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[eBay Plus] Hisense 65Q8 65" 4K ULED TV $1728 Delivered @ Appliance Central eBay


2020 Hisense 65Q8

65 Inch
Ultra HD- 4K
200 Hz
Back Lit
Local Dimming
Full Array

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  • What is the American version of the Q8?

    It seems like Q8 is the Australian version

  • If this had Android OS I'd be all over it. As it stands I believe that even major services like Disney plus aren't supported on the Hisense OS.

    • Don't the Hisense TV's sold in the US use Android TV?

    • Netflix and Amazon Prime are definitely on Hisense OS, however, Disney+ hasn't developed an app for the Hisense.

    • The Hisense VIDAA 2.5 and 3 software has Netflix, Stan and Prime but no Disney +, Hopefully there is an update soon.

        • No Kayo. No disney+. No NBA.

          I've had the Q8 for about a month and a half now and it's an amazing TV. OS is smooth and fast but without some key apps I'm after, it really does hold it back.

          Getting an NVIDIA Shield to sort this out

          • @phxsun: I usually use a chromecast with mine for the other services. The built in streaming services is ok but not even close a chromecast.

            • @Rangaskhan: Yeah I thought it would be OK since it had the important apps and the OS was smooth but I think a Shield or Chromecast Ultra would be a good investment. Can never rely on the TV manufacturer to provide updates if they are running their own OS

      • My P7 Vidaa 2.5 doesn't have Prime. Is there a way to get Prime?

    • If you're relying on, or picking a TV based on the OS, you're really not doing yourself many favors. A standalone box is better in every way.

      • Disagree. I understand the performance of an Nvidia shield is better for example, but I like the integration of an all in one unit for my TV. I'm also in a situation where I can't use any plug ins to my TV due to it's placement (long story, HDMI cables in solid brick walls have degraded, can't re chase them due to the number of turns, so everything has to be native on the TVs OS). I've got a projector with a plug in box, and that's fine, but its more of a hassle if I just want to quickly chuck on something.

        • Understandable, that is a bit of a pickle you've got to make the best of and if i were you i'd try and get Android TV to at least give myself a little flexibility. That aside though there is no substitute for a standalone box in terms of performance, reliability, capability, and longevity. We do not use TV apps for anything at all on our TVs, ever. TV stays on the HDMI connected to the box, its all-in-1 for all NAS, streaming, IPTV etc. Feel free to PM me if i can share any tips to make things simpler.

        • Something like a Nvidia Shield is pretty small and light, this might sound dumb but could you just not stick it to the back of the TV? I have the 2019 Pro and it doesn't require line of sight for the remote.

  • Purchased a 75" Q8. Overall easily recommend.

    What comes to mind first and foremost is the amount of marketing effort to have us "buy what we already on", be it phones, tv etc.

    We placed this side by side with our outgoing plasma using the same AVR, Samsung 64" E8000.
    When playing 4k and dolby vision, 3 out of 5 of us preferred the Q8.
    We had to upgrade the cables for the Q8 and it wasn't night and day when viewing side by side. Crazy.
    In saying that the old plasma for impressive.
    The Q8 is significantly heavier and thicker than the plasma which we didn't expect.

    HDMI cables to the side for wall mounting.
    Picture is great overall and bright.
    No motion issues.
    Quality better than expected.

    Instantly grizzles about HDMI cable switching.
    Can't comment on UI / services, use a Shield instead.
    Depth of TV, particularly lower third.

    Had to restart once, when it dropped HDMI.
    1 in say, 120 times.

    We only swapped because our plasma developed a line. Is it worth 3k to change over otherwise? Unlikely.
    Consider a 4k projector for a step change.

  • you can get a Vodafone TV stick ($75) to get google android features …

  • lol i mentioned this price on the LG post in a comment before it was posted