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50pc TINAWELLS Face Mask, 3 Layers Breathable Earlooped Disposable Mask $21 Shipped @ TINAWELLS via Amazon AU


Price is further dropped for these face masks and they are sold by TINAWELLS itself not the other 3rd parties which has mixed reviews. It says usually dispatched within 4 to 5 days. Get it quick before it's gone!

update: Slight price increase by 50c to $21 was $20.50

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  • Estimated delivery: August 14 - Aug 20

  • Max of 2

  • there is another 3rd party seller selling for $16.51 + $3.99 postage, but will take longer or shorter maybe AND the seller has less purchasing limits so you can order up to 10 instead of 2

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      • True, but I still think that the posted deal is better even though it more expensive because it arrives earlier and might be less hassle

    • Please note there are mixed reviews for those 3rd parties. Some reviews say they are face masks and the quality is not good. I would trust tinawells over those 3rd parties.

  • Delivery now showing 28 Sep - 6 Oct

  • Be careful with these 3rd parties, my experience in ordering masks off Amazon in Feb/Mar is that they'll give you a fake tracking number and never actually send anything. Got full refunds via Amazon A to Z guarantee after a couple months.

  • pffft, dun need 1 cos my rites as a woman!!!


    • Hi Karen :D

    • U make a mask from your bra ? Lol

    • +14 votes

      This is what we are dealing with. Why when she went to confront the staff. Mind you with phone already on not just present her medical certificate or say she was medically exempt.. Why did it have to be so confrontational to the poor staff members who are just doing their job. It's private property if they don't want her to be in the store they can ask her to leave. Glad I don't know her personally. Way over the top and waisted the police's time as well. IMO

      Get a mask put it on if you have to do the 4 things. Or stay at home. Simple. I don't even know why anyone else apart from trades people would need to go to Bunnings anyway. Police should have questioned her on that not the mask issue. I don't think making a video to create angst is a reason. IMO

      • Private property!! That’s the main point. Follow the owner’s order or just leave the property.

        And using mask isn’t discriminatory because you’re a woman. This woman is high😂

    • -2 votes

      Lol. Are you the famous woman from Bunnings ?

      • She wont think she's smart if she gets anyone that's around her seriously ill from this Virus. That is the issue here. I would happily not wear a mask, but I wouldn't want the responsibility for someone getting so ill they die in 1-2 weeks after getting it. Also even if you get it and recover, some aren't getting their health back to normal and thats for young and old. Stay safe everyone. Be kind to all.

    • I feel there needs to be a RPG made around this.

      Player 1: Hold on team, we need to unlock the mega boss!
      "places onion under snag"
      —something rustles with self entitlement in the car park—
      Player 2: Everyone, quick, face masks on!
      —a wild KAREN appears—

    • Karen, you have every right NOT to score some bargain.

    • like that video

      proceeds to lick door

  • When karen happens in bunnings we all need to go GoT style and SHAME SHAME SHAME.

  • I supposed fining such people is a waste of time. Instead, they should be made to do community service in the ICU where the COVID patients are suffering. Let them experience it first hand

  • I'm a little suspicious if this is a fake account on Amazon…the other products from the seller look a little shadier. Anyone can provide any confirmation?

  • i bought the same one but from a seller called "William Klein" for $20 which apparently have an earlier ship date. Dont know how trustworthy that is but up to you.


  • ALDI in Forest Hill Chase VIC have quite a few in store when I went 6pm today, a box of 50pcs for $29, individual packed. Max 2 per person.

  • Don't forget that you can buy Amazon gift card @ 3% off and also get 6% cashback. This will bring your expenses down to $19.11

  • Further increased to $27.95 now.

  • They jacked the price

  • Now showing $27.95 for me.

  • who is Tina?

  • +2 votes

    My last order for masks on 20 July has not arrived yet from Amazon.

  • Oh darn. Cost me $29.95 three weeks ago, not due to arrive until tomorrow. Still, at least they wll be here.

    • Spoke too soon. Have not yet arrived. I’ll give them to the end of the week. Given that I got a “shipped” notice on 30th June, really, they should be here. Not happy.

      • Arrived Friday. All good. Quality… mediocre. Very flimsy by comparison with masks I had used as a nurse, in the past. However, they are indeed water resistant on the first layer, and they are very lightweight. The nose wire is weak, will require some surgical tape to keep it in place. It will do when required if no other option available. They are Chinese, not Australian made.

        • My box came with 'non medical ' on the right top corner. Do you think it's alright ? Thinking of return. Thanks

  • Sorry for a daft question but given the number of sellers for mask (or mask-like items), is there an easy way to tell which ones are more effective/better built than others? I previously bought some 3M N95 masks (overkill I know) from an OzBargain deal and they were great during the bushfire season, but not sure what would be appropriate for the current situation and going to the shops/etc.

  • Are they made in Australia?
    Made in China sticker on them.
    By Dee on 19 July 2020
    Made in China
    By MTOW on 19 July 2020
    Made in China
    By Alvin on 19 July 2020
    Box says made in China ( also says masks are made for and sponsored by the seller)
    By ad on 19 July 2020
    Made in China
    By Maria on 19 July 2020
    They are distributed by an Australian company but can't say if they are made in Australia.
    By Charles Micallef on 19 July 2020

  • Better buy these made in Australia Good price as well

    Or proshield $43 for box 50 made locally

  • For anyone still interested, price is now $21.80, still a good price IMO.

  • $29.89 today.

  • Just got 100 masks from Amazon's TinaWells via the OP link. Masks actually came from a seller with the name: William Klein. They are from a third-party branded Chinese manufacturer.

  • Purchased 27 July
    Amazon shows shipped on 31 July. It's got a tracking number and everything.
    Estimated arrival as per Amazon - 17 August to 21 August !!! WTAF !!!

    It doesnt take nearly three weeks for a local stock to arrive - does it ?

    Is there a way the seller has provided Amazon a bogus tracking ID (maybe for a different item ?), while they wait for more stock to arrive from China by boat ?

  • I just checked my tracking details and I've got a Taiwan Post tracking number… how is that possible if it's AU stock according to the description "TINAWELLS 50Pcs Face Mask, 3 Layers Breathable Earlooped Disposable Mask - Blue (Sealed in Plastic Bag and Packed in Color Box), Shipped from Australia".

    Per Amazon order details: "Tracking info provided by RJDJ
    Delivery By Taiwan Post"

    So much for late July delivery given it's now mid August and the estimated delivery date is 29 September to 11 October. I guess this is what happens when it's sold by a third party not Amazon.

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