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Dell XPS 15 7590 Laptop 9th Gen i7-9750H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD UHD OLED GTX1650 $1978.98 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Limited quantity.
Dell XPS 15 7590 4k OLED screen.

9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-9750H, 12 MB Cache, 6 Core, up to 4.50 GHz

Windows 10 Home 64bit English

16 GB, 2 x 8 GB, DDR4, 2666 MHz

Backlit Keyboard (US/International) with Finger Print Reader

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5

512 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid-State Drive

Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650, 2 x 2, Bluetooth 5.0

130W AC Adapter

15.6-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) OLED Anti-Reflective InfinityEdge Non-Touch Display

6-Cell, 97 WHr, Integrated battery

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  • OLED displays are unbelievably good. Good deal.

    • must agree especially 4k.

      Planning on installing hackintosh and make my 5000 MacBook Pro owners envious.

      The 4k Oled screen is something to due for literally. Watching movies would be heavenly with the touchscreen which the expensive ass MacBook lacks despite all their excuses.

  • Also Dell Inspiron 15 7590 Laptop 9th Gen Intel i7 9750H 8GB RAM 512GB GTX 1650 4GB IPS FHD display for $1359.19 delivered (use the same coupon): https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-Inspiron-15-7590-Laptop-9th...

    • What’s the display on this one?

    • $600 cheaper when you swap out the 4k screen and ram. Wonder if the ram is soldered or upgradable?

    • So the Inspiron is cheaper, lighter and 8gb less RAM than the XPS. Seems like a good buy. Any other differences?

      • Most notably, the 4K OLED display on the XPS vs the FHD IPS display on the inspiron
        Also the XPS has the premium look and feel compared to Inspiron

      • I guess the quality as well the XPS is better built with aluminium body if I'm not wrong.

    • I just pulled the trigger and ordered the Dell 7590 I've been looking for a bit of a do everything and this laptop does it all.
      And with tunderbolt, just need to order a extra stick of Ram and a hardrive to fill the second channel.

      • If they haven't sent it out yet, see if you can get Dell to swap the 6 cell battery for a 4 cell otherwise there is no room for additional storage. I have a 7590 and to add extra SSD or HDD I got a quote for a 4 cell, 2.5" bracket and cable for $240. I went with the second option which was to replace the original 512GB nvme, in the only m.2 slot it has, with a larger 2TB drive.

    • looking for a laptop at that price range but with Ryzen 4 and 1660.

  • Not behd!

  • This is a very good price for a 4k OLED in a nice laptop

  • If I was buying a new XPS right now I'd really be waiting for a deal on the newer models with the larger trackpad, larger 16:10 screen, and better build quality. You do lose a bit of WHr in the battery and the Type A ports, though.

    • No 'deal' for the new XPS is even going to come close to this.

    • Better build quality? That's very suspect

    • No way that you'll get something like this on the new model for quite a while.The new 15 is considerably more expensive than this model.

      The equivalent spec machine on the new 15 is $4299 when the msrp on this machine was $3398. Expect the usual 15% off sales so around $3666. This machine's msrp is actually more expensive that the mbp16.

    • they don't come in OLED though. Otherwise everything else is an improvement. Also, they dropped the USB A ports.

  • 4k OLED screen? Good deal!

  • How long would OLED last compared to IPS?

    • Most current gen OLED last about 100000 hours until half brightness.

      • according to this article the burn-in marks are visible even after one year (20 hours/day use) - https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/permanent-image-retention-bu...

        • That wasn't your question, but if you knew the answer why ask? Also 15" laptop is likely a different OLED panel than a 55" TV.

          As a side note, I have a 6 year old OLED TV used for 50/50 gaming/movies and it doesn't have burn-in.

          • @Ryballs: To be precise the question was: how long would OLED display last in a modern laptop? Same as in TV or longer?

            • @pupkin: Lifespan in organic displays is measured by time until half brightness which is probably around same as TV, 100000 hours.

              If you're talking about resilience to burn-in I'd say that the laptop is likely made more resilient than a TV due to needing to display static images, similar to a phone OLED.

  • To me, OLED is beautiful, but I prefer to use dual external monitors, so wasted for my normal use.

  • Won't you get mad burn in from the taskbar?

    • Set it to auto-hide. Problem solved :)

      • Work arounds from the get go?

        Got it.

      • What a silly solution

      • Then you can just burn in your background instead, unless you want to use a slide show for your screen saver and a live wallpaper.

        I can't argue with the beautiful colours of OLED but man the tradeoffs to get that are horrible.

        • the burn-in issue is overblown. It does happen but it requires it to be on one static image a lot longer than is typical of every day use.

          You will notice burn in on harvey norman display smartphones because they never get turned off. That is not how an ordinary person would use their device though.

          • @lostn: I have a machine that is on 24x7 (a NUC, for low power consumption) and sometimes my main desktop is on overnight copying files or updating. The monitor typically isn't on the whole time but there have been times the screen saver didn't kick on for many hours. I don't need to be stressing over burn in. If it happened I'm the kind of person that'd want to throw the damn thing out because all I would see is the burnt in image. I just don't need that possibility and stress.

            • @syousef: can't you just turn off the monitor when you don't need it?

              Dave Lee tested the burn in on this laptop by leaving it on a static image for 30 full days, and got no burn in. Skip to 1:45.

              If you don't want OLED that's your choice. But saying that it will burn in after a few hours of using it is blowing it out of proportion. And this is not going to be your NUC machine anyway. It's a laptop and it doesn't need to be on 24/7.

              • @lostn:

                can't you just turn off the monitor when you don't need it?

                I generally do turn off the monitor when I'm not using it. To save power and my electricity bill. I've also gone to bed feeling unwell and forgotten, or gone out for the day and forgotten from time to time.

                It's a laptop and it doesn't need to be on 24/7.

                Some people do use their laptops on or at least on standby that way. With me it's a desktop on a KVM and the input selector on a second monitor. Thanks to the way Windows and Chrome manage the screen, even with the screen set to turn off after 20 minutes and even after tweaking power profiles from the command line, I've seen the screen stay on till I wake up/get home.

                The point is it's going to be an issue for some people. And I wasn't just talking about this laptop. For people that do things differently and encounter this it won't be blown out of proportion - it'll ruin a screen.

                • @syousef:

                  The point is it's going to be an issue for some people. And I wasn't just talking about this laptop. For people that do things differently and encounter this it won't be blown out of proportion - it'll ruin a screen.

                  and like I said, people who test for burn in don't get burn in when leaving it on all night on the same screen.

                  RTings have tested LG OLEDs over a whole year, and it takes some extremely unlikely use cases to actually get burn in. A major spreader of OLED fud is ironically enough by Samsung who doesn't make OLED TVs.

                  • @lostn: Here's the rtings test I think you're referring to.


                    I like rtings as a source. They provide very detailed information and their methodology seems solid.

                    To my standards
                    - By week 20 magenta is messed up on Live CNN (max) TV
                    - By week 26 red, green, yellow join magenta on Live CNN (max) TV, and Live CNN has started on the magenta.
                    - By week 52 both TVs showing CNN are stuffed in most if not all colours, and the TV showing Football is starting to show hints of burnin in yellow and magenta.
                    - By week 90 all TVs are blotchy or worse showing magenta and yellow is getting blotchy.
                    - By week 102 yellow and grey are a mess.

                    I wouldn't want any of those TVs taking up room in my lounge by week 102. Every time I turned the TV on I'd get grumpy.

                    I'd like to get 10 years out of a TV. So 2 years of extreme usage, or lets say 5 of heavy before living with that? Nope.

                    • @syousef: Do you leave your TV on 24/7 on the same channel for 20-102 weeks like Rtings did?

                      If not, then it isn't going to happen to you. This is a stress test. Stress tests stretch things to the limit. You don't do that in normal use.

                      We are talking about week 52 when CNN logo is burned in. That's 8736 hours on the same channel!

                      I'd like to get 10 years out of a TV.

                      You'll easily get that and then some.

                      So 2 years of extreme usage

                      This isn't extreme usage. This is 24/7 on the same channel. That is beyond extreme. How many hours a day do you have the TV on, and do you stick to one channel only?

                      If you're going to equate heavy use as 5 years, that means you have the TV on for about 10 hours a day on the same channel. Which is still not a direct analog, because the TV gets to rest and repair itself during that off time, which doesn't happen in rtings tests.

                      • @lostn:

                        Do you leave your TV on 24/7 on the same channel for 20-102 weeks like Rtings did?
                        If not, then it isn't going to happen to you. This is a stress test. Stress tests stretch things to the limit. You don't do that in normal use.

                        Sure it will. It'll just last longer. Which is why I said: "So 2 years of extreme usage, or lets say 5 of heavy before living with that?" above.

                        We are talking about week 52 when CNN logo is burned in. That's 8736 hours on the same channel!

                        Actually let's say you use the TV 6 hours a day instead of 24. After 4 years I'd expect to see similar. That's only 60% of your 10 hours a day. quote above.

                        TVs are something I replace after 10, 15 or even 20 years if they don't die. Hell I still own CRTs.

    • Dave Lee left his OLED XPS laptop on the same image for 30 days straight, no screensaver to test if he got any burn in and he didn't get any.

  • looks like a great deal

    • If you want to waste 4 weeks of your life dealing with poor Dell quality control and support to ultimately return the laptop for refund.

    • People sure hate the truth around here… There's a reason Dell doesn't offer OLED in their new models :-)

      • There is a reason, but it isn't that.

        The new models are 16:10 and Samsung don't make OLED panels in 3840x2400.

        Other manufacturers like HP, Alienware and Razer still use OLED panels.

        Tom the Tech Chap compared the UHD IPS with the OLED XPS here:


        The OLED looks much better and has a smoother gradient. There's actually color banding in the IPS one that isn't on the OLED.

  • Is this any good for gaming?

  • Genuine question, is this not too small a screen to appreciate a 4K display?

    • I think it would look brilliant but you would need to adjust the OS to make everything look larger as text etc would be tiny

    • The screen is amazing

    • I have no experience on OLED 4K, though my OnePlus is, but I have been using a 4K screened laptop for 5 years and have never looked back.
      I don't tend to game much, but in terms of movies, information and text, 4K is best.
      For mutli-screens, you may prefer larger, but still 4K.
      You really will never go back.

    • it is a bit small, yeah.

      But 4K screens have better color accuracy than FHD.

  • I have one.. terrible battery life, heavy as, and gaming performance still not great.

    Damming comment. Thanks for the opinion. I was thinking of getting one, but not after your comment.

  • nah spend a bit more for the new 15''!!

    • New one is more that $4000

      • wait for sales.
        when it was on sale, you can get it for about 3.1

        wouldn't go UHD anyways. but yeah.

        • I just visited a JB Hi-Fi store. No way my next laptop be FHD - no point of sticking with the old technology and lesser resell value. 1080p display in 15" XPS looks considerably worse than 4K in 13". I also found 15" is too big for me, going to start looking for 14" models.

  • Non touch screen vs razed blade Oled …

  • I have one with the 1080p screen and Intel WiFi. Upgraded SSD and RAM. It's great. Battery life is much better than what I had before. It definitely is not heavy for a laptop at this cost/performance level, it is actually around the lightest I could find. If you want light and graphics card then you have to pay $$$$$.

    Edit: sorry mine is actually the Inspirson 7590. I reckon the XPS is probably a fair bit heavier.

  • Wow that's a very good deal!! I've got a lesser spec 7590 and love it

  • Thanks OP great find and deal.
    I purchased this one extra ram and ssd for only $200 more that extra storage will surely come in handy!


  • How would this go editing 4K video in Adobe Premier Pro?

    • GPU accelerated matched with the 6 core, adobe premiere will be fine. That and the 100% adobe RGB 500nit screen, more than fine!

  • Not sure if I should get this or wait for ARM macs… Seems like a pretty good deal

  • Battery on this one is weak, only about 4 hours. I have one.

  • Premium price for poor quality control. Google search for XPS BSODs. "Premium" Warranty/Support close KPIs within 3 days regardless of whether solution is found. I'd highly recommend buying something else at this price point.

    • Some people believe the Earth is flat, some that Google is always right…

      • I don't get why someone who is trying to be helpful is getting downvoted. XPS issues are actually quite common and there are a lot of documented issues by other Ozbargain users. It's a good looking laptop, but beware of potential issues and Dell's average-to-mediocre support.

        • Helpful? In what way? The fact someone had a problem with his laptop does not mean the whole brand/model is bad. If you search "XPS BSOD 7590" there aren't many results and most of them from last year.

          Personally I had more problems with ASUS laptops than DELL, but I don't go into every thread saying "don't buy ASUS".

    • +1 vote

      Just BS. Your argument about BSOD is very generic and applicable to most of the laptop brands/models in the market.

  • 4k OLED is win but I'd rather have a XPS17 now.

  • Love the OLED screen but ill wait for the AMD version.

    • Do you think there will be one?

      • Maybe next year? AMD is king now.

        • intel is giving incentives to laptop makers and nvidia to not use AMD chips. AMD can compete on chips but not on money.

          In the event that you get an AMD chip with nvidia GPU, the GPU is limited to 1660 or 2060. If you want a better GPU you have to pair it with an Intel cpu thanks to marketing budget.

          • @lostn: Yup I've said this in a few threads now, Intel are still playing underhanded tactics.

            It took serious effort for me to find a AMD with a 2070 and it was a built to order manufacturer.

          • @lostn: I'm not buying to play games on it so GPU doesn't bother me.

            • @ilikecheap: intel are still giving laptop manufacturers marketing incentives not to use AMD chips irrespective of the GPU. It's effectively like handing over money to them.

  • a reminder: get extended warranty.

    Yet another "revolutionary and trendy" XPS model. see you soon at the repair shop..

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