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Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor $579.49 Shipped (AU) @ Banggood


Was looking for specs on this monitor and came by what looks like the lowest price so far on Banggood.

Looks like Australian stock too. But not too sure if it's grey or not.

Free shipping (3-7 days).

I've been using one of these for a week or so and I absolutely love it.

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  • could a rep explains the 3 years warranty picture at the end of the listing?

  • This or 2x AOC G2 24" 144Hz for office work/occasional gaming (non fps)?
    From what i can see you can connect the screen to two inputs and have the one 34" screen split into two to act as 'two' monitors (PbP) no?

    • I wouldn't waste money on 144hz if your use is office and light non-FPS gaming

      • I wish I never went 144. I no longer play FPS and now cant go back to 60hz

        • Do you mean you can't look at a 60hz monitor because you're used to 144hz?

          So it's that much better right, even for office use??

          I don't know what I really need - I'm just using 3 odd-sized crappy old screens atm, so this is def more than I need, but I'm still imagining how happy I'd be with 3 of these surrounding me.

          • @SlickMick: Yes, now things look laggy to me in 60hz. Its not as if I cant use a PC in those conditions, but I really perfer my PC. When I first switched to 144 I didnt notice a huge difference. The frame rate was higher but it didnt feel significant. Only after using it for a while would I notice the difference when switching to 60hz. Or when a windows update would lock my screen to 60hz, it was immediatly noticeable.

            • @PlagueistheBargainer: Bloody oath. Same with my phone, went to 120hz or something and everything is butter smooth. Noticed more so on pc. I just browse random shit now just so i can see how smooth it scrolls

      • Is there any 34" ultrawide 2K curved monitor cheaper than this one?

        • I was thinking of shipping an AOC CU34G2X from China, but the courier says they can't import any branded products.

        • Yes, I in the same dilemma as well. The next best I was able to found is LG 34GL750. LG is 2K and has an IPS panel. This Xiaomi has VA panel but 4K resolution. LG is of course expensive than Xiaomi but it also has excellent reviews.

      • But i want to look at my spreadsheets in buttery smooth 144hz!! I've gone 120Hz on my phone, everything looks terrible now….!

      • I run a 144hz and 60hz side by side at the moment and I'd argue 144hz is just as if not more valuable on the desktop/office apps than in games.

        • It's nice to have at best. I don't see any value in it though.

        • Don't disagree but in gaming it makes a practical difference that could affect your results whereas for work it is just a 'nice to have'. There's nothing wrong with 'nice to have' though

    • Yep - but it smushes the resolution by default so you'll need to tweak the settings a bit: https://imgur.com/a/X6tvm4a

      • Yikes what is going on there - assume that if you set it up in windows to tweaked settings it's fine each time? it would be annoying to have to tweak each time…

    • Yes, correct regarding dual input / concurrent display. I do this with mine and it's great. Menu change to english took a few minutes when first setting up. Superb piece of technology

    • or 2 of these?

      or 3????

  • Do you need to use a free currency conversion credit card with Banggood - will I get charged fees if I don't?

    • Not if you have an ING card πŸ˜‰

      • Macquarie and Up don't have requirements for the straight conversion, ING have small requirements and you are charged the extra each month until you meet them, then they are refunded.

        I strongly recommend Up if you want a good fee free extra card, it's designed to just be a card in addition to your normal bank, like a mini app bank.

  • aus stock ?

  • looks great for anything apart from FPS gaming/content creation, 4ms response time :(

    • +11 votes

      4ms is within the 6.944ms refresh window of 144hz, and response times don't mean shit when the pixels are overvolted and they're measured under ideal conditions.

      • It's a personal preference. But you're not wrong mate.

      • Just a note though you can never just read the stated value you're better off finding a tester like HardwareUnboxed. Many VA panels fail at being 144Hz as their response times are far slower than stated and smearing/ghosting is common

        • You are probably correct. I have seen some really good VAs that have managed under 6.944ms at clean levels of POD but it's not very common.

        • If you're looking for one of their reviews, the Nixeus ultrawide they reviewed uses the same panel as this one

        • VA panels are known to suffer from motion blur and ghosting.

  • How does this compare to my 31.5 inch AOC (Q3279VWF)?

    • I have the same AOC from a previous deal and I still want this. Slightly more real estate but that 144 Hz would make a big difference I think.

      I should really stop browsing OzB.

    • Just received my Xiaomi yesterday. Unpacked and replaced the same 31.5" AOC today.

      Initial impressions - the AOC has a bit better colors (since it's IPS). But loving the extra space of the ultrawide.

  • Wouldn't the Gearbite deal be better given 30 days warranty on Bangood vs 2 years on Gearbite for another ~$20 more?

  • How is this compare to AOC CU34G2X @ ~ $900

    It says the response time is 1ms whereas xiaomi is 4ms

    Look at this Xiaomi reviewing video: https://youtu.be/43WWiScIN4M?t=374

    The smearing is quite noticeable on xiaomi

  • Not sure if curved ultrawide will affect productivity in CAD? Anyone having experience? Many people said straight line would not be straight in curved monitor, therefore, really annoying doing CAD?! Anyone experienced the same? Many thanks.

  • This should be a normal price

  • i want to get this for my future pc(waiting for ryzen 4000), current pc specs not high enough to run 1440p 144hz.

    so running this on monitor on 1080p ultrawide is viable or not? i read that it will create a smudgy effect as the pixels wont be 1 to 1?

    • You could also temporarily run it at 60Hz until you upgrade your PC.

    • What gpu? I would say it's not worth getting this since their are 1080p monitors significantly less (not sure about refresh rate on them though). If you really want 144hz I'd say save up for a better gpu. Running under native resolution doesn't look right imo

      • Currently have gtx980

        But will get new gpu with new pc in future

        • Your current gpu will be able to run less demanding games fine on this monitor, moderate demanding games maybe at low quality. You definitely won't be able to play all games at over 144 frames even with low qualities but using a lower refresh rate than native works better than lower resolution than native so you can just run demanding games at 60fps. You're planning to upgrade anyway so you will be able to enjoy demanding games at high refresh rate later.

          P.S. By less demanding, I mean games like csgo, Mobas, tf2, etc.

    • I've just purchased this monitor. it runs at full resolution (3440x1440) with my crappy old Dell Optiplex 930 (with onboard graphics card), but at 60hz, looks great, now to upgrade the PC!!

  • Do they leave it at the door or do they require signature, covid and what not.

  • Is it possible to enable g sync on this monitor?

  • This monitor is the tits, I've been using it for just under a week and had 0 issues. The monitor doesn't have Windows 10 drivers from Xiaomi, you can get around the issue. The 4ms is not even noticeable, I've had no smearing issues. For under $600 it's a no brainer.

    • Monitor drivers? I plugged in, it show up as Mi Monitor or something.. and has 144hz able to be selected. What drivers?

    • I'm using an HDMI 2.0 cable but it's only showing as 50hz for me. Did you have the same issue?

      Edit: All good, my Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics isn't powerful enough to run 1440p at 144hz.

  • I really wish this had USB C input, everything else looks amazing but I really want to just plug in one cable from my MacBook Pro. In saying that, the dual inputs and having my xbox on one side of the screen and work on the other sounds awesome!

    • I think you can get a USB C to Display port cable, someone linked one in one of the other Xiaomi posts.

      • Yeah I've got one of those and works great, but having the USB C port on the monitor powers the laptop too so only need one cable. Especially great if the monitor has USB ports to plug other peripherals into.

        • Oh I see, there was also a cable that had a PD USB C built onto the side of it, not sure if it will help your case but interesting to see. I really wish this monitor had USB as well so I could charge my mouse.

    • I agree. I have a MBP 16" and would love just a clean USB C input (it's weird it doesn't have one TBH) but after an EXHAUSTIVE research project to find the best bang for buck ultrawide, this monitor is hand down the king. You can't even get anywhere close to this value and specs. (The closest I found was the MSI Optix mag341cq that I could get from Centre Com for $799 for the floor stock in Richmond! And those specs weren't even close. Maybe a better 'brand' but frankly these days that's arguable, it's all marketing.

      I am a light gamer (World of Tanks) but mainly want the awesome real estate of an ultra-wide. Getting 144hz out of it might be a challenge as from what I can research, you need a USB C to DP cable that it pretty high end. Even then I'm not sure how it will play out. Anyhow, for under $600 mine should be here either tomorrow or early next week. Excited.

    • Would a TB3 hub be an option? You could keep it tucked away and get an extension cable to connect to your laptop.

  • I get 592 in paypal, how you get that price? Is the warranty 3 years?

  • Just wondering i do have geforce gtx 660 ti, will it work?

  • How does this compare to the dell S2721DGF?

    Thinking about getting this instead and getting a refund for the dell, because my dell won't arrive till October. Any advice appreciated, Cheets

    • I also ordered the dell, gotta wait till October too unfortunately :/ As far as panels go, the dell is far superior, probably one of the better/best 144hz IPS 1440p monitors going around. The Xiaomi would be one of the cheaper ones for its price point, but it depends what you expect out of it. If you put the dell up next to the Xiaomi, judging by youtube reviews and using an LG 27GL850, the difference would be fairly large. But the Xiaomi is ultrawide, which obviously the dell isn't. Either way for the price, the dell is a much better monitor, so worth trying it out and waiting imo

  • VA panel with 20-30ms dark transitions. Hardware Unboxed did a review on Nixeus version (same panel)

    Very good price though, LG IPS is $1500 in comparison….

  • can you run two different computers on this monitor? eg. plug in a mac and pc at the same time and split screens?

  • So I bought this and it looks great, but I can't seem to get it to display at 144hz. There doesn't seem to be any drivers for this on the website and when I go into the advanced display settings its showing as Generic PnP monitor. Any one know how to fix this?

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