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[VIC] Softmed Disposable Face Masks 50pk for $36 @ Coles


Today whilst shopping in Coles at Middle Camberwell they are sellng 50pk of Softmed disposable face masks discounted from $45 to $36. These are white 3ply and described as Fluid resistance and single use only. The pack doesn't list any BFE % nor any certifications(ARTG 333133, level 3). Probably not the best form a protection however may be a decent alternative to material options many people are wearing. According to the Softmed site this product is certified. These may be older stock as the expiry date is 2022

I recently bought a similar product from MyChemist for $44.10 during a 10% weekend deal, it's now listed as $49. The sale listing on their website lists the product certifications. The pack I received from MyChemist clearly indicated BFE>99% and lists an expiry of 2025 on the packaging, so appears to be newer stock. If you are looking for the certified option the MyChemist alternative may be better. Free shipping for over $50, otherwise $8.95. Woolworths also sell a product for $40/50pieces which could be another one to consider. I've not seen it in store so may be hard to come by.

From Coles email update:

Until Thursday 30 July, we're offering 20% off the following mask, hand sanitiser and glove products in all our Victorian stores*:

  • Softmed Surgical Masks 50pk (level 3) - $36 (was $45)
  • Ozguard Hand Sanitiser 750ml - $10.40 (was $13)
  • Taoto Disposable Vinyl Gloves Medium 100pk - $10.40 (was $13)

*whilst stocks last. There is a one pack per customer limit on masks, and a two pack per customer limit on hand sanitiser.

Softmed website specifications:

3PLY surgical disposable masks on elastic earloop, nose clip.
ASTM Class 1 Level 3
Size – 17,5cm x 9,5 cm
1 Layer PPSB 25g 18,5cm light blue
2 Layer Meltblown 25g 17,5cm white
3 Layer PPSB 25g 17,5cm white

BFE not less 99%
Fluid resistance 160hhMg
Microbial cleanliness 25-27 cfu/g

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  • +12 votes

    +1 for the deal description.

  • ….good theyre onto it.
    our local chemists have been gouging despite reassurances from dan that he would be 'dissapointed in them' if they did that
    are they stocking reusables as well?

    • Masks will be a way of life from now until after we all die. Like it has been in China for a long time, masks will just be a fact of life, you'll see at least one person wearing one every day for the rest of your life, if you leave the house.

      • Well, your last claim is true, just as it was before this all started if you live in an area with lots of Asian immigrants.

        However, I don't buy for a second that this will become normal behaviour for the average Australian "forever". That makes no sense - not least because it already isn't normal behaviour in areas of the country without current outbreaks, nor New Zealand.

        They'll be around for a while, certainly not forever.

        • How are we going to magically stop the spread of viruses like this through our airports? And even if you just have the cold or flu shouldn’t you be wearing a mask if you’re within breathing distance if others?

          • @AustriaBargain:

            And even if you just have the cold or flu shouldn’t you be wearing a mask

            That isn't how we do it in western countries. We take sickies.

          • @AustriaBargain: We're not. This pandemic will end eventually (even if many people have unrealistic expectations of vaccines etc) through good science and good public health policy - nothing magic about it.

            You could definitely argue we should (which is what some Asian countries do - hence why you often see it in Asian immigrant communities in Australia), but given colds and flus are generally significantly less contagious I don't think it's necessary. I certainly wouldn't be wearing one unless mandated, but I do practice good hygiene when sick. It's very disturbing seeing people, even now, just coughing into the air etc.

  • very good price for level 3, but review from Chemist Warehouse is 2/5.

  • Good move, never expected them to discount such a high demand item.

    But I guess as OP says, they might just be clearing old batches.

    • The supermarkets have been good through all of this not price gouging on anything even when they could have charged 5x the price on things like TP.
      Unlike various other retailers, who's actions won't be forgotten by many.

  • Not cheap . you can start with Amazon half the price of these with longer delivery .
    Surprised no Negs !

    • Arrives: 28 Sep - 6 Oct

      Hopefully outbreak controlled by then.

    • Don't buy from RJDJ. Just buy from Tinawells direct, it's 5 bucks more but you'll actually get what you ordered and shipped within the week (instead of waiting a month for seconds).

  • Great that Coles has them… and at a good price.
    Chemist Warehouse have them for $49. I bought a pack of 10 to try out for ~$13. They are good in terms of materials but not good in terms of fit, thus efficacy.

    … so I'm going to be a grouch about the fit and efficacy of such surgical masks in general.
    Masks are supposed to be fitted to prevent air escaping around the edges… but being a wearer of spectacles… what a diabolical disaster. The top of these types of masks simply do not seal!. As a spectacle wearer I have to take action to seal the top else my specs fog up… but non-spec wearers need not, thus inadvertently releasing particles out the top of the mask. It's a false sense of security. It's such a simple fix - used a more rigid, and longer wire for the nose bridge. Who in their right mind thought a twist tie would work. Yep for 30 seconds. Then it's wide opened. Rant done. I'll still wear them, but they could be so much more effective if designed correctly.

    • What my lab does is use surgical/medical tape to seal down the top to prevent the masks fogging up the safety goggles.

      Very cheap fix!

      Fyi. Medical tape is usually found in first aid boxes

    • Crikey, just use cheap micropore/paper tape from the chemist/supermarket to seal the bridge of the nose. Doesn't hurt coming off, doesn't cause skin reactions for most people. No more fogging, and you can actually feel the suction/inflation through the actual mask, ie it's doing its job. Main thing most masks are most effective at is preventing others from catching disease from the mask wearer, don't want aerosols or droplets escaping easily around the eyes.

      Maybe flatter nose bridge profiles aren't so much a problem with a good seal? IDK. I have a super pointy white nose, very sharp angles for the wire.

  • I got [these] (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/553697?page=1#comment-9042...) couple of days back, but had to ask from cashier, couldn't find in the isles.

  • These are terrible masks, thin, flimsy and dont bend around the nose.

    Also they are from Whuhan (see TGA link - ARTG)

    TGA 333133

    • whats wrong with a mask coming from wuhan?

      would you prefer it coming from america?

      • …no way am i putting a wuhan mask on. you could not pay me enough!

      • whats wrong with a mask coming from wuhan

        Because Wuhan is in China, and is where the virus originated.

        would you prefer it coming from america?

        When compared to a made in China mask, perhaps yes. I'll decide what I buy with my money.

        But then I'd actually prefer something reusable and locally stitched. Definitely nothing from China.

        • Dunno why the negs. Geez OzB can get butthurt easily.
          He speaks the truth!

          • @Maz78: …very defensive arent they….? :D

          • @Maz78: It's just a few CCP appeasing trolls who are going berserk with voting. I think it's possibly because China is a dictatorship and there's no way for them to vote back there, they're desperate to cast a vote somewhere here. Anywhere.

      • Yes, I would undoubtedly prefer American masks to those coming from Wuhan. What makes you so confident in Wuhan?

    • UGH, why would frickin Wuhan be a problem? You know most viruses (including COVID-19 - they've tested it) don't live more than 48 hours outside the body, right?

      But don't let scientific facts and the real world get in the way of your prejudice and fear 👍

      • I think they found viable virions on surfaces on the cruise ships a few weeks after the passengers had left

        Not that that's highly relevant in this situation

        • I had not heard that update, if so that's really disturbing. Will go look for sources & check that. Thanks.

        • Hmm, okay there's this study summary:


          Says RNA found after 17 days, however says not proven if still infectious after that time.

          You said viable, I'll keep looking.

        • "SARS-CoV-2 RNA was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the Diamond Princess but before disinfection procedures had been conducted (Takuya Yamagishi, National Institute of Infectious Diseases, personal communication, 2020). Although these data cannot be used to determine whether transmission occurred from contaminated surfaces, further study of fomite transmission of SARS-CoV-2 aboard cruise ships is warranted."

          Do you have a further study that shows it was definitely viable?

          I'll correct what I said about 48 hours being viable, its viability has been proven up to 72 hours on certain hard surfaces like stainless steel under particularly favourable conditions. It usually lasts nowhere near that long, according to the last study I read.

    • The irony. We're buying masks from Wuhan to contain a virus that originated there. This year just keeps on giving. Absolutely incredible!

      • A lot of optoelectronics are also made in Wuhan, so the internet we're entertaining ourselves with also depends on Wuhan.

        A lot of high tech manufacturing happens there so chances are most things you use that requires technology to manufacture (e.g. masks from melt blown polypropylene) could be from Wuhan.

        • the internet we're entertaining ourselves with also depends on Wuhan.

          When the Wuhanese (is that a word) were not turning up for work as they were busy being infected and dying from the virus, did the internet suddenly disappear? Nah? I thought so too. Besides, it's completely unrelated to this discussion altogether. It's not as if the Wuhan virus will be transmitted through the internet.

          Stuff gets made in Wuhan or Goudzung or whatever it is only because it's darn cheap given the slave labour in China. Tell the corporates that a new found Dimwitistan will do it even cheaper, and they will disappear enmasse. The companies are already moving out of China given the recent events regardless of the dirt cheap manufacturing costs, the forced technology transfer, state-sanctioned intellectual property theft, etc. so keep that in mind.

          Wearing a mask made in Wuhan - I'd rather wrap a greasy rag around my face.

  • Is this even a good price. I was walking randomly by beauty salons and they had it for $30, $32. I still think that’s expensive.

    • Honestly, since covid it feels like anything under a dollar a mask is a deal. This time last year you'd pay 10 cents per same mask. Unfortunately we need them so get what you need. This is ok if you can wait a week (reputable source ~50c/mask): TinaWells AU

      Alternatively, a scarf or bandana is way better than nothing in the meantime. Plenty of options, many free. Yes this does seem expensive but really difficult to see the need to ozbargain min/max regarding masks for the sake of a couple of dollars. Just get the quantity you actually need and don't lose sleep over spending $10 more/less.

  • Serious question… Are these cheaply made Chinese masks with "who knows if it's real" certification actually any better than the cloth face masks people are wearing?

    • Cheap face masks doesn’t have certification. Only reason people buy this is so that they don’t get a $200 gift card from the VIC police.

      • Didn't see any certification on the box in the pic, if they met Australian Standards, that standard would be plastered all over the box.

        Given the company only registered a little over a month ago, and their product is made in Wuhan, I'd be after something with proper N95/N99 certification, or Australian Standards etc

        Too many reports of low quality PPE shipped worldwide out of China to deny, especially if they need a quick buck to prop up their economy.

        • Please don't tell me you're buying in to this.


          'I cannot think of a better or faster way to get the virus than ordering these masks,' one customer wrote in a review.

          'Made in Wuhan. Comes with the virus. Great deal for those who want to end their lives earlier!! Recommend this to your enemies!' another quipped.

          • @whooah1979: lol. nah. just after watching reports from hospitals where PPE was falling apart even before the staff put it on, along with plenty of other reports out of Europe etc. where PPE failed to meet required standards… just being safe.

            Doesn't take much to spray material with water repellent and stitch it between 2 other layers.. But me personally.. only buy the masks / respirators that meet Australian standards.

    • https://www.ebs.tga.gov.au/servlet/xmlmillr6?dbid=ebs/PublicHTML/pdfStore.nsf&docid=EE83EB9E265B1C33CA25853D003CA270&agid=(PrintDetailsPublic)&actionid=1

      Thought these are TGA approved.

      If you dont trust Australian Authorities, dont buy them.

    • https://smartairfilters.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/202...

      This is effectiveness on passing particles assuming well sealed inhalation. Exhalation prevention of spreading droplets is even greater than this. Masks are somewhat both more effective and way more convenient, but do whatever you can and it will be vastly better than doing nothing.

    • I bought some of these from China in March. I did the test where I cut it open and wet the inside layer… took a good while to soak through. That's a good sign apparently. It's not a fancy expensive filter system, you gotta pay a lot more for that. But it does stop a LOT of the aerosols and droplets getting out apparently, makes your mask moist with them all (after about 20 minutes, surgeons switch). At that time border control were ACTUALLY SEIZING non-certified masks coming into the country (while shaking their finger at people and saying DON'T WEAR MASKS OKAY), but mine went through I think because I bought it from a wholesaler I'd had biz dealings with and they couriered it.

    • There is another way to test. Simply hold some water with the mask. If it can hold for a while, then definitely it's much better than a cloth one. If it can hold water for more than 20min, then I will say it's totally qualified if you're not a health care worker.

    • I'm betting no. Just cover your gob up and you're doing your bit..

  • ….wheres the millions of masks theyve had since february to organise for victorians who need them? we keep hearing about them but yet here we are scrambling to get PPE and not get absolutely ripped a new one in the process?

    …im mad today.

    • I reckon Coles were stockpiling them just in case they needed them for staff, now they are selling for profit

      • possibly….not really their mainline of personal care products….but then again strange times
        soniq (the tv guys) did this when the 'first wave' ended…was not that impressed when they sent out emails trying to flog theyre unused PPE off. theyre probably pissed about that right now…

    • Those masks are for health workers

      • no were supposed to have reusable face masks now….its not like they havent had enough time to organise such a crucial piece of PPE for victorians. surely they knew that they were going to mandate this…they didnt just 'decide' last sunday

    • In January they were dispensing them from the pandemic stockpile to affected bushfire communities. Fck knows what's going on with the stockpile now. I think it's being prioritised for healthcare professionals. But there has been some noises about distributing some.

      • People are buying anything available on the market. Time to clear the old stockpile and import better masks for medical professionals.

  • I live and work in Seoul, South Korea and you'll find that 99.9% of people are wearing a mask everyday. Masks here can be purchased everywhere and start from around $6 for 50 disposable masks (3 layer type). KF94 (N94) are around $1.5 each.

    Shops ij Australia are definitely taking the advantage to make huge profits.

    • Travelling a lot in various Asian countries in the last few decades, I've been so impressed at how so many people wear masks when they get a virus because they feel socially responsible to not spread it. (And it's often super rude to blow your nose or sneeze loudly.) Hilarious how Westerners (including me) tend to initially assume the mask is worn to protect the wearer from others… nope. I think we could stand to temper some of the more problematic individualism traits (much as I like it generally), especially in a time like this. We aren't autonomous units.

      • I think it depends on the Asian country you were in.

        With the amount of spitting and hocking I saw in certain countries, I'm not sure I can agree with your sentiment.

        • Why say certain countries? Just pay a visit to Eastwood (NSW) and if you can walk the entire length of Rowe St without experiencing that, you're doing very well!

  • why not get the reusable recently posted masks for $9.95 at cotton on? saves you money in the long term.

  • Can someone tell me why is this a deal?