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10% off Everything & Free Shipping @ Mobileciti


Hi guys. A fabulous sale by an awesome store. All Aussie stock, great service, and fast shipping. The Sony WF-1000XM3 silver headphones at $244 and the extremely popular Xiaomi curved monitor at $636 are definite standouts. GST invoice with ABN is included. Shipped same/next business day, or can collect from their Parramatta NSW store. Apply code ARSE-FRENZY at checkout for discount. Ends 11:59pm AEST 21/07/20 unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

15% off Xiaomi 34" 144Hz WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor for $636 (pre-order):
* Official AU stock direct from distributor.
* 2 year replacement warranty.
* Will dispatch as soon as they receive stock (ETA 31-July, possibly sooner).
* Mobileciti will provide a full refund or credit before dispatch if a lower price for the same stock is found elsewhere.
* Previous posts for reference here & here.

Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Please note that cashback is ineligible with this code.

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  • 10 points for the code , well played sir

  • Asking OP if he's affiliated with the store is marked by mods as 'Trolling'? Wow.

    • Yes it is, when you've asked it for the 6th time and you already know the answer. It's being asked with disingenuous intent and is therefore deemed as trolling or bullying.


      Any comment or post that is made to, or appears to be, intended to incite controversy or conflict or cause annoyance or offence is considered “trolling”.

      • maybe an 'Affiliated' flair in the OP would solve any future issues?

        • seconded. Isn't that what its there for?

        • Doesn't fit the criteria as pointed out by hamza below.

          If OzBargain has taught me anything it's that mentioning that you've "negotiated the deal" almost always results in accusations compared to simply posting the deal…. well it has in my experience ;)

        • Agreed. Not to sound ungrateful but if the OP is receiving monetary kickbacks from people using the promo code, there’s needs to be transparency. This is “IF” the OP is.

      • So why isn't this an issue when JV does this same-style crap all the time? One rule for some, and so on…

    • Curious, do you know what the answer was that the mod referred to below?

  • Great price for such a monitor but I'm not touching a VA panel.
    Would have gladly paid $250 more if it was IPS.

    • the monitor was posted a few days ago but something about 'viewing angles not an issue' and response times and colours being important seemed to make this monitor decent.

    • VA usually look better than IPS due to superior contrast and no IPS glow, which is especially an issue in the larger monitors. Budget VA panels are usually a lot better than budget IPS panels in terms of quality, response times, etc… so buying a budget IPS panel is probably a bad idea.

    • can you link said monitor thats in stock

  • Arse bargain

  • Very tempting but I'd be very upset if there we're dead pixels even at 'only' $636

  • Very tempting but am the same. Would hate a for dead pixels

  • not the kind of frenzy I was after when I opened ozbargain this evening

  • Any good phone prices apart from the xiaomi monitor and usual Sony 1000xm3?

  • Ordered the monitor because I missed the last one! Legend tightarse. Thank you!

  • nice monitor, may be next time.

  • The price is raisen up

  • Monitor uses the same panel as the AOC CU34G2X and the Lenovo GW34-10, but both of those are above $800/900. The Xiaomi model has a better stand , but does not include a USB hub. I’m going to pair it with a north bayou F80 monitor arm.

  • Is so tempting

  • imagine how i feel. I just got home from an actual arse frenzy only to be confronted with this.

    you've done it again TA.

  • You all can have this monitor for $619 @gearbite

    • +1 vote

      Just want to let you know that we are offering 100% Au stock directly shipped from the Australia local distributor, the price is GST inclusive with ABN Tax Invoice, and you are fully protected with ACL, feel free to cross check that other sellers are the same.


      I just checked with the distributor - there is no official stock currently in Australia, the first shippment ETA is next week. The current stock in Australia not definately not AU Offical stock.

      • Do we come to you for warranty or can we also go to Xiaomi Australia?


          yes, you can contact Mi Au support or contact us for any warranty query.

          • @AHUANG: For the love of all that is good, please send one to Hardware Unboxed for review. I won't buy without their review, and if one turns up then they will rip through it because people have been hammering them for a review. Will definitely be worth it in terms of sales if it performs decently in a price/performance value proposition.

            2x previous phone customer. Make me buy a monitor.


              @Monsta-AU: Hi Monsta-AU

              Thanks for your suggestions, We don't normally do Unboxed review, however I have forward your feedback to vendor to consider.

              • @AHUANG: It's not an unboxing review, they put the monitors through a full testing procedure to see what the performance is like. Their Youtube channel is called 'Hardware Unboxed'. Probably one of the most respected techtuber channels and possibly the best monitor-specific testing and review channel out there.

                The best part is that they are Aussie-based, based in Melbourne.

      • @AHUANG Would you price match with gearbite as they are selling it for $619 ?


          Hi malkit94

          Sorry we don't match gearbite price, We only match same local stock, price inc GST, I can't see gearbite has list they ABN number anywhere on they website, I also checked with Xiaomi AU official distributor, they have not allocated any AU stock to Gearbite.


          • @AHUANG: Interesting as they issue tax invoices. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9026328/redir

            For what it's worth, I'm not going to bother cancelling and reordering - I just hope I get it relatively soon.

            If there are any warranty issues how do we contact the Xiaomi Australia?

          • @AHUANG: GST is irreverent for overseas purchases vs local these days as it's charged by freight already. Only paying extra for warranty. But as per your above comment, not getting that from AU distributors anyway. So paying extra for AU stock from AU company. Is worth it if you didn't want to wait, since DHL is going to cost more.


              @plague69: Hi plagues69

              True, but my understanding if you pay similar price for Official AU stock with GST inclusive surely would be additiional value ?

              since DHL is going to cost more.

              not sure what do you means about this, as we offer freeshipping on this deal

              • @AHUANG: Was only going off what you said above:

                I just checked with the distributor - there is no official stock currently in Australia, the first shippment ETA is next week. The current stock in Australia not definately not AU Offical stock.

                Aus stock = Aus warranty = advantage over overseas.

                not sure what do you means about this, as we offer freeshipping on this deal

                Overseas store + DHL = more than your price. DHL means same speed as can get from you so comparable

                Meaning if people can wait, then other stores mentioned above would be a better deal. If can not wait, your store is a better deal.

                In a nutshell, if people are really concerned about warranty, they should buy from no one right now until warrantied stock arrives. (Tbh, I didn't even know there was a Xiaomi Australia)

    • $599 even!

  • 636 is still kinda expensive…..
    it is 2400RMB on taobao which is like 480AUD…..

    edit: nvm found few 2100RMB ones……….

    • Sellers set their price. Buyers choose where to buy from. Can't expect no overhead, tax and shipping can we?

      • Ah, I think you forget where you're posting. A great number of people here think they should just be given stuff, as demonstrated by the looting of free codes meant for healthcare workers, teachers, etc…

  • Free shipping not working for me. Is there a minimum spend? Just buying a phone cover…

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