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Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB SSD $272, Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SSD $395 (+ $46 CB), G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB $279 + Del @ SE

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  • Good price on the 2080 super!

  • Literally just received the memory kit from them 2 days ago. Has anyone tried asking for a price adjustment with shopping express?

    • Yeah, I did last year with a gfx card and they said no :(

      • sad reacts only. Thinking whether it's worth returning for a net $20 adjustment

        • By the time you pay for shipping back, not worth it.

          • @ozb1986: Actually not really, shipping it back will cost me $10 dollars and then I buy it again for $40 cheaper (including shipping) and I get $30 dollars back. Since I haven't opened it and still within the 7 days return window I hope they will just offer me a gift voucher then go through all the paperwork.

  • Haha i thought when did Samsung start to make graphics card.

  • Wondering if the 970 EVO Plus 1TB will go much lower in the next few months? Thinking about grabbing two now, to take advantage of the cashback promotion.

    $195 for the Corsair RM750x (2018) 750W 80 Plus Gold Modular ATX Power Supply is a decent price too, I think, so I'm also thinking about picking that one up.

    Then all I have left to acquire is a CPU and GPU (waiting for prices to fall).

  • Is the X570 worth it over the B450?

  • Decent pricing I guess, considering the COVID price gouging

  • Damn, Just brought that ram kit two weeks ago. Ahh well I'll add another. Thanks OP.

  • Price not bad for F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC

  • If only the 2TB had roughly double the cashback of the 1TB like it is for the QVO…

    Seems like 1TB EVO is the sweet spot for now

  • The 2 things which I think are particularly good are the PSU and the 2080 Super. $1159 is pretty good for a top of the line Gaming X Trio, and the MasterWatt can be a semi-modular alternative to the Gigabyte P650B. Despite the cashback the Samsung drives are still quite expensive for what they are. The Trident Z Neo is just another $100 for flashy lights, and the motherboards aren't particularly cheap.

    • Do you think the Samsung drives are likely to come down in price sometime this year? I don't mind paying a little extra for the reliability of a Samsung versus other brands. But I can wait a couple of months for prices to come down, if they are likely to. Since I am waiting for CPU and GPU prices to fall anyway.

      • It's 2020, Samsung aren't that much more reliable these days if at all. They even resort to misleading(ish) advertising by calling their very standard NAND "V-NAND" and calling TLC NAND "3-bit MLC". I've owned a few Kingston and WD SSDs and they haven't given out. Samsung aren't dropping in price anytime soon, up and up they go. They're too established, if they increased all prices by 5% people'd still buy their SSDs. For NVMe I'd recommend the Kingston A2000, I've been running it for 1 year without issues apart from my shitty motherboard crippling the write speeds. On my laptop it doesn't do that. For SATA I'd recommend the Crucial MX500 unless you can get cashback. Samsung's cashback is quite good for their 860 lineup, but it's mediocre at best for their 970 lineup.

  • Should I get the 38$ insurance if I were to purchase the 2080 super from Shopping express ?
    Lets say something happens in transit. Does that mean that I will have to bear the cost.
    Apologies if this is a noob question. Never ordered something this expensive via post .

    • Pay via PayPal, you'll get covered just need to pay 1% surcharge…

    • They have all the payment options available on the website, so you're covered if there's any damage during postage. It's illegal under ACL for them to not refund or replace it if it's faulty after purchase.

  • https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/asus-prime-x570-p-csm...
    Shopping express have another one on sale.
    Asus PRIME X570-P/CSM AMD AM4 ATX Motherboard. $300.30 delivered.
    Anyone ever used one of these?
    https://youtu.be/P3FYaAPhyVc - Laurent's choice says its the Best budget X570 board today

    • im building a new pc btw.
      before any1 chimes in with get an x470 board its cheaper. i just want an x570 thats bios ready for ryzen 3000 and a 4000 down the line. iv noticed the b550s are treading into x570 entry level territory pricing wise.
      im not exactly a pc tech that can do all the things like updating bios and troubleshooting

      • Once 4000 out, both X570 and b550 require to update bios to support it.

        • so i should invest in a board with a bios usb update feature i suppose?
          iv seen them in other mobo reviews on youtube

          • @minatosensei: Yes, go for some board can upgrade bios via USB but without CPU

            btw, Asus PRIME X570-P seems not support upgrade bios without CPU, please double check

      • MSI's "MAX" series boards will support Ryzen 4000. Everything will require a BIOS update. People make it out to be very scary, but you just double click an exe and click update and it's done.

  • How does Shopping Express rate as a company, in terms of reliability, postage time, packaging, that sort of thing? Thanks!

  • Best price I have seen on the B550 Tomahawk.

  • Ended up pulling the trigger on the RAM last night. $292 with shipping and surcharge. Not sure if that's the best deal but need to send my current Corsair sticks back as they've crapped themselves. Thought that I may as well upgrade to this.

  • Hmmm seems like the RAM might be a decent upgrade. Still running an X370 chipset here (With a Ryzen 5) which only supports 3200 speed, but would get full speed once I upgrade mobo/CPU later on.