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Ryzen 3600X & ASUS Strix X570-E Motherboard $859 (Save $80) Delivered @ CGB Solutions


Only available until Sunday or until stock lasts

Save up to $80 on Ryzen 5 3600X with selected ASUS Motherboards

Participating Motherboard

  • ASUS Strix X570-E $570 | Ryzen 3600X $289

  • ASUS Strix B550-E $439 | Ryzen 3600X $340

  • ASUS Prime X570-P CSM $299 | Ryzen 3600X $349

  • ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) $429 | Ryzen 3600X $329

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  • Note: Ryzen 3600X Gaming PC Deal is starting to ship, sorry about the delays as this wasn't inteneded

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  • +10

    $500 motherboard ay…

  • +11

    Why not buy a 3900X with a cheaper board instead?

  • +13

    when your motherboard cost more than the CPU..

    • A lot of people actually did that when they were panicking over Ryzen 4000 support on B450 before B550 was released. Obviously not to this extent, but they'd spend like $350 on their ASUS TUF GAMING X570-Plus and a measly $300 on their Ryzen 5 3600.

  • +5

    this deal is designed to f**k you…

    you want a cheap motherboard, well then the cpu price goes up

    $500 motherboard, cpu price goes down

    which makes comparisons with other stores a pain in the d**k

    also asus is a company you shouldnt associate with AMD cpus laptops notwithstanding…

  • title misleading AF

  • +4

    don't buy from these guys. They do not deliver on time, their support is bad and they do not refund money (even after 6 days of complaining!!)

    • Hi there,

      Refunds are processed in accordance to the policies which are accepted upon checking out

      We're currently experiencing delays due to covid19 and restrictions that are in place in metropolitan Melbourne


      • +3

        In your own words…

        Policies that are accepted, is code for you should read the fine print sucka.

        Covid didn't stop you posting this. You could sort his issue too.

        … yep, runaway.

    • +4

      I agree, this company is terrible. They hold your order for ransom and when you finally go to cancel it they charge you 10%. Never dealing with them again. They can keep the money they stole from me and shove it.

      • +1

        Yep same experience here, pretty much take your money and go radio silence for a month. Then when you complain they charge you a 10% fee despite originally quoting "2-3 weeks". Severe lack of communication or compensation for the delays, frustrated to say the least.

        • Originally paid via Paypal, awaiting them to sort this out. TechFast is much better guys, beware of these guys!!
          Hopefully covered by paypal without further issues….!!

  • +2

    This might be another option for $789:

    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
    Gigabyte GA-X570 UD Motherboard
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz DDR4

    Or thisRyzen 7 bundle for $949

    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
    Gigabyte B550 I AORUS PRO AX Motherboard
    Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4

    • +1

      Note for those thinking of this setup. The memory in the Ryzen 7 setup here isn't on that motherboards compatibility list, so double check that. From experience, that ram isn't the best for Ryzen systems and does not like running above around 2900Mhz on my motherboard. Still works fine, but I can't get the full speed.

      • Thanks!
        I hadn't actually looked that deeply into it. Good to know though

        • Usually it doesn't matter all too much. Just confirm there are other users with the same generation of Ryzen as you using this kit, no need to use those limited lists.

          • @Void: yeah it really is a non-issue. I just slapped some Silicon Power (new and small brand, completely unvalidated) RAM onto my Ryzen 1600 (not even AF), works and hits 3200mhz cl16 no problem.

  • +4

    Lol a 3600 on X570 you've got to be joking. Unless you've got a 3900X+ and can't make any meaningful upgrades then sure go right ahead and get a $300 X570 board (the one in this listing is $500!!!), but if you've got like a 3800X or less just get an X470 Gaming Plus MAX for $189 delivered at Centrecom and have a great value board.




    • prior to covid it really didnt matter that much

      my AMD build was supposed to be with a mid grade x570 but I went with a b450 because it was close enough to what I wanted to do… a 3600 on a 570 was common.

      Now after covid prices are all dumb.

    • Wouldn't you need to do a BIOS update for the X470 board?

      • It is part of MSI's "MAX" lineup, which all come with the BIOS updated for Ryzen 3000 and a 32MB BIOS chip for a no compromises BIOS to support Ryzen 4000.

  • Why the face…! lol seems a bit expensive if you ask me

  • Only people who are looking to upgrade CPUs and do more upgrades in the future. Otherwise why get such exp mobo? Overclocking?

    • +1

      The motherboard IMO is ridiculously overfeatured. Like a $300k Mercedes. It has 11ax, the RGBs, 2.5Gbps ethernet, 8 channel sound, heaps of ports inc. gen2 and amazing vrms… there are boards over $1k, over $1.5k… amazing but geez, I'm happy with my crappy Asrock steel legend.

  • Any PSU specials OP?

    • Hi Sylon

      We will have some Corsair 650W PSUs semi modular on special in the next day or two when stock arrives


  • +3

    These "sale" prices seem more expensive than other retailers default prices.

    The 3600 is sold for $299 by multiple retailers, the x570 tuf with wifi is sold by Amazon for $298, for a combined total of $597. This "on sale" combo package has them for a combined price of $758. I just don't see where the bargain is. You can do the same thing for other listings.

  • Who are the people who upvoted this?!

  • They don't list if an item is in stock or not. I would run a mile. Less scammy (but still scammy in my opinion) have special order next to everything, and that's another way of saying guy who works from home and doesn't keep any stock

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