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Lenovo ThinkPad E15 Gen 2 (15.6" FHD, Ryzen 5 4500U, 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD) $1002 Delivered @ Lenovo


Greetings everyone, seems like this deal has just got even cheaper for the next few days :) Seems like a great price for the specs from what I can tell.

The original price of the laptop is $899.50 after the coupon (8gb, 256gb SSD) and then extras are upgradeable for 50% off each.

Just noticed jjsnacks picked this up earlier also, so thank you to them also for the find.

Thanks to grababargain for the specs of the title:

System Specs:

  • Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 4500U (6C / 6T, 2.3 / 4.0GHz, 3MB L2 / 8MB L3)
  • Operating System : Windows 10 Home 64
  • Operating System Language : Windows 10 Home 64 English
  • Onboard Memory : 8GB Soldered DDR4-3200
  • Selectable Memory : 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
  • Total Memory : 8GB Soldered DDR4-3200 + 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
  • First Hard Drive : 512GB SSD M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe
  • Display : 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) IPS 250nits Anti-glare
  • Graphic Card : Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics
  • Camera : 720p with ThinkShutter
  • Keyboard : Backlit, English
  • Keyboard Patch : None
  • Wireless : RTL8822CE 11ac, 2x2 + BT5.0
  • TPM Setting : Enabled Discrete TPM2.0
  • Absolute BIOS Selection : BIOS Absolute Enabled
  • Battery : Integrated 45Wh
  • Power Cord : 65W USB-C
  • Display Panel : 15.6" FHD(1920x1080) IPS Anti-Glare 250nits Non-Touch, 720p HD Camera with Shutter, Mic, Al, Black
  • Language Pack : Publication-English
  • Warranty : 1 Year Depot

Don't forget to stack with 3% Cashback via Cashrewards for further savings! This selection should come to ~$975 after cashback from what I understand.

As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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  • +15

    If only you could upgrade that 250nit screen this would be very nice. 250nit's is so garbage.

    • I would agree, unless you're only intending to use a laptop inside in darkness I'd aim for 400 minumum

    • Also is it 45 % NTSC?

    • +16

      I have had my E14 Gen 2 with the same 250nit ips screen for a couple of weeks now, I wouldn't agree that it's a completely garbage screen, the 45% NTSC is noticeable when you switch over to an OLED phone screen, however i found with the matte display 250nits is enough even in a bright room, outdoor use would be pushing it but a room with light is still totally usable.

      Ofcourse the screen is still these laptops letdown but don't let it discourage buyers too much! if you're using it for video/photo editing then i would agree in saying its a letdown but for general internet browsing, netflix, youtube, word processing excel and some light gaming it holds its own at this price point most definitely !

      • +1

        Thanks for the review
        I ordered one with same and now started wondering if it was a bad idea.

        • +8

          It's honestly not a big issue the screen! the laptop itsself is fantastic, powerful (mine has 4700u,16gbRAM) and well built, its a great laptop in my eyes.

          However i should add there is an amd radeon setting called "Vari Bright" without this switched off you can only utilise the 250nits when the laptop is plugged in! so access the AMD Radeon Settings and click on display, then switch Vari Bright to off, this will allow you full 250nits worth of brightness on battery aswell as plugged in, with this preset setting toggled on, when disabled i found the brightness to be a non issue as described! hope this helps anyone.

          • +1

            @Mttogo96: Thanks I will try that. I will use this mostly indoors plugged to 2 external monitors. So may not be an issue.

            • @nsavi: If you're plugged into monitors then this laptop has no downsides, unless you are gaming in 2020 at High settings then you will need a dedicated GPU for high end gaming performance of course.

      • Are you able to play games like civilization on this?

    • I have a yoga (higher model) and the screen isn't bright enough for me. The colours are pretty average for as well (imo).

    • +2

      We always get these dull screens in these otherwise good laptops. Which model should we buy if we want it to be good for photos and videos/editing?

      • Dell Inspiron 7000 series have 100% sRGB for about $500 more

      • T or X series Thinkpads

        • The screen options are the same in T or X - 250/300/400 nits.
          Are you saying the displays are brighter and better in T/X though the screen options are same ?

          • @nsavi: Lenovo removed the option for better screen for E-series Thinkpad.
            The 400-nits screen was available for T-series about 10 days ago, but only the 300 nits/45%NTSC screen is available for T-series now.
            For a better screen you need to go with the X series.
            Source: I hesitate for a days on a T-series and saw the 400nits option gone…

  • great find op

    • WDM -> Warranty Does Matter

    • Typing on this as we speak. Huge upgrade from my previous laptop but the screen is as bad as the reviews say. Very very dim.

    • I am in the same boat. This has slightly bigger screen and bigger SSD and local warranty, that has touch display due to which can be used like a tablet but sketchy warranty.

    • Flex is ideapad. This one is Thinkpad, better built.
      Happy to be corrected

  • The USB 3.2 gen 1 - is that thunderbolt or is it the gen 2 ?

    • USB 3.2 does not have Thunderbolt in its spec at all. This laptop does not have Thunderbolt. USB 4 has the Thunderbolt spec I believe. USB 3.2 gen 1 is regular old USB 3.0 5gbps.

    • Has Intel made TB available to AMD?

        • Yay

          Update 2/6/2020 7pm PT: Clarified that Intel did not previously charge royalties for Thunderbolt. Instead, vendors weren't allowed to produce Thunderbolt controller silicon, which is now freely allowed.

          Hopefully we see more and more machines with it - although they'll be on the higher end.

    • If you want thunderbolt go Dell.

  • It's cheaper than the education store.

    • Cheaper than the one I brought like 3 weeks ago from the education store deal that isn't even here yet :(

  • Do they actually take the 4-5 week delivery period?

    • +2

      Based on my experience and the comments from past deals, 4-5 weeks would be optimistic

    • +2

      Don't get your hopes high. Be prepared to wait up to 3 months.

    • +2

      Got the previous E595 deal, It took the whole 6 weeks. Luckily the kid I got it for is very light sensitive so the crappy dark screen is not an issue. However, it is bad.

      I need another laptop and now am not sure about Lenovo.

    • I purchased mine from the education site, upgraded from standard to the specs on this post. Purchased 16th july, shipped today 21st july

      • Same as yours , purchased 14th July expected to Ship July 21, 2020 and expected to arrive July 30, 2020, then I suppose it takes another 7 day to receive it.

  • 45% NTSC or 72? I don't like it when my screen is 1/3 of the way towards pure grey-scale relative to a normal monitor or TV display.

  • Thanks, ordered one :-)

  • +7

    Why are the screens on new laptops absolute garbage?

    • They save the better ones for the expensive models.

      • unfortunately they refuse to put the new ryzen chips in said models

        • +3

          Blame Intel for that. They can get down to any level!

  • Would like to have better colour reproduction and discreet graphics

    • +2

      Or discrete. ;)

    • I assume the graphic card cannot be upgraded to a dedicated one?

      • You can't upgrade laptop graphics cards unless they support USB C external ones.

    • Segment the market for maximum profit. You can probably get an after market screen upgrade (72%+ NTSC and 120 Hz) for about $120.

    • +1

      4500u Vega … performs around gt 1030 / MX150 ?

      • Yes, I think it performs similar to a GT1030 desktop GPU but lacks CUDA.

  • +2

    For those who are always crying: only 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, no deal. This is for you.

  • Has anyone tried using the "JULOVE" coupon on the Education pricing ?

    • +2

      I've just tried, it didn't work on this E15 gen 2

      • Thats a bummer - Thank for trying .

  • i want this but with a 4700u, a better screen, and a bigger battery. I've got a feeling i will be waiting a while.

    • Looks like the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 and the Asus Zenbook UM433IQ will be the closest compromise.

      • Aren't those ones only 14" ?

        • +2

          Yes unfortunately. Heres a reddit thread with some of the 100% srgb options that will be available.
          The Redmibook 16 looked really interesting until they soldered on 2666mhz ram. Or you could go the gaming laptop route, the Legion looks pretty decent and is available now.

          • +1

            @rilebags: Thanks for the reddit link. That'll be helpful.

            Trying to avoid a gaming laptop because of the negative impact on battery life. I work away from power points for up to 6 hours sometimes. I would consider a laptop with a smaller discreet card if it had a bigger battery tho.

            Hopefully something suitable comes out soon.

            • @gruffjaguar: I'm in the same boat. Hopefully Lenovo make the screen upgrade for the Ideapad 5 available here as they have in the UK, then that would be pretty decent.

            • @gruffjaguar: Battery life on the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop is pretty incredible, as is power. Independent testing showing over 10 hours. Finding stock is a major challenge though.

              The HP Omen 15 is available to order at HP Australia now (4-6 weeks according to sales chat). Top spec is $2999 but corp and edu store links have it at $2261. I didnt do detailed research on battery, but recall reviews said it was surprisingly good. For that price it is a RTX2060 discrete GPU with 4800H processor, 144hz screen etc.

              I'm not needing gaming spec so these aren't for me, but if you do these may be viable options if it suits your budget. Costs twice as much or more than this deal though

            • +2

              @gruffjaguar: hey man i just saw this was announced this week, looks ideal for me but warranty might be tough if its an import

              • @rilebags: This one does look good.

              • @rilebags: That laptop does look nice! The 4800H is considerably less power efficient tho right?

                If it comes with a big battery it might balance out tho for sure. Do you know when/where it will be available?

      • Are we able to get the Zenbook in Aus yet?

        • Nope, not yet.

  • Any additional code to get further discounts?

  • Just got an offer for an additional 3% off with the coupon code: 'THINK-E'.

    • Could you tell me how you did this? When I add the coupon code THINK-E to the cart, JULOVE gets replaced and the price gets bumped up again :(

    • It doesn't look like it would stack up, instead it replacing the JULOVE code. Anyone managed to stack it up?

  • do we have to buy the charger separately ?

  • +1

    How is the battery? 3 hours?

    • No reviews yet so dunno. Intel version gets ~5hours so this one will probably get about 7.

  • Is the screen bad for those wanting to do light room editing etc? If this was to be connected to an external second screen not an issue?

    • yes and not an issue

  • How does people store all their data on such small size hard drive? After installing windows, Ms office and storing all photos & video !

    • Cloud storage, USB and network attached storage (NAS) is your answer.

      • Thanks, I didn't know about NAS, need to google and find cheapest NAS for regular user.

        • There's no cheaper NAS so far I could get. Share the luck if you do find one please.

  • When people talk about better "quality" with X series and T series, what do they mean? Is it just cosmetic stuff assuming same specs. If I totally don't care about how it looks and feels, is it worth the additional money from function point of view assuming same CPU, RAM and SSD size?

    • They are thinner and lighter, better screens, better battery life, made of carbon-fibre with better durability. If none of that matters then this is a really great deal.

    • +16

      They're not thinner/lighter. It's not really cosmetic stuff either. Neither of those are the focus of thinkpads, they're all kinda ugly and bulky.

      Thinkpads are made to be durable and the X/T series are more durable than the E. You get a better chassis material (magnesium alloy on the T/X vs plastic + aluminum on the E), extra structural rigidity, and the hinges are a different design and more durable. The motherboards are also apparently higher quality and less likely to fail. The E series used to have a reputation for being built like generic non thinkpad laptops, cheap plastic and not very durable. But that's not true anymore, they're become more and more like the T series over the years. They used to look look like cheap bargain bin Dells https://static.techspot.com/articles-info/254/images/18b.jpg

      You also get options for better screens, the base 250nit display on the T series is kinda bad, but you can upgrade it to a nicer screen which you can't do on the E series. The base screen on the X series is already much nicer than the E series screen.

      Also T/X and E series don't come with the same CPU's, the X/T have hyperthreading so they're faster. They also yeah have bigger batteries

      • +1

        Well done that a dam good explanation .

      • Perfect 👌

  • Dont forget to add the FP sensor and the IR camera for face detection. Worth 30 extra IMO.

  • +1

    How many laptops can an OzBargainer afford to buy….!!!

  • Does the E595 have the same screen issues with this E95 ?

  • Can you connect two monitors to this? There is one HDMI port but if the USB-C is for charging, how do you connect a second monitor?

    • Use a USB-C hub that supports charging - most will support two display inputs as well

  • No option to replace RTL8822CE 11ac, 2x2 + BT5.0 with Intel Wifi AX

    There was option to install Intel Wifi AX in the E14 Gen 2 Deal

  • Hi guys…

    Is this deal still working? I customised with 16gb RAM and 512 NVME SSD and its coming up to $1049 with JULOVE.

    • Definitely still $1002, make sure you only add 8gb RAM extra as there is already 8gb included in the original customisation.

      If you add the 16gb option, it will be 8gb Soldered + 16gb extra in the $1049 customisation.

      • Thanks for that. Rookie mistake, added 16gb not 8gb.

  • +1

    Has anyone been able to get another 3% off by using code THINK-E? It seems you can only use one code, either JULOVE or THINK-E

    • yes I was able to when I exceed 1002. do you have to buy charger separately >

  • Hi guys, question to all computer gurus here. A few weeks ago I bought (compliments of OzB, of course) this
    for just under $960. I am very much budget-oriented at the moment, so was looking for a cheapest decent option for a laptop. Overall, I'm quite happy with that Dell laptop, but I really wanted 16gb RAM, just from the forward-looking considerations (I'm not a gamer). So now looking at this deal, should I kick myself that I could have gotten a laptop with 16gb RAM, or am I still having a decent deal with the DELL one? Among the biggest 'pro'-s for the DELL one are Ryzen7 4700U processor (this Lenovo is apparently with Ryzen5 4500U) and a nice looking aluminum body (vs plastic Lenovo)?
    Cheers to everyone for their thoughts on that.