2070 Super & Ryzen 5 3600 Computer $1879 + Shipping @ Titan Tech


This was posted in the comments of one of their other recent deals, and i thought it was a pretty good buy for those like myself who don't have the time to build their own PC.


  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro Wi-Fi. Full ATX with RGB accents, Integrated Wi-Fi & Bluetooth plus extra expansion slots.
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 with 6 cores & 12 threads at 3.6ghz base speed. AMD's latest release that came out this month.
  • GPU: RTX Nvidia 2070 Super 8GB Dual Fan - 1x DVI, 1x HDMI & 1x Display Port.
  • RAM: Kingston 16gb 3200mhz RGB (2x8gb)
  • SSD: Kingston A2000 500GB NVMe
  • PSU: Antec 700w Gold Rated 80+ Power Supply
  • Tower: Deepcool Matrexx 50 Tempered Glass Window and 3x Pre installed RGB fans.

The price is competitive to TechFast's current 3600 + 2070S pairing once you've selected these specs on the TechFast build. These are also well branded parts, so take that as you will. The GPU is a galax i think, but hopefully a store rep can confirm.

Upgrades are available.

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  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 with 6 cores & 12 threads at 3.6ghz base speed. AMD's latest release that came out this month.

    "This month"

    Hehe. Time to update your website text Titan!

  • So does it come with the aio and vid card brace like in the photos?

    What brand model is the aio?

    • I'm not sure if it comes with the AIO, if it does, it will be the same as the one posted in their 2060S deal. It was the deepcool gammaxx l240 v2.

      I'm hoping a rep will chime in and confirm though. I didn't want to add it into the listing in case it wasn't included.

    • that is just a display shot of the case from deepcool, with a bunch of thier other products on display also


      It does not come with the brace sorry, That is a stock photo from deepcool website for the case. Deep Cool AIO! Gammaxx L240 V2

  • Tempting. I really hate building PCs so I could just get this and add better RAM and storage myself.

    • add better RAM and storage myself

      Didn’t you almost build a PC then?

    • I really hate building PCs

      You're missing out!

      • +14 votes

        Nah I'm really not. Glad that part of my IT career is long gone.

        • Ah you've exhausted the enjoyment. I've only gotten started.

          • @Rajeh: Yup that's the difference. Some people can do it forever while others find better things to do.

            Servers on the other hand I'll happily build but it's usually cheaper in time to have HPe/Dell do it for you as they handle the initial configuration which can be a real nightmare in expensive complex systems.

            • @Clear: Guess ive gone full circle over my 20 yrs in IT… I always liked talking things apart and putting them together… Have done it with PCs since 386 days.. Laptops and business PC's (hell id end up showing unisys/dell techs how when they came to fix our equipment loll) when i strated working… Servers and SANs when i was sys admin… Now i find it therapeutic to build PCs.. But then most of my job is now management and virtual environments.. Very little is hardware related … Still i think i can build PC's daily and be happy…

          • @Rajeh: So cute, so raw… love the enthusiasm of youngens.

            As a borderline boomer, happy to pay someone $100-$150 for the trouble. This one is a good deal.

        • If you are buying a PC to game, how can you lose interest in building one? I have been using PCs since the Pentium 100 era, and still cant let go of the building PC interest. I also have tons of other hobbies like aeromodelling which has taken up so much time, but I still cant let go of PC interest. Hmm, maybe someday I might lose interest, but I think that day is still long long away ;)

  • Im still waiting on my PC from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/547051

    Been 5 weeks+

    Is this a better deal balue wise?

    • Nah that was a better value. Seems OP has updated saying all system are built but they're waiting on GPUs. Shame about the wait time.

  • Any quick suggestion for a casual gaming small ITX form PC? ~$1200. I can so for ready made or can build my own.

  • How does this system compete for 1998$?

    WARRANTY PACKAGES : 2 Years Parts Warranty (Pickup and return from your location)
    CHASSIS : Premium MESH High Airflow Chassis | Tempered Glass Design - SLATE BLACK
    CPU : DESKTOPS : AMD RYZEN 5 3600 | 4.2 GHZ | 6 Cores 12 Threads
    THERMAL COMPOUND : Premium Enthusiast Grade Thermal Compound
    RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY (RAM) : DESKTOP : 16GB DDR4 3600 MHz Memory ( 2X8GB | Dual Channel ) KLEVV BOLT X
    CPU COOLING SYSTEM (DESKTOP) : INTEL / AMD stock cooling fan solution
    PRIMARY M.2 SSD : DESKTOPS : 512GB M.2 NVME SSD (R: 3500 | W: 3000)
    FIRST HARD DRIVE : DESKTOP : 1TB WD/Toshiba/Seagate 7200RPM HDD 3.5"
    CHASSIS FANS : Standard Black Chassis Fans
    POWER SUPPLY UNIT : FSP / EVGA 600W 80+ Certified
    OPERATING SYSTEM : Windows 10 Home 64bit (Unactivated)

    • Is this from Aftershock?

      GPU is worse (2060 super vs 2070 super) - watch gaming benchmark videos comparing them to see the difference but if your primary purpose is gaming the 2070 super trumps the 2060 super
      CPU is same but may perform slightly better with the faster ram speed (though I don't notice the difference 3200mhz vs 3600mhz in CoD at the moment)
      More storage with the addition 1tb HDD
      More expensive motherboard - I can't comment on the additional features as I'm not that across it - just built my first PC so hope this helps!

      In gaming this system you've shown will perform worse especially at 1440+ because the GPU is a step down

      • Yes, aftershock.

        it seems 5-10 frames difference. B550 supports upgrading the cpu in the future I believe.

        I will play CS:GO and CoD mainly or a few other first-person shooting games.

        after some research looks like Titan tech machine is better

  • Not seeing any builds with 5700xt.

    Is it inferior or not value for money?

    Alot of the reviews I've looked up have good ratings.

    I'm no expert btw.

    • It's great, but in the prebuilt space it seems the average consumer is convinced NVIDIA is the greatest. Also maybe Titan Tech don't want to deal with people complaining about driver issues (though I've never experienced them, and found the resolution for many people I've helped has been that they weren't in fact driver issues).

      • Oh I wasn't aware.
        Never seems to get mentioned either.
        I thought the value for money would help the average build.
        The tests I saw on games comparable to 2070 super for a lot less the price.

        • Yeah the value is really good, but the 2070 Super still has it's perks:

          • CUDA cores for workstations.

          • NVENC is leaps and bounds ahead of AMD VCE.

          • Ray Tracing.

          • DLSS 2.0, though I'm not sure how widely adopted it will be.

          • Better OpenGL performance, though AMD might be getting their shit together, since it's all in the drivers.

          It seems the tech reviewers and AMD themselves as of late have been unable to reproduce issues users claim to have. This can be down to:

          • Reviewers and AMD not testing with less common system configurations. e.g. older i5 CPUs, motherboards from prebuilts, quad monitor setups, weird resolutions and refresh rates. Or not testing games which are having issues but rather just running a stress test and calling it a day.

          • Testing isn't as comprehensive as it should be.

          • Users are: getting a BSOD or black screen with their system, automatically blaming it on the 5700 XT, writing a rant about AMD, throwing their 5700 XT in the junk, buying a 2070 Super, realizing the issues persist, and then refusing to confess their stupidity. I have no way of knowing if this is the case though especially considering the spread, if it is then I have no words.

  • Good fit for the $500 dell monitor deal

  • Keen to know the delivery timeframe for Melbourne.

    • Also keen to know the timeframe for Melbourne. Can anyone advise?


        Hi! Isaac here, Titan Tech Rep.

        I cannot give estimates on delivery to Melbourne due to COVID but I can assure you we will dispatch with in 3-7 business days. After that is at the grace of TNT.

  • Can anyone comment on the parts? I am hoping to get the same specs with 2080 RTX and 1 TB HDD. Happy to pay Titan Tech $100-150 to build this for me. I don't want the hassle of ordering parts and building my own machine.

  • What CPU cooler does this come with?

  • im in low wit da koko

  • Damn. I paid $100 more just two months ago for a worse build.

  • @Titan Tech is windows included with your builds? I was looking at a few different ones and the descriptions are a bit vague.

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