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Huawei Mate Xs 5G (8GB Ram, 512GB) $3419 Delivered (RRP $3,999) @ Mobileciti


This Amazing phone is back down to $3,419.1 for those missed it 2 months ago! 22hrs left as of post

Great Dual-Sim 5G phone for the tech enthusiasts.

New - Brand New / Sealed
Dual SIM, 5G/4G
2G/GSM, 850, 900, 1800, 1900
3G/HSDPA, 850, 900, 1900, 2100
4G/LTE, 2100 (B1), 1800 (B3), 850 (B5), 2600 (B7), 900 (B8), 800 (B20), 700 (B28), 2300 (B40), 3500 (B42)
40 MP (Primary), 16 MP (Primary), 8.0 MP (Primary), TOF 3D Sensing (Primary)
Octa-core (2x2.86 GHz & 2x2.36 GHz & 4x1.95 GHz)
HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G
Yes, V5.0 with A2DP
4500 mAh
Yes. Up to 256GB NM Card (Uses Hybrid SIM2 slot)

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  • There's no doubt that this phone is an extraordinary feat of engineering. The phone is amazing to look at, however, I don't think it's great for everyday use. I'm not talking about the functionality of the phone but the design itself.
    I've been using the Samsung Fold since launch and while I try to be extremely careful with it, I've dropped it multiple times, even with a case, there are still some mark and light damage to the phone.
    There's no way you can you a case on this one and if you drop it, it's pretty much over.

    • You get a free No-Brand Leather case valued at $199 by MobileCiti.

      This phone is perfect for people with a specific type of OCD… or not

    • all phones are made with glass … that means if you drop, it breaks … Pixel, S20, Oppo, Vivo, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, Poco, etc

  • Might as well get the fold 2

  • No Google Play unless you have time to tinker with it.

  • Everything is so good!

    Pity the price is a deal breaker to me.Lol

  • +4 votes

    Only 8gb ram…

    • My neighbour's Samsung GS20 comes with 12GB, not sure I understand the down votes if you're silly enough to pay 3 1/2 grand.

    • That's the same amount as my laptop. No phone should ever really need more than 4GB.

      • True. Do you need to render 4k footage or something?

        • My comment's point wasn't that 4GB RAM is good for phone software we have now, but that a phone's software shouldn't be eating so much. Neg ensues. I agree, all a phone does is what my 4GB RAM Acer Aspire switch could do, browse the web and maaaybe do some light gaming (not really into that).

  • This Amazing phone is back down to $3,419.1 for those missed it 2 months ago! 22hrs left as of post

    Oh crap I won't be able to refinance my home loan in time to buy one!

  • +4 votes

    “Telecommunications companies around the world should consider themselves on notice: if they are doing business with Huawei, they are doing business with human rights abusers.” - Mike Pompeo

    • Don't get into the politics of it, is he referring to the same human rights abusers that Trump was seeking help from to get re-elected? They weren't human right abusers then, now that they are refusing Trump's request they have become abusers. Countries and governments will only make an issue out of it if it servers their interest. We human are a funny bunch.

      Disclaimer "Not that I am suggesting they are not abusing Uyghur's human rights"

    • +29 votes

      (Ok I'll bite)

      Human rights?…oh ffs…says a war mongering white supremist lunatic whose country indiscriminately dropped a nuclear bomb, murdered a million or so in iraq and backs murder and apartheid in Israel, not to mention murdering its own citizens with Covid ignorance (just a taster, could go on and on)….oh but the Chinese are mean to their Muslims (lol like the US loves em so much)…spare me.

      Oh,but the Chinese are spying on me. Lol. Google? Facebook? NSA? Our own gov? Ffs

      I'm no fan of commies, but the hypocrisy is just rofl.

      If you boycott them, go the whole hog. Give up 99% of your ozbargin *madeinchina purchases.

      • -4 votes

        Sorry, I thought the hypocrisy was obvious :-P

        • +9 votes

          You'd think so wouldn't ya?

          But as you know our government and the entire main stream media, left and right have bought into the new cold war propaganda bullshit.

          Just needs calling out now and then…

      • thanks for writing what i was thinking in my head.

        Here is the best example of hypocrisy.

        Bicycle store: 4 month wait for pre-orders from china.

        Sofa store: 3 months wait for 'italian designed' sofa from china.

        LCD monitor: 1.5 month wait from you know who.

        Can I get it all now please? rolls eyes

    • +10 votes

      CIA Director Mike Pompeo "We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal" - Texas A M University April 2019

  • Does anyone else think having a square phone isn't a useful form factor

    • I think it's heavily useful, I just don't think that the fold will be sturdy enough to stay useful.

      • based on what? Did you own a fold (original)?

        • I own a v50. Even without a continuous screen, it is still super useful.

          But the difference is that you haven't heard v50 owners complained about hinges being loosened, while fold uses have that issue. It's worse for fold uses cause the hinge loosening makes the crease in the middle more apparent, making the full screen viewing experience worse.

  • Might buy 2 at this price.

  • share this with your friends.


    Hong Kong (CNN Business)Samsung's latest bendable screen technology has been stolen and sold to two Chinese companies, according to prosecutors in South Korea.

    The Suwon District Prosecutor's Office charged 11 people on Thursday with stealing tech secrets from Samsung (SSNLF), the office said in a statement.
    The prosecutors allege that a Samsung supplier leaked blueprints of Samsung's "flexible OLED edge panel 3D lamination" to a company that it had set up. That company then sold the tech secrets to the Chinese firms for nearly $14 million, according to the prosecutors.
    They did not name the people or companies involved in the theft.
    Samsung Display, a subsidiary of the South Korean conglomerate, said in a statement Friday that it was "surprised and appalled at the results of the investigation by prosecutors."
    The findings come at a time of intensifying competition for new tech among rivals.

  • Where are all the negative downvoters for no Google Play?

  • But it’s slower than the iPhone SE in real world benchmarks isn’t it?

  • anywhere I can try it?

    • Try the Galaxy Fold in JB Hifi then double your Wow factor.

      The 2x wow factor easily covers the 1.5 price increase over the current Galaxy Fold ;)

  • I really find this ridiculous, well over $3000 for a phone and that's on sale ! Seriously, who really can justify this kind of expenditure ? Realistically how practical is it, and how can you equate the cost over performance as being a value for money phone ? Ok if you can afford it and want to be superficial and impress people who really GAF.

    • One good comment gets negged ..and Trump is still in charge :-D

    • But if you wanted one and had the money, is it a good deal? Or can I get this cheaper from somewhere else?

    • Im gonna reply to you the exact same thing as I did to one of the last mate xs posts

      First of all, judging the cost of the actual device aside, the deal is some $600 cheaper compared to all other retailers are selling for in. Secondly, "first/advancement" of something is always expensive, thats just how tech works. IBM's first commercial hard drive held 5mb of data at a cost of $10,000/mb with the system. Frankly if money wasn't an issue and if this phone had support for GMS. I'd buy this over the galaxy fold as the design is just so much better.

    • Where have you seen a cheaper deal on this phone?

      You vote for the deal not your opinion of the product.

      • Well 20 people seem to agree with me added to which, just because it is the cheapest price does not mean it is a bargain. To me a bargain is an item that is worth below what I would think it would be worth. This phone is not worth 3 and half thousand dollars. Just like when the 1st 4k televisions came out and they cost $15 000 +, just because a retailer discounted it by $1000 still did not make it a bargain.

        I understand what you are saying, just disagreeing. Yes, new tech costs more, always does. Cheaper, by all means yes, but a bargain, no.

        • So agree, its a high end mobile slash tablet which deserves a high price but certainly not a bargain cause of its expensive hinge

  • Buy a good quality 86" Sony Android TV. I am sure you will enjoy that more than this phone.

    • I have a 86 inch LG. I use my Samsung phone more.

      But you have a point. I still love my TV

    • pls show us how to make a call on a bus with your 86" Sony Android TV? dont tell us you will still carry a phone which makes your point pointless by comparing a tv with a phone.

      btw, i do agree i will enjoy a 86" Sony Android TV WAY MORE than a phone when i am at home and want to watch TV.

      • How many people watch movies on the bus or train? If you want to watch something worthwhile you'll watch it on tv. Or you can buy a bigger better tablet for a third of the price. Etc

      • You would probably look less pointless on a bus with 86" Sony Android TV than with $3.5K phone. And who makes calls these days?

      • Don't make calls in a bus. Its rude when people yap incessantly while others in close proximity are trying to sleep.

    • Yeah I agree with you because I only got 4000 bucks to spend. If I got 40000 I will get this phone no brainer

    • The only issue is the pocketability of the 86" TV :)

      • Well… If you have it flaunt it … Also with the level of cellphone addiction going around people hardly pocket their phones anyway…:)

  • wouldn't buy, it's a forbidden brand.

  • For those that love to share their data with communists

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