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BlitzWolf BW-GC1 Gaming Chair Ergonomic Design A$139.81 Delivered (AU Stock) @ Banggood


Good price for AU stock, shows 3-7 days for delivery, without the need to pay +10% for GST (usually for items from China)
Great if you are still in iso (ie - Melbourne) and experiencing office chair shortage @ officeworks!
Retractable foot rest seems cool!
Available in white/red/blue at time of posting

Model: BW-GC1
Color: Red/Blue/White
Material: PVC/Sponge/PP Cotton/
Weight: 17.5kg
Reclining: Max 150°
Height Adjustment: 48-60 cm(18.9-23.6 in)
Pillows: Removable Headrest & Lumbar Pillows
Manufacturer's Suggested Maximum Weight: 150kg

- 150°Max Reclining + Rocking
Lift the backrest lever and adjust the backrest to a suitable angle, then release the handle to lock the backrest into position.
- Adjustable Seat Height + 360°Swivel
Set in an ergonomic position for optimum gaming
- Superior Material + Removable Headrest & Lumbar Pillows
Take care of your neck, spine, back and, arms
- Retractable Footrest
As comfortable as a bed
- Safe, Durable & Stable Performance
-  Gas Lift, Rubber Casters, Nylon Base, Pass BIFMA 5.1 Test

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  • +13
    • nice car sit :P

  • +13

    Commentary here. This price doesn't seem as competitive given our $$ increase over the past month.


    • +2

      i agree with 50 bucks

    • -6

      I guess so, however this is from their AU warehouse and no additional +10%.
      I suppose if you want it quicker you pay more.. that prob the banggood theory.

    • +1

      $20 off for new users, bringing it down to $119~

      • +3

        haha you haven't see the fine print on that .. best you can get it down is $5

  • -1

    Say, is this a good chair ? And wasn’t this like 70 bucks in June ?

    • +2

      Lowest was USD$75.00, which was about $116AUD

    • Good chair for the price. Assembly instructions are a bit hard to understand. The leg rest is too small however I never use it.

      • any good for a teen

        • +1

          Purchased it for our early teen son and he is happy with it so far

  • +2

    Guys this Chair is Nightmare took 6 weeks to get delivered.
    Assembly instructions so poor and frustrating

    • +6

      but how is the sitting experience? Can you do six hours solid gaming and own the zone? Asking for a relative…

      • +1

        Not really and you shouldn't.

        • +3

          I did, after John K .. came up @ 125 + cashreward…..just got my tax back…thanks COVID work from home bonus deduction!

  • +15

    Is it a competition to see how ugly they can make them now? Who would have this vomit inducing piece of trash in their home?

    • +10

      I know you got downvoted to oblivion but i kinda agree it's really gaudy and obnoxious. It looks like a 12 year old designed it and thought it was radical. Reminds me a bit of the PS5, actually.

      • +8

        It seems gamers who like terrible designs are easily triggered. It really is an eyesore and by others accounts it's also a heap of shite.

        • +2

          It's almost as if looks are subjective!

      • I might just get one for my 12 year old then. I like your thinking.
        Perfect for home gaming schooling over the next 6+ weeks,

        • +1

          I'm reporting you for child abuse.

    • +2

      It’ll match nicely with the gaudy and pointless RGB lights that gamers love for reasons unknown.

      • remember to pay extra for inferior parts so that you can have RGB

  • +22

    I got this for $99 delivered in December.
    The chair i have looks exavtly the same from Banggood.

    Gas strut broke the first time using it, its atuck in the lowest poaition. Arm rests keep coming loose even with Loctite on the bolts.

    Would not pay $50 for it.

  • +1

    no pink colour no buy

  • +1

    Are these any good as normal office chairs? Just need one for home and thinking of going to uni less and study more at home next semester to save parking fees and fuel.

    Bought a Baku medium chair from office works and the cushioning pads are gone within one year and it feels like sitting on hard metal now. Very uncomfortable.

    • +14

      You want the ugly ergonomic chairs they use in places like Govt offices, about $250 from a proper office supply company, none of that trash-tier garbage they flog off at Officeworks

      • As somebody with the trash from officeworks, do you have any examples?

        • +1

          These sorts of things which are not much more expensive than something from Officeworks but is built in Australia. You want a chair certified to take a whole lotta ass for a long period.

          I just picked one model at random on that site but these types are available everywhere

    • +2

      Keep an eye out for a Buro Metro if they still sell them - I heard OzB raving about it and bought one to see. Still going strong over 3 years later and seat is still cushiony, used daily for 2-6 hours pre-Covid. They are closer to the $300 mark though but beats anything Officeworks would have.

      • +1

        Agreed, also have this chair and it's worth it.

      • +2

        Yep U can buy it through winc with $20 off coupon for first purchase. $250 after discount https://www.winc.com.au/main-catalogue-variantproduct/buro-m...

        10yr warranty, with lifetime warranty on the gas strut

        • Oh come on, I got the markus because I couldn't find metro for lower than 350. Ugh.

          Thanks for the link though.

  • I would recommend getting a gaming chair with adjustable arm rests. I've had one for a couple of years now and would not go back to a fixed arm rest.

  • Would rather pay the extra $30 to get this officeworks one https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/bathurst-r... that at least has warranty and doesn’t have crap quality like this. Also office works has many colours avaliable as well.

    • +1

      I brought this exact one myself, but now 2 weeks into waiting for my order, which is why I went looking for a different one and found this Blitzwolf model and shared it as a deal. Now on the fence about canning my officeworks order as they can't tell me when it will be in stock for pick up (the website seems broken and none of the stores in my area have it in stock although it shows as 'in stock').

    • +1

      I bought this years ago, thinking to cheap out on chair… but after few months it just doesn't sit as nice and soon the "leather" start to pee loff. I dont think I would recommend this chair.

      • Thanks, it's good to know what type of chairs are going to start peeing loff everywhere.
        It's bad enough with pets without the furniture having a go too.

        • +1

          peeing loff

          might wanna see a GP for that.

        • XD hahaha

  • So is there a more ergonomic option at this price - preferably not gaming style - I heard gamer chairs aren't that great when compared to office style chairs. Would love to hear some opinions.

    • +6

      I'd recommend the Markus from Ikea. I've had mine for two years and it works great. I'm 175cm, 80kg.


      • thanks mate, added to the shortlist

      • Does it have castor brake? Doesn't look like it has.

        • +2

          No but

          The safety castors have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up, and releases automatically when you sit down.

          • +1

            @CVonC: Perfect for hill racing

      • I use the Millberget from Ikea, pretty solid leather chair, similar height and weight as big ol bargs
        Been using it for over a year now, I think with a chair its always good to try and see if your comfortable with it


    • my recommendation as I haven't tried many.

      Empire furniture have basically the exact same model too. We chose this for work, some people didnt like them but I did.

      I need lumbar support or my back is terrible. Mesh formed perfect for me.

      I have a Thunderx3 BC3 for home.

      • this looks really nice

      • 120kg vs 150kg maximum though.

    • +2

      Apparently the Millberget from Ikea gets a few mention here and there.

  • Any suggestions for chair that have adjustible handrest/elbow that doesnt cost much(entry level)??

  • Just to warn people, the arm rest foam is pretty crap. Once it is flat, it won't bounce back up.

  • without the need to pay +10% for GST

    How do they get away with not charging GST ?

    • Australian warehouse

      • Australian warehouse

        Australian warehouses are not exempt from GST

  • Owns this, after having a few cheap one's in the past. Would never go back to anything else. They do go on sale from time to time. For anyone who wants a solid chair and is willing to pay.


    • +6

      Weight < 130kg

      Rules out most OzBargainers…

    • +2

      $649 racing seat? Yeah, nah.

    • Can confirm that omega labs are pretty good and considered one of the best in 'gaming chairs'. You get what you pay for is what Ive learnt.

      • Not true. At most you get what you pay for, and occasionally you do get a bargain. But you'll always be able to find someone that'll sell you junk at a high price.

    • What's the price during sale for this

    • +1

      If you want a REAL chair that is slightly cheaper:

      This chair is a basically like a budget Herman Miller Aeron but just as good imo. Super breathable, adjustable and doesn't make you look like a 12 year old gamer RBG fortnite player.

  • +11

    Whenever I see these, I always think of that episode with Milhouse's dad…
    "I sleep in a racing car, do you?"
    "I sleep in a big bed with my wife."

  • Never understood the trend in these designed seats, lil pillow, with carbon style modelled bucket seats.

    Just buy a dam seat the end.

  • Any gaming chairs with an economic design?

    • +1

      Get an office chair.

  • +8

    PU Leather will peel in the first 12 months, That crap gets everywhere. Would not buy.

  • +1

    Ergonomic… It’s like “Lite” cheese and “Healthy” dinners. Better off sitting on a pile of bricks, at least they're adjustable.

  • Ass protection (from gas lift failure) is the most important thing to me, but hardly to see a manufacturer have a word in their product description.

  • I bought 2 of these from Ikea yesterday


    They seem ok, but don't think I'll be able to do 8 hours in them

    They are replacing a kitchen table chair

    At 6'4 and 100kg I'm struggling to find something as comfortable as the Herman Miller's we had in my old office.

    • Weren't Aerons the chairs that were the archetypal "failed startup" going-out-of-biz sale chairs back in the day? I think Silicon Valley did an episode where they got a bunch of stuff from a different startup who ran out of runway.

      [Update: apparently not. They were Sayl, and the CEO chair was a Wau … Waus are only USD$499]

      My dream pro (not home) ride is Altwork Signature Station for a lazy USD$7650 - I'm not important enough to get one on the company dime. Hard to envision how to put a 6-monitor setup on it, but that's a problem for later.

      • I know, but have you seen this?https://www.acer.com/ac/en/AU/content/predator-thronos

  • No RGB? No deal

    • +1

      if you buy all 3 colours that's RGB

  • I always find these gaming chairs interesting because they seem to have really useable neck rest areas unlike the crap you see at officeworks. Even the Aeron chairs don't come with neck rests. Also the lumber support is quite good with those pillows as well and that is usually a hit and miss.

  • Was supposed to have $20 off as new member but it only gave 71 cents off

  • I have a similar chair I bought for $150 but without leg support.

    exactly the same design with back and neck suppport.

    My personal review is they're really really crap. worst chair I've owned in a very long time. they look good but that's about it.

    Base is super thin on mine and back is way too stiff(not spring loaded where you can lay back if wish too)

    You can adjust the back but I've tried many different positions but it's uncomfortable in every position.

  • +2

    Guys stop buying gaming chairs. Bucket seats are designed for RACING to keep you in place, not to sit on your arse for 10 hours while playing World of Warcraft. They are stiff and rigid, the back support pillow is shit and is not one-size-fits-all. What you want is a proper ergonomic office chair with adjustable lumbar support because again, everyone is a different size and shape. Also this chair looks fkn ridiculous

  • Thanks for this, my side-of-the-road desk chair's back just stopped supporting itself, so I needed a quick replacement.

  • +1

    own one, cannot recommend. The back is flimsy at best, feels loose and rocks back and fourth; The pillows that come with it are absolute rubbish and doesnt support anything unless you sit way back. Only pro i can think of is i can recline is quite low and sit in a laid back / almost lying down position to console game, other than that cannot sit long in this thing without my back dying. Good for a cheap chair and temporary solution (i'd rather use my dining chair)

  • +1

    Unless you're a 15 year old ectomorph, avoid this.

    Third time I leant back in it, the bottom right corner weld in the backrest broke - rendering the backrest completely useless.

    I'm 100kg on a bad day, and when I opened up the backrest to examine the damage I see that the pipe used is about the same thickness as curtain rods, and the welds are a single tag where the vertical piece of pipe is held onto the weld by slag.

    Sadly I can't post an image here; you better believe I've taken a bunch of photos.

    Suffice it to say that the " Manufacturer's Suggested Maximum Weight: 150kg " must refer to using the thing as glorified stool (i.e., putting no weight on the backrest; never tilting it, let alone laying it back to any real extent). Either that, or someone who has elephantiasis in their lower body.

    Big mistake for Banggood to claim that this was a local supply: it brings it clearly within the purview of the Australian Consumer Law, so I'll get a refund. They can pay to have the carcase picked up if they like: this is a construction-materials defect and can't be remedied by replacing it with another unit made of the same crappy curtain-rods.

  • Thanks for the replies guys, saved me the purchase!

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