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Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor $636 Shipped (Au Stock) @ Mobileciti



Mobileciti offer this popular 34 inch Xiaomi monitor deal again, 100% Xiaomi Official Australia Stock. In Stock now dispatch within 1~2 business days.
  • Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync 4ms Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
  • Official AU stock direct from Au local distributor.
  • 2 year replacement warranty.
  • Price Inc GST, and ABN Tax Invoice with all purchases
21:9 wide panoramic view

With a 21:9 ratio that is 30% wider than the average 16:9 ratio, get extremely wide field of view to provide you with the extra peripheral vision

High Resolution Images and Detail

Get a spectacular gaming experience with its large 34" 3440 x 1400 display

High brightness, contrast & vivid picture quality

Up to 300nits display brightness and contrast ratio of 3000:1 ensures that the viewing is accurate and vivid

144Hz refresh rate, 4ms Response Time

Get fast response times and smoother actions and transitions to get the edge over your opponents.

1500R Curve

The 1500R curved design gives you an immersive experience, enhancing your sense of depth

AMD FreeSync

Reduces tearing to ensure fluent frames output, optimised for fast and lag free performance

Multiple port options

Has HDMI x2, DP x2, Audio x1

*No cashback on this coupon code deal. While stock last!

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  • +4

    But tell them the price!

    • +4

      sorry, $636 shipped

  • Can this one works with PS5?Thanks

    • hdmi 2.0 if that's what you mean

    • +7

      Pretty sure PS5 will not support 21:9 resolution

    • +1

      There’s no monitors with HDMI 2.1, what you want is one of the new LG OLED 2020s. Smallest you can get is 48” when it’s released but you may as well wait until PS5 is released

      • also the nano series (non-OLED) LG's will also have HDMI 2.1 in case you don't want to break the bank and pay the OLED price premium.

        • so good for HDR content though!

          • +1

            @ekwipt: yep if you can afford the OLED then get OLED! But I didn't want to fork out too much money on a new TV and got the 65" nano86 series which plays HDR content pretty well for a non-OLED.

            • @itsmehuey: nah, nano86 is IPS, we are talking about terrible blacks

              • -1

                @nikoris: it's perfectly fine for me, and a huge improvement over my old TV.

                • @itsmehuey: There are better options out there, also preety much every TV would be an improvement over your old TV, how is that an argument?

                  • -1

                    @nikoris: "There are better options out there" — not at the price that I got it for…

                    "also preety much every TV would be an improvement over your old TV" not really.. newer mid-range samsung models actually still outperformed by my old LG..

                    • @itsmehuey:

                      not at the price that I got it for…

                      I got my hisense for dirt cheap too and it's much better than LG

      • 48 isn't coming here unfortunately

        • they changed their minds from what I've read:


          " The 48″ model was not originally set to come to Australia after retailers didn’t show an interest in stocking it. It’s unclear at this point if LG will be selling it directly in Australia." Man idiot retailers!

    • Ps5 will be optimised for a large 16:9 4k hdr TV, so this would make for a bad experience.

  • Anyone know of the ones sold by banggood and shipped from au warehouse is Aussie model too? Because when I check the app it shows better price than this. Also anyone know if would have a warranty?

    • hey rein, whats the lowest's price on banggood? might get it from banggood.

      • It shows for 570 and some cents for me, [AU$763.24 57% OFF]Original XIAOMI Curved Gaming Monitor 34-Inch 21:9 Bring Fish Screen 144Hz High Refresh Rate 1500R Curvature WQHD 3440*1440 Resolution 121% sRGB Wide Color Gamut Free-Sync Technology Display Computer Peripherals from Computers & Office on banggood
        https://banggood.app.link/kh99TUAuF8. Says free 1 week delivery.

    • +1

      its not Aussie model

      • what's the difference between the aussie model and banggood?

        • +3

          Proper warranty and won't take months to get here. QC can be poor for these so its well worth the extra cost

        • +7

          Hi ashleelauren

          I don't have both monitors compared side by side, based on my info the official Au wall plug has active & neutral pins partially insulated as per AS/NZS compliance requirements, the Grey imported/China version normally comes with similar plug but without partially insulated.

          Also the Australia version came with a color retail package, other one just brown packaging box. Also some rework has been done by Xiaomi for the Australia compliance requirements and provide 2 years AU replacement Warranty.


      • -1

        I'm still waiting for my preorder to be shipped from allphones ebay. Shipping wise, banggood seems more Australian.

        • +1

          PM me your order number I can check for you.

          • @AHUANG: PM sent, I actually got a reply from your eBay rep with a tracking link but the item seems haven't been received by carrier.

        • @yfxsmike It was pretty clear when i ordered that it was a preorder waiting for stock to arrive in au. It never said made in Australia.. stock was shipped super quick when it arrived in Australia as per the ebay listing… did you find an ad that didn't say preorder?

          • @wozz: I ordered the one on last pre-order deal and Allphones just replied me with a tracking link while it was not updated to ebay.
            Currently the tracking link is showing:

            Tracking number does not appear to have been scanned in our network, please contact your merchant/sender for assistance.

  • +2

    Get a spectacular gaming experience with its large 34" 3440 x 1400 display


    • -4


    • +6


      Thanks for the pickup, it has been corrected to 3440 x 1440

    • Username: check

  • Any reviews on this monitor? Edit: will read through other threads - noticed its VA.

    • +3

      it would have gone in 10 secs if it is IPS

    • +1

      Just got mine today so far so good seems great works nicely with gsync and is sooooo smooth coming from 60hz XD

      Other difference I see from the screen I came from so far is the refresh been so much better and the view angles arnt as good.

      Oh also the curve is massive vs my old screen but ive gotten used to it pretty quickly till my wife pointed it out to me again….

      https://www.philips.com.au/c-p/BDM3490UC_75/brilliance-curve... thats the screen I had before

      • +1

        Interested in any other reviews, seems like hundreds of people purchased, not many reviews in the other threads.

        • +3

          No news is usually good news aswell.

        • +2

          usually the reviews are there for the shit ones. But it won't break down so fast anyway

        • +2

          Hey, I bought this in last deal.
          Relatively light monitor, my cheapo arm just can hold it up.
          Ghosting is a thing, but I only noticed it the first day (never had a va panel before), and I don't notice it in games anymore.
          Honestly perfect curvatures, coming from nothing, it feels a little strange, but once in game holy moly does it feel right.
          Valorant doesn't run 21:9 which (profanity) sucks
          Cod looks amazing
          Setup is easy, basic settings are pretty good- I think I just had to change one to get fastest response time.
          If you want hdr, don't bother, the screen is bright, but it just looks like a normal monitor. Blacks are good, but yeah, it's nothing insane.

          In short: crazy good value for money
          5 days in, no problems yet.

        • +1

          I've only had mine for 1 day. Came from 34" flatscreen 60hz 1080. Really impressed, quality is good, contrast and colours smash my old lg. Very happy so far, have done any fps gaming, only gta v. Haven't noticed any blur though i haven't looked for it.
          Refresh rate is amazing even just browsing the Web i was wowed

    • Got mine today as well (from allphones, so quick delivery), massive, my first experience with such type of screens. Coming from 27" 2560*1440 dell IPS.

      Using mostly for work and watching video, should dig out my steam gaming account. Form factor is so goood, nice to have this curvature and plenty of usable pixels (did not go with 32" 4K)

      Don't have gsync, so can't comment on that or gaming department. My embedded video card only pulls out 100hz, can't really see massive difference with 60, might be just video card.

      I would say angles are better on IPS, but with this curved screens, you are not meant to look on it from side really..

      Happy to answer questions.

      • How's the overall experience of the image quality compared to the dell IPS?

        • +1

          I think ghosting is visible with a text window drugged around or scrolling (though it does exist in dell ips as well), don't have any other issues to complain.

          Getting used to turn my head to work with different parts of screen/different windows. I was able to see 27' as a whole, but not this.

          Watched few videos like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlHklH5VBtI&t=1153s holly-molly, purchase justified :-)

          Had to give firefox additional settings to load the graphic card as it was automatically banned "to access to hardware acceleration" at start :-)

          I would agree with early reviews that menu buttons are behind and don't have labels, so you have to learn them to switch inputs or for any other menu use, takes 1 minute.

          Adjustable height was the last drop on the purchase as these size monitors rarely have it.

  • +9

    This exact same price has been reposted every week by Allphones/Mobilciti, why?

    • +3

      Not sure why this was downvoted, but very fair question.

      OP has posted last week for Allphones and this week for Mobileciti. Maybe they will keep alternating to keep the deal active on OzB :P

  • +2

    Still waiting on mine from the first order (July 15th).

    • mine came today after ordering on the 11th

      • +2

        Actually came today as well, box is huge and shows the contents completely, be careful of package thieves, people!

  • +2

    Great deal OP

    It would have been more nice, if the coupon code was Curved ARSE lol

    • +1

      Thanks, I wish I can use ARSE code ;)

  • +3

    Bought from them during 15 July deal and still haven't received. Tried to cancel but they claimed it was dispatched when it wasn't. Gearbite promo was overall cheaper and quicker

    • +1

      Hi Cowgoesmeowwww

      Sorry, Au stock was slightly delayed, however We have dispatched all the back order on 31th~3rd Aug, feel free to PM your order number will check for you.

      • will orders made today be shipped by Friday?

        • +3

          if you order today should be dispatch tomorrow

      • +2

        I tried to cancel on the 30th but the request was declined. Your "cancel anytime before dispatch" statement was not true.

        • +1

          Hi Cowgoesmeowwww

          can you please PM your order number so I can have look.

  • +2

    How can this compete with the Dell. You're too late OP.

    • dell 34"?

  • +1

    I just bought one off banggood, $579.46 delivered, $591.08 with shipping insurance. Maybe cashback, maybe not.

    $570.80 via banggood app.

    • -1

      Hi MagicMikez32

      Thanks for sharing, undertand the grey imported/China version stock are slightly, feel free to choose whatever is suit you.

      • +2

        I've purchased one from you guys, however please explain how they are different since they both come with the AU plug? Just curious

        • Hi ohhidayo

          I don't have both monitors compared side by side, based on my info the official Au wall plug has active & neutral pins partially insulated as per AS/NZS compliance requirements, the Grey imported/China version normally comes with similar plug but without partially insulated. Also the Australia version came with a color retail package, another one was a brown packaging box. Also some rework has been done by Xiaomi for the Australia compliance requirements and Au Xiaomi replacement Warranty, I hope this info is helpful.

          Thanks again for your support!

    • +2

      Cashback tracked, $28.08


      I guess GST free comes in to play when comparing like for like

      • +1

        I got my monitor from gear bite delivered yesterday. It is properly invoiced and GST 10.0% $54.45 is accounted for with an ABN. Hope that helps some one.

        • Hi byrash

          are you please able to share some photo for the packaging and plug, I received some PM and comments asking about the difference for Au stock vs Grey imported stock. thank you.

          • +1

            @AHUANG: To be honest I dont know what is grey imported stock, its from real Xiaomi box packaging and AU plug packaged and sealed. No loose items it came with all sealed.

  • I had to dig a bit, but these guys are saying it's VESA compatible?


    Any suggestions for a swivel arm that'd work with this and my old varidesk?

    • +3

      it is VESA compatible. received mine today and mounted it on NB F80 arm.

      • Cheers, that looks like exactly what I want. Appreciated :)

      • Just checking, the NB F80 is rated for up to 9KG but the monitor is actually 10.5kg… it's all G for you, though?

        I've already ordered both - didn't think to check.

        • +1

          i believe the 10.5kg value includes the stand. in any event, its holding up the monitor fine and is sturdy.

          i've used VIVO style arms in the past (although not VIVO) and found that the pole starts to bend over-time due to the weight.

          • @tc2: Thanks again for the tip and the response - this looks like exactly what I want. Looking forward to getting it all set up.

    • 100x100 VESA; I've got it on a VIVO Single Arm Mount (looks better than NB IMO)

      • Hey can you tell / show me what you mean by that,? Does the single arm mount still achieve the floating look by being towards side of the monitor? I just got this monitor and was looking at either the ergotech freedom arm or the Silverstone arm 11.

        Was leaning towards the arm 11 as it's lower profile

  • +1

    Anyone know if this is compatible with imac as a second display.

  • I ordered mine on the 20th of July from Mobileciti and it arrived today - it's perdy.

  • Does this support PiP and PbP?

  • Does anyone know what "Australia compliance requirements" means or is it effectively marketing?

  • +4

    Received mine from the last deal and initially it wouldn't turn on. After fiddling around with it I discovered that with my Macbook pro plugged in via USB-C to DP it caused the monitor to lock up (I'm assuming power was being sent through?), switched to HDMI with a USB hub and all good. Coming from the Acer xb271hu I'm pleasantly surprised. Compared to the IPS there is ghosting (noticeable when scrolling text) but the colours absolutely pop with this screen. Viewing angles suck but if you're seated in directly in front of the monitor you won't notice. Gaming on it is buttery smooth and the added peripheral vision really adds to the immersion. So far I've played Destiny 2 and Elite Dangerous and both work flawlessly and look fantastic, the blacks in Elite Dangerous in particular look almost as good as on my CV1 rift. Lastly the build quality seems top notch, the monitor stand in particular can rotate and angle up and down without issue, none of the parts squeak or groan with that plastic under strain sound that my Acer used to make.

  • This or 2x AOC G2 24" 144Hz for office work/occasional gaming (non fps)?
    From what i can see you can connect the screen to two inputs and have the one 34" screen split into two to act as 'two' monitors no?

  • Received mine from Allphones today at 6PM on the dot.

    I'll preface this by saying I only know the very basics of monitors..

    Overall, I'm pretty happy with this purchase. It's my first experience with a 34" - I've come from the Benq Zowie 24" XL2411P 144Hz IPS monitor.

    One key noticeable difference is the ghosting — it's quite mild, but noticeable. I adjusted the settings manually via the desktop settings as well as nVidia settings and it's improved it a lot, but it's still noticeable.

    I play games like Warzone, WoW, and League and I've noticed it the most for WoW. Maybe it's because it's been a few months since I've loaded up WoW and it feels different playing that compared to League and Warzone - or maybe its the ghosting that's obvious.

    Besides that — 34" monitor feels (profanity) glorious - coupled with the Vivo single monitor mount for $70 and it really makes my desk look much cleaner.

    Happy to check out other things if others want!

    • Good summary, its my view as well (got the monitor yesterday from Allphones). What I might add is the North Bayou F80 (9kg version) arm works really well, no issue at all, and only $44. I've got 2 of them on my desk.

    • when you run PbP, can it have both 144hz or one 60hz and the other 144? Or both drop to just 60hz?

  • If both prices around $600, is this Xiaomi 34 inch better than Dell 32" S3220DGF?
    Feedback please.

    note: I understand we need to wait for Dell on special again and we don't know when

    • Xiaomi is ultrawide. Is the Dell ultrawide?

      • No.
        Dell 2560 x 1440 HDR 400. 90% DCI-P3
        Xiaomi 3440 x 1400

  • Hi rep, I just received the screen today it is really nice. Unfortunately there is 1 dead pixel on the right side, as per your dead pixel policy within the first 30 days could you please follow up with me so that this screen can be replaced?

    • +1

      Hi ohhidayo

      Please Email photo to [email protected], will organise replacement ASAP.

      • +1

        Thanks rep I've emailed you. Will update everyone here on the ease of the return/replacement.

        • +1

          Hi ohhidayo

          I believe our team has reached you in the email, organise RMA replacement.

          sorry for all the troubles

          • @AHUANG: Update: really easy returns they just emailed me a returns slip, I printed it and returned it to the post office. Thanks guys.

  • Does anyone know the weight of this monitor without the stand ?

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