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TPG Fibre To The Building 3 Months Free (Available to TPG FTTB Locations Only) @ TPG Internet


Already an existing customer but called yesterday and they applied this voucher to my account anyway. Saved $180 in total
worth it
And honestly TPG works better than the top Vodafone $95 joke plan I used before. Though service isn't so good.
Not FTTN sorry, if you are still using vodafone you can also call them and tell them you are going to leave then they will either offer you a 5% off for 6 months or 1 month free for one time to keep your business.

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      • Damn! Wish FTTB was available in my area… $69 for NBN50 doesn't seem worth it… :)

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        • Yeah honestly $60/month for internet is also my ideal price I mean ages ago dodos $29/month unlimited adsl2+ plan was the best thing ever but I understand times have changed.. Man what I could do with an extra $30 or even $10 a month (I pay $69/month for 50/20 TPG FTTN NBN).

  • Well Vodafone is part of TPG now anyway lol

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      Not really. They have finalised their merger (as of this week I believe) but everything between the 2 networks and company's would still be completely different.
      This will likely change in the coming months and years.

      • From what I read, Vodafone would be known as TPG from now on.

  • FTTB is not NBN
    come on

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      Yes it is, it depends on what you are talking about. (TPG FTTB Own Network) vs (TPG FTTB NBN)

      NBN in certain situations DOES deploy FTTB services.

      Obviously if your building has BOTH, TPG will not sell you TPG FTTB NBN, they will sell you TPG FTTB Own Network.

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      "NBN" and "FTTB" are completely different things. Saying "FTTB is not NBN" is like saying "Banana is not Dole".

      NBN is a network infrastructure provider (carrier) which builds and operates fibre based networks.
      FTTB is a connection technology used by many carriers including NBN.

      • Yea you gotta add a few more things.

        Generally when people think.. FTTB they think TPG FTTB (own private network - Not NBN)

        You have two things:

        NBN FTTB (NBNCo owned)

        TPG FTTB (Private)

        Is how to think of it.

        • Right, it all comes down to the choice of marketing term/sales pitch I guess.

          Personally I don't like the use of "TPG FTTB" at all, it's not sounding/distinguishable rather it creates confusions like this. They'd better call it "TPG Fibre" as they also run FTTP networks in selective buildings as well.

  • They didn't give it to me, I've got FTTC.

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      This is TPG's own infrastructure and network using Pipenetworks etc etc

      Doesnt require or buy bandwidth from dodgy NBNco

  • It's the same as the long running iiNet "ULTRA3" promo - 3-months free on TPG FTTB wholesale network. (e.g.

    The only difference is that you only have to sign up for a 6-month contract with iiNet to have the setup fee waived, comparing to 18-month on TPG I believe it's worth to mention.

    • Yeah. It is the same thing.

    • Yep I used this same voucher code for TPG to sign up about 2 years ago

  • hi all, where do i enter the promo code? got into the payment stage but still cannot find promo code? Also do we know when is the expiry date?

    • Does your building have TPG FTTB?

      If not then you wont be able to get this.

      Like the iiNet offer this is no expiry right now.

      • yes i am eligible but could not find a spot to enter it.

        • May have to call them up and sign up?

          or you're better off with iiNet -

          You can use their code and get the same service.

        • Call 131423 customer service to manually apply the code.

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          Call their hotline - 13 14 23, option 3 + 1

  • ADSL is almost better than my NBN FttN joke.

    TPG if you're reading this I am happy to pay $120/m for FttP.

  • Is this valid for existing FTTB TPG customers

    • yes if you are on TPG FTTB now (not the NBN FTTB)

      • That seems weird… almost like their marketing team forgot to put the "only eligible to new customers" clause in the T&Cs.

    • As i've commented above, I moved a month ago, signed up to this exact same plan.

      Called up and they entered the code in 5 minutes.

      We'll see if they actually apply it when i get my next bill .

      • I'm on the phone for 20mins so far, still nothing.

        • They put you on hold?

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            @Turd: I was transferred to another department. The request has gone to their accounts team or something and they'll let me know in 24 - 48 hrs.

            • @tlai: aka we may not let you know. hope they do though!


          • @Turd: I just finish the call with them, I am an existing TPG FTTB customer, CS ask me to send the picture of the leaflet to her and she applied the code for me

            Happy 3 months free

            • @fishbomb: nice. did you send them the one in this post?

              • @Turd: yes as it is the only one I have lol

                • @fishbomb: Did your brochure say anything about new customers only? It would be great if someone could contribute some images 😊

                  • @Sweet3st: It's a leaflet that gets sent to all units when you're building is activated with TPG's own FTTB product. If you're a TPG customer on NBN you are still eligible to use the code if switching over to their product, else it's not applicable. Sorry don't have an image of it, but have seen it a few times, and have helped people move from both TPG's ADSL and NBN products to their FTTB product.

        • I'd say they're currently getting hammered with calls.

  • The +PHONE LINE puts me off most of TPGs deals.

    TPG lock you in on the phone component, you cannot enter the SIP details into your own phone. This is a deal breaker for anyone wanting to use a half decent phone solution like a friztbox, gigaset or other IP phone.

    I've signed up with SpinTel last week after having a debate with TPG over this crazy restriction.

    Key question ask before signing up is whether they provide SIP details so you can setup your own phone and or if you can unbundle it later. Also good to ask how many concurrent lines are supported. Otherwise just sign up for internet only plans and then sign up the phone with someone half decent for phone service and use your own router/voip router.

    • Dont forget the $20 fee which you wont get back if you leave their services.

      But otherwise the only thing good about TPG is their own network better than NBN CVC esp on pricing.

      If you use voip better off with other voip providers and a a modem or VoIP ATA

      • They automatically applied the $20 back when I left TPG to my surprise. I was owing more than $20 on the final month tho.

    • You should be put off by many other things besides the +phone line with TPG! But each to their own.

      In saying that, if you really want to sign up to their FTTB product you can either:

      Accept their phone line with a separate phone number and then sign up to a VSP with the number you actually want to use. Leaving the TPG number without use.

      Or, wait until you receive the VR1600v and then hack it to get the VOIP settings you need to set up separately.

  • Fibre To The Bone!!!!

  • Just called, only applicable for FTTB not FTTC which most of would have.

    • Did they offer you something for FTTC?

      • I asked but nothing… Didn't expect anything from them either.. LOL

  • +1

    I moved to this deal about 2 months ago and I am super impressed/happy.

    I was previously paying $79 for 50/25 with Aussie Broadband, and now I'm paying $60 a month for faster speeds. I was really sceptical that I'd be paying less money for better performance.. but has honestly been amazing.

    • Nice!, almost same as mine!

      Curious.. You knew your building had TPG FTTB but still went with NBN?

      • Opposite of what you said. I was with NBN, and transferred to TPG FTTB.

        • Yeah when you first signed up you went with NBN? or am I mistaken, TPG FTTB arrived AFTER NBN?

        • I recently disconnected some sockets in the house after discovering the apartment had a mini IDF above the fridge.

          Now im constantly getting 92/37


  • +1

    Just called them up. Have the FTTB (not NBN) but apparently this is only for new customers!

    • Aww they must have caught on… but thanks for the heads up! Saves me a call.

    • This plan is no lock in contract, threaten to cancel and sign up again?

      • They may consider you to be a "returning" customer rather than a "new" if you sign up again within X months.
        Foxtel and Bupa do this (I've tried the same thing)

      • In the call again with them now. But still on hold. I'll tell them that.

        • I signed up to this plan 6 weeks ago when I moved. They entered the code over the phone.

          Unless like others are saying they caught on and are changing to new customers only - this should be specified in the T's and C's printed on the back of the leaflet (if anyone can get a copy)

        • Been with the FTTB for close to 2 years now. For the price it's fantastic (I would still rate telstra's cable connection better for downloads though)

      • The No Lock-in Contract costs $99.95 upfront with TPG. If you want $0 upfront it's an 18 month contract.

  • Any provider has better offer for FTTC?
    TPG 50mbps is 69.99/month

  • As some here mentioned, TPG caught on and note this is for new customers only and they cannot apply the promotion in blanket.

    So no luck but worth a shot!

  • Got told by the customer service lady that this promotion is only for new customer. :(
    No luck here.

  • Existing TPG FTTB customer - said this code was for New Customers only. They said they have to refer my request to an accounts specialist. Don't have high hopes.

  • I am paying $79.99 for NBN 50 at ABB. Planning to switch from ABB so I will be a new customer

    Is this the best NBN deal at the moment?

    If I don't sign a 18 months contract I would have to pay $100 setup fee

    • +1

      You won't qualify if you're on NBN, this is only for TPGs own FTTB infra

    • This is not for NBN, but for TPG's own FTTB network, if you have it available at your premises you can use the code, if you don't they you can't take advantage of this offer. Check on TPG's website.

      In regards to the contract, that's a yes; $0 if you sign up for 18 months, else it's $99.95 for a No Lock-in Contract.

  • +1

    Just a forewarning, I tried this today and wasn't approved when I said I received the coupon code from an acquaintance. Don't do what I did.

  • They pretty much matched iiNet's FTTB Ultra Broadband. My friend called up and they gave him 3 months on the house because iiNet was doing it.

    • They haven't matched anything. It's the same product and this code has been available for years now. iiNet is part of the TPG Group, it's actually the same product.

      • Yes I understand that they are under the same parent company and they use the same FTTB network but if it's not called matching I don't know what is.

  • +1

    My current TPG plan is called "NBN FTTB 50", am I eligible for the discount?

    • +1


    • EDIT: I misread what your plan was. BigAntz is right, the answer is No. This doesn't apply to NBN FTTB (from TPG), only TPG FTTB (a different network, same provider)

  • Just tried to apply it to my existing TPG FTTB account (Thursday 2:30pm WA time, GMT+8) and the woman I spoke to sounded skeptical, or like she knew what I was up to lol. I made it sound like the card was sent to me, she asked me to email her a photo as proof. So I emailed the photo attached to this deal. She put me on hold, spoke to some people, and finally came back and said the code is supposed to be for new customers only, but she has put in a request to apply it to my account: Someone will review the request and get back to me later.

    Note that I called the FTTB hotline (1300 403 211), and NOT the general sales line (13 14 23). It sounds like people are having a much easier time applying it to their existing accounts using the general sales line (13 14 23). Good luck, happy hunting, etc!

  • +1

    I suggest you use caution before going with TPG. I'm leaving TPG ADSL2+ right now and switching to NBN with a different provider. TPG is easily the WORST of the big internet telcos. They are beyond incompetent, and they have nice ways to rip you off here and there (the $20 "deposit" for a home phone isn't actually a deposit, it's profit for them).

    My latest disaster with them: Over a week ago I gave them the required 30 days notice to cancel my service (on 8th August). They are supposed to call within 24 to 48 hours to confirm cancellations, but it took 6 days to actually phone me. I spoke to them and all seemed OK two days ago. The confirmation email I received from them showed 8th August as the cancellation day. So what happens? Yesterday, they cancel my internet plan. Minutes before they did, they sent a new cancellation confirmation email showing 15th July on it.

    I had to spend over and hour on the phone with them to get my service re-activated again. Even when they said it was activated again, it still took another 10+ minutes to actually work. They apologised to me many times as they knew it was TPG's fault. I had already paid up to my requested cancellation date too, so I wasn't shut off for billing/financial reasons.

    Seriously, stay away from this incompetent company. I also had slow speeds and dropout issues that occurred too often. I'll never get that $20 "deposit" back either. They are con artists.

    • You do not need to cancel your ADSL if you are switching to NBN.

      • +2

        Actually, there's an advantage to doing so.

        1) If I didn't cancel, I'd be paying a full extra 30 days after the switch happened. $60 gone. Instead, by cancelling and giving 30 days notice, followed by starting the NBN process, I'll end up paying an extra 9-23 days instead as it is supposed to take 1 to 3 weeks to get the NBN installation done (FTTC). So by cancelling, I'm putting less money into TPG's pocket.

        Remember, TPG requires 30 days notice to end your service. So if an NBN connection comes in, they're still going to charge you for another 30 days afterwards.

        2) I wanted to switch providers. If I stuck with TPG, they wanted to charge a $99.95 installation fee (or take on an 18-month contract). Probably would have charged me yet another $20 home phone "deposit" too.

  • Cheers! They put in my request and I'm told I'll be called once its been processed.

    Crossing my fingers!

    • same here!! Hope it works!!

    • Same!

  • The modem supplied is the TP-Link Archer VR1600v?

  • The customer service rep said he's applied the code and I will be called to confirm once it's processed.

  • iiNet has the same promotion, code is "ULTRA3". To avoid setup fee, it's only 6 month contract as oppose to the 12 months of TPG.

    • Does iiNet also supply TP-Link Archer VR1600v modem?

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