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R5-3500X RTX 2060 6GB Gaming PC [B350/16G 3200MHz/650W Bronze]: $1088 + Shipping @ TechFast


Hi folks,

Offering the 3500X and RTX 2060 6GB with 16GB RAM and a new Gigabyte GP-P650B 650W 80+ Bronze power supply bundled in, which has just become available to us.

Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2060 6GB Gaming PC: ** $999 after 3500X-2060-JUL**

  • Biostar B350 motherboard
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD (upgrade options available)
  • Giga 650W 80+ Bronze PSU
  • Leaper Mid case (upgrade options available)


Update 24 July 2020: Price drop from $1088 to $999.
Update 27 July 2020: Price drop was not intentional (product price edited incorrectly). Reverted to original deal price.

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  • Finally a complete build that doesn't really need upgrading.

    16g 3200 ram and at least branded psu.

    Not behd upvoted.

  • Be careful. A number of recent posts about a not so pleasant experience.


  • Would love to hear from the pros from the Ozb community, Is this rig good value? Will it play the best games say, for the next 5 years? Is it worth getting the better motherboard? Sorry for such questions , I routinely read comments from similar threads and the Knowledge of some of you is exceptional.

      1. Good build for the price but would have been better if the CPU used was atleast Ryzen 5 3600 that has 6 cores and 12 threads whereas ryzen 5 3500x has 6 cores and 6 threads which is ok for now.
      2. Would have suggested to upgrade motherboard to B450 only if you're planning to upgrade to ryzen 4000 series otherwise its fine for the PC config that has been used.
      3. RTX 2060 (not super) is a good mid range GPU which will should last for 5 years down the line unless you have expectations that it will run the game at very high frame rates at the highest resolution, please keep in mind that this is a capable but a mid range build.

      As long as you're happy with 60+ fps which I think it should be able to run games at high settings in the next 5 years then yes go for it, can't say about CPU as I would suggest at least Ryzen 5 3600 or 3700x for future proofing.

    • The parts are ok, the motherboard won't support new Ryzen Zen3 if you were thinking about upgrade paths. The storage size is also a bit small, considering the size of games these days.

      Other thing to mention is the TechFast experience, which is… lacking. You're not actually guaranteed to get your PC on time/with the parts you paid for.

    • As far a pre-builds go this is a pretty solid deal. Breaking down the components, the rtx 2060 is worth ~$550, Ryzen 3300x (comparable cpu) ~$250, ram ~$100, PSU ~$100, mobo ~$100, which brings the total to $1100, add a 240gb ssd and a cheap case you'll bring the total to ~$1200.

    • "For those concerned about gaming performance not just today, but in a year or two, the 3500X makes even less sense. If we look at 1% low performance across the 7 games tested you get a good idea of how limited this CPU will eventually be."

      Reviewer was not impressed overall.


      • Yeah and you know what I'm pissed off about the most? I can't upgrade to Ryzen 4000 because it's a B350 board! Oh well guess I'll wait for B650 and get a 5700XT (hehe). It was even worse before I overclocked the RAM from the atrocious 2666CL19 to 3733CL18.

    • Well by buying this your betting that ray tracing will not become a game changer, despite all the major upcoming consoles supporting it.

      Even a 2080ti is lackluster when it comes to games with RT enabled.

      However, if you think it's going to become a big thing then I wouldnt buy a system with a graphics card faster than a 1660ti, which has zero RT support. If a 2060 has unplayable frame rates on future rt titles is no better than the 1660ti that doesn't support it at all.

    • It is good value versus boutique gaming pc builders, pre-COVID it was absolutely top notch value (I have both a PCCG prebuilt and a Dell G5 Gaming as my desktops).

      There are still some nuances with TF that needs to be addressed (slow deliveries/part availability) but Luke works hard with the OzB community in trying to rectify these issues.

    • Hi there,

      I just bought almost the same deal from Techfast at the end of May (except without the better PSU). I upgraded to 32GB 3200HZ ram so paid about $1200 posted.

      The system was posted in the quoted 14 business days. It spent 3-4 days with auspost, which is quite quick from SA to Vic during COVID. No issues there.

      Its my first new desktop for 10 years so I am more than happy. Packaged well, turned on and worked first time, no issues for the past couple of weeks of operation. I haven't bench marked it but its had no issues running games etc.

    • I have an older build with the Biostar B350 motherboard and it is an absolutely garbage motherboard. Currently trying to contact Techfast support because the motherboard has a common issue of CMOS failure which happened to me today after less than 6 months of owning the computer.

      See Biostar's official response to this issue: https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/support/faq_content.php?S_.... Really laughable honestly

  • Good build but it would have been much more enticing if this build had an upgrade path to Ryzen 3600 for SMT.

  • Finally a proper deal! Kudos to you for listening to the community! 16gb 3200hz + a proper PSU. +1

    • Offset by a crappy CPU and already significantly out of date motherboard. You get what you pay for…

      • Mobo can be upgraded for $99, which brings total to $1188. The CPU isn't the best but still OK for the price. I'd put the 3500x on par with the 3300x, or maybe just slightly worse based on YouTube reviews. Like you said though you get what you pay for. Won't be easy to match this price even if you build it from scratch.

        • I would rather they slotted a 5700 xt, and upgraded Mobo to a 450, and CPU to the 3300x.

          That'd be a deal.

  • Techfast no longer passes the "sniff test".

    Too many comments about radio silence once they have your money. Too many comments about excessive delays (COVID notwithstanding). Too many comments about deliberately pairing bad components together (for an appealing sticker price) so you are basically obligated to upgrade to sensible components.

    • I agree with your sentiments, however, their deals are more suitable for budget conscious people, so it's a trade-off.

      • I'm a budget shopper and was going to throw down for one of their systems a few weeks ago, glad I held off. It's not really much of a "saving" if you have to spend hours for weeks trying to get what you ordered :-/

    • I bought a biostar a320 + rx 580 system off them as I knew what I was getting, and decided the price was fine as I could take the cheaper parts and make a 2nd system with my old parts and flog it to someone on FB.

      That was about a year ago.

      I feel that the folks making the decisions have determined they're now 'big' enough to stop with the loss leader cheap combos. (like the old biostar systems, or the 1070 demo systems)

      I can respect the cheap biostar stuff, the cheap team stuff, their cheap cases, and the demo stock (So long as they're paired together) but it needs to undercut the sticker prices considerably like they used to.

      • I get the same feels… the value just isn't there anymore. Hoping for some return to form by end of year but you might be right in that they have now switched gears

        • I suspect it's more that supply is constrained due to Covid-19, and TechFast is struggling to get the bulk-buy deals they've managed in the past.

          Could be a bit both, I guess.

      • To be fair to them, they're a business not a charity. Pretty sure with these prices even though they're making a profit, the margin is incredibly thin. But yeah I miss those days when they had amazing deals like the 1070FE systems.

        • That is fair, but I think the reason they became popular was for the immense value. Once that goes, the main benefit is gone right?
          Don't get me wrong I support them and I want them to do really well, they deserve it.

          • @burrtotron: To be honest, this deal is pretty solid.

            To build a similar system,

            Motherboard (B450M) $100
            CPU 3300X $250
            RTX 2060 $550
            PSU $100
            2x8gb ram $100
            240gb SSD $50
            Case $50

            You'd be looking at a minimum of ~$1200, compared $1187 ($1088+99 for b450m) at techfast.

            • @j0hnd0e: 3300 is 195 at PLE/ 219 at scorptec
              Otherwise, fair.
              But again they became popular for offering builds way below self-built price.

              Again not holding any grudges, just can feel this sentiment among people who have been on here for a while.

              I guess we can't hold on to the past eh :)

              • @burrtotron: you gotta take comments on the internet with a lot of salt, it's usually the case that the 99% are silent majority and happy with the product and has no incentive to comment, but the 1% that has problems get really mad and vent their anger on the internet(and rightly so), this is why there is a disproportionate amount of 1 star reviews, and it really skews the perception. and this doesn't include astroturfers/trolls, which i reckon there are a lot here, just go visit one of those airpod threads and you'll see what i mean…

            • @j0hnd0e: My son’s early B’day present and school holiday project. Thanks to tips here and other forums. Prices might be lower now but needed it during school holidays. This is the last week. I was going to buy from Techfast but in comparison, the specs we have is better. But the main reason being that he wanted to build it by himself.

              CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3300X 3.8 GHz Quad-Core Processor ($204.00) Shopping Express

              Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M GAMING Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard ($127.20) Shopping Express

              Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory ($116.00) Shopping Express

              Storage: Kingston A400 480 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($83.20) Shopping Expeess

              Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER 4 GB Ventus XS OC Video Card ($260.00) Shopping Express

              Case: ROTANIUM TG 302 ATX RGB 4 x Fans and Controller ($99.00) very happy with this case. Looks fantastic. MSY

              Power Supply: Thermaltake Smart BX1 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply ($89.00) MSY

              Wireless Network Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN881ND PCIe x1 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi Adapter ($21.00) MSY

              Monitor: LG 25UM58-P 25.0" 2560x1080 60 Hz Monitor Scorptec

              Total: $909.40 tower only
              Generated by PCPartPicker 2020-07-09 09:43 EDT-0400

              So yes if RTX 2060 will be around $1200.

              • @sal78: The case is a piece of crap. I bought it and it has zero airflow. If it's not used take it back? I was gaming on BF5 and my Ryzen 5 3600 was at 89 degrees with the stock cooler not overclocked. They are also none pwm fans so you can't control them through the mobo.
                You can probably get air from the top of you don't want to mod the case.
                When I took the front panel of, the cpu temp went down by 20 degrees. I am going to make my own holes in the front panel.

                • @aussieprepper: Oh really? There is a review on youtube and he gave it a high score. That’s why I bought it.The front panels is mesh which is another + . It’s not like I didn’t do any research.

                  There is another model same price but not mesh. Are you sure you didn’t buy that one? The model is 303.

                  It has also been recommended by Punkboy.

                  • @sal78: The mesh is covered by the glass on mine. It would be okay for a water cooled system but not normal fans. I'll get some pics for you.

                  • @sal78: I just double checked mine is the 302 the front looks mesh but its glass and has hardly no ventilation i think the 303 might be better.
                    Here are some pics of the front panel.
                    If you see the siding on the front panel there is little gaps but not big enough to make a difference.

                    • @aussieprepper: It looks great with the RGB lights but close up is cheap plastic.

                      We are using the Gigabyte B450 gaming mobo and unable to connect the 3 pin fan to the mobo. It’s all 4 pin. But fans still working just that we can’t change the speed. Have yet to test the fan speed. What did you do? thinking of getting a splitter.

                      What if you bought 2 fans to replace the existing which can be connected to Mobo? that would likely solve the issue? and it’s not too exxy. We might have to do this too. Silly to run 4 fans at 100%

                      Also, can’t get the wifi card to work. Perhaps in the wrong slot. Will try again tomorrow.

                      • @sal78: The fans connect to the controller apparently you can connect a 3 pin to the fan controller box and regulate the speed through that. Mine didn't come with a 3 pin connector. The 3 pin connector can be connected to any 4 fan controller and should work okay.
                        You can control the fan speed from the remote?
                        The WiFi card will need the driver to work i plugged a Lan cable into mine to update the drivers first.

    • Had no issue with getting mine on time, nor with the RMA that followed due to shipping damages.

  • Great to see a better quality PSU and the 3200mhz RAM as standard.

    Well done Luke and Techfast. Onya for listening to feedback and trying something different.

  • It appears the era of Techfast is coming to an end :(

    • The era passed by quite fast :(

    • Why do you say that?

      • Well for one thing, the prices and components are no longer as good as they used to be and there appears to be a large amount of negative experience in orders, lately.

        Now I understand it's probably unfair to blame Techfast to an extent regarding both cases as components have become more expensive and covid can cause unexpected delays, I didnt want to imply that Techfast is a bad company, just that the offers are no longer as good.

        • well people were complaining here because they believed the components are of inferior quality(which i think is utter stupidity)

          so now you get a better PSU, double the ram, double the SSD, and lo and behold price went up… and now people are complaining because its too expensive

          a lot of business die off because they keep trying to keep vocal customers happy instead of think about the future

    • fully agreed

      • Have a read of my reply to JuryWheel.

        Techfast used to offer much better deals, the processor and mb here are not exactly worth the overall price of what you are paying. 1k is still some serious money and you'd be better off slowly building your own system with better components over a period of time, if you are more of an enthusiastic that is.

  • I'm going to pull the trigger guys. Can anyone give me some pointers regarding the cases? Not too much details from the one picture.
    I definitely do not like the look of the MAG FORGE. So it's either the Mid M-ATX case or the Flair RGB MATX.

    • They're not the best but gets the job done.

    • buy another case you like and transfer the innards over if it is that important for you?

    • The Leaper mid has milk white painted metal panels if you haven’t noticed. Also has an Allied logo on the front that ruined the clean HTPC look I was going for.
      Def made me re-house the thing quick smart lol

      • I also did not realise the leaper case was white from the photo above, so was a little disappointed when i opened the box. However, it sits under my desk and to me a case is only a box to hold the parts, so not a big deal. I would not spend $40 more dollars for a case upgrade.

  • Bought with techfast 8 business days ago, just got email stating it will get delayed beyond 14 business days.

    Unsure why they still stating 14 business days till delivery, if thats the case though

    • Techfast is well known for being slow turn-around, they admit it in comments here too, it will be fine just gotta assume you will be waiting up to 3 weeks and try not to think about it until it arrives

  • Is that the GIGABYTE P650B 80 Plus Bronze 650W PSU??

    Wow nice on techfast for moving to a branded PSU!!

    • And a good one at that. It's non-modular, but at least we don't have to deal with that.

  • Just share my experince with TF. Bought a system this Feb. Non 80+rated Aywun PSU failed on arrival. The PSU doesn't have 8-pin for GPU, instead they use molex adapters. The SSD (same brand as the case ) failed completely (can't access, can't format)in June. I started to worry about the other parts from unreputable brands. I recommend anyone buys this system to change the SSD ASAP. Sounds like the PSU is solid.

    • I replaced the SSD (Lexar NS100) and chucked it in my dad's laptop, been going strong for 6 months. I made sure to buy one of their TT Litepower builds, but in the end I replaced it because I started doing some overclocking and I was pretty sure the bill savings'd pay it off anyway.

  • Hey Luke, bring back this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/491169 and pair it with this PSU for $999 and I'll love you forever xD

  • Curious.. if they can't fulfill existing previous orders… why are they able to continue to post deals..

  • What's a good gaming monitor under $300?
    Back to online teaching again


  • Hi Luke, just wondering if you knew what brands of RTX 2060 are currently in rotation/you're using? I know you guys use varied ones and can't guarantee much but even a narrower set of brands if you could list them would be great info for me before I purchase.


  • Price Drop to $999 after coupon

  • Sometime you dont need to UPGARDE or its JUST NO WORTH IT but in this case thats NOT THE CASE!

    MSI Mortar B550 M-ATX Motherboard [Supports m.2 NVME SSD & 3200MHz RAM] $210.00
    1TB m.2 NVME SSD [Requires Minimum B450/B360 Motherboard Purchase] $159.00
    AND THE MSI MAG Forge 100R ATX Case $89.00
    =$458 + $15 more on postage = $473ish (depends on the freight quite location)

    the mb has a best price RRP of $275, the 1tb M.2 is about the same as 500gb M.2's are or an OZB ebay/amazon/newegg coupon special!
    lastly, why the case UG, well the 2 inc cases are crap, superlight metal that you can bend and distort (ok its not a deal breaker but)
    the MSI case is a serious cut above and its the same price as PC Case Gear, has them!

    Now why have to pull it all apart, buy the case+P&H (so their goes the savings) and loose Warranty?!?
    Last tip is to use YESTECITY/Youtuber link in the video comments and coupon code for a WinPro 64bit licence key! No $169 OS for OZB's!

    Im not an expert on monitors, but used ones are cheap and plentiful, 24" 1080P with AUDIO or 27" 1080P is the sweet $ specs for a new one. yes the 2060 can do 1440P
    (32" with sound 120-144hz recommended if your going to buy new) but frame lock 1080P 60/75hz for stutter free ultra smooth and fast gaming!

    Lastly a backlit wired gaming keyboard and mouse on eBay is about $20 delivered, upto $45 with headphones for family friends gaming!
    "Honana Portable Optical Wired Optical Mouse+ USB Suspended Backlight Keyboard AU" ebay search and with headphones;
    "AU 4in1 Gaming Combo Rainbow Gaming Keyboard and Mouse + Headset For PS4 Blue"

  • It's a shame it's not $999 still, I would have bought it. Need more deals like this under <$1k

  • What's with the price fluctuations? I find it hard to believe the price drop was UNINTENTIONAL. I mean, it's not as if it's a pricing error - you posted it yourself "Update 24 July 2020: Price drop from $1088 to $999", so how could it be UNINTENTIONAL? Load of bull.

    P.s. your description still mentions $999 as of today 29/7 10am.

  • Would buy this if the price comes back to $999.

  • Sorry does the B450 upgrade motherboard can support 4 DDR Ram or 2?

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