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Telstra Locator and Complimentary Subscription @ Telstra Rewards (Gold Tier Only)


Telstra Locator and Complimentary Subscription - Exclusive Gold Tier Reward

What's Included?

Complimentary lifetime subscription for Telstra Locator
2 x Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tag
1 x Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag
1 x Pouch Accessory
1 x USB Charging Cable

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  • I was looking that it 2 minues ago, but gold teir requires you to pay more than $3000 a year. I don't think there is any personal use case require that much payment.

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      You'd be surprised when you have a large family all under the one account…

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          You don't even know what the account is comprised of, so why speculate on how cheap/expensive it is.

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            You don't even know what the account is comprised of

            I know if it's Telstra, you will always find it cheaper elsewhere.

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              @jv: But Telstra reception is significantly better

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                But Telstra reception is significantly better

                Lots of options using Telstra hardware but using a cheaper retailer.

                • @jv: Not really as most (all but 1) don't have the same mobile coverage

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                But Telstra reception is significantly better

                Use boost. Same coverage (minus 5G) at a lower cost.

              • @noodlesfordaddy: In my area of rural QLD optus runs rings around telstra

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            @neo: Exactly. Could include internet for multiple properties, some of which only have Telstra coverage.

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            • @jv: AFL

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            @DisabledUser111618: come on now is this ozbargain or ozspending?

            • @Jazza2400: Not sure I understand the question?

    • Internet and a mobile phone on contract could do it. We used to with 2 mobiles and internet. Still on gold until April next year as a result of that previous situation. It's pretty easy to do if you want to spend the money.

  • Just ordered thanks. I assume the complimentary subscription is the paid service that is required to make these work?

    • correct. Without this subscriptions, you can't currently use these tags.

      • I won a couple of these tags at work and played around with them without a subscription using the LightBlue and nRF Connect apps for Android. You can get the tags to play an alarm. This might be useful if you lose something at home.

        It's not exactly "point and click" if you go down the path of using LightBlue or nRF Connect rather than using the Telstra Locator app and subscription. But I'm sure someone could write their own software and reuse the BLE beacons with alarms built-in. :-)

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    Thanks, I don't know what I just got but the price is right.

  • Redeemed. Thanks OP!

  • btw, it's a lifetime subscription, not a typical 12 month subscription you'd normally pay for.

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      normal RRP of this service is $10/month

  • Thank you

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    For those who are in gold tier
    It also worth to spend another 1000pts for additional BT tag (normally 7000pts)

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    if you need more locators only 1000points or 2000 for tag-wifi

    • I just used up the rest of my points on 3x WiFi tags. I'll see if I can bust one open and tinker around with it. :-P

    • Got 3 extra Bluetooth and one wifi for 5000 total a few days ago (4 separate star tracks!) so now can tag a few more things.

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    Thanks OP. Not sure what ill even use them for but frees free

  • Can anyone comment on the range and reliability of each tag? I'm thinking the WiFi ones may be better if you live in metro areas because of all the Telstra air hotspots. Bluetooth seems too reliant on others having their Bluetooth on

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      Paid my $10 per month for about 2 years. It's an absolute rubbish product. Received 2 bluetooth tags (1 dead on arrival) and 1 wifi tag.

      The working bluetooth tag was OK. The CR2032 battery only lasted about a month and connection to my phone was very flakey.

      The wifi tag for the dog was complete rubbish. Crap battery life, couldn't locate the dog with any accuracy whatsoever, the zones I set up (e.g. alert me when dog leaves house) simply didn't work at all.

      That being said, it's now free so what have you got to lose.

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        Your dog?

        • one of the uses for the wifi tag is as a pet locator

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            @throwawayaccount: "The wifi tag for the dog was complete rubbish"…"simply didn't work at all"…."what have you got to lose." = your dog!

            It's just a joke, not querying the existence of the pet tag- I see how you took it though.

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    Thanks! Redeemed

  • Telstra is the best

  • dont know what i am gonna do with it, but redeemed it. thank you!

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    It’d be nice if Telstra mastered their core offering before expanding into crap like this.

    • You mean their already best in class mobile network?

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    Thanks OP. Ordered. Wouldnt have known about it without this post.

  • So the only thing I can realistically come up with is putting a wifi one somewhere hidden in my car in case it gets stolen….anything else?

    Car keys or something I guess for bluetooth.

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      Wifi is good for pets (Labradors not Chihuahuas, the wifi tags are like 3x as big as the bluetooth ones), they sell special collar attachments for just that. Bikes, scooters and toolboxes too, anything big and valuable that could go for a walkabout in suburbia.

      Bluetooth is great for key rings, been carrying one around since mid last year. Easily paid for itself with how much our body corporate charges for new keys.

      The actual finding network is so-so, took about an hour for my keys to be pinged with a rough location after I dropped them in a park, but having it tell you you're within bluetooth range and playing hot and cold with the app (the tag plays a chime if you're in bluetooth range) sure beats an hour looking through long grass in the dark.

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    Whoever is Telstra gold member has already paid for 10 packs while their prices are 10 times more than anyone else for their services with absolutely no advantage.
    (IMO, don't scream at me pls….lol)

    • I was on Telstra before because my work gave me a mobile allowance so I didn't need to worry about price (even got the Samsung earpods cos of their rewards for free). I've left that company since though and use the yearly boost prepaid offers which are so much better in value

  • I attempted to redeem but gave an error. Did anyone who redeemed got any notification?

  • This is worth $5

  • +1

    The price is right. Redeemed.
    Thanks OP

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    Thanks mate redeemed.

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    I’ll wait for my FREE locator included with Bill Gates covid vaccine thanks!

  • Thanks OP. Done.

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    Honestly rubbish, don't bother

    • I got one before I realised I don't even have a use for it cos I keep track of my stuff lol.

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    My first reaction, what the actual fork is this.

    My second reaction, oh great, another piece of technology that needs to be charged and sycned with bluetooth / wifi that inevitably won't work from time to time.

    My third reacation, free's free.

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      This is similar to my thought process.

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    Anyone else get a plan details email with $10 a month listed for this? I thought it was free 🤬

    • Same here 🤬
      I expect that one to be auto deducted when being reflected to monthly bill.

      • Same and I also expect the fee to be waived

  • +1

    Wow, this is a great benefit.

    Have redeemed my set :)

  • If you qualify Gold then worth taking this up as in future long range/low power trackers will become available as device, battery and network technology improve.

    • I have taken this offer and spent hours on the live chat and the phone trying to get this subscription active. No one at telstra seems to be able to get it working. I also purchased 6 of the bluetooth and wifi things. Are you able to help at all?

  • I have lost access to my old Telstra account. Is there anyway I can signup with a free account and get these tags?

  • Has anyone received shipping confirmation for their Telstra locator kits? I got my confirmations for the addon tags but not the kit.

    • And there order tracker in the website doesn't understand the numbers associated with these.

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    Me and a family member (different Gold Account & Address) both got an email from Telstra asking the below details. Why the hell would they need to know these details to process my order? :/ Its not a credit card application.

    While processing your order, we found that your employment details were missing. To ensure that your order is successfully processed, please provide the following information:

    Number of dependents:
    Current employer name:
    Employer phone No:
    Years with current employer:
    Months with current employer:
    Years with previous employer:
    Months with previous employer:
    Years at current address:
    If years at current address are less than 5 years, then please share your previous address:

    • Got the same email, thought it was scam, still do, so haven't responded.

    • Checked with Telstra, this is a genuine email from them. Why they need these details though is beyond me.

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    Says “active subscription for Telstra locator not found”. Anyone else get this error when trying to setup?

    • Same thing happening to me

    • +2

      Found logging into the app again fixed the issue

    • I got that, tried again, and it worked the second time - well, got deeper into the menus - I am still waiting for delivery

      • Working now after re-logging in a couple of times.

    • Anyone else have this issue? No matter how many times I log in, it says no subscription found.

      Trying to get Telstra to fix this is impossible!

  • Received the free kit and the 2 addons I ordered. No email asking for more details though

  • So they are trying to charge me $10 a month for something that was meant to be free? Got the following email:

    We recommend that you take a moment to review this as it contains important details about your new plan, including what you need to pay, contract length, and the charges that apply if you cancel your contract early.

    We also suggest you keep a copy of this information summary as a reference for when you receive your next bill, or if you have any questions relating to your plan in the future.

    • I got the same thing, they usually send out a CIS regardless of the offer so I presume it will be zeroed out when we're billed.

    • I suspect that is just a boiler plate from standard purchase. But, watch your next bill.

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    Here's a teardown of the Telstra Locator WiFi tag (please don't try to open up the tag yourself unless you know what you're doing):

    It has an esp8266!

  • Have applied for this, but got an email from Telstra asking for income, employment details, etc, so I just deleted the email and wont be going through with this.

    Found it weird that after being a gold tier for a good while and applying for this freebie, that we are bombarded with these additional personal questions.

    Anyone else get this?

    • Yeah I got it too. Thought it was very strange so contacted Telstra to see if it was genuine. I was assured it was so completed the request, only giving them minimal details, and then everything processed. I received the locator a couple of days later.

  • So I signed up for this under gold tier, and now my bill is showing $10 a month for subscription fees, even though the confirmation email clearly said this was free, for life.

    Beware ay

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