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Blon BL-03 IEM US$26.99 (~A$37.85) Delivered @ Linsoul


Another chi-fi IEM but has some decent reviews.

Amazon AU listed price $65.58.

Use code “BLON2PCS” for extra 10% off when you buy 2 pcs.

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  • Used these for almost a year before I dropped and broke em (3rd solid drop on tiles did it).Sound great, gonna buy another pair or two.

  • Bass is a bit muddy when using them with foams (and unfortunately I need foams for a good fit with these). Tin T2 is much nicer imo

  • For a bit few more dollars and also from Linsoul, could be worth checking out the KZ ZS 10.

    As scottySK mentioned Tin T2 has better community feedback and the KZ ZS10 is comparable (both pros and cons over the Tin T2)

    • i am looking to replace a pair of eoz air with a not-exxy-but-better-sounding pair of iem. zs10 pro reviews indicate this might be what i'm after.

      can you comment about the bluetooth/aptx hd cable/adaptor?

      also, amazon seems to have zs10 pro and bluetooth cable for >100. aliexpress has it for around 90. would you recommend avoiding aliexpress for this?

      • Sorry, no personal experience with the unit as I'm actually looking to pick up a unit myself (that, and/or a CIEM that is literally 25x + the price…haha)

        Linsoul's official website has it for $45 USD, free international shipping. Would definitely go with that over anything from Amazon (can't count how many times I've gotten blatant fakes of things, even when shipped by Amazon directly, wouldn't trust them), or Aliexpress (shipping times, same issue with fakes potentially)

        • Linsoul's official website has it for $45 USD, free international shipping.

          snap thanks for pointing this out

      • Unless you're totally set on a multi-BA hybrid set, I'd also look at the Tin T2 Plus, the KBEar Diamond, the Moondrop Starfield and the iBasso IT00. They're all single DD IEMs, but they'll likely thrash the ZS10 on timbre while offering similar sound signatures and good techicalities and resolution.

        I'd pay particular attention to the iBasso IT00 ($99 from minidisc if you sign up to their newsletter, or $79 if you also get a Zip pay referral today), and the Tin 2 Plus ($80ish on AliE, and as low as $60ish if you wait for sales, coupons and cashbacks) as they seem to match the tonality you're seeking.

        You should be finding the KZ ZS10 Pro for around $40-$50 on AliE, but as low as $30 with cashbacks and coupons.

        As for Bluetooth cables, you're looking at 6-9 hours battery life, and probably no low latency offerings. Bluetooth 5.2 gear is imminent, so it might be worth hanging out for the next iterations, of which some will offer aptX HD quality with low latency and better battery life through improved codecs and protocols.

        The bluetooth protocols will also likely cut off anything after 17kHz, which will remove a little sense of air from the presentation, taking away from you hearing the edges of space the recording was made in.

        If you can't wait, you should be able to get one for $20, but the charging times are awful due to a lack of QuickCharge-type functionality.

        • my eyes were glazing while reading your feedback - prob means i deserve a pair of beats instead……
          appreciate the tips though. my intention was to upgrade from normal earphones and experience iems. however my primary source audio these days is youtube which prob negates any benefit of upgrading.
          having said all that, for a price point under $100, i'm game to try!

          • @inamberclad: Haha, the TLDR is iBasso IT00 or the T2 Plus, and maybe wait 6 months on the cable. YouTube cuts things off at 16kHz most of the time, so that might not be such a terrible experience for you.

            I've got the iBasso arriving next week so that doesn't help you if you want to go for the $20 Zip referral credit, and the T2 Plus uses a different iteration of the same type of driver as the Blon BL-03. Minidisc Australia have the iBasso (iBasso is ChiFi, but they use normal supply chains, not AliE, etc), and a decent return policy if you don't tear the packaging, so that might be a way for you to try things in a low risk fashion.

            You can use Crinacle's free IEM comparison tool to compare these a little against each other and against the ZS10 Pro, but frequency response is only part of the picture.

            Timbre is super important for audio, as it is the quality of delivering each instrument as authentically as possible, not just registering a note. The ZS10 Pro might be technically proficient at lots of frequency ranges, but the cheap implementation and tuning of all those drivers means it has sucky timbre, particularly in the upper ranges.

            If you're looking for natural sounding audio, you're going to find that a lot easier in this price range with a single driver, sometimes a BA (balanced armature, a good example being the Etymotic X2HR, on sale for $160 on Amazon), but usually a DD (dynamic driver) like the suggestions I've already made.

            For DD, current go-to picks are graphene coated (iBasso, KBEar) or carbon nanotube coated (T2 Plus, BLON BL-03, Starfield) drivers.

          • @inamberclad: Have listened to the iBasso, and read more about the T2 Plus… I'd say go with the iBasso IT00 and forget about the T2 Plus. Moondrop Starfield or the BLON BL-03 if you want a good value CNT-coated driver, but they're not to go super hard on treble extension, particularly the BL-03.


    The packaging description on these IEMS haha i love it.


  • Better to get KZ-ZSX instead for around ~$15 more at aliexpress.