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AMD Ryzen 9 3900X $679 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


First-time poster. Was looking for a 2nd 3900x and came across this, cheapest local stock atm with the price being very close to that of amazon US. Only a few hours left on the sale so grab it while it lasts.

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  • The amount of horsepower you get now for what you pay for these days is actually insane.

  • Cheaper at Amazon if you don't mind the wait.

  • Wait for zen 3 or buy now?

    • Unless you need it i'd wait. When the 4000 series chips come out you will either want one of those instead or the 3900X should get even cheaper (still seems to be plenty of stock around)..

      • Is there any word yet on when these 4000 series chips are actually going to arrive?

        • No, and if you think you can get 4000 series equivalent of this at this price this year, you are basically dreaming.

          • @netsurfer: If you or anyone has a link to a good summary of the expected performance increases in the new 4000 series CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs, that would be great. I can settle for a Ryzen 9 3900x if the performance increase of the 4000 isn't going to be huge, although I'm unsure about the GPUs. I have all the other parts including an x570 Tomahawk motherboard ready to go.

            • @Duckman: There are only rumours about performance at the moment, but it's about 15-20% increase.

              I am in the same boat as you, I want the 3900x but 4000 is around the corner, I was thinking of maybe getting a 3600x just to use my system until 4000 hits.

              I am also unsure about GPUs, but I was considering the 1660 super and then selling it off when new AMD and Nvidia cards come out.

              • @Blizzard57: I think doing this might be the best option for me as well. Even just buying a 3900x CPU and an average GPU, then either selling the CPU if the 4000 series is really worth it (and within my budget) or keeping the CPU and just upgrading the GPU (again, if it's worth upgrading and I can afford it). There's not much point in having all these parts just sitting here doing nothing while I wait for what could be months and relatively little performance increase (that I may not need anyway, since I'm not a competitive gamer or professional video editor). There's a chance that the 3000 series CPUs could drop in price when 4000 comes out but it's not worth wasting months just to save $100 or whatever imo.

                If we had definite release dates, prices and specs for the new CPUs and GPUs, it would be a different story.

                Probably the biggest thing holding me back at the moment is the high price of GPUs. I need something capable of running 3 monitors, CAD and occasional 4K video editing. A Gigabyte 2070 Super Windforce or MSI equivalent would be a good option, I think, but it's so expensive…

                • @Duckman: Honestly, I don't quite get why so many people want 3900X. To me, deep down people actually want 3950X, but it is really out of the price range. If you are eyeing for Zen 3/4900X, it won't beat 3950X (as it is still 7nm). Then, you will still have an excuse not to get it as Zen 4 will be 5nm.

                  As for getting 3600X and then upgrade, it basically means you don't really need 3900X. Also, are you seriously going to get 4900X at release? It will be difficult to get one right away. Furthermore, you are banking on no X670 coz. if X670 does come out with USB 4 support…

                  Anything above 3600X isn't cost effective. You really should have reasons to justify the purchase, unless of course you simply can afford the CPU.

                  Basically, it is simple, you really want a 12C/24T CPU: wait for 4900X unless 3900X is at a price that's too good to be true. Even if 4900X is only 15% faster, you will prefer that.

                  • @netsurfer: I'll take a look at the 3600x, it might be sufficient for my needs, thanks! As for the X670, I didn't even realise there was a new motherboard on the horizon.

                    What GPU would you recommend pairing with the 3600x and x570 Tomahawk?

                    • @Duckman: The 3600 would suit most people's needs. The 3300x was reported to be a better value card if you're on a budget or don't need the power.

                      With the GPU….from the reviews I read the 3600 could take up to a 2080ti with only minimal bottlenecking, so I think the budget is the limit. But then waiting for 3000 cards would be the smarter choice over a 2080ti.

                      Yeah, there are rumours of x670 boards, but you can't control that. There are other rumours that x670 boards won't be released because the ryzen 5nm is coming with the 5000 series and that is using a new socket.

                  • @netsurfer: Can't say for other people but for the price point 3900x is the best value to performance for my needs currently. I'm looking for a new enthusiast level video editing rig so the 3600x will do well for most 1080p stuff but will struggle with 4k and 8k. But it would serve as a good holder for the new 4990x. You make good points about card avaliabilty when 4990x or similar is released. When the 3900x was released, it actually was similar some of the highend 29xx threadripper cards which was at least double it's price. So yeah, there is a hopeful part of me that the 4990x is similar to the 39xx threadripper cards.

                    The 3950x is a weird card, because when considering performance to price when you look at Puget benchmarks for Adobe Premiere, it actually isn't a lot better than the 3900x but you're paying quite a bit more like 35-40%. To see real world improvement over the 3900x, you would have to go to threadripper. And because the 3960x is over $2k, that's more than I want to spend on a new CPU at this time.

                  • @netsurfer: that's a very odd perspective. i'm with @Blizzard57 on this one… i was considering a 3700x but decided to go up to a 3900x which was <$200 for 4 more cores. the price difference to go up another 4 cores (3950x) was almost $400 on top of that again.

                    the 3900x is an incredible chip with a stack of power. it's not going to be less powerful when the 4000 chip is released, and it's not going to be this cheap.

                    if you need a pc now, get the 3900x and you won't be disappointed. if you can wait, and are ready to spend a lot more on the 4000 series, wait.

    • Buy now and give me Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla.

      Okay, jokes aside. If you are asking this question, you shouldn't buy either. Clearly you don't have the need for a 12C/24T CPU.