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Xiaomi Smart Laundry Clothing Disinfection Dryer 35L - (NSW Stock) $159 + Shipping from PCMarket.com.au


RRP: $249 - Selling for $159 + shipping Australia wide.

Great for drying clothes, towels and disinfecting garments. The design is stylish and can be place anywhere at home including in your bedroom.

  • Triple Sterilization - UV Antibacterial Drying, Pasteurization Sterilization, Ozone Seterlization

  • 360 Degree Hot Air Cycle:Air circulation heats up, and the heat flow fills the entire drying environment, making the clothes more supple and comfortable while drying

  • 75 ° C Drying : 75 ° C constant temperature dry clothes, absorb moisture to gently dry the clothes, to minimize the wear and tear of clothing, not to hurt the clothes.

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