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[Pre Order] Samsung 65" Q95T 4K QLED TV (QA65Q95TAWXXY) - $3191 (RRP $4659) + Free Shipping @ Appliances Online


Be gentle, first post!

To come to terms with this 2nd lockdown, I've been searching for a 65 inch TV over last few days and found this Samsung QLED Q95T for $3,191 on Appliancesonline (RRP $4659). The price in other online stores is ~$3,495 (Good Guys / Harvey Norman)

This is the lowest price to date (previously posted on Ozbargain for $3,270 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548590).

- The website says out of stock but you can pre-order (expected delivery 12 Aug)
- The Q95T model (2020) is equivalent to the Q85R (2019)

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    Go big or go home.
    How does this compare to a similar TV from LG ?

    Or just buy real OLED from LG?

  • +2 votes

    Oleds better.

  • +8 votes

    LG BX 65" OLED can be had for $300 more than this Samsung QLED.

    This QLED needs to be $2500, no more. RRP $4650…? Lol.

    • +3 votes

      Yep, give me the LG OLED anyday.

  • -2 votes

    No deal at all. $300 less than JBHF and GoodGuys, that can be made up by using discounted gift cards. Not to mention they usually have sales or can be haggled down at least 5% from sticker prices.


      price match and use gift cards ^.^

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    Question is…when ARE the LG OLEDs gonna go on sale? In the market for a CX or GX 65.

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    This is not a bad tv and shouldn’t be getting the hate here. Yes it is bloody expensive for an LED but still this is a good TV for people concerned about burn in that want a good bright 4K picture. This model also includes the one connect box and invisible cable which makes wall mounting easier and cleaner. Nice find.

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    only dummies are hating on the top of the range 4k from samsung, this tv is probably the best QLED 4k tv on the market, best option if you dont want burn ins. anyone who plays games on tv should not even buy an OLED unless you dont mind replacing it after 2 years, than ofcourse OLED all the way. we all know OLED will have the best picture, but this is not far behind. if OLED is 100 id give this 85 and no burn in.

    i personalty am waiting on a proper deal for the Q8 65" from hisense. probably the sweet spot between image quality and price of any TV on the market, ive seen some comparison of a dude comparing it to a sony OLED and he decided to return the sony and keep the Q8 (called h9g in usa) because the image was just too close to pay extra $1500 for the sony OLED

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    Check out this side by side video comparison of Samsung QLED vs LG CX OLED. After playing around with QLED settings towards end of the video, there's almost nothing between them apart from vaguely more natural colours and slightly more blacker backs on the QLED. And this was tested in a dark environment. The QLED would perform better in a bright room. Anyone who says OLED is miles ahead of QLED is frankly a bit of an OLED fanboi. Both technologies are great.

    If you have kids and want peace of mind from burn in and like the flexibility of the one connect box, QLED is a no brainer.



      I have noticed that (in stores), that while there used to be a huge disparity between OLED and QLEDs at the start of the 4K era, the difference is basically imperceptible, to the point where on high end TVs, you have to read the tag to check which one is OLED and which one is QLED. I'm in the market for a new TV, and was open to OLED, but a good QLED really does seem to have indistinguisable visual quality and none of the drawbacks of OLED (burn in being my primary concern with a GF who likes to leave YouTube and Netflix on the menus for more time than she does watching the video).

      But would I pay OLED money for a good QLED? Hell no.


    Can you get a refund on the difference if you pre-ordered at a higher price and it still hasn't arrived?


      Give them a call and try it! I ordered a washing machine off appliances online and while I was waiting for delivery an end of financial year deal came. They refunded me the difference. I only sent in an email enquiry ad then received a call confirming it. It was great customer service.