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Belong $40 Starter Pack for $20 @ Officeworks


Starter Pack Features

  • 40GB Data (+40GB on the 1st billing date)
  • Unlimited national calls & sms.
  • Unlimited data banking.
  • Unlimited data gifting.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Flexibility to change plans once every monthly payment cycle.
  • Data slows to 64 kbps if you use all your monthly allowance.
  • Telstra 4G & 3G.
  • 12 month starter pack expiry (you have 12 months from the purchase date to activate)

Here are 2 good options for getting the most out of this starter pack. Before you activate make sure you get a referral code from a friend already with Belong or the OzBargain Belong pool for an additional $20 credit.

Option 1 (4 Months 23GB) - Activate on the $25 10GB per month plan. When the 1st billing date comes you'll get another 10GB. Then switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 4 months cost is covered ($40 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) $5.00 will be left over for the 5th month.

Option 2 (3 Months 82GB) - Activate on the $40 40GB per month plan. When the 1st billing date comes you'll get another 40GB. Then switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 3 months cost is covered ($40 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) and data rolls over every month or can be gifted.

Billing Dates (4th, 12th, 20th & 28th)
Plans are billed on the same date monthly. The time between activation and the next billing date is free.
One month worth of data is credited on activation, and another on your first payment date, 1-8 days later. So you effectively get double data for the first monthly payment at no extra cost. You can then change to a lower rate plan ($10/month) and use the banked data allowance.

More info at the Belong Wiki.
Customer Terms.

You can cancel your service by notifying us. Weโ€™ll cancel your service within 24 hours. It may take up to 24 hours to process your request, so youโ€™ll need to let us know at least 24 hours before the start of the next monthly bill cycle.

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  • Option 2 could be handy as the Catch 90 days $14.90 isn't available anymore. Port between this and Kogan 90 days $14.90

    You have 12 months from the purchase date to activate so you could buy a couple now.

  • I didn't know belong shaped data, does this mean it's practically unlimited data?

  • Anyone know when the next $15 deal will be?

  • -3 votes

    Vodafone option…. 40gb = $12. 90

    • That doesn't really compete with this as it's only 35 days. A better voda comparison would be Kogan 90 days $14.90 mentioned above.

  • If you mainly want calls only, this deal is good.

    • Do you mean international calls? This deal has calls and will last 5 months longer ($3.33 per month) using option 1.

      Cheaper again for calls is this deal - 4 Months 5GB ($2.50 per month) using option 1.

  • I am already with Belong on one of my numbers.

    To use an Ozbargain referral code with my second number, is it better to create a new account with a new email address ?

  • I couldn't work out if $10 for the $25 Starter or this $20 for $40 Starter is the better deal. I've seen $15 for the $40 Starter before, which was no question the best.

    • With the $25 starter pack you can get 4 months for $10 or 5 months for a net cost of $15 (by paying an extra $5 for your fifth month).

      With the $40 starter pack you can get 6 months for a net cost of $20.

      It really depends what you think of the effort of porting. I.e. each additional month up to 6 months is costing you $50. Or you port and then come back.

      I personally am going for the $40 pack.

  • Hi all. I have the $40 pack. Can I start with the $25 plan and switch to the $10 after first month? Will I have 21 gb? Cheers.

  • I didn't understand Option 3. So, i bought to pick up tomorrow (i.e. 20 Jul). So, what is drawback to activating on 20th July? So, obviously i get 40GB and then when will the next 40GB be added (would it be 28th?)?

    • If you activate on the 20th you won't get the second lot of data added. This happened to my dad.

      • oh. Well i need to recharge today only since nbn stopped working and i need backup.
        What other option i have?

        A. So, with Option 3, there is no point since i dont get extra 40GB at all?

        B. I guess Option 2 is best. so need to wait for end of month to get next 40GB?

        • You can activate tomorrow and you will get the double data.

          • @ballistykx: The issue with option 2 is that you will be charged straight away for the month and in a month's time you will be charged full cost for the next month, so you will get double data but will also be charged the full price each time.

  • Can I port Telstra to Belong?

  • Can this Sim card be used solely on an iPad? Don't need the calling feature, just data. Or is there a better data deal some where?

  • How to use the referral code? I'm new to Belong, do I need to register an account first?

    • You get a referral code either through a click-through URL, or key in the code itself prior to getting your account, else it'll be too late.

  • Its $20 at Australia Post as well

    • Thank OP
      I wonder why they did it this way

      • Probably so you can't buy a $40 Starter Pack on special and go straight on the $10 plan for 6 months as option 1 describes. $20 for 6 months was a very good deal for low data users.

    • Thats weird - so what about the $10 starter packs?

      • I'm guessing they've stopped selling them. Considering how often the $25 Starter Pack is on special for $10 it's not a big loss.

        If you've purchased a $10 SIM kit from a retail outlet, you can sign up for the $25 plan, and will get a $15 credit against that plan cost for the first month. To do so, youโ€™ll need to lodge a Support Request below.

  • I'm just waiting for my number to be ported to Belong. When do I switch to the $10 plan? After 28th July?

    • Yes, after your 1st payment date.

      • Cheers. And it's already gone through, 5 minutes after making the initial post.

      • Hey mate, just wanted to send a short thank you for your continued deal posts/comments re: Belong. Has helped tremendously. I'll be porting over in a few weeks time and quite keen!

      • I think best too state the term "during 1st payment" ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿคช some of us get easily confused lolz

  • So if after 1st payment so what you can only change plan during 2nd month billing cycle? so basically your stuck on the $25 plan for 2 months?

    Anyway ported today (24/06/2020) the option to change plans under menu tan in Android app is not highlighted as yet so can not change plans as yet.. either I've got too wait few hours or a couple of days,… or next billing cycle which then I'm guessing ill be charged 2 months on the $25 monthly plan,.. which pretty much uses up most of the discounts I obtained,

    Though i guess the $25 plan has 10gb data, which is more compared too the $10 plan with only has 1gb data but for older people and myself I really don't care about the data,.. mainly using this Belong plan too make unlimited calls/smses and rather of used the discounts and bonuses starting on the $10 small monthly plan

    I guess this is Telstra slowly pushing prices up which there famous for like the other 2 big Telcos

    Edit: thanks Arthur for providing your code to use๐Ÿ‘

  • I ported to Belong on the 16th July, on the $10 plan, just before it was removed for new customers. My next billing date is now displaying 20th August, so I assume the cycle started on the 20th July. But I still only have 1 gb (less my usage). Has the double data ceased now? From reading here I expected to get another data allocation on the 20th of July. Have I missed something?

  • I have emailed support as the web site still indicated the gifted extra data. Shame I started to ported another number this morning

    • gifted extra data

      Is this in reference to the referral bonus or the double data?

      • In sometime I read they stated the extra data was a gift, nothing to do with the data gifting function.

        • Mind linking where this is on their website?

            • @beesquared: Good find, hopefully supports explains why you didn't get the 1GB welcome gift

              Keep us posted!

            • @beesquared: The person in that forum said they were charged another $40 a couple of days after purchasing a sim and activating it? That seems strange. I activated mine a couple of days ago and in my "Billing and Payments" section it says my next payment on 28th July will be $0. Will update if I get charged again.

              • @Ace1927: more interested if you get the data allocation on the 28th

              • @Ace1927: Its there weird billing cycle setup

                I activated on the 24th this month (July) and have the same $0 payment on the 28th July (4 days later)

                That is the point/cycle (the 28th) July I'm guessing I can drop my plan from $25 to $10 monthly plan i.e. first billing cycle,.. so I guess I got an extra 4 days free, its $0 cause 4 days has only lapsed,..

                As OP stated,….
                4th, 12th, 20th, 28th is Belongs fixed billing cycle Belong uses,.. dare I use the term "rounds off your billing cycle",..

                So if you activate on the 13th your first billing cycle will start at the 20th of that month, I guess this date will be the same billing cycle for every month

                Hope I explained above ok ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

                • @Italkdigital: If you started on the $25 plan, you would have been allocated the 10GB on the 24th. From the information i have seen on here, my understanding is that on the 28th, you would get another 10GB, then onwards the plan rolls over on the 28th each month.

                  Currently, the 4 days before the payment date may be considered free, but you are now stretching the month of data over the extra days as well.

  • So I guess if you purchase a $10 starter pack (if they still exist?) I assume you'll have the option too start on the $10 plan,.. anyone can confirm?

  • So your saying you can't also buy a $10 starter pack?

    Ok well sounds like Belong in future might remove the $10 plan

    Maybe also offer a plan between the $10 to $25 plan to push the minimum plan pricing up,…

    • Seems Telstra is making the minimum $25 a month. Even though you could still choose the $10 plan (for now), it will be removed from typical comparisons like Whistle Out, and most customers are unlikely to change plans once they start it unless someone knows exactly what to do.

      • I've just started signing up/porting and should be active by tomorrow. I'm now wondering if the $10 plan does get removed, will this then stuff up recharging after the first month onto that $10 plan.

        • I'm sure if its removed the plan will be grandfathered to those that stay with Belong and on that $10 plan,.. well thats what Telstra does as im still on one of there old plans from a decade ago, of course new customers will have too look elsewhere if there after a $10 plan

          edit: 28th July in an hour, one of the monthly set Belong billing cycles and my first bill cycle hopefully ill be able to change from the $25 plan too the $10 plan only 4 days after activation ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

          • @Italkdigital: Did you manage to change to the $10?

            • @sssbp: Well actually tried to switch too $10 plan early in the morning I think before 5am and the option wasn't highlighted but then tried in the afternoon and yes had the option too change too the $10 plan which I did also got the double bonus 10gb data๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

            • @sssbp: I also changed over to the $10 plan this morning after I was allocated another 40 GB data. If they get rid of the small plan altogether, they hopefully can't kick me off now.

  • do you need to be able to send a SMS message from your number you're porting from? I think Kogan Mobile needed you te respond to a SMS before they would start the porting.

  • If your meaning Belong will send an OTP SMS code too your current carrier provider who your porting fro., then yes that will happen,. I think this has become standard method with all carriers when portinf over

  • This morning changed ownership from Telstra business to consumer on $55/mth plan. This afternoon I then ported to Belong. Will I be charged a full month from Telstra or 1/31th of $55? Please note that once you purchased a Belong $25 starter pack you cannot return it.

    • If its a postpaid month to month plan by right you should get billed for only the days you used within that month, of course unless your on a contract and terminated early youll be charged for whole of contract (if contract is for the plan) not a contract for a mobile phone

      So no you shouldn't get charged for a whole month but im going by other telco carriers and MVNOs postpaid month to month plans ive dealt with,..

      Prepaid of course you've paid up front for the whole month and don't get anything back

      Edit: for those that are on a expensive contract,.. ill give my latest expensive Optus 24 months contract as an example, usually the contract is for the device only and its actually a contract too say pay your expensive new mobile over say 24 months, if you terminate early your basically just got too pay off the rest off your mobile contract and you won't be penalised too pay the rest off off "your plan part", handy like me who was on a high expensive plan with Optus too move too a lower paid plan with same benefits either Optus or another Telco provider,.. of course youll have too pay of the rest off your mobile total cost, Telstra and Vodafone currently have the same or similar plans with most of there plans,.. of course call them too know what youll be charged if you decide to terminate early, lots of good deals going around or very cheap plans too worth terminating early ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

  • I always thought this Belong mobile service was a "PREPAID" mobile service as money/funds is asked for before the current billing monthly cycle but nope as a Belong team member has replied to me stating this Belong plan is actually a "POSTPAID" mobile service, so as a postpaid service you can be charged for extra services automatically which can not happen with prepaid as prepaid your paying upfont for a set service,.. below is the reply from Belong

    Please be reminded that Belong Mobile is a month-to-month postpaid service and requires a valid credit card or PayPal account for your monthly payment. As stated in the Critical Information Summary, youโ€™ll be billed automatically for subsequent monthly charges in advance on the same day each month through the payment method you have provided upon signing-up.

    You cannot remove the payment details as long as the account/service is active. The only way to stop auto-recharge is to cancel the entire account. Once cancelled, the mobile number associated with the account will be completely and permanently deleted.

    Please be informed that cancellation of your mobile plan also means the following:

    -You'll lose your remaining data including your banked data.
    -Your Belong SIM will no longer work.
    -You wonโ€™t receive a refund for any money youโ€™ve already paid.
    -You'll no longer be able to port the number once is has been cancelled
    -You'll lose your mobile number permanently and won't be able to reactivate it.

    Should you have questions about our service or requires further assistance, feel free to visit our website at www.belong.com.au/mobile/support.

    Kind regards,
    Sean @ Belong Mobile

    I dont see any issues it being postpaid as long as mistakes are not made and funds are not being taken out automatically due too those mistakes,.. which can not happen with prepaid

    Edit: well I used paypal as automatic payment service and cancelled the auto service on my end of PayPal, just incase of any mistakes on Belongs end,.. of course ill need to switch it back on when actual money is needed too top my account in 3 months time๐Ÿ‘

  • any issues porting out of Belong?

    When porting to Kogan, it asks if the service I'm porting from is prepaid or post paid. So, in this case would it be post paid?

    • Yupz great question about porting out of Belong,..

      Yeah you need to usually state an account number too the telco porting too when porting out of a postpaid service and I looked through there Android app and can't actually find one but its on my first .pdf bill, top left hand corner if that helps, so yes this Belong service is postpaid ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  • Decided to buy it, can anyone confirm all these scams totally legit and honest strategies still work?
    Looking at the Option 2 (3 Months 82GB) - will be my CatchConnect's 90 day plan replacement. I am currently on Kogan Mobile.

    • I've done option 2 many times and can confirm it works. Just be aware that the second lot of data might not be added now as confirmed by others in these deals.

      • Bugger, so worst case scenario, I get 42GB of data for $20 for 3 months?

        • Yes, worse case.

          • @ballistykx: Thanks mate. I am a bit confused about the payment cycle dates… my Kogan plan expires on 14 August.
            I think it would be best to activate the new Belong SIM on 13 August, is that right? Then immediatelly change the plan to $10,
            Do I wait until August 20 for a chance of double data until I change my plan to $10?

            • @Blue Cat: If this helps to explain what happens with my experience,…

              The official billing cycles for Belong stated by OP here they are
              4th, 12th, 20th, 28th during every month,..

              I activated and got charged $25 on the 22nd July,..
              $25 upfront for a postpaid plan from my $25 starter pack credit,..

              6 days later my 1st official billing cycle started on,.. the 28th July and towards the end of the day I was able too change my plan from $25 to $10 per month (option 1) also got my double data thingy,.. no other credit has been taken out at this stage,..

              Now my second billing cycle is stated at 28th of August 2020,. states ill be charged $10 per month,.. well it actually says ill get charged $0 on the 28th of August with $30 left credit as I accumulated $40 from referring 2x friends I.e. 2x $20 = $40,.. the initial $25 starter pack credit was used at activation by right my credit will take me too the December 27th 2020,..

              Yes i used paypal as my automated payment method but then removed Belong as at my PayPal end so Belong cant take any funds out of my PayPal account,..

              This is a postpaid plan dont know what will happen if I don't set again a payment method for the 28th of December, on Belong end shows paypal method activated but blocked on my paylal end,.. with prepaid plans it will continue without credit till you add credit, Belong could turn around not sure and cancel this plan if no funds available,..

              but anyway will have a payment method setup again just before my last cycle needing funds I.e. before 28th of December 2020 ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

              • @Italkdigital: Thanks, this explanation was all I needed. Hopefully it ends well and Belong doesn't end up deleting my number forever!

                • @Blue Cat: Yeah just be careful as from the horses mouth a Belong rep replied too me with,..

                  """ Belong Mobile is a month-to-month postpaid service and requires a valid credit card or PayPal account for your monthly payment

                  You cannot remove the payment details as long as the account/service is active. The only way to stop auto-recharge is to cancel the entire account. Once cancelled, the mobile number associated with the account will be completely and permanently deleted """

                  I do have a valid paypal method though it is blocked on my end,.. other postpaid plans ive had in the past if your late with payments youll just get a late reminders too pay up and likely a late fee,. or then a harsh reminder to pay up by a set date or your account will be permanently cancelled with a loss too of your mobile number forever

                  Be harsh a provider can just cancel your plan and number without warnings first too mske payment

                  Saying that who knows what Belong can do since maybe its somewhere in there T&Cs