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Intel RTX 2080 Super Gaming PCs [B460/16GB/650W Bronze]: $1888 w i5-10400 / $2188 w i7-10700 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,

Up-spec of the previous popular i7 10700 | RTX 2080 Super deal at 10th gen launch, plus an i5 10400 variant.

Both are bundled with a B460 motherboard from MSI or Gigabyte, 16GB 2666MHz RAM, 240GB 2.5" SSD for those bringing their own storage (upgradeable via the site), and the Gigabyte 650W 80 Plus Bronze power supply in the MSI MAG Forge 100R case.

# Core i7 10700 | RTX 2080 Super 8GB Gaming PC: $2188 after 10700-2080S-JUL [Deal being replaced shortly]

Core i5 10400 | RTX 2080 Super 8GB Gaming PC: $1888 after 10400-2080S-JUL

Fans of AMD check out the R5-3600 deal for $1799 here.


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  • Great deals Luke! Keep Em coming

  • I like this deal.. I was umming and ahhing about getting a gaming laptop, but mainly for around the house use. Might just be easier to buy another PC and have at the other end of the house, or indeed, just run some game-stream service from it on my existing laptop.

  • +12 votes

    I'd opt for the 3600 build, the 10400 when not paired with a Z490 board is actually worse even in gaming applications. With a B-series non-overclockable (AMD B-series is overclockable) board it can't run memory speeds past 2666MT/s, crippling the chip in comparison to the Ryzen 5 3600 when paired with 3200MT/s+ memory. The 10700 however is potentially a different story, but I can't find any benchmarks of it when paired with 2666MT/s memory.

    Source. Not to mention Techfast's 2666 memory isn't even CL15, it's CL19 based on what I received, so it will be even worse.

    And no I'm not an AMD fanboy, objectively speaking the 3600 build is a better value. Being cheaper, coming with faster RAM, an overclocking compatible motherboard and with the CPU paired with the faster RAM it beats it. No you can't just put faster RAM on this, as you'd also need to upgrade the motherboard.

    • The 9700/2070s deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551850) they posted earlier this month looks like better value potentially than both?

      • The 9700 is quite weak, with only 8 threads. I'd say the 9700 may even be worse than a 3600 when you factor in the 2666MT/s memory and that it isn't the K variant. Though I can't confirm any of this without benchmarks.

        Edit: Based on this benchmark I've got a feeling the gap would narrow a lot. Because the 9700K here is overclocked to 5GHz, step it down to the realistic 4.6GHz (3600 is also OC, bring it down to 4.1GHz (note that higher IPC counteracts lower clock speed)) and then the 9700 has the 2666MT/s RAM. The gap is now like 5%, 3600 deal is now better, unless the 2080 Super upgrade for the 9700 is super cheap.

        • hard to say ofcourse without the like for like benchmarking for sure. but lets say you value the 2080 super upgrade at $250 which is the price they charged for it on prev deals the 9700 deal is pretty much on par with slower ram (2666 vs 3200, worth $49) but a msi b365 vs biostar b350 and a 480gb ssd vs 250gb ssd.

          • @p78p: Lol you know what's funny? The MSI B365 is worse. No overclocking support!!! But yeah the SSD is bigger.

            • @Rajeh: overclocking on cpu you mean? how much overclocking would you want to / be able to do on a 9700? also it'd probably make sense to upgrade jsut to get away from biostar in which case min option is $139.

              • @p78p: You can't even overclock the 9700 because it doesn't have a K. Also can't overclock RAM on the MSI. Why do you hate Biostar so much? They make enterprise boards, I have a B350 board from them and it does everything I want it to.

                • @Rajeh: yep that's the point. if you cant overclock the cpu why's it matter that the mobo cant do it? not having a go at you dude so no point to be fastidious lollll..

                  re Biostar i know nothing about them and dont pretend to but people on here have complained about issues let alone where else in the world given the minimal amount you can find on them.

                  Also, more importantly weren't you just trying to flame biostar last week. change of tone??? hahahaha

                  "Marketingluketechfast on 17/07/2020 - 21:49

                  The base B450 is a Biostar B450MH. The Mortar Max upgrade is definitely superior.


                  Rajeh on 17/07/2020 - 23:07

                  Lmao who designed the B450MH?! They should be fired!"

                  All good no harm meant anyway. you've definitely been very helpful on different topics and helped with my purchase

                  • @p78p: No it just looks funny lol. The yellow PCIe slots and DIMM slots, wasn't hating on the features, just how it looks. You can still OC RAM with the 9700 (Above 2933MT/s requires a Z-series board), but the multiplier is locked so therefore no CPU OC. It makes the case for Intel a little weak with that slow ass RAM unless you overclock it to 2933MT/s (I believe that can be done on Intel B-series). End of the day we don't have concrete evidence that AMD is superior or Intel is superior because we don't have the benchmarks. Definitely try to get a quote on a 2080 Super upgrade, could be pleasantly surprised :)

                    Edit: Oh no it seems most of Biostar's boards have this yellow colour scheme! Lol. Shame Techfast switched from the B45M2.

                    Edit 2: Luke claims they use this. This looks even better than my B45M2, but it appears to lack M.2 functionality.

  • Hello rep,
    Do you guys have any gaming PC that comes prebuilt in an more compact case like a shuttle size case with an aftermarket cooler.

    • Too niche for them, question has been asked multiple times on different threads. The closest you'll get to "compact" is the Thermaltake Versa H18, and if you don't want their overpriced (probably Allied brand bleugh) liquid coolers you're on your own.

      • I don't know what techfast do habitually, but my deepcool matrexx 55 rgb build came with matching deepcool AIO

  • Hi rep, whats the delivery time frame?

    • Hopefully can help

      I made my purchase on 28/06/2020

      16/07/2020 has been 14 business days since i purchased the computer.

      Last week when i follow up about my order, ive been advised it will be delayed and the shipment would be shipped out late last week 17-07-20 to mid this week 22/07/20

      however as per now, it still has not been shipped yet, so it has been 18 business day and counting

  • When does this deal end? Hoping to put an order through some time soon. Thanks