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[Prime] Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen $10 for New Prime Customers ($6.99/Month) @ Amazon AU


Get an Echo Dot for $10 when you join Prime
Amazon Prime includes fast, free delivery on eligible orders, great entertainment and more.
For a limited time, new Prime members can get one Echo Dot (3rd gen) for $10 (RRP $79) – our most popular smart speaker with

Plus if you signup / pay with Amex you also will get Qantas point

Terms and Conditions: Echo Dot for $10 when you join Amazon Prime

This offer (the “Offer”) entitles an eligible “New to Prime Customer” (defined below), to purchase a single Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Charcoal Fabric, Heather Grey, Plum Fabric or Sandstone Fabric on Amazon.com.au (the “Qualifying Item”) for $10.00 when they first sign up for a Prime membership (monthly or annual) between 23 July 2020 1:00 PM AEST and 6 August 2020 11:59 PM AEST. See redemption instructions below.

A “New to Prime Customer” for the purposes of this Offer, means a customer who is not currently an Amazon Prime Australia member.

Prime members who cancel during the offer period and re-join will not be eligible.

This Offer excludes Echo Dot with Clock.

This Offer is valid only for the Qualifying Item identified in these terms and conditions. If a New to Prime Customer does not sign up to Prime between 23 July 2020 1:00 PM AEST and 6 August 2020 11:59 PM AEST., the Offer will not apply.

This Offer only applies to items sold by Amazon AU at the website www.amazon.com.au. The offer does not apply to products sold by third party sellers (including Amazon US and even if fulfilled by Amazon AU).

To redeem the offer, a New to Prime Customer must sign up to a trial or paid membership to Amazon Prime Australia. You will then receive an email confirmation that a credit has been automatically applied to your account within 48 hours. Following receipt of this email, add the Qualifying Item to your cart, and at checkout, the price of the Qualifying Item will be automatically adjusted using the credit to $10.

Offer limited to a maximum of 1 (one) Qualifying Item listed in these terms and conditions, per customer. If Amazon considers a customer to be operating multiple accounts, those accounts will, for the purposes of this offer, be treated as one customer.

This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer cannot be used on pre-existing orders.

This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.

Shipping will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon's standard delivery rates and policies.

If you cancel or return any items purchased pursuant to the offer, you will only be refunded the price paid for those items.

Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time.

If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid.

Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply.

Offer limited to the first 24,000 customers.

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          • @jayboi: After contacting them they kept saying that $3.50 has already been processed even though I was saying I think its calculated incorrectly.
            In the end, they issued another $3.50 refund meaning I've received a total of $7.00 refunded for Prime.

            Summarised, that leaves my Amazon Dot that I received over the weekend at a total cost of $9.99!

            • @graceyym: I just tried live chat and they said since I have previously trialed it before there's no free trial. Fair enough - thought I'd give it a shot.

              Good news is that I received the full $79 credit for the echo dot 3. Not sure why but I'm not complaining.

              • @deale: I used a new email, new phone number and new debit card and managed to get a free month. Maybe they link one of those things with current users to determine if you’ve already received a free trial? Hmm

                • +1

                  @imnotarobot: I probably should have noted the following:

                  1) I have used the free trial on this account before.
                  2) Basically I paid the $6.99 for the first month of Prime
                  3) Cancelled my Prime Membershipment within 4 days (because I received my $10 Amazon Echo Dot)
                  4) Amazon automatically credited $3.50 to my credit card when I cancelled online.
                  5) As I only used 4 days of Prime & was credited $3.50 I quered why I was only credited $3.50 when based on 4 days use out of 30 which would out to be a credit of about $6.46 total for the days unused (26/30 days), they eventually refunded another $3.50.

                  Ultimately, I had paid $10.00 for the Amazon Echo Dot, $6.99 for Prime & then was refunded $7.00 for Prime. The Amazon Echo Dot cost me $9.99.

      • Can confirm this works. Queried about why it only charged $3.50 when used for less than a day. The rep initially said "I see you have used prime to purchase 1 item".. and then he's like "not to worry, I'll refund the remaining amount." All done is less than a minute.

        Amazon Prime Customer Service is truly amazing

  • Missed it !!!

  • Missed it !!!

    • +3

      no - from the website,it looks like it is still running

  • Just ordered mine.

  • Just claimed 👍

  • +1

    I ordered on friday 24th, still showing pending $10/- on my bank account, track package shows arriving this Wednesday (not shipped), usually they are quicker than this.
    I am not sure, why, I used new email, and bank details, only address is same, but two individuals in a house can have different accounts too.

    • +2

      same with me, I ordered on Friday, estimated date for Tuesday and it got shipped last night with free express shipping, so it is arriving today, and they just charged my card, it is fine, you will get it tomorrow, will get shipped tonight.ni ordered 2, one got shipped on Friday and one last night, it is arriving today

    • +1

      Ordered one on Friday (free expedited prime shipping) and arrived yesterday (shipped Sunday night)

    • +1

      I too ordered Friday night and mine is due 8pm Wednesday (Parcel Locker).. So Thursday I will be able to pick it up.

    • Arrived today in my parcel locker. Four days is pretty damn fast delivery.

  • +3

    with multiple accounts and orders, amazon au is getting smarter..
    here is a trick for any existing or new accounts (that have been detected as existing - not getting the free 30 days trial)

    1. sign up to prime by adding your credit card. the $6.99 charge is not instant. it will take a while for it to kick in.
    2. check your email address that a credit has been applied to your account.
    3. cancel prime straight away. there is a button telling you that a full refund of $6.99 will be actioned.
    4. order your echo dot for $10 with free standard delivery.

    if you want to take more risk. step 3 and 4 can be swapped - so that you can get free expedited prime delivery. i didnt try this.

    • +2

      Don’t swap step 3 and 4, that’s what I did with my first order and it was a mess! They only refunded $3.50 and I had to chat to them to refund the rest! But on my second order I did exactly what you did a couple days ago and it worked! I received my echo dot with no issues at all and got a full refund of prime and cancelled and used free standard delivery, glad we are on the same train of thought!

    • Confirm the steps seem to work.(Email with subject your name here, a credit has been applied to your account, came immediately after subscribing to prime)
      Hopefully the echo dot order doesn't get cancelled (haven't been charged yet, but that's not unusual for amazon until it's shipped).

      Note: I used a pre-paid $0 CC to activate the prime membership, and separate debit card for the Echo dot order.

      The order confirmation email from amazon came before the prime membership cancellation.

      As you requested, we've canceled your Amazon Prime membership.

      Since you have not used your Amazon Prime benefits, we are refunding you $6.99 which includes the full membership cost and any applicable fees and taxes. Your refund should be processed within the next 2-10 business days and will appear as a credit on your card's next billing statement. If your latest membership charge is still processing, we'll issue the refund as soon as the charge is completed.

      If you'd like to join Amazon Prime again, start a paid membership by visiting the Amazon Prime page.

  • +1

    Mine just arrived thanks OP. if you're a Star Trek fan, change the wake word to "Computer" :D

  • Cheers OP, lucky i hadn't already used my trial on my 2nd account..

    Activated trial & redeemed speaker within 5 mins, too easy..

    • +2

      Save another $3 by clicking to Cashrewards Ozb only link

      • My bad, missed that deal.. Will use it later to make up for it - FOMO…

  • +2

    there is sooo many echo dots for sale on ebay and gumtree now

    • +1

      Probably won’t be worth selling now. I ordered two and plan to use them in the bedroom.
      If you’re expecting to make more than $10 from a sale you’re dreamin!

      • +1

        Maybe someone who doesn't know about the promo would buy it, But I would just use it and enjoy it, its only $10, I got my second one for free, But then I would sell it for $15 after a couple of years when I don't need it

        • how u got second pair for free?

        • I am selling my used Dot 1st gen for $15 on gumtree, still awaiting for any offer. Lol, not a good timing at the moment.

      • Why would you need 2 in bedroom?

        • +1

          Stereo pair, it sounds amazing

  • +3

    smart marketing trick from Amazon trying to compete with both Google and eBay here in Australia.. get everyone on board using Amazon services and products

  • -2

    How many did everyone order?

    • +1
      1. ( Didn't you order 7)?
        • +4

          Because the people buying it are being ripped off as they could potentially also get it for $10. It also undermines the 1 per person rule and prevents companies from launching more of these deals just because they know a high amount of people will take advantage of them wrongfully.

  • +1

    Did anyone have any luck teaching echo dot play music from YouTube? I have tried some steps on YouTube but that didn’t work.

    • Dont think its supported

      • +1

        It works indirectly through bluetooth.

  • +3

    I'm having a bugger of time connecting it to my wifi - didn't have this problem with Google Home minis…….

    • +2

      I had the same problem, but then I set it up using the desktop website instead of the app and it worked on the first go alexa.amazon.com.au

      • Did you do that using a PC with bluetooth connectivity?
        The site tells be to use the app when I try from an iphone.

        • +2

          I did it using a mac, no bluetooth required. It detects the echo dot by connecting to its own wi-fi.

        • +2

          Yep on PC, didn't need bluetooth

          • @kettlenettle: I see a blank page :( on website

            • @life is suffering: This is my problem with the PC site too!
              I got my daughters one working by using the app on an Ipad, but mine still won't behave…

              • @kingsville: seriously bad integration imo. I will try iPad now thanks . this is disappointing lol

                • +1

                  @life is suffering: Amazon just announced they are fully rebuilding and redesigning the Alexa app, it will fix all the bugs and will look different. Will come out late August

              • @kingsville: Once I did with ipad the other devices seems to working ! wbu king

                • @life is suffering: Everything seems to work fine using an iPad - it is just the iPhone app that won’t behave for me during setup. Once the echo dot is setup, the iPhone app seems to function fine.

                  Nice to be up and running

    • Same, I’ll try the iPad or desktop setup now.
      Can’t get it working on my iPhone.

      • Update- couldn’t get it to work on iPhone or iPad app. Had to setup through link above on Windows.

        • glad something final worked for you!

  • i still have few days of free trial, guess i can't get one

  • Amazon Prime India cost 999 INR per annum equals to 1.5$ per month in todays rate.. will it work in Australia. i am going to test it anyway :)

    • Let us know.

    • +3

      It works only for Amazon Prime Video not for shopping benefits on Amazon website in Aus. I am using it from last 1 year :-)

      • works for twitch prime?

  • Thanks OP, also got it for $0 with 30-day trial

    • +1

      How did you get it for $0?

  • Received mine today … just realised that it doesn't have the common micro USB for power.

    • +2

      Its USB C or nothing. Say a big no to microUSB

    • +1

      Yeh - and they've used the biggest sodding Amazon-branded plug ever! I couldn't fit a plug next to it on the wall outlet, had to use a vertical double-adapter to allow room! ;/

      Thanks Op - the sound is so much better than my old Gen 1 and Gen 2

      • Yeah I agree with you there. They could have done with a better 15W plug if they really needed it. Having said that I still much rather this setup than having a microUSB. Itd piss me off every time I plug it in or change positions of the Echo. Just doesn't fit in this decade.

  • Just ordered
    Thx OP

  • Anyone tried this to play YouTube content directly?

  • Anyone else having issues getting this offer to work.
    I click on the link with a new amazon account, get the amazon info about $10 dot. Click on start prime trial > enter CC details > then I'm taken back to a prime benefits overview page. When I try to click back to the echo dot page price shows as $79 even after I add to cart? I've also tried incognito mode.

    • +3

      Add Echo dot to the cart from anywhere. After adding it to the cart, click next next till you reach payment page, it will show you being charged $10

  • How did people manage to get them for $0 and 70c?

  • Just ordered one and the wait time has blown out to September 2nd when they get more stock! One month away…

    • For charcoal colour though ;)
      I wanted charcoal to match the look of my Google Nest Mini but the wait was 6-8 weeks (ordered Sunday 2nd around 2:30pm) so I got the Heather Grey which is in-stock right now. Should get my order in a couple of days.

  • -1

    Tried to cancel the Free trial and offered another 30 days trial. Why not. I sold my 2nd Gen Echo Dot and using this new one. Much better sound and bass with the new one.

  • Does anyone know if we can add more than 2 echo dots for the purpose of stereo?

    • +1

      Yes, according to some people's feedback here (e.a. jayboi)

      • Thanks. I mean can we add more than 2?

        • +1

          you can do speaker groups that include stereo pairs

      • I did stereo pair with 2 echo dots, not sure about more than that, and it works excellently with 2

    • Yes you can

  • +1

    Just signed up with another email and subscribed to Prime and boooom, got Echo dot for $10.
    Thanks OP!

  • Just got one. Will try the stereo speaker thing as I have another 3rd-gen already. There's apparently some possibility of using them as home theatre speakers with a Firestick. I'd be interested in using them as surround speakers if that can work.

    • Update: can't do surround. Just stereo 2.0 or 2.1 (with echo sub)

  • Merged from Amazon Prime promotion - $10 for Echo Dot - available for ex members?

    Has anyone signed up to Amazon Prime lately, with the current promotion offering an Echo Dot for $10?

    See this link for details and T&Cs:

    From the wording of the T&Cs, it suggests that even if you've previously been a Prime member, you are eligible as long as you are "not currently an Amazon Prime Australia member."

    I had a online chat session with a customer service rep who insisted that I was ineligible. I had previously been a Prime member until Dec 2019. She said it was only for someone who has not signed up before.

    It doesn't make sense to me. The T&Cs clearly define what a "New to Prime customer" is, "for the purposes of this offer". I've copied and pasted the relevant T&Cs below.

    Has anyone in similar circumstances signed up for this promotion and received the redemption code?

    "This offer (the “Offer”) entitles an eligible “New to Prime Customer” (defined below), to purchase a single Echo Dot 3rd Gen (Charcoal Fabric, Heather Grey, Plum Fabric or Sandstone Fabric on Amazon.com.au (the “Qualifying Item”) for $10.00 when they first sign up for a Prime membership (monthly or annual) between 23 July 2020 1:00 PM AEST and 6 August 2020 11:59 PM AEST.

    A “New to Prime Customer” for the purposes of this Offer, means a customer who is not currently an Amazon Prime Australia member.

    Prime members who cancel during the offer period and re-join will not be eligible."

    • Create a new account. Problem solved.

      • Yes that's true. I did think of this. I guess I was just consumed by the indignation - I don't understand why the rep was so adamant when a reading of the T&Cs should have been clear.

    • I had signed up last year and signed up again for prime. got the echo dot. not sure what the rep is talking about. It says you need to be new to prime which you are.

    • yes. sign up for a free trial or a paid one using your existing account.

      wait for the credit email to arrive and then cancel prime immediately.

      order your echo dot for $10 with free standard shipping.

    • I've already done a free PRIME trial, so when I try the link it doesn't offer me the deal or the free period.

      • +1

        Because the deal has EXPIRED on the 6th

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