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20% Cashback (Was 2%, $25 Cap) at BWS via ShopBack (2pm to 6pm AEST)


Hi everyone,

We're offering 20% upsized cashback at BWS today from 2pm to 6pm AEST. This can be stacked with their $20 off Christmas In July sitewide offer ($150 min spend, discount applied when checking out).

Cashback is capped at $25 in one transaction. Cashback can only be earned once per customer during this promotional period.

Any questions or issues? Send an email to [email protected] or reach out via Live Chat (selected hours, Monday to Friday) and we'll help sort it out.

A few things to note:

  • Cashback is applicable to the pre-GST amount (and doesn't apply to delivery fees)
  • Cashback is not valid when you use a gift card to pay (in full/partial)
  • Cashback is not valid on purchases through the BWS on tAPP App
  • Cashback is not applicable to Champagne, Penfolds & Non-Alcohol categories
  • Please ensure your last click before visiting the BWS site is through ShopBack and that you don't visit any other sites while making your purchase
  • Adblock software/extensions/plugins and certain antivirus software can cause tracking issues

Handy Links:

Referral Links

Referral: random (3867)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +8

    Also to note, I know some of you had a few issues with our last BWS offer in April, so if you still have something outstanding from then, please shoot through an email to [email protected] about it and PM me your email address so I can get the team to look into your query sooner. I've had the team double check things with our system and BWS' setup to ensure everything is seamless for today's sale.

    • +2

      Hi op
      Just found out the missing Cashback from April. Have send the invoice to sales team and pm you my details too thanks

      • +1

        Yes, be careful about Shop Back. They missed a massive refund for me with NordVPN.

        They were not very professional at all.

        Also check your click history on their account. They don't keep accurate records.

        • +2

          I agree missed a fair few of mine and have lacked service

        • That's a shame - I got my Nord refund on schedule.

        • Got denied saying it's past 30 days although providing invoice and clicked recorded. Funny enough

    • Hi Rep
      Does the site slow down is affecting any cashback tracking on your end.

      • Would like to know that as well. No tracking email for me yet.

      • -1

        Actually yes, it can affect cashback tracking. If it the slowness causes checkout confirmation page loading issues,then there may be tracking issues (the checkout confirmation page is where all the magic happens on their backend, so if it doesn't load or throws up an error after you've paid we may not receive tracking).

        • Thanks
          No error message. Just little slow. I used the chrome extension . Hopefully no issues. Is it taking longer than usual to show Cashback tracking in account. At the moment, it’s only showing the click in account.

  • -3

    Can you use with christmas in july

    • +4

      Yep, mentioned in the post

      This can be stacked with their $20 off Christmas In July sitewide offer ($150 min spend, discount applied when checking out).

  • +3

    Curious if anyone can find any good whisky deals as BWS prices seem to be very high to begin with compared to Dans, BB, Amazon etc.

    • Whisky has limited range and is overprice, maybe beer is better. 3 cases 20% off could be good.

      • Agree, only beers on special may worth it. Do I need another 3 slabs? Got 5 slabs from FCL for $20 each a few weeks ago.
        It's not 20%, but 18% off if you can get it.
        Max discount is $45 for $150.

    • Just had a browse at the whisky range, much better off at Dan's & FCL tbh

      • +2

        Even whiskys on special are more expensive than in Dans

    • +3

      BWS is and always has been more expensive than their big brother Dans. They are a pure convenience offering that have very high margins.

      • But they will soon be Mini Dan's 🙂

        • +1

          Is that right? I love Dan's but the closest is close to an hour away. On the other hand I have 3 BWS' in town.

        • Mini Dans?

    • Johnnie Green 15yo for $69 then take cashback off that … good price

      • +1

        Hmmmm I cant get excited about JW Green though. :P

        • Yeah, otherwise Balvenie double wood for $88 is good … apart from that, I think i'm just going to get a monkey shoulder for $52 less the cashback

        • Or Teeling small batch for $58 … tempting to try this JW Double Black Sherry for $48 but i am reading it's nothing special. Cheap though.

  • +7

    I never received my cashback from April’s offer, even after contacting support and providing invoices, so be mindful of that.

    • +9

      Yep same here. After one reply they completely ignored me even after I provided all the receipts and their system had even recorded my click through to BWS 4 minutes before the purchase!

    • +4

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who experienced this issue.

    • +1

      Also saw the April cashback rejected - sent invoices and approved within 12 hours of contact. Hope that gives you hope.

    • I eventually got my cashback from the April offer but only after I continued to object including sending them an e-mail with links to several Ozbargain posts for Shopback bonus offers where numerous people were complaining about Shopback i.e. if enough people complain they'll fix it!

      Anyway, since then I've adopted the approach that cashback is a bonus. It has to be a reasonable deal without cashback so if I have a problem with cashback then no regrets.

      On that basis I'll spend $150+ today on beer that's on special at BWS, getting an additional $20 off ($20 off deal for $150+ spend). That will result in a much lower price than usual for the beer I normally buy, even without cashback. And I'll wait until the Shopback offer is live and hopefully eventually get ~$25 cashback.

      • Mine tracked ok - and so did my wife's. Beer $18 saving + $20 Xmas in July discount + $25 cashback = $63 saving x 2 = $126 total savings on $360 of purchases at normal BWS prices = 35% saving.

  • any good sake

    • +4

      Oh for goodness sake!

  • +8

    I've had so many missing cashbacks from Shopback. Pretty much every time I purchase something online through Shopback I would have to submit a missing cashback request even after a week of purchase. Their support team is absolutely hopeless too they make you feel like you are the one causing trouble and they are the ones doing you a favour. Honestly I don't think it's even worth getting a 20% cashback for the pain and frustration you'd have to go through with Shopback. Take my word guys, just stick with Cashrewards.

    • +6

      Shopback and cashrewards are pretty much the same. Yes, when you contact them about missing cashback they make you feel you are at fault. They remind you you need to do this, do that next time while you did exactly that. What is reassuring is that with cashrewards TA is here to help you get your cashback

    • Same here

    • I've never had issues with shopback, only cashrewards.

      My guess is it's probably the store who causes the issues.

    • Maybe I'm an exception to the norm but I never have issues with Shopback but have had a few issues with Cashrewards

    • Same, I took the screenshots and everything for my Iherb purchase. Yet no bueno. I'm not making any large Shopback purchases anymore out of fear the cashback will be rejected, and if I do I won't justify the purchase with the cashback because it's not a certainty anymore.

      • Same here. Shopback are not reliable.

  • +1

    Be very careful all… ive got well over 50bux still saying tracked for purchases between Jan and April for BWS, First Choice Liquor, iHerb etc. Been a big fan of shopback since they launched here but something has definitely gone skewy..

  • ShopBack CS has always been pretty good to me, and CR make you wait ages to file a claim and you forget half the time.

    I've normally always gotten my tracking eventually, esp 20% it's when I complain and they normally are pretty good to me.

    Dan Murphys was a pain, and I ended up getting it. Only once CR at First Choice didn't, so I returned the order.

  • Shame BWS cannot fix the website error that stops you getting 10% off for 6 bottles ( promo as in store and at liquorland)

    • I think it does work, you may need to be logged in for it to activate

    • Worked for me this afternoon

  • Any new cashback offers for Groupon?

  • Is it any good?…with Rewards card $37 with 20% off…it is $29.6, https://bws.com.au/product/360547/old-virginia-6-year-old-ke...

  • A shame you can't pay with eGift Cards. Moving frmo 7% to 20% is still pretty decent though.

  • +2

    Any bargains?
    I was looking at having some White Russians and watching The Big Lebowski tonight. $54 (43.20 after ShopBack) for a litre of kahlua with bws and $37.80 for the same bottle at dans.

  • +2

    @Rep can you please pass onto management the repeated experiences of missing cash back/lack of service. It's been a frustrating at times as some have been approved, others haven't and I always ensure I have no VPN or anything that could possibly effect cashback not being tracked.

  • Looking forward to picking up two cases of stone and wood for $54 each

  • +1

    BWS website is FUBAR via the app, no products showing up when searched or clicked through, perhaps this will improve from 2pm??

    • +2

      Their site is sh8t. You need set your store before you can see the price, and it's very slow responding

    • +1

      Their website is doing the same thing via a desktop browser.

      Edit: Shows product once you do select a store….

  • +1

    Can we pay by Wish gift cards?

  • $45 off $157.50 before accounting for WWR bonus points? Sounds sweet.

    • -3

      $25 cap

      • +$20 Christmas in July.

    • If you spend exactly $150 like me you get the optimal discount of 29%

      If you spend $157.50 you get 28.57% off

  • Can a free delivery promo code be used with this?

    • Only codes we've listed would qualify for cashback, and at this stage we have none listed so I'm afraid not.

      • You owe me money Shop Back. Very poor service from you.

  • From my pre-school level calculations, is $150 spend the best value as that gets the maximum $25 cash back + $20 off Christmas in July?

  • Even with shopback, BWS are so much more expensive on spirits than Dan's and the like.. Not worth it..

    • +2

      True. But in this case $157.50 spend + $20 discount + $25 cashback + targeted offer of 10x points for spend @ BWS = worth it.

      I will effectively be buying 3 bottles of 1L spirits for ~$102.50

  • Their stock system is so frustrating. I got a great deal a while back on 6x Morris Wine Premium Muscasts for $45 a bottle but had to keep putting in different postcodes to find stock. https://bws.com.au/product/37470/morris-old-premium-rare-liq...

    This time, no luck. Hope someone can highlight a competitive price on a decent Bourbon, Rum, Whisky or Sake.

  • Hey guys, can someone please tell me where i can apply for this?

    $20 off Christmas in July discount

    Thanks :)

    • Automatic

  • +2

    @gotyourback can you confirm this deal is now live?

    • Yep it's live. Make sure you're signed in.

  • Not showing on shopback site as live

    • Sign in and you'll see it live.

  • Thanks OP, just ordered a couple cartons of beer :)

    • And confirming it is now being tracked in ShopBack

  • Picked up 3 Johnnie Walker Double Black $39.55 each after cashback and $20 discount for $150 order.

  • How come I can't get the $20 discount for $150 order

    • It appears right before you pay

  • +2

    Just copped the following:

    • Lagavulin 8 (on clearance)
    • Monkey Shoulder
    • Couple of Minis (JD and Black Label) - 50mls

    Totals to $150 exactly —> $130 after promo —> $105 after cashback. At the end, Lagavulin 8 turns out be $55 and Monkey Shoulder $36.

    • +1

      You'll find that cashback is lower as it's on pre-GST amount

      Also, Lagavulin 8 is coming up as $104 for me. You're lucky you got it on clearance.

  • Thanks rep, have just bought enough beer to get through the inevitable second wave of covid. Hope cashback is prompt!

  • +1

    I think BWS crashed?

    • agreed, soooo sloooow

      • yep, super slow response, pages randomly crashing. Cant cope with it. I bet the cashbacks are cocked up too

  • Thanks OP, just replenished my fav bottle of gin x

  • Does it sit at "Clicked" under your account for a while? I can't remember how this works.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got 2L of Gentleman Jack for ~$106 after cashback and $20 off promo. $53/L - Cheaper than duty free.

  • ugh, trying to get on a 2 for $40 special on their website and it wont calculate in checkout.

    • Try editing the amount at checkout

      • I tried taking it from 4 down to 2, but that didnt help :\ I'll keep messing around with it, but I didnt have this issue last time the BWS offer was on

        • It works for some products in the "2 for $40" category" but not all. Shitty website

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