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[NSW, VIC] $50 off First Order @ Foodbyus, Minimum Order Value Applies, Free Delivery Syd & Melb Metro Areas only


Lets see if this can be ozbargained..

$50 off First Order,

Minimum order varies between different category suppliers, My Fruit & Veg minimun order was $59.

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  • They don’t deliver to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide. Not sure where they actually deliver.

  • If you check the postcode without sign up it shows they deliver buy after sign up seems they don't. I confirmed multiple random street address in same postcode.

    — Sorry, Fruitique Retail doesn't have any delivery or pick-up options for Waitara. Please try another address

  • Works for me, Melbourne area. Thanks

  • How are the prices?

    • Pretty good actually (Western Sydney Suburb)

      All areas have different suppliers so it probably varies.

  • Ordered $53 of stuff for $3 delivered. Lets see if it gets cancelled

  • Delivery fee for meat is $50 or h have to spent $100 min

  • Worked for me, so excited about all that food, hope that it doesn’t get cancelled!

    • Sounds good, what was your order? And is it ongoing contract or can be one time purchase?

      • I just bought a whole lot of veggies, min spend $59 for me, it seemed to be a one time purchase, with the option of a contract

  • No fruit or veg only meat to my postcode 🙄
    I'm a vego haha

  • Not working for my postcode

  • FYI, minimum spend can be reached through multiple categories as long as it's the same supplier.

    For me, Simply Fresh Fruit Retail has a minimum order of $69, so I can choose a mixture of dairy & eggs, fruits & vegs and dry goods as long as they're specifically from the Simply Fresh supplier.

  • Ordered 28L of Soy milk for my coffee consumption. Thank you so much!

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    Before ordering have some thought for probably an already suffering business due to COVID. This might be there attempt to keep their business, and their suppliers open by gaining new long term customers not one off orderers from Ozbargainres.

    • There always a party pooper .
      Maybe the should have put some though in before the offer !
      In my area they cover their a$$ with $100 minimum orders on catergories I would have ordered .
      Only fruit and veg has a decent minimum of $69 .

      • My area also has $100 min as no F&V are not available, I paid $51, I guess I have contributed enough.

    • -3 votes

      Damn I feel bad now for getting $43 worth of sourdough bread for free :(

      Hope they cancel

  • Fruit and veg sorted… thanks OP

  • Thanks OP.

  • Cheers OP, let's see how it goes

  • Thanks OP, fruit and veg sorted :)

  • $50/$59 min spend for me!

  • $69 minimum spend here for fruit and veggies. I may buy again if satisfied as I'm in Melbourne and am getting as much delivered as possible

    OP, where did you see this offer?

  • Thanks op. Fruits sorted yay

    I got this in my email though
    "Your tax invoices for each order are attached. If there are any random weights or any other changes to the final order delivered to you, then a separate invoice will be issued."

    What's with the random weights part. :/

  • Woohoo! Bunch of random groceries sorted :) Thanks OP!

  • This is a great offer. Thanks OP.

  • All the meat seems to be the same stuff from Costco?

  • Thanks OP - fruit and veggies sorted 😊

  • just placed an order, gone to summary screen and they have added $55 delivery and charged me/
    total was $50. when i put my card detail in. $100 order, free delivery on $100 then they have charged me after in my card.

    anyone have this issue?

    • I just placed an order for $102 worth of meat ($52 after discount) with University Meat Retail Melbourne. Free delivery for minimum $100 order total. Free delivery minimum order amount varies depending on the supplier. Fantastic deal and great prices! I got 2kgs of grass fed eye fillet for $64, that's only $16 kilo after 50% discount. And 2kgs of wagu mince $16 kilo, $8 kilo after discount. Thanks OP!

    • -2 votes

      Dodgey site.
      My order was $100, free delivery. Less $50 coupon.
      Clearly stated $50 total.payment done
      I've been charged $105.
      Invoice generated $155 total then less $50. Joke

      Cancelled my order. They reckon min spend is 150 for this coupon.

      Suggest checking your card transaction. I'm not the only one who had this happen also.

      • Who ever neg this comment.
        You think it's ok to charge someone more than displayed on the total order screen!!?
        Get in contact happy to sell you anything then charge you more than double.

  • Thanks OP! Fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled. Saves me a dreaded grocery shop!

  • Does anyone know when the code expires?

    • +3 votes

      The OP fills out that at the bottom of the post. He said 31 August.

      • Oh nice. I missed that, thanks. I hope they don't end it early because Ozbairganers have caught on to it.

  • thx! bought $60 order with amex. see if we can get a mystery amex shopsmall credit :-p

  • Is there any way to clear out the credit card info from their site after the first order?

  • where do u enter in the voucher?

  • This is a really poor use of investor money, but great for bargainers.

  • Thanks - ordered some vegetables and fruit! Prices seem good; hope quality is ok. Will buy from again if quality is good!

  • Got some mushrooms and bananas and some random vegies! Thanks OP, snacks and dinner sorted ♥️

  • Awesome deal. Thanks op.

  • Thanks OP.. Ordered fruit & veggies for $69 min spend.. hope the quality is good ..

  • Awesome OP, got heaps of meat!
    Works out great as our local supermarkets got ravaged yesterday after Dan Andrews' announcements

  • $0 and on my invoice seems $50
    Let's see….

  • 'Voucher has expired' for me!

  • Seems to have been removed now :(

  • “Sorry this voucher has expired”

  • I just tried it said the voucher has expired.

  • I ordered 10 minutes ago and it was working. Looking at the prices, they are fairly competitive without the voucher so I'd definitely be a returning customer.

  • hahaha ozbargained, expired

  • Don't worry about the invoices. Just check your bank or credit accounts. Vouchers don't get usually reflected on the invoices.

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    i was too late too, but another code can be used for melb $50 u get $25 dollars off. Code: MELB25

  • too late T T

  • Anyone's order get Declined or Rejected, mine did along with a couple friends of mine.

    Somehow they were linked to same address but they were all separate accounts, and credit cards, emails, and names, and actual separate peoples orders just going to same address.

    Customer service said "voucher abuse because of same address on multiple accounts" I am waiting on a reply from accounts to re-place my order as I advised it was genuine and not for same person.

    Edit: I did signup under Business rather than Personal accounts, and managed to access dozens more suppliers from different categories which had min $50 orders and scored much better stuff. Maybe this could have been an issue also, but that's still fair and valid for the voucher.

  • Just a quick heads up that we have unfortunately had to cancel your recent order with FoodByUs.

    Our data shows that a specific voucher code was used for your order. This voucher was provided to a FoodByUs partner for limited and exclusive use with their audience only. Unfortunately it was shared on a public forum.

    FoodByUs is a start up, wholesale food ordering platform that supports local wholesale food suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne. FoodByUs and our supplier network has been impacted by COVID-19, but have continued to support the community by delivering competitively priced, fresh quality produce.

    In a bid to support our business and our supplier businesses, we offered the code to support both businesses and families during a time when it has been difficult to obtain quality local produce during COVID-19. Unfortunately, others have been using this voucher for the wrong purpose.

    While it is disappointing to have your order cancelled, we hope you understand our reasons for doing so.

    We would be more than happy to welcome you back to FoodByUs in the future via an exclusive voucher for $20 off any order of $100 or more.

    Code: OZBARG20 (enter at checkout, expires August 31 2020). This is a one time use per user voucher.

    We wish you safe and well during this time.

    Not really surprising, think the $20 off deal is still pretty good, their prices are very cheap for some things.
    I'll be ordering and supporting some local companies :)

    • what a rip, $20 off min $100 order, do not buy from this company or support it anymore, they are lying to us.

      They advertised a code it was for first time orders, NOT for a one time use for specific user as they claim, that is clear based on the ordering process and the voucher type.

      Boycott this company, they supplied a code and now not honouring it, why because of the people ordering.

      This company is against us ozbargainers, do not support it.

      • really? mate…

        • Yes really its clear as day, everyone else agrees see below, same thing ppl are upvoting but not me? ozbargainers are funny

          watwatwat 9 min agonew
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          Congrats foodbyus; you didn't put any limits on your codes that you couldn't afford to give away, you wasted everyone's time and charged potential new customer's credit cards for something services that you aren't going to end up providing. It was a poor move to blanket cancel everything.

      • -2 votes

        But you were more than happy to try and 'rip' them by most likely trying to get free food off a small business. Wake up to yourself!

  • Same, got email cancelling order but due to the minimum $100 I won't be buying anything as I normally spend around $50 a week so not worth it at this point…

  • Very sad, just because i am ozbargainer does not mean I am not suffering through this covid-19 pandemic. Currently I have no means to purchase fresh food as I do not drive or have a service /means to get to supermarket. When I tried to order fresh veg online it was all sold out in my area due to the panic buying so this foodbyus order would have been the difference between eating or not. I am a single person on a support pension and $100 of veg is too expensive to buy in one go. So if my order is cancelled, sadly it looks like I wont be eating any fresh food for a few weeks. I'm surprised the government hasn't got anything in place for people in this situation


      If you're in melb metro give fruitastic a go, $40 minimum spend with free delivery and reasonable prices and quick delivery

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    Ordered $225 in total,veg & meat, paid $175 by cc this morning, haven't got email cancellation, hopefuly order will be passed to supplier.

  • Order Cancelled.

  • Congrats foodbyus; you didn't put any limits on your codes that you couldn't afford to give away, you wasted everyone's time and charged potential new customer's credit cards for something services that you aren't going to end up providing. It was a poor move to blanket cancel everything.

  • Order Cancelled
    Offered new code - OZBARG20, expires 31st Aug
    Spend 100 get 20 off…
    oh well - I'm going to pass…

  • Yep. Without a code this stuff is not the 40% off they advertise . Won’t be spending anything go with them . Great way to get a bad rep for your business .

    • +3 votes

      Prices are no where near 40% off. Most are the same if not higher then local fruit and veg shop and supermarkets.
      Meat and similar

  • I understand the cancellation, but five minutes before it was due to arrive is a bit annoying, since I've had to spend my morning waiting for it …

    • call and complain, do not get off the phone until they honour it, and threaten to go to ACCC or consumer affair - they took our orders and money and then cancelled for invalid reason. dodgy company.

      • I didn't have to contact them, but my box has just arrived (Sydney)! I think the suppliers contacted FoodByUs, said they'd already packed the orders and that they wanted the vouchers honoured.

  • My order has been cancelled too

  • wasted my time.

  • Placed an order last night for a fruit box, arrived today with discount applied. Produce much fresher than local supermarkets, although nearby farm gate still cheaper.

  • The prices were pretty expensive for fruit & veg if you ask me.

    • no they are not.

    • +2 votes

      email marketing from them saying broccolini is RRP $5! save 60%
      Price $1.99
      $1.99 is ok, nothing special but. not sure they are aware of false save statements. doubt this seller had sold for $5 recently..

      never seen it more than $3 in melbourne atleast.

    • In Melbourne, they're OK, close to my local Coles/Woolies. With the discount though, they're more than bargain. Thanks Op :)