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50pk of 3 Layer Disposable Face Masks $19 with Free Shipping (Metro Areas) - Luxor Linen MyDeal


Hey OZbargainers,

Just quickly wanted to share this, seems like a great price from one of our trusted sellers. Only $0.38 per mask

Local Aussie Stock with Fast Dispatch

50pk of 3 Layer Disposable Face Masks - Only $19 with Free Shipping (Metro Areas)

  • Aldi selling 50 pack for something around $30 and Chemist Warehouse is selling 50 pack for $49

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    Thanks OP.

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    Any details on bfe pfe vfe?

    • If not medical/surgical blah blah, I wonder if they have BFE etc at all

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    Where are these made?

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      Probably the same place as the diy tshirt masks

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    Made in china?

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      What do you think?

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      Does it matter? These are basic material masks, no risk of fake mask ratings

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      Look at how they make make masks in India.

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        LOL, it is ok. The health official said it is ok to reuse the mask anyway. RIP health …

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      The masks the testers are wearing at the COVID drive through testing are all made in Wuhan, I could read the label on the box from the car. Cracked me up.

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        At least they wear masks. To many don’t wear that why they end up at the drive through testing.

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      Look at how they make make masks in China.

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        Look at how they make (possibly used as per the title) masks in China

        • Can't tell whether its china or any other country in the world. BTW, most "traditional Chinese" written titles are anti-china.

        • +1

          how can you tell its in China though, the dude in the video were not even speaking chinese.

          • @argo1230: Look at the small shrine at 00:01. It's definitely somewhere with a strong Buddhist culture. Definitely not India, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. Of course, one could always try to argue that it's just Chinatown. You just have to think for yourself.

            Alternatively, here's news on toilet paper masks from pro-CCP sources:

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              @mun4: chill dude, there are many Asian countries have strong Buddhist culture. I have no doubt there are many similar dodgy underground places in China, i'm just saying this particular video might not shot in China.

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                @argo1230: Like I said, you just have to think for yourself. Technically, there's no definitive evidence about the source country of any video, but it can be deduced from an educated guess. For this one, it's very likely somewhere with a strong Buddhist culture and out of all major mask manufacturing countries in Asia (China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea), China and Taiwan are very much the only two. Also note the timing of the video — during the peak of the outbreak in China and the Wuhan lockdown. What's more interesting is the workers' attire, which seems to be suitable for temperature around 10C - 15C. For a mild winter in late Jan or early Feb, the latitude would be somewhere between 20N and 40N. Thus, it's almost beyond doubt that it's Central, Central Eastern or Southern China.

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                  @mun4: sorry dude, I just can't agree with you. I like how you jumped the conclusion that this video had to be shot in either mainland China and Taiwan. these workers were working in a tiny area, not much bigger than a home garage, and it could be literally anywhere in the world.

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                    @argo1230: No bother. I just presented my reasoning. Like I said, it's an educated guess, but the counter-argument would be relatively difficult to construct. Some could well think it's just Sussex St if they wish.

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                    I like how you jumped the conclusion that this video had to be shot in either mainland China and Taiwan

                    If you grab yourself a map and lookup latitude 30N (average) or somewhere with mild winter during that time and a strong Buddhist culture, it can only be China

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      Probably best to avoid Thailand, where they washed used masks, ironed them and sold them as new. Extra points for not wearing gloves and liberal use of motorcycles and dogs in the work area.

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      Nope. Made in Switzerland by retired Lindt Artisans. 99.99% Cacao filtration guaranteed.

      • hope it's not typo, made in Swaziland…

        • could this comment be possibly racist?

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      Your apple logo stick is made in China.

  • Thanks OP

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    That is extremely cheap - which automatically makes on suspicious about the quality.
    If you get them, see this video on some crude ways to test mask quality at home -
    It would be interesting if you reported back to the group on your findings!

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      Decent 3ply masks in China go for around $0.20 each. With shipping and overhead taken into account, I'd say don't bother with anything priced less than $0.50 each.

  • If the claims are correct, looks good for the price. Grabbed one.

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      Disposable masks are effective against filtration of infectious pathogens.

      definitely effective against filtration…

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        You're missing the point of wearing of mask, which is the reduction of infectious pathogens that YOU spread.
        The amount of viral load you're exposed to also matters, so if everyone wears a mask, it's extremely effective.

        • shhhh don't say that… I bet most people assume it's the other way around, otherwise I'm pretty sure most won't wear it. Sad but true.

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    A lot of masks imported to Oz are faulty\fake Chinese crap and have been removed from the TGA lists

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    Well masks used to be $25/50pk in Aldi pre covid.
    And around $15/50pk wholesale.
    This does seem too cheap but I guess we shall see how it is.

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      Depends what you need the masks for.
      I'm sure these are great for keeping out the pollution we will now be getting with extra cars on the road post lockdown.

    • Saw some today at Aldi for that price

      • My ALDI just stocked some masks for $29 now.

        Anyways I will be tearing one of these masks open and see what the quality is.

    • Even Costco sells 50 pack masks for 49 dollars. Wonder why these are too cheap…

    • pre-covid. Quality masks that are used by dentist sold for $5 for a box of 50. Now the same masks are selling for $50. Not complaining. It is what it is.

  • What is the spec?

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    Miniso is selling a 10 pack for $5. That is, if you can find stock.

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        No just wash it

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    Sneaky website, the word medical is blurred in the photos. Must be trash quality.

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    Decided to take a punt. It qualifies for the AMEX Shop Small program, so use AMEX if you can for those who have saved the Shop Small deal!

    • +3

      So it is! Confirmed email. thanks!

      • No worries, all good. Hopefully the masks are also good lol

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