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Catch Connect 365 Day Plans: 60GB for $100 (Was $120), 120GB for $120 (Was $150) with Unlimited Talk & Text


First reduction in price by Catch Connect in the new Financial Year. Currently only on 365-day plans.

$100 (Was $120)
365 Day Plan - ID: 627
60 GB

$120 (Was $150)
365 Day Plan - ID: 628
120 GB

New customers only. Offer ends: 22/07/2020 11am AEST
Cashback from both Shopback and Cashrewards.
$7.00 for $100 plan (60GB)
$8.00 for $120 plan (120GB)

I guess, these are currently the cheapest 365-day plans with this range of data included.
$93 after Cashback for 60GB.
$112 after Cashback for 120GB.

No international calls, I agree. But the data offering is pretty decent for this price range without SIM hopping.

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  • Any idea how long you have to activate after purchase?

    • You must activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion (whichever is earlier). Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

      • Due to postal delays may take some time to arrive. Just receved one i ordered 2 weeks ago.

    • You must activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion (whichever is earlier). Offer may be withdrawn at any time. All for use in Australia
      From the link above

    • I'd say 30 days, although it may allow 90 days forfeiting the promotional discount.
      Edit: whoops should've refreshed, already replied to


      "You must activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion (whichever is earlier", I couldn't see any 'date advertised' so 30 days.

    • Probs 30 days

    • To claim any special offer that applied when you purchased your catch connect mobile plan, you will need to activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier). Note: sim card must be activated within 24 months of purchase otherwise sim card will be cancelled and any credit associated will be forfeited. so for this deal, i personally think will be up to 24 months because you are not getting any special offer as in extra data or something. with $20 off, you have already paid havent you before getting your card. This is for your reference and decision still up to yourself.

    • Darn. The 30 day activation date is a killer for me. I still got a few other sim kits to go through

      • That's what they say for their usual 14.90 3 month offer as well. When I pushed the online chat for an answer though I was told you can activate any time - it's more if the plan changes you may miss out on some part of it.

        I ended up activating my sim about 3 months later with no issues.

        • Hmm thanks, bit risky but maybe its worth it. I doubt they will really cancel after 30 days

  • Optus 4G network?!

    • Yup. Have used their 90-day plan. There are reports that speed is capped for Catch Connect. I didn't observe anything significant, but then I have not used Optus myself ever.

  • It's good deal, I just finished 1 year with catch without any trouble.

  • How long does delivery usually take? My phone plan is about to expire

  • What price does it renew at

  • Pretty good if you don't need to make international calls

  • already bought and activated the Optus $150 double data.
    One thing I really like about Optus over Catch is the voicemail messages are sent to you as a audio file - whereas with Catch you have to go into voicemail through the menu to hear them. I never called Catch about it, not sure if that can be enabled?

  • Hi guys, I was with cath 2 months ago and now with Kogan. If I change back will I be a new customer again and able to get the deal? Has any one swapped back within months ?

  • Bloody cheap, use unidays 10% off and if you have gift cards from PayPal at 15% off
    $91.80 for the 120gb
    $76.50 for the 60gb

  • Also available on catch


    Unidays and 20% off giftcards can bring it down to a whopping $72! Plus you can give a shot at some cashback too if it works

  • Need a 90 day catch deal!

    • Oh yes. I hope this is a sign for the 90-day $15 deal for New Customers to return. Sweetened by $5 Cashback from Shopback / Cashrewards.

  • Can def vouch for them as I was with them for a year before I ported away to belong early June b4 these plans came along. The only downside was the lack of a mobile app to check your remaing balance etc and no data gifting. Decent coverage and speed in Sydne metro. Actually i found belong has a weaker signal at my place (2 bars compared to 4 bars when i was with catch connect)

  • Can I purchase this under my name for my family member? Or do I need to activate under my own name?

    • Create Catch Account using Family member name, pay using your card or account. The Catch Account name is who the Number belongs to. Also, weirdly, Catch Connect doesnt require a valid ID for activation.

  • My catch sim plan expiring next month… too bad it's only for new customer :(

    BTW, with them for a (nearly) a year, coverage and speed is decent, but in Uni (monash clayton) sometimes only just get H+ signal probably too many student using their service.

  • Two things to consider about using Catch Connect (I'm currently using it):
    1. No VoLTE - meaning speed drops to 3G while on a phone call. It's really bad if you tether your phone

    1. No VoWiFi - no coverage indoors for some people as you can't use your Wi-Fi for calls.

    Both confirmed not working on Catch connect by their technical support team.
    They did say its available on Optus pre/post paid. I've learned this the hard way 🙂

    I will connect to Boost instead next time where both VoWiFi and VoLTE work + you get overseas calls and txt for free.

    • No VoWiFi => does it mean I can't not call by Messenger or Wechat?

      • No,vowifi means using unable to use wifi when available to make a call (you need to have a wifi connection). Operators using use wifi to place a normal call when available, or 4g. However Catch uses 3G for phone calls.
        Quite interesting I am with Optus and previously I was with belong and I never noticed the difference. (Belong as well doesn’t offer vowofi or volte)

    • I was with Catch a year ago, it was the cheapest after the cash backs and discount but the Optus network is poor in Sydney CBD, especially at along the train network and office buildings. Moved to Telstra and paid bit extra but was worth it

      • Although network highly depends on the areas you spend most of your time, having used all Optus (Amaysim, Catch), Vodafone (Lebara, Kogan), Telstra (Boost), I have concluded that Telstra is hands-down the best network coverage. On the contrary, Optus is the worst comparatively. It is the first to go zilch in a basement type area or in a parking lot, or in a lift. Also, indoors at home and office, I see Optus bars drop down a lot.

        With Boost, I get full network almost everywhere.

        Again, reiterating that this largely depends on your area and may not be generalized for everyone, every place.

        • +2 votes

          I'm in regional Vic and most people would think that Telstra would be the preferred choice - but Telstra must be cutting corners where I am and Optus is much better. Vodafone is the worst though.

    • Boost no longer offers the 12 months prepaid plans so it's either Catch Connect or something else.

  • I just got the Optus $150 for a year yesterday >:(

    • Ordered mine (Optus $150) last week, still waiting for them to process the order. 2 business day express delivery my butt.
      Has not been shipped yet. Maybe they are coming from Melbourne?? That is why?

      • I ordered the same on the 1st July and still haven't received it (living in Melbourne). I called Optus sales today and they said there is delay due to inadequate stock and asked me to wait another 5 days. I requested a refund and bought this catchconnect sim deal instead.

        • So annoying because the pre-paid credit is running out on current provider.

          Current provider is Catch Connect so I do not think I can get this offer, I think this deal is for new accounts only????

  • On Optus prepaid at the moment. Am I able to port from Optus to Catch, which also uses Optus’ network?

  • wish they bring back their $4.90 (40g data) plan back. So everyone can switch from Kogan to Catch and vice versa.

  • What's the cheapest SIM you could get away with for port-out, port-in? Wife is already on Catch and the timing of this is perfect.

  • 120GB just isn't enough for me.. If they had something like 150~200GB that would be perfect

    edit: they had 50% off 365 Day Mobile Plans $170 for 205GB and that would've been perfect for me

  • Thanks OP - got 60gb plan. BTW cashback is $7 on this plan, $8 on 120gb.

  • just ordered. thanks OP. $112 for the 120GB plan, good timing
    Kogan is like $205 for 180G now, Catch is a better choice for me now.

  • also, porting another number to Catch will be a new customer, even if I have an existing catch number. so all good for me.

  • Just ordered this Thanks OP! got it with unidays code for $90 - 60gb perfect for light user like me.

  • when is this expire?…thought of next month getting it

  • Hey guys I cant get the coupon unidays working anymore?

  • Like how with Boost you have a 12 months SIM expiry if not used, what is Catch Connect's?

    Edit: The Catch with this is it needs to be activated within 30 days of purchased. Unlike Boost, SIM has a 12 months expiry.

    • From their website: You must activate your chosen prepaid plan on catchconnect.com.au within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier). Additionally, you must activate your Catch Connect SIM card within 24 months of purchase, otherwise the SIM card will be cancelled and any credit associated with it will be forfeited. Not transferable or redeemable for cash.

      So you have a 24 months Sim expiry

      • Oh but the prepaid plan must be activated within 30 days of purchase which sucks. Unlike Boost you can hold onto it for longer than that.

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