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Free - 50,000 Pizzas between 3-7 August 2020 (10,000 Per Day, Online Pick-up) @ Pizza Hut


Similar deals to these ones. First in gets a freebie.

3/8 — All out for today
4/8 — All out for today
5/8 — All out for today
6/8 — All out for today

Terms and Conditions:

Free Large Pizza Coupon limited to Online Pick up only, Large Pan Pizza, valid until 31st of August, no customisation available, choose from: Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Cheese Lovers, Pepperoni Lovers & Hawaiian. Please see T&Cs for full terms and conditions and click here to see our Privacy Policy.

  1. To enter, an Entrant must during the Entry Period enter their name and email address into a webform on the website between 4:00pm to 6:00pm (AEST).
  2. Provided the Entrant is one of the first 10, 000 web users to enter their email address into the webform on the Pizza Hut website (“the website”), the Entrant will receive a free large pizza voucher with a voucher code emailed to their specified email address.
  3. The free large pizza voucher is available for redemption by entering the voucher code when the Entrant accesses the website and is prompted for the voucher code.
  4. Subject to redeeming the free large pizza voucher by the specified timeframe, the free large pizza voucher entitles the Entrant to receive a free large pizza with a pan base from a selection available on the website of Super Supreme, BBQ Meatlovers, Pepperoni Lovers, Hawaiian and Cheese Lovers.
  5. The Entrant has until 31 August 2020 to 23:59 hrs AEST or the store closure time (whichever is the earliest) to redeem the free large pizza voucher, via pick up only from the location specified by the Entrant on the website.
  6. The free large pizza voucher cannot be redeemed with other meal deals or offers and no customisation of the free large pizza will be permitted.

Full T&Cs

It is advisable to complete / finalize the order once the voucher is applied on the ordering form. The voucher is considered 'used' once it has been entered online, not when the order is completed.

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  • -1

    Got it..

  • gone already

  • Error.. means gone I suppose

  • +1

    First time I tried. Got it straight away. It errored and then I reloaded the page and it worked

  • -2

    got another 1.

  • What a crock. How can 10,000 vouchers go in 30 seconds

  • +3

    I keep getting error in submitting the form despite clicking it 15 seconds in. What the?

    • +1

      check your emails, got errors but received coupon

  • Gotta be kidding me, not even one second

    • +1

      it was up the longest today…for like 2mins.+..what u talking bout

      well to be fair. on one of my screens it showed the timer behind like 1 min…

      • As if kept saying error for me

        • +1

          it errors cause so many people trying to claim at once… doesnt mean its not active

      • You have to click submit until it goes through just comes up error.

  • Does getting the error comment mean it's gone?

    • +1

      Nope. Mine errored and I refreshed the page and tried again. I wasn't even that fast

  • -2

    if anyone has spare please be kind, thanks!

  • Finally got one today.

  • Got one on first try (didn't know about this deal until this morning)

  • Gets quicker and quicker each day. Freak!

  • +2

    Tried for two days at 4pm, same message: Whoops! There was an error submitting the form. Please try agian later.

    • Yeah, just keep trying. That doesn't mean they're sold out

    • +1

      You have to keep pressing 'submit' and it'll eventually give you a code :). I probably hit it 5 times at the very least and I got one in the end.

  • +4

    Got another one today. There was an error message that said "Whoops! There was an error submitting the form. Please try again later."
    I just kept clicking the submit button and it finally went through.

    • I did the same and succeded

    • ditto

  • -2

    Pizza Hut is so dodgy - there's no way 10k pizza coupons being snapped up in 10 seconds. Cut the BS Pizza Hut.

    • They weren't. I got mine atleast a minute after it went live

    • 2 Mins today

  • +2

    Forgot for 3 days. Was waiting this time. Got error within one second from timer start.

    But persisted and Spammed clicked like crazy and finally got one.

  • I dunno if it is that many people or the bots trying or what but I got constant whoops error submitting and they were all gone.

  • +1

    Got beaten by bots.. As usual

  • Number Of Possible Vouchers Exceeded

    All gone!

  • +1

    It was a lot easier scoring the Domino's deal than this one.

  • Got a new error today:
    Campaign not found!

    Their servers are being crushed by roboscripts/bots. This is way too simple to automate, as against Domino's (one per FB account).

    Is Pizza Hut doing this for the first time in many years?

  • I don't know how people are having so much trouble, I've redeemed two every day, could probably get more but don't want to get greedy.

    Just refresh a few seconds before 4pm and sometimes you have to click submit a few times.

      • +5

        Sorry, I'm giving the extras to a friend who lost his work hours due to coronavirus and isn't eligible for government support.

  • 6-Aug-20, finally got it after 3 days of failed attempts :-).
    I was on their website before 1530hr Adelaide time. As soon as the entry is opened, I filled in their form with email already copied & ready to paste.
    I kept on pressing the submit button for at least 30s until I was allocated a voucher.
    About 2m after the entry open, all voucher codes were given out.

  • 4 for 4 yay for me and the mrs

  • +12

    helping out a few ppl for whoever missed out.. (manually copped)
    pm me - first in first served

    • -3

      Can you pm me please

  • I pressed submit for 2 minutes over 100 times and still no pizza

  • +1

    Ordered using a code today pizza was absolutely shocking no toppings and tasteless I've got a spare code if anyone missed out =)

    • Yes please!

      • +2

        couldn't pm you but here ya go enjoy legend!

        • Thanks mate but looks like someone else got to it first! :(

          • +1

            @nbar: Just wanted to make it clear it wasn't me. I upvoted him for his generosity towards you, some pretty dodgy people on OzBargain.

            • +6

              @Ghost47: don't worry, I sent @nbar a new code

              • +3

                @skido: Good for you man. I don't get why some people here claim more than one a day, greed disgusts me.

                • -5

                  @Ghost47: It feels good to beat others to get multiple codes and later give them away like you are doing a mateship. There you go.
                  If everyone just take one i am pretty sure there is enough for everyone who are here at 4pm.

  • +1

    Finally got one… on my 15th time pressing submit lol

  • Got one but still nothing in my email inbox. How long you were waiting?

    • A few minutes

    • I got one but still haven't got an email yet

      • It might still be "stuck in the oven" (as my restaurant says). Either that, or the Krusty Doll problem: "Yep, here's your problem. Someone set this thing to evil". In case of the latter, you probably won't get to see your code :-(

  • -3

    Ahh, sucks that you can't remove any toppings on the free pizza. super supreme looks good but i really hate olives. would they remove a topping if i mention it in the order instructions?

  • +2

    Not sure why anyone thinks its bots or scripts, more likely its just being smashed by tens of thousands of people and a portion of them are greedy assholes quickly getting as many as possible (as can be seen on the comments here where people are bragging about how many they scored).

    • Do you also believe 10,000 is the daily number of free pizzas?

    • +1

      Pizza Hut facebook page posted that there were 13,000 connections to it's website waiting at 4pm yesterday, so its a race to who can autofill and submit the form quickest

    • Agree. Domino's promotion is not this bad since they require facebook account and it's not as easy as filling a form with just an email address.

      It's super easy to open many tabs and ready to copy paste different variations of dot placement using gmail address, while with Domino's promotion using Facebook, even if you have multiple accounts, you need to sign out sign in and clear the cookies before you can enter the promotion again.

      • The trade off is that you’re eating a Domino’s pizza.

  • +1

    Anyone else having problems with Pizza hut forms? I tried filling in, but it kept telling me Whoops| there was an error submitting the form. Please try again later. And after 2 mins I had a message saying Maximum number of vouchers exceeded. FYI: I tried on multiple browsers and on phone with mobile data too.

    • +2

      You have to keep hitting the submit button until it goes through.

  • What?! Sold out in 20 seconds

  • I clicked Submit more than 50 times, error all the way. lol.

    • there is a hidden promo code for free mouse after the 51 times.

  • +1

    I got one but had to spam like 10 times and the error went away.

  • +2

    Yep! It's all gone!!!! Congrats that those that got atleast one!

  • Wow finally managed to snag one, what's the size of them like compared to dominos these days

    • +1

      pretty much the same size. it tastes ok but the quality is better than domino's i feel

    • +1

      slightly bigger and thicker crust too.

    • Dominos reduced their size a while back to cater for the extra "surcharge" for the "extra large" size. And they said they also did it because the topping quality and ingredient quality was now better / more gourmet and i mean both Traditional and premium.

  • I got an error but I refreshed the site and entered in my details again

  • I just keep getting errors.. sigh

  • +1

    Whoops! there was an error submitting the form. Please try again later.

  • +2

    I hit submit at least 10 times and it finally went through.

  • -3

    So many tight ass pricks crashing the website

    • +5

      Yet you're one of them

      • no, the website was crashed before I arrived.

        • Early bird get the worm. I mean pizza.

    • +1

      My family…

  • EXCEED MAXIMUM after 3 seconds?

    all attempts failed since Wednesday. shame promo..

  • submitted over 100 times with no success

  • Weird error today, campaign not found, kept trying then got vouchers exceeded error. Strange!

  • places need to find a better way to do giveaways to stop us ozbargain scum abusing the system

  • No luck :-(

  • Cant believe it - all raring to go and no luck again.

  • I feel deceived. WTF, it can't be that popular.

    • +3

      Free pizza is not popular? What planet are you on?

      • +1

        Got the Domino pizza 10 minutes after the start of the countdown. There must be people taking more than their share

    • more than 30000 clicks only from OZB, what did you expect?

  • Constant errors here….rip

  • We're done boys

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