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Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro 5G 6GB 128GB US$365.13 (~A$502.42) | 8GB 256GB US$449.43 (~A$618.44) + Shipping @ BuyBuyBox


Cheapest I could find including shipping which is $25 for Melbourne/Sydney or $40 to Perth.

Blue & Grey are cheapest for the 6GB 128GB and 8GB 256GB, $504 & $621 respectively.

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  • Hmm this or Nord or pixel 4a?

    • Depends what you value.

      Would go with this for specs but don't expect updates without jumping through hoops and messing around with custom firmware.

      Would go with pixel 4a for simplicity, clean OS with no random ads or third party additions, and guaranteed android updates direct from google for 3 years, as well as having a good camera for still images.

      • I'd go Pixel 4A too for simplicity but I wouldn't assume that the updates are that difficult. I have a poco F1 and it's still getting reasonably regular updates even 2 years later (surprised me too). I am running stock MIUI too.

        • I have a Poco F1 and a Pixel 2. Disregarding price, I still use the Pixel as main phone because it's still supported longer than the F1 even though the F1 is almost 1 year newer. The Pixel is more compact (Pixel 4a is also a compact phone compared to F2 Pro which is on the large side). Also there's enough neat integration that makes it's generally fluid to use on the Pixel side.

          On the other hand though the battery is the weak point of Pixel phones. Wish they include a bigger battery on 4a to make it similar to 3a.

          • @Bigboomboom: Wow i stand corrected, Poco seem to have been pretty solid with the F1. Currently on Android 10, came out with Android 8 and is due to receive 11. Very impressive compared to Samsung and their 2 major updates policy.

          • @Bigboomboom: Doesn't the F1 have a better camera though? It uses the same sensor as the Pixel 3 so the pictures turn out great when you use similar image processing (Gcam). It has the bigger battery and I use OnePlus's OxygenOS so it's nice and smooth too.

            • @Bacons: What is with people slating Xiaomi's record with updates. One of the best in that regard from devices i've owned.

              • @morgs640: Oh for sure. I particularly like that there's generally a large developer community around Xiaomi devices as well. After I stopped receiving official updates for the OnePlus One I could still get the latest android unofficially before many of my friend's devices received their OTA.

              • @morgs640: Their record with Android One line isn't the best, with A2 A3 phones are slow in term of update. Also you can't compared it with Pixel lines, it's a different beast altogether.

            • @Bacons: No, even with Gcam my Pixel 2 still consistently takes better photo, especially in terms of wide dynamic range and foliage, compared to F1. I used the most popular Gcam port on XDA.

              The way a Pixel phone is optimised for the software is different, it's just fluid all around. It's mainly little tweak here and there e.g squeeze phone to silent call. As those little things do require the hardware that aren't available on other phones, you can't really use Pixel ROM for it.

      • I own the Poco F2 Pro and I would gladly buy the pixel 4A

        sure the pixel 4A doesn't have 5G but I don't use either, it's not full screen no notch hole but that's not a deal-breaker, it doesn't have the Snapdragon 865 before my day today use the 730 g is enough

        if you've used wide angle cameras you'll definitely miss it as the pixel doesn't have an ultra wide

        As said by others, it really depends but as an overall package the pixel 4A is hard to beat

        • I don't know, the 4A's specs are pretty anemic. For the money I'd try find a previous years flagship instead.

        • @Jjklark so what don't you like about the F2 Pro that would make you get the 4A instead?

          • @wippy: I'm happy with the Poco F2 Pro. I just see the longevity with the 4A and updates, the integrated google services / clean and simple google skin and that camera. The Poco F2 Pro overall is a beast in it's own way with the processor, battery OPTIONS with cameras - they're OK but no OIS. Its decent but its no pixel. This is my first Poco and I can't agree with lack of updates.

        • What don't you like about F2 Pro?

          OK you just answered.

          • @nfr: Recording video is just OK. No OIS just EIS, can't switch between cameras - once you start a video in ultra wide, you're stuck with that perspective, the camera quality on photos is OK, but you need to be really still. =

        • idk if you know but if you use GCAM you can get leagues better images and videos out of your F2 PRO.


          • @Bacons: I do have it installed but I find trying to unlock the phone get into gcam just a step too much for convenience I just swipe on the lock screen and use the default camera app

      • Oh really? That bad with updates huh I never owned poco so unsure.

        I never owned a pixel so would be cool.

        Nord I feel is too much of a step down or sidestep from having 7t

        Maybe I'll wait for pixel 4a to come to jbhifi for free on 12month plan and pick it up for 390.

        But note 20 plus is around the corner too… Haha

      • Not to mention 2 year warranty. Although I thought Pixels were only guaranteed 2 years of major OS updates and 3 years of security updates?

    • Have the Nord or 4A been released yet?

      • Nord yess but have to buy import but always the case with OnePlus

        But if U can wait. I have a feeling this might be 199 or free when a jbhifi 12 month comes along very soon imo

    • Pixel, unless you will be gaming a lot.

      Worth paying a little more for the top tier camera, 3 years guaranteed software support, Aus warranty.

    • I'd probs get a 7 pro over the nord. There's an American store on ebay that mass sells mint condition or new 7 pros for around $640 to $700 (including shipping and import tax). It's cheaper than normal because they don't work in the US and it's for international buyers only. I think the pixels specs and battery are too low for the price. But then again, I'm not a heavy camera user.

      I'm considering buying either the f2 pro or the 7 pro right now. Leaning more towards the f2

  • $500 for one of these is just crazy value. Snapdragon 865, dual sim, OLED display, pop up camera and a reasonable (read: not amazing) quad camera for ~$500.

    Has Band 28 too for all of those who care about getting the most out of Telstra/Optus.

    I'm hooked on wireless charging so I'm going to give it a miss but otherwise I would be very tempted to side-grade from my Exynos S20+ which by almost all accounts has been pretty disappointing.

  • $53.29 shipping for me (my suburb is still metro, but I guess it's a bit further out), so ~$560 for the 6GB version.

    Still ridiculous value, if I didn't grab a new phone recently I'd definitely buy one of these. Good price.

  • My mobile - grey import, 1 year warranty by a bricks n mortar store, and GST:

    Poco F2 Pro 8/256Gb $693 + shipping
    Poco F2 Pro 6/128Gb $556 + shipping

  • Huawei mate 20 pro or this?

  • not much of a bargain when you factor in shipping

  • I have a galaxy S9….. is this much of any upgrade ?

    • 2 years newer chip, faster and more efficient on battery
      50% more RAM
      Double the storage

      There should be noticeable differences in performance. On the other hand, if you only use your phone for basic browsing, social media etc.. Your S9 should still be OK.

  • Anyone having (recent) experience with this website? Shipping time, returns, payment methods, customer service.

    Looks like a lot of bad reviews on Product Reviews, Whirlpool(3 year old), Reddit (2 year old post)

    They have another company perfect_mission with bad reviews as well: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1408919

    Facebook page not updated since 2018 https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Retail-Company/BuyBu...

    A lot of these store (HK, China based) deals comes like Tobydeals, I feel a disclaimer should be added which says Beware seller with negative ratings / bad community experience, shipping delays/ non-existence CS. It may help some new members on Ozb or people who just trust Ozb community. May be we should introduce Ozbargain certified Stores or ratings :)

    • Bought a OnePlus 7 pro from them about 2 months ago.

      Shipping took a little over a week, fastest I've ever had anything shipped from China / HK (Came from HK I think). It was well protected in shipping, shipped by DPEX / TOLL.

      Didn't recieve a confirmation email when I purchased so I initially thought it was sketch but I got confirmation once it had been shipped with a tracking number.

      The phone arrived with no issues at all but considering there's no way to log in and their systems seem not very well refined as far as tracking orders and stuff I'd imagine warranty issues might be a bit of a hassle.

      Pay with paypal and you can always chargeback if something goes badly. Even though the website is insecure (HTTP), if you go through paypal you can enter your card details on a secure HTTPS website.

      • How much you paid for it and everything works in Australia on that phone? Thanks

        • I paid $805 for the 256GB model, looks like it's $761 shipped at the moment.

          Everything works fine. Google pay, good reception, etc. It does have band 28 which you don't get with the oneplus 8 series from buybuybox.

          I haven't managed to enable VoLTE on Telstra but if you're on Optus it shouldn't be that hard, and I've had no issues with call quality without it.

          • @BenR31415: Sounds good. Does higher refresh rate really make the difference?

            • @Mkm: It's awesome, and using anything at 60Hz feels painfully slow. My 144Hz desktop still feels nice, but unfortunately it ruins me using my 60Hz laptop or any time I need to use someone else's phone, feels really sluggish, so it's a blessing and a curse at the same time.

              Honestly though if you can deal with MIUI and you haven't got anything high refresh rate then the poco is a much better deal, it's got a faster SOC, better battery, a headphone jack, a less annoying flat screen, IR blaster etc. Speakers and haptics are a fair amount worse on the poco though.

      • yeah personally I'd pay a little more and get from the MyMobile links listed above (sorry that was meant to be in reply to benstella not BenR)

    • Bought 8GB version of this phone from them a few weeks ago. Payed with PayPal. Took 2 weeks from order to delivery date for me. Good customer service though, shop representative emailed and called me a few times to provide updates. Not sure about refund but I assume you send it to their shop in Brisbane.

      • Mymobile used to be known as Unique Mobiles. They have a good reputation and have been around for a long time. I've bought phones from Unique Mobiles and customer service was always top-notch.

        It's a pity they mostly stock Chinese phone models that lack B28 and 5G bands used in Australia. E.g. they have the cheapest Oneplus 8 Pro 256Gb IN2020 variant, which is Chinese model. They really should be selling AU compatible models.

  • Anyone valuing warranty will not buy via this deal. Why not support an Australian business who will provide warranty?

    This also includes GST so you should be able to claim as an expense in your Tax return.

  • Hi guys,
    What is the camera of this phone be comparable to? Would it be close to S10?

  • GST included?

  • au$526 total including shipping now, quite attractive

  • Looks like the k30 ultra just got announced at a cheaper price. Kinda regret not waiting now. :(

    • Only for China though.

      • Yeah rep said they wouldn't release it worldwide. Rather silly decision tbh. Maybe it's cos of all this COVID Anti-China shenanigans who knows :/

    • it was a total downgrade from cpu sd865 to mtk1000+ to battery 4700 to 4500…POCO 2 = K30 PRO so….

      • Yes it has slightly lower specs (cpu is between the 855 plus and 865 + 200 less battery + lack of headphone jack) but it also comes with a 120hz screen, 240 hz touch Sampling rate and dual speakers for significantly cheaper. You can get the k30 ultra 8gb 512gb storage for almost the same price as the 6gb 128gb storage f2 pro in this deal. The price is the main reason why it is so good

  • Check out BuyBuyBox exchange rates for their US$ to A$ conversion. It's 0.72. Good luck getting that from your credit card or PayPal. Current real FX rates are 0.68 approx.

  • mines stuck in Melbourne Airport, VIC twice for 4 days so hopefully it moves today.

    • Have you received yours yet?
      How many days since you ordered ?

    • Mine was meant to be delivered on the 21st but they took it back to the airport again for some reason. Still waiting on my phone, not very happy with toll as I contacted them 2 times but nothing has happened.

  • Is BuyBuyBox "kosher" regarding phone quality as reviews seem to indicate problems with warranties after only a few months of use. Ebay rating 96%!!!
    Price in A$ is quite attractive compared to say MyMobile at $564 after $10 discount including shipping. ( only white currently available 128gb).
    I'm tempted to buy from BBB but highly concerned about the "value equation". I live in Brisbane when My Mobile have a shopfront in the city. Help needed with comments on BuyBuyBox recent purchases.

    • Avoid at all cost. It's hit and miss I guess, as I have successfully purchased a phone last year at a good price.

      Now I needed to open PayPal claim against them as they have gone silent for more than a week after taking my money.

      Never ever I will buy from them again.

      • Not good, was about to place an order
        I guess that's the risk buying from these sellers.

        Hopefully paypal comes good for you
        What are the odds, you get a tracking num once you lodge a claim

        I'll wait for a better deal with mymobile au

        • Yeah this is why I only buy from overseas seller if they accept PayPal.

          They also seem to refund the money quickly once the claim is made on their account.

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