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ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 2TB NVMe M.2 $399 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Umart


My first post, so please guide me if there are any mistakes.

Same as the previous Amazon US deal but from Umart with full 5 year Australian warranty. Currently in Stock.

Description from Umart - ADATA 2TB XPG SX8200 Pro PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD

The SX8200 Pro M.2 2280 SSD is XPG’s fastest SSD to date and is designed for avid PC enthusiasts, gamers, and overclockers. It features an ultra-fast PCIe Gen3x4 interface that offers sustained peak read/write speeds of 3500/3000MB per second, outpacing SATA 6Gb/s by a wide margin. Supporting NVMe 1.3, the SX8200 Pro delivers excellent random read/write performance and multi-tasking capabilities. With SLC caching, a DRAM Cache buffer, E2E Data Protection, and LDPC ECC, it maintains high speeds and data integrity, even during highly intensive applications such as gaming rendering, and overclocking.

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  • Good price given it’s local stock. Just wondering how much more is there to drop lol

  • only 5 units available

    • Even if so prices are bound to drop further as aud is stronger now.

      • cheapest its been for a while in .au. people here were scooping it up for $10 less than this from amazon us.

        what time frame are you wishing these would hit $350?

        with the avg au retailer going between $430-$499 don't think these would drop 350 anytime soon.

  • Great price, but would like to see it closer to $350. Highly advise a heatsink for this drive.

    • Agreed I’d probably pull the trigger at 350.

    • Isn't the heatsink for the drive just a flat piece of aluminium which does nothing? I think if you have decent airflow it's going to be fine. Also not like you're stressing it much with day to day use anyway.

      • They don't need much to get hot even with that slither of aluminium foil they call a heatsink. I found my 500GB variant throttling, so hate to think what the 2TB variant would be like.

        • My 500GB Kingston A2000 has never experienced such issues. I had a Samsung 960 EVO in a laptop and it's also fine.

        • They do run hotter than SSDs. Heatsink doesn't do too much maybe a couple degrees better. But nowhere near throttling at least for Samsung 970 Evo.

    • It comes with a heatsink in the packaging. It's optional but it can be applied. Look up one of those unboxing videos on Youtube for the ADATA XPG SX8200. They all come with the heatsink in the package which you've got to apply on the SSD yourself.

      • Not very effective, but better than nothing. I went with an aftermarket aluminium heatsink similar to what EKWB produces. If you're looking for a laptop drive, probably best go with a Samsung 970 Evo.

  • Does anyone know if this has the UEFI option ROM, like the samsung pro series?

    • Didn't work on my Z77 board. Had to patch the BIOS to have UEFI support for use as boot drive

    • I'm booting from a SX8200 on my new Lenovo T495. It's never caused any issues.

      Can I note just how fast this SSD is? I often see I/O rates exceeding 1.5GB/s, simply incredible.

      • Works fine as a boot drive on systems new enough to support it. Samsung add an option ROM to support older systems.

  • It was $356 + del at PCCG and $349 + free del with ebay plus on Black friday. So this price is pretty neat for a non special day.


    If you are 15+ you can get XMA?

  • Only 2 left in stock.

  • is this a good SDD as primary drive?

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