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[PC] Free - The Alto Collection (Alto's Odyssey / Alto's Adventure) @ Epic Games


Greetings everyone, The Alto Collection is coming to PC and console and it has been confirmed that this will launch for a week for free on Epic Games :)

CNET Article

Both Alto's Odyssey and its precursor Alto's Adventure — two of the most popular and meditative mobile games — are making the leap from casual mobile gaming to consoles and PCs. The two Alto games, which feature snowboarding and sandboarding across exotic landscapes to a hypnotic soundtrack, will be bundled into one game called The Alto Collection and will be available for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store on August 13 and "coming soon" to Nintendo Switch. The cost will be the same across all platforms at $9.99 USD (8.99 EUR / 7.99 GBP), but it will be free on the Epic Games Store until August 20.


The Alto Collection brings both the critically acclaimed and beloved Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey into one experience for the first time. A whole new group of players will finally be able to see what millions of others have discovered as they explore the ivory snows and the endless desert on the big screen in one collection.

Join mountain shepherd Alto and friends as they set out to rescue their escaped llamas and find the adventure of a lifetime. In this collection, you will journey across the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness and soar above windswept dunes in a fantastical place far from home. Each procedurally-generated run provides new inspiration and a fresh set of challenges that seamlessly blends our unique landscapes together.

As always, enjoy :)

Mod 14/8: Current Lineup of Free Epic Games

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14/8 1am - 21/8 1am [PC] Epic - Free - Remnant: From the Ashes
14/8 1am - 21/8 1am [PC] Free - The Alto Collection (Alto's Odyssey / Alto's Adventure)
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