Oppo A52 4GB/64GB Twilight Black $279 Delivered (OW P/B $265.05) @ Amazon AU


Not a bad price for this phone.

It's been slightly cheaper recently (when you factor in delivery), but if you missed out then this is still good. Had this phone for about a month and can very much vouch for it.

Sim Card Type: Dual Nano-SIM
Operating System: ColorOS 7.1 (Based on Android 10)
Display: 6.4"
Display Resolution: 2400 x 1080
Rear Camera: 12MP 8MP 2MP 2MP
Video Recording: 1080p @ 30fps
Storage Size: 64GB
Expandable Storage: microSD up to 256GB
Processor: Snapdragon 665
RAM Size: 4GB
Bluetooth: BT5.0
Battery: 5000mAh
Additional Features: NFC

Also has Band 28 and VoLTE/VoWiFi

Can be price-beaten at officeworks for an even better price (delivered too!) Thanks to AL008's comment

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  • How was the camera in terms of quality and response please ? I read some review saying that the camera response is not quick.

  • How's the video quality for watching movies etc?

  • Price matched at Officeworks $265.05

  • You can use the Amex $15 credit plus CR/SB cash back

  • FYI $279 + delivery at DickSmith awell https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/oppo-a52-64gb-twilight-b...

    Got mine 10% off sale at TGG, 1 week in going strong.

  • Is the screen description really 2400x1800? Or is 1080 like the Optus branded a72?

  • Would you class this phone as a upgrade from a galaxy A50 I hate my A50 s battery life since the last update

    • Not for the screen if you value low light performance , the AMOLED is more vibrant and can do blacks naturally better than this LED screen - but it’s still a great screen

      • Honestly though unless it's really terrible, once you use something long enough you just get used to it no matter how good

        • Yeah its day 2 and I’m all good with it coming from the amazing oled in he note 9 and pretty good oled in the pixel 3XL

          So long as its what you look at you’ll have no complaints.

  • +10 votes

    Just picked this up 2 days ago for higher price at officeworks

    It’s noticeably slower than my pixel3xl which can be frustrating but give it 200ms and you’re there

    it works flawlessly for google pay which was my big requirement

    The camera (once you install gcam) the photos are pretty great but you have to wait for the app to load so you may miss some special moments.
    Special mention in particular the macro lens. It shoots food / plants / details etc closer and clearer than any pixel ever could. The wide lens is awesome too, really love it.

    I didn’t expect it to be physically heavier or thicker than the pixel 3XL but it does have a bigger battery so why am I surprised.

    Having a headphone jack .. wow
    The thing includes an FM radio tuner for offline listening - but it’s useless without wired headphones to make an antenna so I’m probably not going to use it.

    The screen isn’t as vibrant as an oiled (naturally) but it’s plenty good at full brightness awesome resolution too and i love the punch hole camera.

    This thing has both dual sim and an SD card slot. So you can have 2 sims and massively expanded memory. If we were flying internationally again I’d be tempted to take this thing as a portable media player

    Honestly I installed nova launcher and switched to gesture navigation and am hard pressed to find much of a difference from my daily driver (which is being repaired right now for a screen crack for $299 (AKA more than this entire device )

    Incredible value.

    Oh and it comes boxed with a clear case and screen protector applied (no tabs that force you to remove it like other devices)

  • Any suggestion with more storage and more ram around that size or smaller? A51 people said no good.

  • Great phone. And once you install gcam blows my OG pixel xl out of the water except for screen in low light as previously mentioned. . But in real world use I'm loving it. Paid $299 and could
    not be happier bang for buck

  • I just ordered this for myself a few days ago from catch. You can get it cheaper there, folks, if you use the 10% student discoount code +$20 discount by using zip pay. comes out to a bit under $250. Throw in a free trial of the club catch, get free delivery.
    If you don't have a zippay account and a catch account can use referral codes for an extra $10 and $20 respectively. So i got mine for about $217, though i'm waiting on that last $20 from the zippay referral.

  • In terms of general real world usage (flipping across apps, browsing, typing messages etc.) is this up with mid range phones ($500ish) in terms of speed?

  • I was flipping between this and the Redmi Note 9 Pro and went for the latter for $305. Probably would go this at the office works price match.

  • Bought this yesterday in store at The Good Guys for $270 after asking them to match the The Good Guys Commercial price (they didn't ask to confirm if I had commercial account).

    As bought in store, could have paid via gift cards to bring price down further again.

  • Obligatory post :)

    I am waiting for the OnePlus Nord !

  • this phone an upgrade on a Samsung S8 (want a bigger phone)

    • Performance similar. You will notice a difference in UI moving from the Samsung, so long as that doesn't bother you, just be aware you are going from a Premium phone to a value-oriented model. While the Oppo is a bigger screen, it has fewer pixels than the S8, and while the Oppo has a good display compared to most, the Samsung displays are very good.

      You can use this link for spec comparison if any of that makes sense to you.

      • +2 votes

        You sold me mate. This deal expired so I picked it up from JB HiFi and I'm actually very surprised with the device. It's actually really good.

        Its a relief to not have to go though and disable the samsung duplicates of the Google apps.

        Very happy. Thanks for your advice @norkle!

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