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Kingston A400 2.5" 960GB SATA SSD 500MB/s $119 Delivered @ PCbyte AU


This week, we have the Kingston A400 2.5" SATA Internal SSD 500MB/s on sale.

960GB - $119inc only, limited to 50pcs.

If you're looking for something smaller, we have them at:

480GB - $89
240GB - $55


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  • How would this fair as a games only drive?

    • Have 120GB of this drive in old laptop. Massive upgrade from HDD but feels sluggish compared to my main laptop. Wouldn’t use for primary drive for main PC

  • How do these rate against MX500's?

  • @OP computer hardware goes in the "computing" category, not electronics.

  • I think you’re better off getting the Samsung QVO from this deal which ends up a few bucks extra after delivery and cashback is accounted for

    I guess this ok if you couldn’t be bothered with Samsung Cashback

  • The 240gb be ok for a MacBook Pro (2012, pre ssd)?

    • I believe the 2012 model uses a 2.5" HDD, if this is the case then it would be, assuming you aren't going to store too many movies or whatever on it.

  • Centrecom offer the 240GB and 480GB for better prices:

    240GB is $46 + delivery.

    480GB is $79 delivered.

  • So which for storage drive to replace traditional hdd? This or other current deals?

    • I would advise not using this solid state drive as a main drive in a computer, I've seen three of these drives completely die within 12 months of use

      • Listen to this man (or woman?)!

        I commented in another thread about it.. these are nasty even as a mostly read only games drive.. I've also had two die.. my last one was a 120Gb with nothing but Nintendo Wii ISO files.. didn't survive a year and was lucky to be used for an hour or two for one day per week. Kingston A400s and Cruzial BX500s are just as shit as each other hence they're cheap (not sure about the MX500 mentioned above).

        You notice it starts slowing down.. then the errors.. then the I/O errors.. then you lose everything because it won't even initialize and cant be formatted or repartitioned, then it just won't read. I'm staring at it right now.. can even open it up to show anyone interested what it looks like inside and that it's missing a DRAM chip

      • Did you claim warranty? If Kingston gives it a 3 year warranty they're pretty confident it's gonna last 3 years.

        I think this response to a thread is relevant.

    • Samsung Evo (or pro if you can stretch to it)

      • No not Pro, that's an MLC drive and would be wasted on anything but a data center. If the EVO has the cashback deal go for it, if it doesn't Crucial MX500 all the way.

  • pits it’s not the a400 m2 nvme at this price ….should be cheaper as no 2.5” case is needed, just the PCB.

    • There… is no A400 NVMe drive. There is an M.2 SATA drive. Also the A400 M.2 SATA is cheaper. Well at least the 240GB variant is at Umart, but by like $2.

      • In market for a 1TB game drive, either to fit into the second nvme m2 slot or 2.5" sata ssd is also fine. Thinking of A2000 (from umart 165+13 SH) as its faster and future console game engines might be optimized for faster reads/load times as well nvidia's up coming nvcache might use it. But this deal is also cheaper at 119. Any recommendation?

        • M2 for 2 less cables in the way

        • It's mostly going to be about the random reads with texture streaming, not sequential speeds or sustained writes, I think the A400 would serve you well. Would be nice to get a second opinion on this though.

          • @Rajeh: True, but on as ssd, my primary 970 evo plus does 1.5GB/s on 4k64Thrd. Thats far ahead anything the sata3 interface has to offer. I know with current games it makes almost no difference. :) Just keeping an eye on the future games. the A2000 is also a TLC drive. Wish that was on sale ;)

            • @John Doh: Possibly, but those textures would need to be massive to even saturate 200MB/s. Maybe 4K textures could require that much but I doubt 1440p or 1080p would. I have to say that the A2000 is very nice though, if you want to play it safe you can definitely go for that. If you have a Biostar B45M2 which I doubt don't get it though, because at least for me sustained write operations just stop and start. Other NVMe SSDs don't suffer from the same issue, and the A2000 works just fine in my laptop. It did bench surprisingly well for being 75% full, still hitting 2GB/s on both R&W.

              • @Rajeh: B450M mortar max. Only problem is, I want to add a sound card in the near future, and adding a second nvme means, the slot further away from the GPU get disabled and I would have to place the sound card right next to the GPU. Hopefully PCI riser cable should help me keep the sound card away from the GPU without issues. I wouldnt be doing any sustained operations though :)

        • No significant diff between Nvme SSD and Sata3 SSD when playing games, I have Corsair mp600, Silicon Power P34A80, Kingston A2000, Silicon Power A55, Samsung EVO 840

  • Thanks OP, ordered one