This was posted 1 year 6 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Reolink RLC-410-5MP PoE Camera Outdoor/Indoor IP Security Video Surveillance US$35.04 (Was US$52.99) ~A$50.43 @ Reolink


Free shipped from Reolink's local warehouse in 2-5 business days.
This 5MP Super HD PoE IP camera with 18 infrared LEDs, enabling 65-100ft long-distance night vision range and up to 80˚ wide viewing angle, captures more clearer and sharper images and video, which is great for driveway, hallways, etc.
PoE security camera wired with only one Ethernet cable (up to 330ft), plug and play easy setup for optional PoE switch or injector, no extra power adapter ever needed.
It comes with micro SD card slot and supports up to 64GB SD card (not included).
This PoE security camera can record continuously when you connect the cam to a Reolink NVR or video surveillance system, or set up FTP server to save videos without missing a beat.
It supports ONVIF.

What's in the box?
1x Camera
1x Waterproof Lid
1x 1m Network Cable
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Surveillance Sign
1x Mounting Hole Template
1x Pack of Screws
1x Wrench

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  • +2

    Great price for an excellent camera. Have one for ~18mths connected via PoE to my Synology NAS, vision and motion detection is great. I'll likely grab another for this price.

  • I just received a pair (ordered 3 months ago, patience required).
    What would be the best price option for a PoE source? Injector? Switch? New? Second hand?
    I have 3 PoE units so far.

    • Get a switch since its more than 1 and have 3 injector is messy. Why 3 months, I get all my orders within a week from them

      • +1

        @cristtos probably ordered from non-AU seller. My experience the same as you, I got mine from Reolink's Australian warehouse on Aliexpress and received them within a week.

    • +1

      If you can bring all your ethernet cables back to a single point, a PoE switch might be the go.

      I got a used 4 port 100Mbps POE TP-Link off ebay for $45 delivered. They have a 9 port PoE coming as well if you need more. Gigabit adds $$ which you don't need for survellaince.

      • I have a bid on eBay for 4xCisco 8 port PoE unmanaged switches (SG100D-08P).
        If you need one - 4 are a bit too many for me :)

        • how much is it delivered?

          • +2

            @HunterBargainHunter: A quarter of the overall winning bid + postage.
            Not planning to make money on it.
            Probably around $75

            • @cristtos: Is this the the auction? Seems expensive for rebadged Linksys stuff :)

              I'd go with a new tplink 100mbit one like @willyroo suggested for $45 instead

              • +1

                @bdl: Yes, that is the one, got an offer for $200 delivered accepted. If you are in Brisbane you are welcome to pickup one for $50.
                I will end up using 2 at my place anyway and may have some friends interested in getting some cameras installed so I am not worried about overstock :)

      • Hi mate any link for the "4 port 100Mbps POE TP-Link" off ebay for $45 delivered ? Had a look and cheapest I could find was about $59 .

        • You'll note in my post it was "used".

  • -3

    I am really surprised that there's no reolink "bashing" here . Maybe they have upped their game.

    • +3

      I've got mostly Hikvision at my place, but at roughly AUD$50, it's hard to knock these Reolinks. You'd pay 3-4 times that for a Hikvision/Dahua with proper international firmware.

      Edit: I see poeple suggest the cheap Dafang(?)/Wyze cameras for similar money to this. They can't even compare to what this Reolink offers.

  • Hi OP
    Any code for RLC520?

    • +1

      Currently $66 on ebay.

      • +1

        Thanks! decided to buy it through ebay instead due to the discounted ebay giftcard from woolies last time :)

    • Hello we have RLC-520 deal on 21st next Tuesday.

      • What about the D800

      • Do you have any deals for the wifi one (RLC-511w)? I am going to use the refund money from aliexpress for that.

      • keen on the POE PTZ one. hope you have code for it

      • Will you be posting this on ozbargain, or will it be on the main reolink website?

    • +1

      When do you use bullet and when do you use turret? Bullet for wall and turrent for ceiling? Is turrent on wall better for some circumstances?

      • +1

        Bullet suits both wall and ceiling perfectly, and turret suits ceiling better.

  • Great camera for the price to anyone interested.
    Have a few of the 5MP cameras.

  • Thanks, got two and ordered a PoE switch for them.

    They should work well with Synology NAS surveillance station, I expect?

    • Yeah, work well with Surveillance station.
      Have 8 of these and work perfectly.

      • Awesome, thanks

  • Spent ~$70 on one of these from aliexpress and it never showed up, atleast I have pay pal protection this time around =\

    • 3 months wait here… (ordered in april)
      When did you order?

      • I ordered something there as well and did not get it. Incidentally my order was for 2 x ptz security cameras.

        It didn't arrive for a long time, so I check the tracking and it says "Parcel returned to sender". Seller did nothing !!

        Raised a dispute immediately and approved by aliexpress the same day, still waiting to get a refund from the seller.

        So suggest log into aliexpress now and check your tracking and raise dispute immediately!

        • I've tried raising a dispute a few times but I keep getting a 'it's on the way' prompt from AliExpress and it won't let me raise it. And the order 'closes' tomorrow which I'm confused by, do I need to let it close before I can raise the dispute?

      • Apr. 18 2020, messaged seller a few times without any response.

        • hopefully any day now 🤞

    • Aliexpress + PayPal huh? Those two don't mix

      • u r right. aliexpress don't accept paypal!

      • +1

        "This time around" meaning the poster must have used Paypal for this order (and not their aliexpress one)

      • Correct, as @bdl called out, this time I've got the protection of PayPal I wish I had for the last buy.

      • Same for me, wish that I had that Paypal option. 3 months waiting and aliexpress still holding my money.

  • Anyone tried to connect this with qnap?

    • +1

      I’ve got a 420 hooked up to QVR Pro. Works ok. I can’t get decent motion detection out of it though ….

    • yes. very glitchy in my experience. upgraded to 8gb still running out of ram.

      ended up getting NVR, been aweaome since. mobile app works too. 6cams 2tbhdd.

  • Would really appreciate some info for anyone wanting to help.

    I'm looking at getting a system installed at my place, only really need 4 cameras.

    Am I able to connect this up to a box, if so does it need to be a Reolink box?

    What's the best way to get this installed at my place

    Single storey brick for context.

    Thanks heaps!

    • +2

      It's easiest to get it all in a package with 4 cams and the nvr. Has all the stuff you'll need to wire it up. If yoh purchase it all individually you'll need a pc, nas or server to run the recorder software and a box of catX and PoE switch

      • So not as simple as buying 4 of these and a seperate NVR Box?

        • I think what your after is a wireless kit solution. It's never that simple for a wired one especially when you speak of any nvr. It won't be plug and play and need it to be a onvif setup

  • Does this use onvif or similar? Need to replace a failed cam and using blue iris.

    • +1

      The ad stated "It supports ONVIF"

  • +1

    Is there a Netgear ReadyNAS app that can be used?

  • Thanks OP ordered 1

  • Hi Camila,
    a GNC510 camera to my Uniden GNVR8580 has packed up and a replacement is double your price.
    This link says this Uniden PoE camera is ONVIF compliant, but not which standard.
    My manual says the Uniden GNVR receiver uses H.264 video compressed format, and in the CONFIG TAB of the Uniden program, it states all the cameras use protocol I8S, which apparently is a protocol used by many cheap Chinese brands-
    Is your camera compatible with this Uniden PoE system?

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