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Ring Video Doorbell 1080p HD Video (2nd Gen) $119 Delivered @ Amazon AU


All-new Ring Video Doorbell – 1080p HD video, improved motion detection, easy installation – (2nd Gen)

Also on offer,
Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) Bundle
Buy 1 Ring Video Doorbell and 1 Ring Chime for $189 or 1 Ring Video Doorbell and 1 Ring Chime Pro for a total of $209. Discount applied at checkout. Terms & Conditions apply

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  • I thought they were on to Ring 3, what's "all-new" about it (genuine question)?

    • Basically, this is the second generation of the Ring Video Doorbell v1.

    • They've dropped the Ring 2 from the lineup and increased the resolution on the Ring 1 from 720p to 1080p. The Ring 3 is still there which has extra features, they just removed the in-between model and bumped the specs of the base model.

  • about time Amazon matched JB’s price on their OWN product!

  • Both Ring Chime Pro and Ring Chime are showing as unavailable.

  • How many devices can be linked to the doorbell at the same time?

    • I just log into the 1 ring account on all my devices, works fine.

      • I'll rephrase my question, if someone presses the door bell, how many devices can be alerted at the same time?

        • I have first gen device along with the chime. It alerts both the chime and my phone.

        • Not sure on max number but our doorbell rings my iPhone, iPad and my wifes iPhone, and the Alexa Dot at the same time.

    • This is the part that's a deal killer. You have to subscribe to ring Protect to get more than 7 days worth of protection.


      $40/year Basic which includes only one device.
      $150/year Plus if you have more than one device.

      I only subscribed to it for the lifetime warranty.
      I have Unifi for all other security cameras so I have all video stored to my local NAS instead of paying someone all the time.

      • Can you download the videos within those 7 days though? I have arlo cameras which also only have a 7 day free mode but that’s sufficient as you’d usually know within 7 days if you need to keep a video.

        Edit: just read the free plan doesn’t let you download the videos. That would be deal breaker for me too!

        • You can connect a HDD to your Arlo base and store/save all of your alert recordings for free (not just 7 days).

      • HI and sorry for dumb question, but I'm coming from Arlo world with 7 days recordings for free. Is this available at Ring, or is live feed only free?

      • So this Ring comes with a commitment? Damn.

      • I replaced my Ring Cameras with ones that I can locally store the video files on my NAS. Not a fan of cloud based storage (with subscription).

      • im glad to know they atleast let u store last 7 days worth of video for free, i didnt know that and hence was always against this subscription model but now thinking…

        • Pretty sure with the Ring Doorbell you only get live camera view on the free plan. I'd be a bit annoyed as a basic subscriber if I was paying for what I could have gotten for free. If it came with 7 days storage free that would be outstanding, anything more than that is just dumb honestly when you consider the basic use case scenario. If there is an incident you're going to download the video immediately, e.g. someone nicking something off of your doorstep.

          • @Tardvark: @Tardvark - I believe you are correct.

            If you have no subscription = live camera view / alerts only. If you miss an alert or a ring event, there’s no video recorded.

  • Need Eufy door bell

  • Expect to get something like this to get ring to improve connectivity. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/392535563556
    You can drill a hole to the it from inside the house. Best get an electrician.

  • Those that can't want the chime…a cheaper alternative is to get the Echo dot for $10 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/553644?_gl=1*cnh9ig*_ga*UE...) Connect it to the doorbell and you have yourself a very loud chime…I set this up last week and it works like a chime!

  • Don't forget 8% cashback with cashrewards people 🙂

  • I have the first gen and the reception is quite bad from the gate. I get rssi around 60ish which lags and jitters. Would this all new one solve the reception problem? Thanks.

    • Doubtful, sounds like your wifi strength to the gate is bad.A new ring wont solve that.

    • Get a wifi range extender

    • the v3 might solve it as it has both 2.4 and 5 Ghz however i do not own any so can not reaqlly say much.

      • The 5Ghz is only better for faster speeds over shorter distances. 2.4 would still be preferred over long distance transmission. That's not to say the new Ring won't have a better antenna. But as Skramit said, the wifi strength to the gate is the problem.

  • I wonder how does "Lifetime theft protection" work in practice, I mean you need to file a police report to prove it? Has anybody been through this process? Thanks.

    • for anything thats stolen a police report is required for any warranty claims and should be made,
      regardless i have never heard or read of someone actually steali9ng a doorbell.

      might be tampered or damaged but stolen,, not too sure…

    • tricky one. the lifetime theft protection works only if you have a subscription with ring, only then if any of your devices are stolen, with the police report as proof sent to them, they will replace with a new unit.

      • I could not see that in the terms and conditions but expect Ring to only offer theft protection of you have a subscription…

        Another thing the conditions state the theft protection is excluded if brought from a third party on ebay or an online market place - does that mean you have to buy direct from Ring to get the theft protection??

        • welp, based off this link:


          my understanding is that any online purchase third party or ebay isn't valid. but i have the plus subscription and currently it says its valid as I have bought from online third party from jb hifi and costco.

          • @EnegueWeil: From your link, it seems that "Lifetime theft protection" is "Included Free", so would that mean it is included even if you don't have subscription?
            That exclusion is only or Extended warranty… maybe. Confusing.
            I reckon you are right "This warranty, our theft protection, and community support services do not apply to any products purchased from third party sellers on eBay and other online marketplaces. "

  • Can anyone help me. Without subscription is this product useful?

    • No subscription = acts just like a smarter intercom. If you ain't there, you can see who was at your doorbell
      With subscription = adds the ability to review past footage for security monitoring purposes.

  • I have 2 of the Ring version 1 that I have now replaced with EUFY doorbells.
    I do not want a subscription service and the Ring's sucked because… by the time you get your phone out of your pocket, unlock it and go to answer, it's stopped ringing and you've missed the person at the door with no image, video or way to see who unless you subscribe. I'm thinking they may have made the duration short to force you to have a subscription. There is no option to change to keep ringing for more than X seconds before giving up.
    Now over on EUFY (thanks to a deals posted in the last few months on this page), their AI stuff does pick people from other movement really well, so the EUFY doorbell will alert me as a delivery guy is walking up before he has even pressed the button. The button will light up when a person approaches. Then the 2 way audio is good, image is good - really happy with them. Fair enough, I'm comparing an older model Ring against the new EUFY, but the Ring 1 for my purposes was a complete and total fail. Probably fine if you add the subscription service.
    EUFY's no subscription requirement and ability to pick people out and have the alert pop up with the face of the person they picked out of the image - clear winner.

    • That’s why I pick eufy instead of ring.

    • How have you found the Enufy battery life? or did you go wired?

      • Went battery - so far really good. The main entry gets loads of traffic and has gone down 1% more than the camera on the back door. But all up, looks like they will live up to the spec or near to it.
        All under sensor lights so I do have the infrared turned off which probably helps.

  • Picked up the Ring 1 (second gen) last week from JB. It was easy to install and so far has been great. I was going to try to hook it up to power, but have decided to run it on the battery first to see how long it will last before it needs to be charged again. We have been using some of our echo dots throughout the house as chimes. Was was planning to add an Echo Show 5 to the mix, but just saw that the price has increased from $79 to $94 :(

  • Amazon, give me eufy 2k doorbell deal please!

  • Eufy wireless doorbell please!

  • Does anyone know if this chime can be installed under a mesh wifi?
    I'm using Ring Doorbell gen 1, but the chime (traditional, 1st gen) is not compatible with my Netgear Orbi wifi.


  • Had mine up for about 5 weeks now, hate it, getting rid of it. Such a huge disappointment. You don't actually get all the features from the system unless you pay for a Ring.com account. I cannot record videos to my NAS for example.

    I also own an Echo Show 8 device. I thought that this will be the perfect pairing, but I was totally wrong. When motion is detected at the front door, i am notified really quickly, but that is where it all ends. If I then ask my Echo Show 8 device to "show my front door", the stupid system needs to make a connection to the Ring.com mothership. I have fast 100mbps HFC NBN cable service, and if I am lucky, by the time the Echo Show 8 has made a connection with Ring.com and has then displayed a live view from my ring camera, I am lucky if I am not seeing the back of the delivery man's OH&S hi vis vest passing my letterbox at the end of my driveway. About 1 out of every 10 times, the system times out trying to connect to Ring.com. Such a huge disappointment. As another example, if I get the "motion detected at the front door" notification on all my echo device around the house goes off, and I say to my Echo Show 8, "show my front door" I am lucky for it to start showing the live video before my wife has reached the back of her car parked out on the street.

    It is not so bad if the person at the front door presses the doorbell, but even then, the ability to talk to the person at the door is far from satisfactory. Often the sound is garbled and full of dropouts, like a really bad mobile phone connection, or worse. This is despite me having a wired ethernet connection to a "point of presence" wireless range extender just 3 metres from the front door.

    Frankly, if the reliance on the woefully slow and non-necessary ring.com was not a product killer, then the flaky voice performance is certainly the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    • Do you know any video doorbells that don't require services sub? And/or allow NAS recording?

  • No I don't sorry, but I would like to know