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R5-3600 RTX 2080 SUPER Gaming PC [16GB 3200/650W Bronze]: $1799 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks

Been ages since we've posted a system with a straight up R5 3600, so here it is, offered at a comparably better spec than the recent 3500X/2080 Super deal. The storage is kept lower so people can bring their own at the lowest price if they choose, or upgrade from the available options, and the B350 to B450 and B450M Mortar Max (low stock) upgrades have dropped by $10 for those seeking m.2 functionality.

Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2080 Super 8GB Gaming PC: $1799 after 3600-2080S-JUL

  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • RTX 2080 Super 8GB (bundled variant likely the Galax EX 1-click OC)
  • B350 motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • Gigabyte 650W 80+ Bronze PSU


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  • +13

    Great deal! I'd just like to see a 3700X upgrade option for 1440p gamers to alleviate bottlenecks (though it isn't that big), and for B450 boards to be standard and B350 to be the absolute worst boards in your lineup.

    • +1

      make it happen

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        I gotta hijack this comment to prevent unnecessary confusion, the 3600 is perfectly fine for a 2080 Super. Credit to Skramit and iseeyou1312.

    • +1

      yes please

    • what is the difference of those boards? considering a new build but am not up to scratch with why the high end GPU and CPU is paired with what i understand to be a basic mobo and bronze PSU vs a gold PSU?

      why do people end up with x570 and gold PSU when it can be as cheap and simple as this?
      It's been a while but i need a refresher please.

      • +7

        People usually go for a gold power supply as it can typically be a better return on investment, and usually they are modular to make building and cable management a whole lot easier. Gold doesn't necessarily indicate quality, just efficiency, there can be terrible gold power supplies and great bronze ones. As for the X570 boards people want an upgrade path, except many are a little misguided into thinking X570 and B550 are necessary to support Ryzen 4000 (5000 probably new socket) when a 400-series board (at least from MSI) will support 4000 series as well. VRMs are also a common buzzword in this day and age, "Oh this board has 4 phase VRMs that's terrible!". The fact of the matter is that while important to a certain extent, anything over 4 phases with adequate airflow is only necessary for overclocking 100W CPUs like the 3900X and above. We are forgetting that these CPUs are getting more and more efficient with power, and won't need such strong VRM configurations.

        • thank you for your thoroughness. upgrade path is moot if it's not going to support new gen CPUs then..ha i have not clued up VRM and power phases, but understand the need for power if 39xx.

          i'm assuming the mobos just allow for OC potential along with bigger better configurations/additions?

      • +2

        There is no benefit in spending the extra on gold rated. Anything 80+ bronze will be sufficient. I think Tech Yes City showed even a threadripper 2080ti build could be handled by a mere 450W bronze PSU. Before people neg me into the ground, you'll be more likely to have your PC "blow up" from lightning storms than a 80+ bronze PSU blowing it up.

        Obviously I don't recommend what tech yes City did in his vid, I have used only bronze rated 600/650w PSUs for the last 10+ years for mid-high systems without a single hiccup. Currently using the Inwin A1's 600W bronze PSU for a 980ti + Ryzen 2600x build and it has been fine. Most systems won't pull over 400W from the wall without some pretty heavy duty overclocking

        Edit: in terms of mobos, it basically comes down to added overclocking potential and other niche features. Most people who buy one PC every 5 years+ who don't understand what overclocking is would be fine with the most basic of board. Even a new/updated bios a320m board is perfectly fine to run something like a Ryzen 5 3600

        • +1

          I agree with most of your points, an 80+ Bronze power supply is definitely not gonna blow up but an 80+ Gold one if not costing you much more can be a better return on investment. I wouldn't put a 3600 on an A320M board, because the upgrade path is hindered, though to be fair all AM4 boards will most likely be unable to support Ryzen 5000.

        • You got to factor in many things before making a decision like this. If your system draws 400w at peak you most certainly can use a 450w for it. But you got to look at psu’s fan curve. Some psus have silent operation till 30% load and then its gradual to exponential growth of fan speed.
          For a system drawing 400w a 450w will run with potentially max speed and noise.

          Also think of any devices you might plug in from time to time like a phone or tablet or even a laptop for charging. Efficiency does play big role in roi. imagine system drawing 500w and using 80+ vs 80+ platinum. first one might just cut it around 85% where platinum may have 95%. the power draw from wall respectively is 588W vs 526W. power saved by platinum is about 62W.

          • @nsuinteger: 250-350W peak draw is more likely from a high end system, but even with your 500W example you'd need to be maxing it out for thousands of hours before you get anywhere near the cost difference of the power supplies. (Professional work PCs this can happen, a personal PC for gaming is unlikely).

            Your point about fan speeds/noise is valid and I agree.

            • -1

              @scottySK: I think you got it the wrong way around.
              Professional work PC = 140w max - ave 30w, 8 hrs / day, 5 days / wk.
              Personal PC for gaming = 450w / 1 - 16 hrs / day, 365 days / yr
              A gold/plat/tit PSU is much more valuable in a personal PC or server than a workstation in terms of power bill saved…

              • -3

                @jkim: You've clearly got no idea how much power a multi GPU workstation will use throughout a working day rendering etc, and are clearly overestimating how long a personal gaming PC will be operating at peak power draw. I guarantee your personal PC will never be drawing 450W from the wall at any point, and you must be a child if you think you can be drawing peak load for 16 hours a day every day. Most adults will have actual lives to fulfill, kids, jobs etc Please reply to this comment in 15 years and let me know how many hours you're maxing out your PC for gaming each day

                • @scottySK: Nah mate, I've been around the block a few decades working in IT.
                  I know what load are put on workstations… most of the day it's simply idle.
                  I've also seen uni student gamers with gaming addictions (the upper end of the 1hr -> 16hr comment) - obviously the lower end 1hr is a "normal" person.
                  Hence my comment stands.

      • short answer:
        the system above just works as advertised. it’s balanced and stress tested by the vendor. You take it home and play games it till it dies. it wont disappoint you.

        You cant expect whole bunch of upgrade capabilities or future proofing or even overclocking with it.

    • +9

      Appreciate the constructive feedback. Here is the 3700X variant, with 2070 and 2080 pairings (I have amended to include the 650 Bronze PSU too).

      • 👍

      • +2

        I am sure Luke would be more than happy for you to spend more on a higher spec part to add a bit more margin!!! ;)

      • +4

        It's nice you alleviated their complaint, but were you laughing irl that they thought they needed at least a 3700x to not bottleneck a 2070/2080 super?

    • +2

      Great deal! I'd just like to see a 3700X upgrade option for 1440p gamers to alleviate bottlenecks.

      A 3060/2080Super is a perfectly adequate combo for 1440p gaming, in fact I'd call it a strong 1440p combo.

      A 3700X will not gain you many extra frames at all on the 2080Super. Extra frames would be in the single digits at most.

      Frame rates at 1440p are basically identical. Unless you need the extra 4 threads for other workloads, go with the 3600 CPU :)

      • Uhh how about another source, GPUCheck looks like another Userbenchmark thingy.

        Edit: Looking at videos it seems you are right in saying so, I haven't seen 0.1% low performance though and I did say it would be quite minor.

        • Theres hundreds of comparisons out there. A quick google you will find heaps.

          3600 vs 3900x - very small gains on a 2080Ti

          This one is a 3600X not a 3600 but it makes little difference to my point.

          The bottleneck at 1440p is going to be your GPU not CPU in most modern games.

          • -1

            @Skramit: As I did say it will be minor, but where are 0.1% lows? This is by far the most important metric that benchmarkers are skipping.

            • +5

              @Void: Regardless, the general advice is sound - upgrading from a 3600 to a 3700X or 3900X will yield you single digit extra frames AT BEST on a 2080Super and modern game titles. So it's not gonna be worth the extra $150. better off grabbing a 1TB SSD for your games for $150 :)

              • +1

                @Skramit: Aaaand here comes the part where I should be coming up with stupid ways to defend myself, that isn't happening. With your points in mind I think it's best to go for a 3700X if you plan on streaming or doing any creative work, but for just a general gaming machine the 3600 should be fine.

                • +4

                  @Void: I guess what I'm saying is, you used the word "bottleneck" above which is misleading. There is no CPU bottleneck at 1440p with High/Ultra settings in any modern title.

                  I think it's best to go for a 3700X if you plan on streaming or doing any creative work, but for just a general gaming machine the 3600 should be fine.


        • I use a 1700x and a 1080ti which handles 1440p great. This is literally just better than that so.

          • @Zondor: I think someone's already convinced me.

    • i imagine b450 and 3200hz ram is worth the upgrade. would it really be worth $200 extra to upgrade 3600 to 3700x with for the difference in 1440p gaming?

      • See my chat with Skramit, TL;DR no it is not.

      • As above, definitely better to spend the money on a faster or additional SSD.

    • This is a brain dead comment. The higher the resolution the less the cpu matters and realistically even a 3300x isn't going to bottleneck a 2080 TI at 1440p. A 3600 is plenty and anything better is a waste for gaming currently.

      • That's why I said 1440p, I thought a 3600 and 2080 Super was only a good pairing for 4K. But regardless the 3600 is even fine with a 2080 Super for 1080p, but ehh I'm not sure about a 3300X and 2080 Ti. GN did show some gains by going to a 3600 IIRC.

        Edit: Shot meself in the foot, 3300X was fine with a 2080 Ti. Fsr I'm over here struggling with a 3500X and RX 5700, no idea.

        • +1

          GN did show some gains by going to a 3600 IIRC.

          They were very marginal. For CPU heavy games like total war it was a <5% difference between the 3300x and a 5.0 ghz overclocked 8086k. Going from a 3600 to a 3700x at 1440p would have no difference, other than a big price gap.

          What's sad is that you even watched GN benchmarks yet still advised Techfast to make a system that makes no sense.

  • +3

    Great deal Luke, really nice to see the 80+ PSU as standard.

    Onya mate.

  • +8

    Another couple of deals across the price range spread:
    R5-3500X RTX 2060 6GB Gaming PC [B350/16G 3200MHz/650W Bronze]: $1088 + Shipping @ TechFast: $1088
    Gaming PCs: R3-3100 GTX 1660 [B350/16/240] / i7-9700 RTX 2070 Super [B365/16/480/Bronze PSU] + Delivery @ TechFast: $749 and $1599 — these didn't get a lot of upvote love but I felt they were pretty solid.

    • +1

      Deals look good.

    • Hows the one for $750? People reckon its solid?

      • +1

        It's pretty solid, but upgrade the PSU.

        But, I'd go for the 3500x/2060 deal instead.

    • Anything with a R5-3600 and 2070 Super?

  • +6

    Appreciate how you've identified the PSU supplier/manufacturer Luke.
    I think it's something most OzBargainers consider pretty important.

    I placed an order with TechFast as part of this deal ( & just had to cross my fingers when I went for the 750W Gold PSU upgrade.

    • +2

      It should be a Gigabyte GP-G750H, which is quite a good one, or they could just pull a Titan Tech IT and bring us "Armaggeddon".

      • Just arrived today.
        It's a DeepCool DQ750 ST.

        I'm a bit disappointed…

        • Oww that's B-tier. It isn't bad by any means, but it's far from the Gigabyte A-tier one they were shipping their systems with earlier.

  • am looking for a prebuilt that will be good for music production, would this one be suitable or should i look another prebuilt

    • -3

      I'd probably aim for a 3700X and 2070 Super if you're looking at this price bracket, or if you're willing to go overbudget then a 3700X and 2080 Super. It depends how serious you are about music production, and whether you'll be gaming on the system.

      Edit: Yeah I meant gaming and music, but I didn't do a great job of disclosing that. Just made the logical assumption that, someone looking at a gaming PC would be trying to do both… roll in the negative votes!

    • +6

      You won't need such a beefy GPU for music production and should spec higher on the CPU and storage.

      • Realistically though the 3600 CPU should do for music production too. It's 6 cores and 12 threads that are very powerful.

  • +2

    great deal prices slowly coming back :)

  • +4

    This is the deal i've been waiting for!

    Upgraded the 3200hz ram and b450m motherboard.

    Have ordered and looking forward to getting it!

    • +5


      Dude it sounds like you just got screwed over, that's painfully slow!

      • +1

        haha! you know what i mean!

  • Any options to add B550?

    • Not anytime soon, though there's no reason for it when Ryzen 5000 will probably be AM5, MSI B450 will support Ryzen 4000 and PCIe Gen 4 SSDs are just buzz for anyone but someone who edits 8K video or something. The Mortar MAX is quite high tier regardless.

      • Is your AM5 prediction based on AMD only guaranteeing AM4 until 2020, or has there been some more recent info?

        • Well the roadmap which AMD made ends there, and I highly doubt they'd keep a socket going so long. As long as they beat Intel they have us on their side, so they'll try and rake in as much cash as possible.

          • @Void: Makes sense. Unfortunately that makes B550 a 1.5 gen platform at best.

  • How have the deliveries been with techfast? Have people been starting to get their systems on time again?

    • Placed my order on 28/06.
      So, at the end of today it'll be the advertised target of 14 business days…but I haven't received shipping notification yet.

      (I'm hoping that it might be tomorrow or Monday)

      • i ordered mine on Sunday 28th June as well, Thursday 16 july would be the 14 business day, however since has not recieved any notification yet.

        based on below comment from Nodeahs, he ordered on 22nd june, yet he still waiting for the order.

        Dont put your hopes up too high

    • Roughly a month between order and dispatch for me.

    • +1

      Ordered on 22nd of June for the most basic PC they have (no graphics card) and order has not been shipped. Was advised it would go out on 10th of July at latest. The last PC I purchased from them took about 10 business days to ship my order with a dGPU (think that would require more testing). I'm really disappointed this time, especially after reading on in the forums that they may not even have all the parts for their builds at the time of purchase, despite "In stock" on their website. I hope that isn't true.

      • +1

        My order had a few upgrade options in it… so given your experience, now I'm thinking that my "hoping for tomorrow or Monday" is actually hopeless. :(

      • Luke got in touch with me and resolved this for me in case anyone is thinking about this deal. I've never had a problem with their customer support and they are good value, just keep your expectations on delivery not too high.

    • Update on my order from a previous deal.
      Order placed on 28/06 and shipped today on 28/07.

      My order had a few extras + upgrade options… but the delay was due to a delay in deliveries for the R7-3700X Processor.

      Obviously in order to maintain tight margins (& pass on the savings), TechFast have to order parts in bit by bit (rather than hold large stockpiles)
      Fair Enough.

      So, take the timeframes with a pinch of salt… but I think the value is excellent for people who can't be bothered building their own system from scratch.

      Provided everything works as promised then I'll be a happy TechFast Customer.

  • Damn, this deal is great. Maybe I should have waited. Ordered 3600 with 2070s a month ago. Was only about $100 or so cheaper, but I reckon the difference between 2070s and 2080s is worth more than that.

    • Meh, we will all cry when the 3xxx come out. Don't fret, OC and be happy you are still in the top percentile of gaming specs.

    • I meant top few percent, perhaps percentile was the wrong word.

  • +1

    Recently got my 3700x build from this deal. Put my original 1080 in there and it's running like a dream. Doubled my fps in some games from my old i5 6600k even at 1440p

    Placed my order on 18/06, received it Monday (13/07) even with upgrading the PSU to the Gigabyte G750H after I had already ordered

  • +1

    Do you do micro ATX machine as well By any chance? I’m not interested in gaming - just storage (min 4bays) and virtualisation. Prefer something around the same size as the HP microserver.

    • Not at this stage, focused on gaming PCs and the cases we offer generally don't have that flexibility.

  • +1

    Is the Thermaltake Versa H18 Case a Micro ATX case?

  • +3

    Very happy techfast customer here, bought an R5-3600 2080S system from these guys almost a year ago, still running smoothly to this day with a lot of rigorous use. They'd be even better now with these better cases!

  • Did the math on parts (MSY and static ice) and it came to $1858 for me.

    • -2

      In this case I would rather buy and build myself instead of 1 month wait time.

      Were the parts identical or better or worse?

      Edit : just checked staticice and seems like I can build with similar or better parts ie. with a B450 motherboard..branded ram..nicer case and psu.

  • +2

    Can someone explaine how are they able to sell this at such a low price? a 2080s alone would cost ~1.3k retail

    • Grey imports direct from Taiwan/China rather than using Aussie distributors who charge a margin.

    • -1

      Doesn't seem to be that low as per above comment from MSY. You can buy 2080S for $1100 checking and total system package if build yourself is $1800 approximately.

      Do some research and check staticice for all part prices before buying.(you may even get better parts)

      Also keep in mind the extended build wait times and issues reported by many users from Techfast.

      Do your own research but this may not be the amazing purchase they once were.

      • yep around $1800 (if you value the motherboard at say $100 as I cant see what the biostar's worth) but for this you get it built and return to base warranty in exchange for not being able to pick brands and a realistically probably a month wait time

    • they are selling at normal price.
      its the retail is trying to rip you off.

      they are even cheaper in china, where they were made.

  • +1

    Anyone able to comment on the differences between the two B450M's on offer as an upgrade? Just trying to work out if there is any benefit going with the MSI branded one.

    • +1

      good question
      the cheaper B450 could be a boistar, or I think more likely something like a msi B450M-a pro or equivalent m/b, only Luke can really answer that
      the other msi is obv a known factor

    • The base B450 is a Biostar B450MH. The Mortar Max upgrade is definitely superior.

      • Lmao who designed the B450MH?! They should be fired!

  • I’m having an issue adding anything to the cart, and also customising any builds.

    • You might need to refresh your browser or clear your cache, if the page isn't allowing ATC or scrolling to customise section.

  • not much 5700 xt deal is 6700 coming out soon?

    • 5700 deals likely this week!

  • Is it possible if you can ship everything without case and psu?
    Also what is the model of the b350 board? and how many rams slots?

    • Hi, we can't take components out to reduce the price sorry. B350 is Biostar B350ET2, 2 DIMM.

  • Hi Luke,
    Made an order on the 30th of June. Order number Order TF89172631. Can you please follow up on this order??

    Kind Regards

    • Can you enable PMs so I can msg you, or can you email [email protected] if you haven't already, as I'm about to jump into the inbox now.

  • Trying to enable it

  • Guys, need your advice, please help which one to replace the MSI B450 Mortar Max

    After waiting beyond our estimated delivery date for our next shipment of MSI B450 Mortar Max motherboards from our supplier, they have informed us that, due to an allocation error on their part, we will not be receiving them until mid-way through August. This is entirely an error on their part - we placed this order may weeks ago, prior to offering the Mortar motherboard as an option on our site. It obviously leaves us in a difficult position, and as your order is at the point where it should be close to dispatch, we have been working on solutions.

    These options are:

    1) Swap from the MSI B450M Mortar Max to the Asus Tuf B450M-Plus Gaming motherboard, free of charge. This is the closest equivalent motherboard to the Mortar available to us, and has the same purchase price for us, so no refund can be applied. Here is the link for your reference:

    2) Upgrade to the Biostar X570GTA motherboard, free of charge. This is a significant generational chipset upgrade from the B450. Here is the link for your reference:

    3) Upgrade to the MSI MAG Mortar B550M motherboard, for $99 (via separate invoice). This is the brand new generation of the Mortar series and has just become available to us, so the timing here at least is very good. These have been ordered and are expected in early next week. If you would like this let me know and I will issue an invoice for you. Here is the link for your reference:

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