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Sennheiser Headphones Black RS165 - $239 Delivered @ Officeworks Online


Sennheiser Headphones Black RS165
Product Code: SYRS165


Sennheiser Headphones Black RS165 on clearance form officeworks online $239.00 delivered

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    Tempted to buy for the second tv, or is there a better option as my Bluetooth received has trouble connecting to my current Bluetooth headphones

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      If going with Bluetooth, you would want to use aptx-LL (low latency) or you might hit lip sync trouble. If you had existing wired headphones you could use TV -> Bluetooth aptx-LL transmitter -> fiio btr5 or similar -> wired headphones. Not many headphones support aptx-LL natively.
      This is all only better if you already have good wired headphones though.

  • need one comfortable headphone for WFH

  • Seems to be the same price on Amazon

    Tempted but seems to be a bit of an old model so want to hear from you guys first

    Where is this on JB Hifi btw?

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    If these are anything like the RS170s, they're rather good for not bothering anyone if you want to watch TV.

    If you guys don't know already these work over RF, rather than bluetooth.

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    These are very good. This price is more realistic for what they are, I paid $300 and saw them for $400 in many places. Comfy (I have a big head), sound good, good battery, sufficient build quality - I wouldn't want to drop them too hard.

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