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Google Nest Wi-Fi 3 Pack - 1 Base & 2 Points $390 + $8 Delivery @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


First time poster - let me know if I missed anything as per the rules of submission.

Google Nest WIFI 3 Pack (1 Base & 2 Points) - $398 Delivered.
Cheapest I have seen so far.

Thread to figure out how to get The Good Guys Commercial Access: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/437362

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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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    Would check out this thread before purchasing a Nest Wifi setup. The latest firmware update has had some pretty mixed results and has slowed down a lot of setups - https://support.google.com/googlenest/thread/55022253?hl=en

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      Mine is working great.

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        Same. Really happy with mine.

      • Me too!

    • Got mine last month. Working fine.

      I think the issue you're referring to may apply to the older Google WiFi setups??

      • Nope. Screwed my Nest setup.

        Promptly sold.

        All sorts of random things went wrong. Enjoyed it before that.

        • i dont know if this is related, but my google nest wifi in the last 3 weeks would always drop the internet connection at the same time every morning… 5:09 on the dot. maybe 8 days in a row it happened. Has since stopped though,

          • @Groggz3121: Apparently an update just happened according to some.

            It may well be.

          • @Groggz3121: Happened with mine too (1st gen units, not Nest) but, like your situation, it didn't last too long.

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    Nice OP. They seem to be restocking this and the Orbi, albeit at slightly higher prices.

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    Can somene share screenshot, We can try pricematch with Google

      • Thanks Heaps

        • Let us know how you go! If you can do the pricematch, then worth knowing that for future purposes.

      • Here you go: https://ibb.co/fFvWNSy

        Sexy Asian Women in Melbourne

        What kind of stuff are you googling during lockdown ????

    • I'm curious as well. Good luck.

    • JB and Good Guys pricematch as well. I do it all the time. Just pop in store and show them the photo.

  • This vs orbi hmm

    • which orbi?

      • RBK23 that I currently have… range seems ok… I think sometimes it disconnects or moves my google home equipment around to each point and gets disconnected.

        • +1

          I'd go with the Orbi unless you really wanted the assistant built into the access point (which I did).

          My preference was an RBK50, but they cost way too much to justify.

          • @jv: Thanks jv, I just saw below that since I run a ubiquiti router behind it I can't use the nest anyway!

            • @RtN: I'm running Google Nest as the router, connected to my cable modem.

              Only issue I'm having is one of my wireless printers sees 3 different instances of my wifi and gets confused. Everything else works fine.

          • @jv: Yeah this shits me. They jacked the RBK50 up by $21 for no reason other than COVID.

        • Is fast roaming set to on or off?

    • I got the RBK23 couple of months ago, haven't put up the second satellite yet (will do soon) and since setting up, Ive had no issues. I don't need an additional Google Home as these devices are hidden in the garage or at the back of a bookshelf.

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    Thought it may be worth pointing out that the Nest Wi-Fi is a Router in itself and can't operate just as WAP's on an existing network.
    Well the main hub can, but the other 2 units don't do anything when in the "Bridged" mode.

    It has a LAN port along with the WAN port on the main node, and can take PPPoE details so pretty much it replaces your existing router and requires you to add a switch if you have more than one LAN device.

    As far as Wi-Fi speeds go it's rock solid, and I notice no issues in handover between nodes.

    I for some reason thought it would just act like a normal WAP, then the other two nodes would be extenders of it. But nope, makes it's own network. Unless someone can tell me of a trick to make it not do so.

    • Thanks for that because my main router is ubiquiti… with Orbi as AP mode.

    • There is no trick.

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      It's not meant to work with other devices, only other Google Wifi units or a bridged modem.

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    Go the netgear orbi AC3000 mesh pair instead. $423 on there. Far better. Check the reviews. So happy with mine. I’m on 250/25 and get full speeds over my entire house.

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      Is that the 3 or 2 pack? Would that be an upgrade to my RBK23 in terms of range since there's 3?

      • RBK50 is a router & satellite. RBK50 is not a range upgrade over the RBK23.

    • Thanks - but already bought the Nest Wi-Fi. To be honest, I have read mostly positive reviews about most of the Mesh Wifi systems. I on FTTN (max 60-70MBPS) and run a bunch of streaming workload via VPN. My bottlenecks are elsewhere, so any of the mesh system would work for me. :-)

    • They don’t have it in stock anywhere.. can’t add it to the cart..

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        Hey mate! Ah damn. Hmm maybe try a price match at JB or something then? See if they’ll go for it. Can highly recommend Orbi. Edit: yeh sorry it looks like only the AC2200 pair is in stock. Bugger.

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          Hey mate!! Geez small world haha

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    Google price matched via chat. so no need for membership

    • did you have to provide a link to the the TGG website?

      • I have provided same link in this post and the screenshot @rattler Provided

        • +1

          Thanks Desijugaad.

          Had to 'place an order' first and provide an order number before Google Store can price match.

          Currently waiting (1-10min) for the 'online chat' person to "check with the relevant team" for approval.
          If it's disapproved, Google Store's website makes it so easy to cancel the order if its not dispatched yet.
          Will update how it went. (5pm)

          *Update (5.20pm)
          - 1st online chat person (Sudha) dropped off mid-way when they were reaching out to the relevant team to assist.
          - Tried again with the 2nd online chat person (Shreya), who said they need to get back to me within 24 - 48 hours as the 'consult team' need more time.
          Told them I want to know asap whether to cancel the order or not because I don't want to be charged a refund/processing fee if the orders been dispatched.
          Shreya responded: "I am taking the complete ownership of your case and will try my level best to help you."

          Will update if anyone is still interested

          • @Ausguy: Update!?!?!

            I'm in line for Google Chat for.ev.er

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            @Ausguy: Went through the same steps. Support told me I needed to wait until the item was delivered first before requesting a price match. Risk of no price match is too great so I canceled the order.

            • @Vitalic: I can confirm this was what I was told by Google support as well.
              They wouldn't confirm a price match until you purchased the product at $549 from Google first.

              As other have said, you may need to provide login details to the commercial portal to successfully gain price match. By the time the product gets delivered from Google, the price at TGG may have gone up.

              Risk outweighs the benefit here….moving onto next mesh deal.

              • @zobragin: Think I’ve hitting a road block too. Google Supports Email Response:

                “Thank you for contacting Google Support.

                This is in reference to your reply. We are sorry for the trouble caused to you. We would like to inform you that we need to first cross check both the links and then only we would be able to help you with the Price match for the same.

                Thank you for sharing the link with us. However, we would require the live link for the site. The link provided by you is asking for the login id and password. So, please help us with the live link for the same. Then, we would be able to help you with the same. Please be assured.

                We appreciate your time and patience. Waiting for your response.”

                Good on you @Desijugaad for getting the price-match on that one.

                • @Ausguy: Price match was a cake walk in the USA, but after being transferred to AUS support it turned into a nightmare.

                  Step 1) Buy item (They cannot price match without a serial number)
                  2) Provide @rattler's to confirm price match agreement, US agent agrees and informs me to buy product
                  3) Agent says "now we transfer you to Australia as this is North America store"
                  4) Argue semantics with Australian agent across 7 emails (my first email contained all case#'s and details the US agent asked but was rejected asap).

                  Agent price match rejection reasoning, "it shows here that it is for Nest Wifi Router and Point 2-pack Bundle and the screenshot you provided is for a Google Nest Wifi 3-pack Bundle. With that being said, our higher team cannot honor your request in the meantime since the promotion is different. It should be the same bundle."

                  3) Mock up photo to include comparison of original photo with products snipped directly from google store
                  Original: https://ibb.co/fFvWNSy
                  Original w/ comparisons: https://ibb.co/4Pz8qNZ

                  "the screenshot provided and the google-store order details, they're in fact the exact same amount of items, 1 Base with 2 Points, totalling 3 devices total. This is the matching setup. I've "googled" around and there's no such setup that offers a "3-pack-bundle", the options are either The Base Nest Unit (1 Pack), Base Unit & Point (2 Pack) or the setup which I've purchased, Base Unit & 2 points (3 Pack)."

                  4) Get approval email confirming price match and to wait 14 days for funds

                  I don't know why it was that painful. Spent ~15 minutes with USA Chat and ~2 hours across 2 days for AUS support. There's something up with Australian customer service. :/

    • actually want to know as well!

    • DId they give you a promo code or did you buy it for 549 an provide order number?

  • Last I heard the commercial store had stock issues for orders?

    • gg commercial is good guys but with discounts. so same case with the good guys too (if it really is an issue). You can order through commercial and pickup in one of the good guys store near you if they have stock.

    • +1

      Just got a notification that it got shipped. So must be in stock unless otherwise ozbargained already

  • I’m on TPG HFC - I hear there are some issues with using google wifi - I don’t understand why though - can anyone recommend?

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      The problem is TPG have a VLAN 802.11q requirement & Nest wifi can't do that. Are you willing to change ISP?

      • Hmm yeah I’m ok with switching except they might sting me for a contract.

        Got a brochure for Aussie broadband saying 250/25 is in my area but it doesn’t come up when I search my address

        • +1

          With TPG purchase a different brand router capable of VLAN 802.11q.

          Nest wifi is suitable for Aussie BB.

      • Hi Twix, I have the google wifi now, would you know if NBN provide Mate & Launtel have a VLAN 802.11q? I am looking to sign up with them thanks

        • +1

          Mate = PPPoE username & p/w.
          Launtel = IPoE.
          VLAN 802.11q = none.

          • +1

            @Twix: Thanks so both should work as they dont have VLAN 802.11q.

            Any difference / preference between PPPoE username & p/w and IPoE?

            • +1

              @OZGE: Both ISPs work with Google wifi no problem.

              PPPoE is an older protocol that uses username & p/w. IPoE is a more efficient protocol that is automatic.

  • will this be good for gaming by using the ethernet port function ?

    • +2

      Routers are all much of a muchness for gaming.

      If you can connect via Ethernet to the original unit you'll be better off

  • can anyone provide a link to the actual product pls?

    • If you click on "Go to Deal" button, that should take you to the login page and then product page on TGG Commercial.

      • +1

        sorry, access requested via sunsuper will take 5 days or so. So, trying to get a price match with google. apparently they need a "live" link

        • Someone used the link I posted above to do a successful price match. Try again with another agent!

          • @rattler: unfortunately, they need an actual link - no screenshot. pretty lame from their end.

  • -3

    If memberships are not easily obtainable then this should not be a deal post.

    • Who says it’s not easily obtainable?

      Edit: didn’t neg you

  • I am holding off for mesh stock 6. Should be out at feasible price early next year.

  • Is this better than TP link M9 plus?

    • I'm curious as well

      • +1

        Like so many other situations, 'better' is subjective. I'd pick these over the M9 plus because they're both AC2200 systems, the access points are also smart speakers and I already have several of the original Google Wifi pucks (which can be reused in a Nest network, albeit with a reset). But your situation is probably different so I wouldn't say it's 'better' for you to choose one over the other.

    • It really depends what feature set your after.

      Router: 1 WAN & 1 LAN port.
      Node: 2 LAN ports.
      Tri band.
      Free 3 year trial of parental control and quality of service (QoS) (after the trial is over it becomes a paid service).
      Smart home hub.

      Nest wifi
      Router: 1 WAN & 1 LAN port.
      Node: 0 LAN ports.
      Dual band.
      Free parental controls and quality of service (QoS).
      Google Assistant speaker.
      WPA3 security.

  • +1

    I have just had a pointless web chat with Victoria from Google (some division of it at least). The highlight was this message "I would like to inform you that the device purchased from TGG is not eligible for price match. You may need to buy that from Google play store then it will be eligible for price match from Google." I think I'll just buy it from TGG Commercial.

  • I have been waiting over three weeks to recieve my netgear orbi rbk23 and they still cant give an ETA as they do notbknow when they will be recieving more stock.

  • I am thinking of getting this. I don't currently have nbn but my place has fttc and looking at either mate or superloop for the connection.

    Can I just buy this and it would work? Or could I even just use an old adsl wifi router?

    • FttC with Aussie Broadband can work with simply the NBN unit and Google Wifi (Nest or 1st gen). But other ISPs (e.g. Optus) need their own modem/router to be the middle unit between the NBN unit and Google Wifi. So check with your ISP before you sign up with them.

      • For 4G failover or a landline yep you need the Optus modem/router. If you don't care about that you don't an ISP modem/router where NBN supply the connection device.

    • Yep hook up Nest wifi to the NBN connection device.

  • How are you able to join GG commercial?

    • Union Shopper is one option (if you're a member of a trade union you should have access to this).

      • I got it through Senior shopper via senior card from my folks

  • I was deciding between this and the Orbi RBK50, both were similar in price back in April from TGG commercial. End up going for the RBK50. Picked up the last one from the local store. I guess they have similar performance.

  • Signed up to GGC via union shopper, says takes 10 business days to confirm :/
    How longs the deal on for?

    • +1

      No set expiry date. Still available

  • Does anyone know if you can you use codes, e.g. TGG concierge 10% codes with the Good Guys Commercial?

  • hopefully still available in 4 days!

  • Does anyone know if it's still in stock?

  • Is this still available? Was thinking of joining G'Day rewards purely to claim this but won't if the deal has expired.

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