This was posted 7 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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ALDImobile Data Plan $95 30GB 365 Days


30GB of data + data rollover

Data only, best for tablets and dongles

365 days expiry


Excludes all use overseas. For personal use only, acceptable use policy applies, visit our legals page for more details. Data Plans can be added to a Pay As You Go plan. If you have an existing Mobile Plan, Family Plan or Super Pack and select a Data Plan, you will forfeit any remaining credits and or data on the previous Plan. You should refer to our Critical Information Summary to determine if this is the right plan for you.

Data rollover to a maximum of 30GB applies only if current Data Plan is eligible for rollover and an eligible Data Plan with an equal or higher data allowance is added within 24 hours of previous plan expiry. Rollover data limits apply, refer to our Critical Information Summary.


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  • As a comparison you could buy the Belong $40 Starter Pack for $20 & use option 2, stay for 12 months and it would cost $110 with 91GB. Includes calls/sms.
    Plus you only have to pay $20 for the first 3 months (82GB), then $10 for every month you choose to stay after that.

  • What a curious product. Are there really that many people who need to be constantly connected to data but only use a little bit? Maybe IOT devices or something?

    • Internet radio in the car, for my parents who dont use smart phones.

    • I'm using it for a commercial iot device. Though I only need 5gb per year. Haven't found anything else as good

      • Can you please tell us what type of commercial IOT devices we can use these SIMS Thanks

        • mine is for a commercial system we sell. Its not just in a device.
          it was actually for a reference demo site we have so we can show customers a working system

          we have another model coming soon which has an embedded NBIoT SIM integrated by the manufacturer, who has partnered with Vodafone. Data is included free of charge in 25 countries around the world.

        • You could pair it up with a dynamic DNS service to dial in and push updates or perform maintenance.

          Just open an openvpn server on the device and dial in.

    • @zztss: you're probably right but it's perfect for me. My NBN drops about ten times a day for 5 mins. I got a new work laptop so added a wwan so that I could add a 4g sim. This acts as back up for when I'm on video calls. I tax deduct it so ends up not really costing much.

      Although the belong deal looks better to me. The Catch one would be good but Optus coverage is terrible in my area.

    • Sports club uses one of these in a Square reader iPad to take EFTPOS payments at the park. Not constant data, just used on the weekends in the canteen and sometimes training nights for gear purchases.
      In three weeks it has used about half a gig of data.

      Only really need it for half a year but also handy for sign up days and presentation days that are at different times of the year and could be months apart.

      Off season training location only has a Telstra tower nearby (and that is only fairly recent) so Aldi card works well.

    • +1 vote

      My dad uses , maybe, 100-200meg a month.
      And that’s prob only the weather widget and BOM app.

  • I'd probably pay extra for the Boost 80GB plan to be honest.

  • Not the same market, but related:
    Might still be a few of these $99 Super Pack around stores for anyone interested.

    Aldi usually has them on sale twice a year. Next lot probably in stores Jan??? Once you're in you can recharge online at any time.
    NOT FULL TELSTRA NETWORK though if that's important to you.

    • Interestingly, it looks like Telstra is upping their mvno game lately.

      Wherever its cut the network down to match competitors, they seem to be enabling 3g beyond those borders.

      I noticed this on mornington island, where they only have 1 tower, and its Telstra.

      I have no news on this, its purely observational, but hopefully im right :)

  • I am really curious as to how the "Data rollover" actually matters when you only get 30GB over the entire year for a data plan? Unless you actually have any data left by next year, then it really doesn't mean anything.

    • Lets say you use about 1.5GB a month on average.

      you're a casual user like me, who plays some internet radio, and sends a few MMS messages.

      I have WiFi at home. Wifi at work, and most of my friends and family have WiFi if I visit them.
      Also most parks offer WiFi now.
      Our trains in qld most offer WiFi, so do busses. And university students also usually have wifi.

      At the end of the year you'll have used roughly 16GB.

      I do get the occasional month where I use 2 or possibly 3GB per month, usually when I need to do network admin stuff remotely over the VPN+terminal services if something breaks; so itd be nice to have that extra saved up.

      Sounds like your just not too lucky with your WiFi access is all :)

      • The Telstra Data deal a couple of months ago is way better.. 5GB per month for $5 a month after credit. "unlimited" data but slowed is also great.

        I got one plan at the time.. but really regret not getting another.

        • But much harder to budget and plan for if its in a clients device.

          What if that plan doesnt come round again? Too risky to deploy IMO, but a good deal none the less.

  • If I didn't get that Catch deal I would've just gotten this. I use around 2gb mobile data a month tops.