site hasn't been updated yet. Site has been updated.

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    good finding OP :)

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      Excellent first deal OP! πŸ‘

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    Huh, the Chromecast Ultra has gone UP by a dollar!

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    Website shows $1199 to me.

    • Same

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      Refer to the catalogue, prices hasn't been updated on the site yet. Site has been updated.

  • Great Deal. Does anyone know if JB are offering any porting deals? like the $400 voucher to port to the 65 deal?

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    Looks like a fantastic deal, almost tempted to upgrade from my V30+. But I still love it :)

    • +2

      v20 user here, and I couldn't convince myself to upgrade. So don't beat yourself up. Very, very tempting though. :-)

      • -6

        Nah get away from the V20 that thing is a brick, not to mention the lack of updates are a pain. (Previous V20 owner currently using a v30)

      • +9

        I'm also very tempted but I love the replaceable battery of the V20, saved my butt on several occasions having a spare in the bag. I will happily trade water-resistance for a replaceable battery.

        • +2

          Agreed 100%. I'm also very happy with the phone because it does everything that I want, and does it rather well. I am reluctant to move onto another brand (love the DAC), so that's ruled out. I see no compelling reason to drop the flexibility of having a spare physical battery either, so it's going to be the V20 for now.

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            @CocaKoala: I used my old V20 (sold to a family member) recently. Compared to both my V30 and now V40, it's like a clunky dinosaur. You can grab a small external battery and cable for under $20 at Officeworks. It's annoying to have to plug it in, but no more clunky than having to remove the case, pull off the back and swap in a fresh battery that you're carrying around in secure case, then storing the used one.

            I say that as someone who LOVED my V20 when I had it, and have gone from V20 to V30, V40 and just today bought this V50, so I'm no LG hater.

            • @t3chshopper: I'm glad the upgrades are working for you. I quite like the removable battery and find it less clunky than having to carry around an external battery, the wiring, and so on. I don't find the V20 to be clunky at all, and is far from being a dinosaur. But I appreciate your personal opinion.

              • +1

                @CocaKoala: That's fair enough. I was seduced by the OLED always-on screen and a few other things when a deal popped up here for the V30.

                If I'm honest though, I was perfectly happy with the V20 at the time. I had no reason to upgrade, and frankly would still be happily using to today if I hadn't succumbed to the latest shiny thing.

                • @t3chshopper: Yup, the deals on OZBargain does make resistance futile from time to time. :-)

        • It's why I'm desperately clinging to my v20. Have two batteries I swap out between.

        • Another v20 user here. The one thing I would actually miss is the Infra red. Phones are much easier to find compared to my remote. Lol
          Very tempting though.

      • I have dropped my V20 so many times.. but can't break it yet.

        • Yup, I've lost count of the brutal drops it's taken onto wooden floor, tiles, etc. as well. It's not giving up, and kinda reminds me of the old Nokias. Remember those days?

        • Yeah I've had only a basic gel case on it, dropped it I can't remember how many times and it's still going strong. Replaced the screen protector a couple of times but that's it. Built like a Nokia 3210!

    • -1

      Similar boat to you but doesnt seem like much of an upgrade. Very disappointed with LG's recent phones, it's almost like they want us to buy a Samsung.

      • +3

        5 cameras and dual screens isn't enough for you?

  • Is android 10 out for this phone in Aus?

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    Must resist..

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      And iPhone SE 2 is out

      • +1

        The SE2 is $149 more, I wonder how it will compare.

        • +7

          Very poorly… I mean it depends on your preferences but you have 1440p oled vs a tiny low resolution IPS…
          V50 has ultra wide camera, zoom (less important), the DAC a whole second screen! oh and 5G more storage/far cheaper

          really theres no comparison outside of software/support if you are an iOS person

      • +4

        Tiny phone with a single camera

      • I finally decided……to get both.

  • +3

    Price updated now to sale price. Also note that v40 is on clearance for 499.

    • -2

      V40 price isn't great considering JB were selling it for 399 back in October.

      • +1

        Looks like V50 will be on $399 too for next few months.

      • +1

        No that was V30+
        V40 lowest has been 499 which is what it's currently at (and any additional savings you can pull due to discounted gift cards).

  • This or Iphone SE2 :D?

    • +5

      Prices for the iPhone SE 2020 in AUD:

      • 64GB: $749
      • 128GB: $829
      • 256GB: $999
      • Good bye pixels

    • +4

      Why would you want to go for a phone that doesn't even want to give their users the choice of expendable memory?

      Don't be an Apple sheep.

      • +4

        not an Apple fan but Unless you're into a lot of media 64/128 gb is plenty for most users.
        I've never ran out of storage (I guess i probably don't take many photos),
        but these days there is plenty of cloud storage for that stuff.

        • +1

          the problem with cloud storage is that it isn't yours

      • +1

        So long as there's 128gb it won't matter for normal users.

        If you're going crazy on the camera shooting then 256gb is probably your minimum, though even then you might want more. But you'd be mad to not be putting that on a far more secure platform (maybe a pc, or a cloud storage app) there.

        Suck to lose features, but IMO nowadays expandable storage will just be a feature on the spec list for most.

    • This this this. Unless you are an apple person. Hardware wise this V50 is among the best the SE2 isnt even close

      • Best?

        CPU: SE2 > V50
        Main Camera: SE2 > V50

        • +1

          The CPU is better on SE2 because Apple did a good thing and stuck the latest one in there.

          Main camera? Not at all. Even the iPhone flagships have poorer cameras than the competition. This camera will be similar to the iPhone X, which was on-par with the V40. V50 is definitely a step ahead. Still, both phones won't exactly be awesome in the camera department.

          The rest of the hardware is probably what they were referring to.

          • @xsacha: Yeah suppose I come off a little fanboy without supporting my comment

            Ok CPU goes the the iphone, screen, IP rating, speakers, headphone DAC, secondary cameras, battery(Unknown but would assume) all go to the LG so suppose do you want a complete package or a turbo charged 5 year old phone (again probably comes off me being fanboy but I honestly believe 90% of people wont notice the CPU performance difference)

            Then there is also the second screen thats arguably a cool "hardware' inclusion too.

            If you wont make use of DAC, second screen and manual camera controls which I understand many wont then the field is a little more even.

  • +19

    Dual Screen Attachment Included

    • +2

      I don't get the dual screen thing what's its use? Just having a bigger screen for movies? Is it thin do you have one is it useful? I like the phone but is it worth it if I'm never going. To use the second screen?

      • +3

        It is extremely niche… some use it as a fancy stand… it can be your gamepad for games like DS or a keyboard or just multitask

        and at this price even without the dual screen its a great phone… its easily on par with S10

      • I don't have it but it could have some uses. For games if you can turn one screen into a controller that'd be pretty sweet. If you're able to set apps to either screen and still multitask on the other that'd be cool too, watch YouTube as you browse reddit etc.

        It's not a phone I think I would buy but I appreciate some companies doing some new shit, we need alternatives to the generic galaxy / iphone

        • I'm someone who likes having YouTube on while doing other things. This works well. Apparently doesn't work for Netflix as requires horizontal viewing which limits screen space on primary screen.
          Also some concern that apps can't run across two screens because of gap between screen… So it has its limitations.
          That said, sound and display seem great. Really tempted.

  • Great thanks!

  • +1

    Awesome deal, i saw it listed on the website a few hours ago but at $1100 i scrolled past it, at $599 that's a great price.

    Just bought one for pick up.

  • Does this version have VoLTE? and does it actually have a FM radio? Some sites say yes and others say no. It's really confusing me.

    • Always rely on the official site

    • +2

      The one I bought today does have VoLTE working on the Telstra network (Boost mobile sim).

      • Dual sim or single sim?

        • single.. everyone is single and available.

  • Thanks OP! πŸ‘
    Been looking for a new phone for months, since my Mate 10 Pro screen died

  • Thanks OP , bought one

  • +1

    My G8S ThinQ just arrived today. This phone would have also been nice to have. Maybe I should have waited it out… Oh well, very happy with my new G8S anyhow!

    • +4

      I'd return it and get this. Much better phone.

      • If I return it would I have to make up some sort of excuse? It's great in every way, but I see that V50 has 5G, better DAC, better resolution and will probably get more frequent updates than G8S.

        Having said that, I'm still happy with this phone and not sure if I want to go through the process of returning it if it'll take a long time.

        • Did you buy from JB?

          Tell them you're a music enthusiast and this doesn't drive your high-end headphones - you've also just noticed the V50 on sale and would merely like to pay the difference for it and return this as it not even a day old.

          Stop using the G8S and do this tomorrow.

  • +4

    Cheapest phone that has 5G and its a semi foldable phone(dual screen)

  • +1

    Check some reviews before you hit the buy button. There is always something under the spec sheet on paper.

  • +7

    LG has a track record of the most delayed software updates in history.

    • Track record for many things, but you get what you pay for.

  • +5

    Terrible battery life if 2nd screen running.

    I'll just sit quietly at the corner with my V20.

    • +1

      One of those things that looks good on paper but have so many shortcomings that it becomes a gimmick

    • Damn…was interested in this until I read that review. iphone SE2 for me then

    • +20

      Worth noting while the battery life point may be valid, the overall review is based on a phone costing $1,799.
      At $600, this may well be a 4 star phone.

      • Still, 3 -4 hours is terrible….

        • +3

          So don't use the second screen. Without the second screen the review say it easily lasts a day - which is should with a 4ah battery in it.

          • @macrocephalic: LG should put another battery to power up the 2nd screen. I know it gonna be as thick as a brick but hey problem solved.

            • @Yummy: Having bought one of these last night, with the second screen attached it's already thick as a brick. I like the option of the second screen, and you can turn it off when you're not using it so it's just a thick heavy case, but if I was going out somewhere and carrying it around all night in my pocket then I'd leave the second screen at home.

  • I thought the G8S has the same 32 bit hifi quad dac as the V50. Yes?

    • +3

      G8s doesn’t have the quad dac, only the G8 and G8x do

    • The review above mentions a downgrade to 24 bit

      • Review is wrong. Every other website, including the DAC's manufacturer ESS says the V50 has 32 bit Quad DAC.

  • Great price will purchase one today as my V30+ is still on September 2019 security update with Android 9. That makes me very uncomfortable.

    • +1

      This is also on Android 9…

  • +3

    Can anyone confirm if this actually supports dual SIM?
    Specs on JB hi-fi's site claim it does, but the same thing was claimed with the recent G8S sale.

    • The manual on LGs website for the telstra variant mentions nothing about it, so I'm assuming no.

      • Likely single Sim hmmm

    • Pretty sure it's single sim pcworld listed the same Telstra variant as single.

      Telstra never sells phones with dual sims

    • Its single sim only. The second sim doesn't get recognized when you put it.
      I bought it yesterday.

  • anyone can confirm if the phone come with dual screen attachment or need to buy it separately?

    updated just noticed it say included

        • +4

          Yeah but SIX gb.

          I can run Windows on 8gb satisfactorily. Surely this can run Linux on 6gb.

          • @justtoreply: Surely at least for the next year or two. Flagship pixels always gone or with the absolute minimum ram, they currently have 6gb.

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