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G.skill Flare X 16GB (2x8gb) 3200MHz $99, Asus ROG Strix B450-F Mobo $189, Samsung 34" Ultra FreeSync Monitor $599 + Del @ SE

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    Good price for FlareX. Recent versions have been both Hynix CJR and Samsung C-die, both are pretty good with frequency scaling.

    • Much difference between the c14 and c16 kits?

      • C14 kits are always Samsung B-die, so you can overclock them very well. I've seen 3800CL16 commonly and some people have done 3800CL14 at 1.5V.

    • I've already got 2 x 8gb DIMMs of F4-3200C14-8GFX on my first gen Ryzen… would I lose a lot of performance adding on these C16 DIMMs?

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        You'd be bottlenecking your glorious B-die! I'd happily give you my 3733CL18 certified C-die and $10 for those. You won't lose any performance, because you've got both C-die kits, and I'm not putting your B-die to waste! How 'bout dat? Or you could just bite the bullet on the $170 2x8GB 3200C14 FlareX kit right now.

        • Haha I was eyeing the $170 kit on Amazon :)

          Will probably just bite the bullet!

    • Is this kit guaranteed to work at 3200 with Ryzen?

      I have a vengeance 3200 kit and can’t get it stable at 3200.

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        I helped someone fix their Vengeance kit's instability, you can probably undervolt it to like 1.28V. Your problem is you don't have good airflow to the RAM so it can't tolerate even XMP voltage. This FlareX will probably be the same IC inside so you'd have the same issue if this fixes your Vengeance kit's instability.

        • Worked a treat!!

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            @qnm: Wow this issue is common. Corsair gotta address this somehow.

  • Any Recommendation for 32~34 inch 144hz IPS Monitor?

    • Didn't check if these guys have them, but the Acer Nitro XV340CK looks ok on paper but its $850 from bing lee, amazon etc (less cashrewards).

  • The Asus TUF GAMING X570 motherboard is on Amazon for <$300, shipping from the US though.

    • That's nice. Personally though I'd take a B550 A-Pro if I was looking at the high end of motherboards. General recommendation is just the X470 Gaming Plus MAX for $189 shipped, no need to overspend on a near EOL socket and overkill VRMs but to each their own.

      • My monitor is 4K so EOL socket doesn't bother me as everything is GPU bound right now. I'm in need of a system refresh as mine is 6 years old. I'd rather have PCI-E 4, as likely the only thing I may upgrade in the next few years is graphics card and M.2 hard drives which will both benefit from that.

        Holding out for a decent deal on an X570 and happy to wait for the Zen 3 CPUs and the next release of GPUs.

        • Ehh I doubt you'll need PCIe 4.0 for another 5 years, an RX 5700 XT still works on PCIe 2.0 for minimal performance loss. Gen4 SSDs are just hype, sequential speeds don't matter for shit in real world use.

          • @Void: Probably be 5 years-ish before I upgrade it. I'm not too worried about spending $150-200 more to have that ability.

  • Good ram for a ryzen 3600 2070 super buid ? Seems heaps cheap.

    • Perfect. Can overclock for even more performance.

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    Ok but imagine paying $1849 for a 2080Ti when 3080 is just around the corner

  • Wow they bios updated for ryzen gen 3. That's convenient. (saved 2 mins lol)

  • Is the B450-F a good buy for that price?