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Western Digital WD 14TB DC HC530 Data Center Hard Drive WUH721414ALE604 US$308.33 (~A$418) Delivered @ Oneworldglobal eBay


was shopping for some replacement drives..

NEW in OEM (Bulk) Package

Western Digital UltraStar WD 14TB DC HC530 SATA

Data Center Hard Drive WUH721414ALE604.

  • 7200 RPM Class, SATA 6 Gb/s, 512MB Cache, 3.5"


about half the cost of buying it locally. i think its a good deal. probably going to get shot down its the ozb way :D

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  • Ridiculously high import charges add almost 20% to the price…

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    Being an OEM drive, there’s no warranty with western digital. Be wary for anyone interested.

    • Yep, if it was sold by Amazon I'd be a bit more relaxed but buying random OEM drives off eBay…. I don't want to be the one to test the limits of consumer protections!

      • I probably wouldn't risk it either.

        I recall coming across a comment from an ozbargainer who bought a couple of toshiba OEM drives from ebay. Most of them died after almost 2 years and he suspected that these OEM drives are probably ones that failed QC tests

      • Not really, Amazon can't usually help outside their regular return period which is merely 30+ days. Once I had a US imported drive with no local warranty failing in abt 8 months and they told me they couldn't do anything about it. They are very polite but still cant do anything abt it.

    • Definitely agree with you i have had bad experiences in the past where these so called OEM drives stop working after 1 to 2 years of running no warranty to back you up.
      Theres no buyer protection on ebay too after 90 days so if you buy them and the drives go bad you are pretty much stuffed much better idea to get the 14tb wd elements and shuck.

      • PayPal has up to 1 year protection. Depending on the item, majority of the time it's 185 days. Failure rate of internal drives either happens immediately or after 3 or more years, if its been pounded into submission. Any other time is very low percentage. You buy a drive based on the technology, reliability and performance of the model. Not on its warranty.

    • I thought you still get some warranty on oem stuff?

      • No manufacturer's warranty - when you plug the serial number onto WD.com it will tell you to return to seller.

  • Oem means do not buy.

  • Ignore the nay sayers OP!!! A bargain price is still a bargain!


    • No it's not. It's cheap. A low price. If these are qc failed drives and die after two years, it's not a bargain. It's a rip off.

      I cannot be more succinct. Cheap does not mean Bargain.

      • Half the deals posted on this website are cheap quality items that get a zillion upvotes. This is no different. It’s up to individuals to weigh up the risks for themselves. It’s still a bargain.

  • From ebay seller oneworldglobal in USA with 100% positive reviews, 3 neutrals and 1681 positive. PayPal are only offering $0.686 on the dollar, it will come to $434 all inclusive. Better to use your bank to do it and pay in US dollars. $418.40 is actual price paid converted to Aus $

    • Any ozbargainer using PayPal currency conversion should be perma-banned :p PayPal are always a rip off, it doesn't even need to be checked.

  • Noob question: I don’t have a desktop and would like to use an enterprise class drive as a external drive for my laptop. Would putting it in an enclosure and using it that way diminish the reliability in any way?

    • Fair chance this drive might run a bit hot for an enclosure. Not sure how it goes. WD Blacks definitely do for example. There are a few enclosures out there that come with fans. It's a little extra noise but it puts the drive back in safe operational temps.

    • Why would you want an enterprise drive as an external drive for your laptop?

      Just a heads up, an enterprise class drive doesn't necessarily mean it'll perform better or faster for your use case vs a traditional consumer or prosumer hard drive.

      • More reliability? Don't care about performance.

        • Reliability is a broad term and I think before you jump the gun and assume this drive is a better option than say, a 10TB Barracuda Pro, keep in mind that enterprise drives are typically housed in arrays of lots of drives, running 24x7, and the risk arises from vibrations and potentially heat. Factors such as noise are not a major concern… and also keep in mind, the above is all moot if you're buying an "enterprise drive" from a shady seller.

          I call out the Barracuda Pro 10TB because despite being a consumer drive, it has a very high MTBF (mean time before failure) and endurance rating. It often comes in the Seagate 10TB Expansion external drive (I recently posted a deal on this around $290 but I think there's been newer deals on the same item) and for most use cases, I would've thought this is a far better option.

    • @skd100™ - Enterprise drives come in the 14TB Elements units for slightly less money - https://www.amazon.com.au/WD-Elements-Desktop-Drive-WDBWLG01...

  • Great price for the drive, but definitely a little suspect. Related discussion here for example: https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/warning-wd...

    Considering the 14tb elements from Amazon have similar price and similar included drives from most reports (albeit capped at 5400 rpm) it might be better to give those a whirl instead and probably have better luck with warranty, even with shucking: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/555633

    • There's nothing wrong with the actual drives. It's just that one comment that says there was a stolen batch and selling for cheap. Even if there are issues PayPal will take care of it for a DOA or malfunctioning drive. The guy who said it didn't even post the actual WD response just "quoted" what they said. For all we know he could be a Seagate representative trying to stop sales… You can't shuck a drive and keep the warranty on it, but if you keep the outer casing and be careful with removal and replacing back again. There's a chance they might not see the difference. Everyone should test the disk first before they take it out of the casing anyway though.

  • thank you OP, bought 4

  • Just waiting for the 128TB drives….

  • -2 votes

    Cheaper at Amazon.com.au and includes a free USB 3.0 case if you need it - https://www.amazon.com.au/WD-Elements-Desktop-Drive-WDBWLG01...
    $400.60 inc shipping right now