This was posted 11 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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½ Price Mission Deli Style Corn Chips 500g $2.75 @ Coles


Not on catalogue and hasn't been half price for at least 6 months, I finished my last bag weeks ago..

Best value tortilla chips, always use this for making nachos / tortilla soup and actually prefer then shape than the triangle!

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      That’s what it’s the ‘use by date’

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        Ya think?

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          You obviously did not think.

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        Best before != Use by date

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    These are the best corn ships you can buy at a super market in Australia.


      I'm hooked on these, is it the oil that's making it good?


        That and the other ingredients


        The oil definitely isn't anything special. But the other ingredients are ok.


          actually the oil is special ……they aren’t cooked in palm oil unlike most other supermarket corn chips e.g doritos, cc, tostitos, so have a lighter taste, much less trans fats and much lower saturated fat ……
          American made tostitos also not cooked in palm oil, but australian ones are, palm oil is high in trans fats, FDA has limits because it’s carcinogenic so american made corn chips often use corn oil to meet those limits.


        No, it's the absence of the kak they put on the likes of Doritos .. :-( .. !!

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      These are new - and phenomenal. Overpriced but they were half price the other week:
      The Wholesome Food Company Organic Blue Corn & Quinoa Chips

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    Just picked up my usual 4 packs when they go on special for 1/2 price at Coles/Woolies.
    Last time was at Woolies pre-COVID (so Jan/Feb).

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    can confirm, bargain and the best

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    After buying these instead of Cc'S for nachos
    Going back to Cc'S just tastes inferior

    These are even great to eat as a stand alone chips

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      Nice, beats going down to the shops just for this. Stocked up!


      Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months


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    literally ordered 12.

    'scuse me

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    Which number is Mission Deli Style in the Kama Sutra?

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      Someone negged you, the Covid crisis is sapping humour from the world!!


        Appreciate the support! I wish we can blame COVID for everything, but sadly, I feel this has always been the case…


    wish they were triangular, easier for picking up dips.

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      .. but hard to get in your mouth!

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    Thank you!!!!!!
    This is my go-to for ahh everyone is coming over tonight whatdowehaveinthecupboard to feed many mouths and can slowcook! Been waiting for the deal again…

    My go to cupboard-only slowcook forget-about-it meal is:
    A bag of these chippies.
    - a good kg Dry Aussie red, black or white beans (pre-soaked if given more notice)
    - heaps of all manner of spices: bay leaves, cumin, coriander, pepper, chilli, caraway and paprika
    - a few tins a temata
    - Parmesan cheese
    - Slow cooked all day, serve over chippies by night. Tastes like it's got mincemeatinit…

    Obviously sour cream and melted cheese if one is more prepared.


      I've been making this once a month since I had the dish in Mexico and was blown away. Same flavour profile as nachos but something I can bring to work and heat up in the microwave.

      Sounds quite similar to your recipe!


    I bought a pack, are there any good dip recipes besides gauccamole and salsa (both homemade and store bought)?


      This is my go-to homemade dip to bring to a party:
      1 cup sour cream
      1 cup cream cheese
      0.5 cup mayo
      0.5 cup parmesan/sharp cheddar, shredded
      6 slices of cooked bacon, chopped
      1 tsp salt
      0.5 tsp each of onion powder, garlic powder, pepper

      Mix em all together including a little bit of bacon grease left from cooking. Put in fridge, it's better the next day.


        I have to laugh looking at your recipe… I can eat 2 of those ingredients… salt and onion/garlic/pepper powder… but that wouldn't be much of a dip :P